180 Fake People Quotes For Unreal Family And Friends

Looking for inspirational quotes about people being fake? We have rounded up the best collection of fake people quotes, sayings, messages, captions, status (with images and pictures) to know the difference between real and fake people and help you know how to deal with imposters and their hypocrisy.

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In life what really matters are the people who are by our side through thick and thin! True people can stand at the hardest time of your life whereas fake people will leave you at the darkest hour of your life.

Today the world is all advertised as a lot of fake faces who pretend to look real but actually, they are not. Fake people are selfish and self-centered. People love faking relations of love or friendship for money, company or other advantages.

There are some people who pretend to be your friend at your face and gossip behind your back. Beware of such fake people who are liars, or who cheat you.

Few trusted friends are better than untrusted ones. Fake people always think first about themselves and are greedy and jealous by nature. It’s heartbreaking to come across fraud people who can betray you anytime, so always take time to trust people.

These motivational quotes are divided in these sections:-

These famous quotes are a mix of savage, sarcastic, sad, funny fake people quotes for all situations. Also, don’t forget to check out our collection of haters quotes and two-faced people for all who have experienced betrayal, lie,s and back-stabbing from people in your life.

Fake People Quotes

  1. “Fake people always try to put you down.” – Unknown

  2. “They play victims in crime they committed.” – Unknown                                                                 

    Fake People Quotes Images
    Fake People Quotes Images

  3. “Make distance from people who wear masks.” – Unknown                                                                                 

    Fake People Quotes Pictures
    Fake People Quotes Pictures

  4. “Never chase them, you just need to replace them.” – Unknown

  5. “You must learn who is gold and who is gold plated.” – Unknown

  6. “Fake people always talk about you behind your back.” – Unknown                                                 

    quotes about people being fake
    quotes about people being fake

  7. “Don’t trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar.” – Unknown

  8. “Pay close attention to those that don’t clap when you win.” – Unknown

  9. “Fake people are usually the first ones to claim they’re real.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                                                             

    Quotes About Fake People
    Quotes About Fake People

  10. “When times get tough, you realize who your real friends are.” – Unknown

  11. “Who needs an enemy when your life is filled with fake people.” – Unknown

  12. “Every coin has two sides, just like most people have two faces.” – Unknown

  13. “They’re not happy for you because they wish it was them.” – Carlos Wallace

  14. “Cannot trust anyone these days. Fake is becoming a new trend.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                                     

    Fake People Quotes
    Fake People Quotes

  15. “Be aware because you don’t know who are real ones in your life.” – Unknown

  16. “It’s never your enemies that get you. It’s always your own people.” – Unknown

  17. “How someone can fake their personality to just get into someone’s life.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                                           

    Fake Person Quotes
    Fake Person Quotes

  18. “You got nothing to lose. You don’t lose when you lose fake friends.” – Joan Jett

  19. “If everyone is real, then I must be fake because I am not like them.” – Unknown

  20. “Some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends and family.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                                                           

    sarcastic fake people quotes
    sarcastic fake people quotes

  21. “Fake people always spread negativity but real ones spread positivity.” – Unknown

  22. “I hate fake people. You know what I’m talking about. Mannequins.” – Jarod Kintz

  23. “Fake people will talk about you good in front of you and bad behind you.” – Unknown

  24. “Fake people are like clouds. When they disappear, the day is much brighter.” – Unknown

  25. “Choose people carefully because there are a lot of fake ones in the world.” – Unknown

  26. “Fake people will wish you the best, just as long as that best benefits them.” – Unknown

  27. “Fake people want to see you down but real ones want to see you at the top.” – Unknown

  28. “Why be fake? Just be yourself and maybe people will like you just as much.” – Unknown

  29. “Most people want to see you do better, but not doing better than them.” – London Mond

  30. “It is good that you leave because there is no room for fake people in my life.” – Unknown

  31. “Once I trusted you but you broke it and now I prefer to stay away from you.” – Unknown

  32. “It’s better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you’re not.” – Kurt Cobain                                                                                                                                             

    Famous Fake People Quotes
    Famous Fake People Quotes

  33. “I don’t regret my past, I just regret the time I have wasted with wrong people.” – Unknown

  34. “Stay away from fake people because you don’t know when they will throw you.” – Unknown

  35. “When you have to find who are the real ones then look at their hearts not face.” – Unknown

  36. “Sometimes, I think that you still care but other times, you just prove me wrong.” – Unknown

  37. “Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” – Albert Einstein

  38. “Time will expose everything because fake things and people don’t last long in life.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                               

    sarcastic fake people quotes images
    sarcastic fake people quotes images

  39. “Fake friends show their true colors when they don’t need you anymore. Be aware.” – Unknown

