50 Matthew McConaughey Quotes On Love & Life

Matthew McConaughey is a widely acclaimed American actor and producer known for his charismatic personality, distinctive voice, and versatile performances.  Here are the best Matthew McConaughey quotes from the Oscar-winning actor that reflect his thoughts on success, happiness, and personal growth.

McConaughey has spent over two decades in the entertainment industry playing roles across a wide range of genres. His breakthrough came with the coming-of-age comedy film Dazed and Confused in 1993.

Since then, he continued to gain attention with roles in movies and series like The Wolf of Wall Street, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, The Lincoln Lawyer, Magic Mike, and his Oscar-winning role as Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club.

McConaughey’s ability to switch between genres, from intense dramas to romantic comedies, gained him widespread recognition and acclaim.

Apart from being a great actor, McConaughey also showcased his ability as a great writer. He released his memoir, Greenlights, in 2020, which became a bestseller.

Matthew McConaughey’s journey from a rising Hollywood actor to an Academy Award-winning superstar is just incredible.

Here are the best Matthew McConaughey quotes from the Hollywood heartthrob who has inspired people beyond the silver screen with his versatility and authenticity.

Top 10 Matthew McConaughey Quotes

  1. “My rule is to break one sweat a day.” — Matthew McConaughey        

    Matthew McConaughey Quotes
    Matthew McConaughey Quotes
  2. “Life is a series of commas, not periods.” — Matthew McConaughey     

    Quotes By Matthew McConaughey
    Quotes By Matthew McConaughey
  3. “Good ideas are free – or at least they should be.” — Matthew McConaughey      

    Best Matthew McConaughey Quotes
    Best Matthew McConaughey Quotes
  4. “I believe the truth is only offensive when we’re lying.” — Matthew McConaughey   

    Matthew McConaughey Sayings
    Matthew McConaughey Sayings
  5. “We dissect failure a lot more than we dissect success.” — Matthew McConaughey

    Inspirational Matthew McConaughey Quotes
    Inspirational Matthew McConaughey Quotes
  6. “Without exercise, I don’t feel like my head works right.” — Matthew McConaughey
  7. “I talk to myself all the time. Just make sure you answer.” — Matthew McConaughey         

    Motivational Matthew McConaughey Quotes
    Motivational Matthew McConaughey Quotes
  8. “Music is a really great creative tool for me, for different roles.” — Matthew McConaughey
  9. “A creep is someone who claims he’s one thing but he’s actually another.” — Matthew McConaughey
  10. “There are certain nights you and your image just aren’t in the same bed.” — Matthew McConaughey

Best Quotes By Matthew McConaughey

  1. “I like having my hands in the clay. I like the movie-making process.” — Matthew McConaughey
  2. “I have no problem with commitment. In fact, I love having someone in my life.” — Matthew McConaughey
  3. “Life is not a popularity contest. Take the hill, but first answer the question: What is my hill?” — Matthew McConaughey
  4. “My number one thing? Don’t overleverage yourself. Don’t say you can do something when you really can’t.” — Matthew McConaughey
  5. “When I see grace in a woman, that’s very sexy. You can tell by how someone moves or their rhythm.” — Matthew McConaughey
  6. “To bring a healthy child into this world, raise them right and watch them grow is the biggest miracle there is.” — Matthew McConaughey
  7. “A man should always have his diary on him. That way he’s guaranteed to have something incredible to read.” — Matthew McConaughey
  8. “You want to be a writer? Start writing. You want to be a filmmaker? Start shooting stuff on your phone right now.” — Matthew McConaughey
  9. “What the heck is true love? I remember feeling, back when I was 12 and ‘going’ with this girl, ‘Is this true love?’” — Matthew McConaughey
  10. “I’ve never been a manipulator, even in my bachelor days. I never wanted to do things to people that could catch up with me later on.” — Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Sayings

