50 Medical Assistant Quotes To Appreciate Their Hard Work

Looking for inspirational and proud quotes about being a medical assistant? We have rounded up the best collection of medical assistant quotes, sayings, captions, messages (with images and pictures) to show your appreciation and gratitude to all the people serving in the medical and health care field who serve us selflessly.

Medical assistant are health care professionals who provide clinical and administrative support to doctors in medical offices, clinics and other care units by running the front office, administering vaccinations, drawing blood, and more.

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Medical assistants may take their patients to the examination room, check their heing and weight, and take their vital signs. Their assistance may be required to pass on information about the medical history of the patients to the doctor.

In these trying times of 2020 when the pandemic Coronavirus (Covid-19) struck the world at large, we see how dedicatedly and selflessly all medical assistants around the world have served the people at large and emerged at true heroes.

They haven’t thought about their health, family, personal issues, but worked around the clock to help and heal patients.

To appreciate and recognize the hardwork of the medical staff, Medical Assistance Day is celebrated on October 19.

A medical assistant (MA) job is one of the noblest professions. These positive Happy Medical Assistant Day quotes are a tribute to medical assistants who have helped people round the clock. Big salute to all the heroic doctors, nurses, paramedics and medical staff.

These motivational quotes are divided into these sections;

  • Best Medical Assistant Quotes
  • Thank You Medical Assistant Quotes

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Best Medical Assistant Quotes

  1. “Love A Tatted Medical Assistant.”

  2. “This girl wears scrubs for her family.”

  3. “Keep calm and love a medical assistant.”


  5. “Medical Assistants are the heart of health care.”                                                                               
    medical assistant quotes
    medical assistant quotes

  6. “Don’t mess with me. I am a Medical Assistant.”

  7. “Medical assistants: They make everything better!”

  8. “Keep Calm and let the Medical Assistant handle it.”

  9. “Not all angels have wings. Some have stethoscopes.”                                                             
    medical assistant appreciation quotes
    medical assistant appreciation quotes

  10. “You can’t scare me. I am a Medical Assistant and a Mom.”

  11. “Phlebotomist: It’s a bloody job, but someone has to do it.”

  12. “Medical Assistant: Making a difference in the lives of others.”

  13. “Behind every great doctor is an exhausted medical assistant.”                                                               
    medical assistant quotes images
    medical assistant quotes images

  14. “It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion come together.”

  15. “I can’t stay at home. I’m a CMA – Certified Medical Assistant.”

  16. “Certified medical assistant because doctors need heroes too.”                                                   
    medical assistant inspirational quotes
    medical assistant inspirational quotes

  17. “Medical Assistants: We can’t fix stupid but we can medicate it.”

  18. “Don’t mess with me. I get paid to stab people with sharp objects.”

  19. “I may not be super hero but I’m a medical assistant and killing it!”

  20. “I am a Medical Assistant. I don’t believe in miracles….I rely on them.”                                         
    Medical Assistant day quotes
    Medical Assistant day quotes

  21. “Proud to be a medical assistant. Making a difference, not just a living.”

  22. “Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”

  23. “A single pint can save 3 lives. A single gesture can create a million smiles.”

  24. “Medical Assistant because “full-time-multi-tasking-ninja” is not an actual.”

  25. “Medical Assistant: In the scope of patient care, you make all the difference.”

  26. “All women are created equal but only the finest become a medical assistant.”

  27. “Being a medical assistant may never make me rich but it sure makes proud.”

  28. “They may forget your name, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”

  29. “Medical Assistant: Cute enough to stop your heart. Skilled enough to restart it.”

  30. “It’s okay to learn from every experience, and it’s okay to make mistakes.”– Louise Hay

  31. “Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation.” – Aristotle

  32. “A truly amazing medical assistant is hard to find and impossible to forget.”– Unknown

  33. “I used to work in a hospital, in a laboratory doing phlebotomy. I was a Vampire.” – John Edward

  34. “Being a nurse means to hold all your tears and start drawing smiles on people’s faces.” – Dana Basem

  35. “You know you are a Phlebotomist when you recognize their Median Antecubital Vein rather than their face.”

  36. “Phlebotomy Tip: Smile and talk to your patient. If you act confident and calm, you will help them feel at ease.”

  37. “I work in pediatrics. Getting a child to laugh is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced.” – Unknown

  38. “To make a difference in someone’s life you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful, or perfect. You have to care.” – Mandy hale

  39. “Dear Medical Assistants, of all the skills you will ever learn, the greatest one you will ever hold is the healing touch of a caring heart.”

  40. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

  41. “Strong, independent, motivated, hard working, reliable, determined, loyal, selfless, dedicated, loving, compassionate – I am a medical assistant.”

  42. “Medical assistants work in healthcare settings, such as physicians’ clinics, hospitals, chiropractic offices, podiatrists’ offices and more.” – Unknown

  43. “Medical assistants keep things running smoothly by juggling both clinical and administrative duties, and they deal with the fussy patients all while smiling.”

  44. “I am a patients-greeting, admission-processing, procedures-explaining, physician-conferring, vitals-taking, sutures removing, record-keeping, dressing-changing, always-caring Medical Assistant.”

  45. “As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the mind, soul, heart, and body of our patients, their families, and ourselves. They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Thank You Medical Assistant Quotes

We all should take some time to thank and appreciate the hard work of the medical staff. People who are always there for us when we are in need of support and care.

These quotes on medical assisting nurses will encourage you to show your gratitude towards professionals working in the medical field.

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  1. “Thank you for making a positive difference every day.”

  2. “Because of you, we live in a happier, healthier world. Thank You.”

  3. “You go above and beyond to make our patients comfortable. Thank you.”

  4. “Thank you for being an amazing nurse. Our team appreciates all that you do. Happy Nurse Week/ Day!”

  5. “Thank goodness for nurses like you. You are an extraordinary nurse and an awesome human being.”

  6. “I’m glad you went into nursing. You could have chosen many different professions but you made the choice to give to others and serve with your skills. You’re one of the best nurses I’ve met.”


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