  40. “If you came in my life to use me then I will throw you out of my life like a garbage.” – Unknown

  41. “If they talk at your back, don’t react. They know they can’t dare to say it at your face.” – Unknown

  42. “Fake people come to your life to teach you a lesson that doesn’t trust anybody easily.” – Unknown

  43. “Don’t share your weaknesses because you don’t know who will use them against you.” – Unknown

  44. “Don’t fall for fake smile because you don’t know what are they planning in their mind.” – Unknown

  45. “Fake people don’t care what happens with you because they only care about themselves.” – Unknown

  46. “Don’t become so nice in this world where all are wearing a mask on their face to fool you.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                       

    attitude fake people quotes
    attitude fake people quotes

  47. “Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care because they don’t.” – Unknown

  48. “It’s hard to tell who has your back, from who has it long enough just to stab you in it..” – Nicole Richie

  49. “The fake people do not dare to come out from their mask and face the truth of the real ones.” – Ehsan Sehgal

  50. “Fake relationships and fake people coming up to me and all of a sudden wanting to be my friend.” – Jason Ritter

  51. “Sometimes it is good to have fake peoples because then you will understand who are the real ones.” – Unknown

  52. “People these days are too fake. They say “I’m always here for you!” Bch, please! Give me a break.” – Unknown

  53. “Don’t trust everything that you see because there are many things that you don’t know about them.” – Unknown

  54. “I am learning that some people are not worth my time, and some things are not worth my attention.” – Unknown

  55. “You used to mean the world to me and now I can’t trust a single word that comes out of your mouth.” – Unknown

  56. “True friends are like diamonds, precious but rare. Fake friends are like fall leaves, found everywhere.” – Unknown                                                                                           

    Fake People Sayings
    Fake People Sayings

  57. “When I give you my time, I am giving you a portion of my life that I will never get back. So don’t be fake.” – Unknown

  58. “Fake people talk about other people being Fake. Real people worry about their business and nobody else’s.” – Unknown

  59. Cutting fake people out of my life does not mean that I am petty. It just means that I respect myself.” – Unknown

  60. “It is not my role to expose the fake people. In due time, they will expose themselves for who they really are.” – Unknown

  61. “Some people suddenly changed, on day you are important to them and the next day you are nothing to them.” – Unknown

  62. “You should be thankful for ugly moments because that’s when the beautiful people called real friends show up.” – Unknown

  63. “I no longer have the energy for meaningless friendships, forced interactions, or unnecessary conversations.” – Joquesse Eugenia

  64. “Some people are real. Some people are good. Some people are fake and some people are real good at being fake.” – Unknown                                                                           

    Fake Quotes
    Fake Quotes

  65. “I’d rather have an enemy who says that they hate me than to keep a “FRIEND” whose mission is to put me down secretly.” – Unknown

  66. “I never have kept too many friends. I’d rather less fight.. less drama.. less lies.. less fake people in my life!.. the less the better!” – Unknown

  67. “I prefer to surround myself with people who reveal their imperfection, rather than people who fake their perfection.” – Charles F. Glassman

  68. “You don’t lose friends because real friends can never be lost. You lose people masquerading as friends, and you’re better for it.” – Mandy Hale

  69. “Certain people and their toxic energy can block you from expanding, elevating, and vibrating higher. Detach and protect your energy.” – Unknown

  70. “Some people will pretend to care, just so they can get a better seat to watch your struggle. Every helping hand isn’t always there to help.” – Trent Shelton

  71. “You’ll be surrounded by many so-called well-wishers during your good times but there’ll be only a few ones around you in your bad times.” – Anurag Prakash Ray

  72. “Everybody isn’t your friend. Just because they hand around you and laugh with you doesn’t mean they are your friend. People pretend well. At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people, so pay attention.” – Unknown

  73. “Stay away from and never be one! People who mess with your mind. People who twist facts to blame it on you. People who punish you by doing things that upsets you. People who never apologize. Stay away from those fake people.” – Unknown

Sarcastic Fake People Quotes

In this fast-moving world, it’s difficult to come across true and honest people. We often bump into fake people and friends who pose to be our close ones, but should not be trusted.

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Lying, cheating, and disloyalty are all attributes of a fake person or a friend. Being lied to is something no one likes. It is really hard to trust your partner or friend who lies to you.

If you like to be real then do read authenticity quotes and genuine people quotes the you will relate to.

