Top 35 NLE Choppa Quotes About Love And Life

Looking for famous quotes by popular rapper NLE Choppa? We have rounded up the best collection of NLE Choppa quotes, sayings, song lyrics, Instagram captions, and more (with images and pictures) to inspire you big time.

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NLE Choppa, born Bryson Potts on November 1, 2002, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee.

He first gained popularity in 2019 with his breakout single “Shotta Flow,” which has since been certified multi-platinum.

He has released several successful projects, including his debut album “Top Shotta.”

These famous NLE Choppa quotes on love and life are wise, motivational, and funny which you can relate to.

Full name: Bryson Lashun Potts

Born: November 1, 2002  Born in:Memphis, Tennessee,United States

Occupation: American rapper, singer, and songwriter

Height: 6ft 1in (186 cm) Weight: 75 kg (195 lbs) Net worth: $3 million

One of NLE Choppa’s most notable strengths is his ability to craft memorable quotes that capture the intensity of his music.

His lyrics often address the struggles he has faced, from growing up in poverty to dealing with mental health issues. But through it all, he maintains a sense of determination and resilience.

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Famous NLE Choppa Quotes

  1. “Hit the party fifty deep, nun’ but my shotta.” — NLE Choppa

  2. “B**ch I shot at that hoe before she got pregnant.” — NLE Choppa

  3. “God why my soul alone but it’s people who love me.” — NLE Choppa                                                           
    NLE Choppa Quotes
    NLE Choppa Quotes

  4. “Make a couple plays then you know a n*gga miss you.” — NLE Choppa

  5. “Catch a body, don’t you tell nobody, keep that s*it to yourself.” — NLE Choppa

  6. “I swear the older you get, the less you wanna f**k with anybody.” — NLE Choppa

  7. “If I fw you, that means something. So don’t give me a reason not to.” — NLE Choppa

  8. “Get a b**ch and make her famous, next minute she blocked me (Blocked me).” — NLE Choppa

  9. “Imma kill myself the last day of december 2020. Y;all better enjoy me while y’all can.” — NLE Choppa

  10. “I am so high that I’m talking’ to stars. I’m gone off them jiggas, I’m poppin’ them bars.” — NLE Choppa

  11. “Realized I gotta protect my happiness for my son now. If ween on the same page u*c ya.” — NLE Choppa

  12. “Bring a ni**a chills like I work at Baskin-Robbins I love Batman, but a young ni**a robbin’.” — NLE Choppa

  13. “Everybody dies, I’m a demon in disguise, you can see it in my f*ckin’ eyes (Everybody dies).” — NLE Choppa                                                                                                                         
    NLE Choppa Captions For Instagram
    NLE Choppa Captions For Instagram

  14. “Don’t let social media distract you from these vaccines and concentration camps they are making.” — NLE Choppa

  15. “Bullets eat a ni**a up, like I’m playin’ Pac-Man. Choppa got a kick back, leave him on a kick stand.” — NLE Choppa

  16. “You can control your health with your mind. Doctors ain’t here to do nun but keep us sick… Shoutout to Wim Hof.” — NLE Choppa

  17. “I am big homie, one phone call they go, Pick the wrong side, glock put him corpse side. Now he watchin’ this shoot from the flo’.” — NLE Choppa

  18. “Meditation is important, it’ll change your life 100 100 %. Even if you think your doing it wrong keep practicing it’s within yourself I promise.” — NLE Choppa

  19. “I’m 16, with big dreams, I wanna be a star, I used to spend money on lil things, now I want a car, That Rollie or that Audemars, Where do I start?” — NLE Choppa

  20. “My parents really think I wake up late but I really be chilling in my room after I wake up to avoid interactions as much as possible because I love being alone.” — NLE Choppa                                                                                                               
    NLE Choppa Quotes About Life
    NLE Choppa Quotes About Life

  21. “You pull up, I let that b**ch blow, And just like some tissue, we wipin’ your nose, I was on stage with the strap at my show, If you play, I’ma blow, put a tag on your toe.” — NLE Choppa