  1. “Persist, pivot, or concede. It’s up to us, our choice every time.” — Matthew McConaughey
  2. “I’d rather lose money having fun than make money being bored.” — Matthew McConaughey
  3. “There’s two sorts of fear: one you embrace and one you should listen to and turn the other way.” — Matthew McConaughey
  4. “I’ve never been a jealous person, and I’ve never felt built up by someone else’s failure – that’s a cheap thrill.” — Matthew McConaughey
  5. “I don’t dabble and spend much mind or time dealing with, I don’t know, people’s perceptions of me. I truly don’t.” — Matthew McConaughey
  6. “We have a big appetite for putting people down but, at the heart of everyone, there’s enough room for all of us to succeed.” — Matthew McConaughey
  7. “A denied expectation hurts more than a denied hope, while a fulfilled hope makes us happier than a fulfilled expectation.” — Matthew McConaughey
  8. “Kids will remind you that, even though you’ve gone down a road 100 times, it’s brand new for them – and that’s healthy.” — Matthew McConaughey
  9. “If you want your hair to be thicker, cut it when the moon is about to be full – a heavy, full, waxing moon. Do not cut it when the moon’s waning.” — Matthew McConaughey
  10. “The unsaid rule for living in a trailer park is: ‘If the door’s shut, don’t come a-knockin.’ But if it’s open and you’re walkin’ by, feel free to say, ‘Hello.’” — Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Quotes  On Life

  1. “My life is the road, man. I need to keep moving.” — Matthew McConaughey
  2. “If someone corrects you and you feel offended, then you have an ego problem.” — Matthew McConaughey
  3. “There’s a difference in thinking you are a champion and knowing that you are.” — Matthew McConaughey
  4. “Life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing. So be careful what you get good at.” — Matthew McConaughey
  5. “I’m most fearless in my belief in my and mankind’s benevolence and the common denominator of the values among us.” — Matthew McConaughey
  6. “Life is our resume. It is our story to tell, and the choices we make write the chapters. Can we live in a way where we look forward to looking back?” — Matthew McConaughey
  7. “The inevitability of a situation is not relative; when we accept the outcome of a given situation as inevitable, then how we choose to deal with it is relative.” — Matthew McConaughey
  8. “Life is not fair, and it never was and it is now and it won’t ever be. Do not fall into the trap. The entitlement trap, of feeling like you’re a victim. You are not.” — Matthew McConaughey
  9. “My wife and I don’t compete. We know each other’s preferences, and we work to provide those for each other. One will take over when the other is faced with something he or she dislikes. That’s what friends do.” — Matthew McConaughey
  10. “I’m a fan of the word selfish. Self. Ish. When I say I have gotten a lot more self-ish, I mean I am less concerned with what people think of me. I’m not worried about how I’m perceived. Selfish has always gotten a bad rap. You should do for you. I wanted new experiences.” —  Matthew McConaughey

Best Matthew McConaughey Quotes

  1. “To lose the power of confrontation is to lose the power of unity.” — Matthew McConaughey
  2. “If everything we did was right, we’d never know what was wrong.” — Matthew McConaughey
  3. “Sometimes which choice you make is not as important as making a choice and committing to it.” — Matthew McConaughey
  4. “I’m not arrogant enough to look back on my career and criticize my choices. It’s really not my place.” — Matthew McConaughey
  5. “When you can design your own weather, blow in the breeze. When you’re stuck in the storm, pray for luck and make the best of it.” — Matthew McConaughey
  6. “Give thanks. Appreciate what you do have…the more we give thanks, the more we receive to be thankful for. Gratitude is the gift that always gives back.” — Matthew McConaughey
  7. “I will say this: one of the things that is a pain when you’re expecting children is how much advice unsolicited people give you when you’re not asking for it.” — Matthew McConaughey
  8. “Instead of denying these fears, declare them, say them out loud, admit them, give them the credit they deserve…Find the courage to overcome them.” — Matthew McConaughey
  9. “When I first starting making money, when I first made my first six-digits, I was – my big thing was I went to put super unleaded in my truck for the first time.” — Matthew McConaughey
  10. “There are three things, to my account, that I need each day. One of them is something to look up to, another is something to look forward to, and another is someone to chase.” — Matthew McConaughey


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