  1. “Friends are either a blessing or a lesson.” – Unknown

  2. “Fake friends are worst than real enemies.” – Unknown

  3. “I’m surprised how people fake their whole life.” – Unknown                                                         

    Fake People Captions
    Fake People Captions

  4. “Super rich people with nothing but fake friends!” – Unknown

  5. “I only want one thing from fake people: distance.” – Unknown                                                     

    Funny Fake People Quotes
    Funny Fake People Quotes

  6. “Some people need a high five, in the face, with a chair.” – Unknown

  7. “I love my enemies, at least they admit that they don’t like me.” – Unknown

  8. “FAKE… It is the latest trend and everybody seems to be IN STYLE.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                                             

    Quotes on Fake People
    Quotes on Fake People

  9. “I hate two-faced people. It’s so hard to decide which face to slap first.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                                                     

    Funny Quotes About Fake People
    Funny Quotes About Fake People

  10. “It is the best reaction to see on their face when I don’t let them use me.” – Unknown

  11. “Fake Friend: Once they stop talking to you, they start talking about you.” – Unknown

  12. “My fake smile disguises my frowns and mouths the statement: I am fine.” – Unknown

  13. “Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friend that hugs you.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                                               

    Tired of fake people quotes
    Tired of fake people quotes

  14. “The worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you.” – Bette Midler

  15. “Imagine if I didn’t have the ends, I wouldn’t have so many imaginary friends.” – Kanye West

  16. “I wish people were like money so I could hold them to the light to see which ones are real.” – Unknown

  17. “Fake friends are like Coal… when hot… they burn your hands…. when cold… they turn your hands black.” – Unknown

  18. “Chocolate friends may not last any longer than fake ones, but they sure as hell taste better.” – Kevin Brooks

Attitude Fake People Quotes

Fake people are hypocrites and dishonest, who always wear a mask for their selfish motives. They present “one face” at one time and another face at another and are liars. They are never honest with a friend, worker, or in relationships.

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Being fake means being dishonest or illegal in character. Some of the most questionable people can just add to the negativity in your life. Some of these quotes are wise, deep, funny, witty, sarcastic to serve as an eye-opener.

  1. “Live life with no filters.” – Carlos Wallace

  2. “I may not be perfect but at least I am not fake.” – Unknown

  3. “I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do.” – Unknown

  4. “When you talk to me please take off your mask.” – Unknown                                                     

    i hate fake people quotes
    i hate fake people quotes

  5. “If you don’t stay real to me then leave me alone.” – Unknown

  6. “Stop acting like you care. Fake people piss me off.” – Unknown

  7. “It’s a sad day when you find out who your friends aren’t.” – Unknown

  8. “We live in a world built on promises, constructed by liars.” – Unknown

  9. “Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you.” – Unknown

  10. “If I treated you the way you treated me. You would hate me.” – Unknown

  11. “Fake friends are autumn leaves; they are scattered everywhere.” – Unknown

  12. “Trust only a few people in life because you don’t know who is real.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                                           

    Best Fake People Quotes
    Best Fake People Quotes

  13. “You use me I will throw you if you stay loyal to me I will respect you.” – Unknown

  14. “I don’t have time for fake friends anymore. Either be real, or be gone.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                                           

    Fake friends Quotes
    Fake friends Quotes

  15. “They don’t miss you when you’re gone, they miss you when you move on.” – Unknown

  16. “Don’t pretend to be real because I know you are here for your own benefit.” – Unknown

  17. “Don’t be afraid of the enemy that fights you, but the fake friend that hugs you.” – Unknown

  18. “Don’t tell me what they say about me. Tell me why they feel comfortable telling you.” – Unknown

  19. “Oh, That’s funny. I swear last week you said you hated her. Now you’re best friends?” – Unknown

  20. “It is a great show that you put on but now I know the truth so you can leave me alone.” – Unknown

  21. “Don’t hide your true intention because time will expose everything so stay real, not fake.” – Unknown

  22. “One good thing about being in a bad situation makes picking out fake friends really easy.” – Unknown

  23. “If you have a fake friend in life then be careful because you don’t know when they will strike you.” – Unknown

  24. “True friends are always there when you need them. False friends are only there when they need you.” – Unknown

  25. “You say I’m going to fight your battles, well girl you’re wrong. I knew you weren’t my best friend all along.” – Unknown

Quotes About People Being Fake

When people pretend to be or belief something which they are not then they are termed as a fake. It’s very heart-breaking to be in a fake relationship.

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The realization can shatter you and hurt you with an unbearable pain. But you always need to differentiate between fake and real love and set your boundaries.