  22. “It be funny if one of them rap ni**as was to get out his feelings n sh*t we could’ve been fuccing the game up together. I’ll rather eat with a man then beef with the man.” — NLE Choppa

  23. “My flow come from the roots of Kingston Jamaica. I put on that’s my culture not none of these ni*as y’all bumping. Even my old songs I just blew with the hype sh*t.” — NLE Choppa

  24. “When I make a song, I make sure that it’s a hit. You know what I’m saying. Like the quality over the quantity part. If I make one song in a session, I be like, I’m done, this the junk.” — NLE Choppa                                                                                                                       
    NLE Choppa Quotes Images
    NLE Choppa Quotes Images

  25. “I’m a side ni**a, And I love when she swallow if a ni*ga say something. Hit him wit’ a hollow that glizzy, Knock ya meat out ya taco flexin’ on ya b**ch. They call me Johnny Bravo.” — NLE Choppa

  26. “Pop up at his house, I ain’t sendin’ no diss, You childish, lil’ ni*ga, I’m a grown-up, Put this dick in her mouth like a donut, If a ni*ga want smoke, we gon’ roll up, make him bite the dust.” — NLE Choppa

  27. “I think I come off as attention seeking or love seeking cus I never felt it. I’m broke inside tbh they cracc jokes when I let that pain off my chest, man this sh*t therapy for me but they quicc to see he ain’t got problems.” — NLE Choppa

  28. “Ion rap bout violence nomo. If you hear it from me it’s a old song 100 %. I wanna spread positivity and wake people up. I’ll still drop them for y’all tho but just know I’m on to better I’m tryna grow I got more to talk about now.” — NLE Choppa

  29. “Fell in love with these drugs, Percocets I be fiendin’, And b**ch I’m prayin’ to the Lord but I’m livin’ like a demon, I keep the glizzy on a ni*ga man I use it for protection, I snuck a Glock up in the club, don’t you come up in my section.” — NLE Choppa

  30. “Don’t think too much about the past, that leads to depression. Don’t think too much about the future that causes anxiety. Live in the present moment cause you never value it til it’s a memory. Positive vibes I’m sending out to everyone love y’all.” — NLE Choppa

  31. “You know bout yo hands trembling, Body Sweats, thoughts you wish could leave, 3 hours of sleep everyday, heavy *** breathing while you stare in a daze, Mood Swings, guilt, loneliness, Mood swings, Violence everytime you sober… Man I can go all day.” — NLE Choppa

  32. “Everybody go through depression I suffer from that I think in the blacc community that sh*t ignored on my album I got a song for everybody who suffer from bipolar depression, metal health issues man anything I hope it touch u, let u know u not alone I’m with you.” — NLE Choppa

  33. “Mane I don’t wear a mask nun of that I would’ve been had it. Like I said yo thoughts yo reality y’all reading all them symptoms, watching how many people they say dying and just believe anything. My whole camp don’t wear mask or sh*t n nobody sicc. Get on somewhere.” — NLE Choppa

  34. “I think y’all misunderstood what Kanye said but at the same time idk til he explain himself. I think he saying yes Harriet Tubman freed the slaves but we still was under the whites. We didn’t own any land, jobs, anything. Basically free in our eyes but the system still against us.” — NLE Choppa

  35. “I think it’s a drug lord. Listen, that was the beat name and I liked the beat name, so I just went with Capo. I’m like, “F**k it,”. Go wit Capo. But that wasn’t the purpose of the song, but I really liked the capo cause it was the beat name and I like the name. I was like, “Capo,”. I was like, “Sh*t, f**k it. We goin wit Capo.”” — NLE Choppa

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NLE Choppa’s music is a testament to the power of perseverance, and his quotes reflect a deep understanding of the challenges that come with growing up in tough environments.
He continues to inspire and connect with fans through his music, and his powerful words will likely continue to resonate for years to come.

Which of these NLE Choppa quotes and sayings do you relate the most to? Do you have any other favorite quotes to add? Let us know in the comment section below.

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