  1. “Trust on their action, not on words.” – Unknown

  2. “The realest people don’t have a lot of friends.” – Tupac

    Real Vs Fake People
    Real Vs Fake People

    “Life is too short for fake butter or fake people.” – Karen

  3. “Stay real, stay loyal, or stay away from me.” – Unknown

  4. “Some people fake their death, I’m faking my life.” – Don DeLillo

  5. “Fake people are always jealous of your achievement.” – Unknown

  6. “Trust someone when their action match their words.” – Unknown

  7. “People are more what they hide than what they show.” – Unknown                                                 

    Emotional Fake People Quotes
    Emotional Fake People Quotes

  8. “When you can’t be real then don’t make fake promises.” – Unknown

  9. “Some friends are like pennies, two-faced and worthless.” – Unknown

  10. “Walk away from people who just care about themselves.” – Unknown

  11. “You never care about me but I did and I learn my lesson.” – Unknown

  12. “If they want to help you then they will not make an excuse.” – Unknown

  13. “The most dangerous creature on this earth is, a fake friend.” – Unknown

  14. “Sometimes your ‘Best friends’ are really enemies in disguise.” – Unknown

  15. “Time will show you who are real ones and who are fake ones.” – Unknown

  16. “You don’t know what monster is hiding behind that friendly face.” – Unknown

  17. “It is better to have more enemies in life than to have a fake friend.” – Unknown

  18. “Choose friends wisely because you don’t know who is your enemy.” – Unknown

  19. “There are many fake people but you will find true ones in your life.” – Unknown

  20. “Fake people show their colors when they have no use of you anymore.” – Unknown

  21. “True friends never want to see you fail in life but fake friends want to see.” – Unknown

  22. “Some people come in your life to spread darkness so stay away from them.” – Unknown

  23. “Never depend on anyone because you don’t know when they will leave you.” – Unknown

  24. “Not everyone at your work place is your friend. Do your job. Get paid. Go home.” – Unknown

  25. “The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become.” – Unknown

  26. “A fake friend, ain’t a friend at all, they’re just fake, and that’s why you get erased!!” – Unknown

  27. “True friendship brings happiness in life but fake friendship always brings pain in life.” – Unknown

  28. “Fake people always stay with you in your good times and leave you in your bad times.” – Unknown

  29. “I’m honestly starting to see who my real friends are and not, and most of them are fake.” – Unknown

  30. “It is better to stay alone rather being around with people who don’t value and respect you.” – Unknown

  31. “Nobody wants to know how you feel, yet, they want you to do what they feel.” – Michael Bassey Johnson

  32. “Selfish people tend to only be good to themselves… then are surprised when they are alone.” – Unknown

  33. “Fake people always act that they are helping you but in reality, they never want to help you.” – Unknown

  34. “A true friend would have apologized, or at least tried to talk about it, but a fake friend won’t.” – Unknown

  35. “A persons character is shown through their actions in life, not where they sit on Sunday.” – Navonne Johns

  36. “Sometimes you have to pretend that you are a fool because you want to see how far they can go.” – Unknown

  37. “I never treated you like a friend but as my younger brother and all you did ruin our brotherhood.” – Unknown

  38. “Don’t spend your precious time with fake people because you have important things to do in life.” – Unknown

  39. “People may not always tell you how they feel about you, but they will always show you. Pay attention.” – Keri Hilson

  40. “Fake people will always hate you because you are better from them so move forward and stay away.” – Unknown

  41. “Do not trust everyone easily because you don’t know who is your true friends and who is your enemy.” – Unknown

  42. “I hate people when they pretend to be nice to you and later leave you because you have no use to them.” – Unknown

  43. “Dealing with backstabbers there’s one thing I’ve learned, they are only powerful when your back is turned.” – Unknown

  44. “Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun. regret nothing, and don’t let people bring you down.” – Unknown

  45. “When someone says they like you don’t trust easily because you don’t know when they will change their mind.” – Unknown

  46. “Fairweather friends only want to come around when they need your sun to shine on their dark and gloomy days.” – Unknown

  47. “Respect those friends who stand with you in your bad times and stay away from those who leave you in your bad times.” – Unknown

  48. “It is true that one friend used to mean the world to you and now you can’t trust a single word that comes out of their mouth.” – Unknown

  49. “A true friend cares about what’s going on in your life. A fake friend will make their problems sound bigger. Be a true friend.” – Unknown

  50. “A true friend will always, always be there to listen to your problems and help you out but a fake friend will only ever ask for your help.” – Unknown

  51. “Fake friends are no different than shadows, they stick around during your brightest moments but disappear during your darkest hours.” – Unknown

  52. “Genuine friendship can only be based on trust and affection, which can only arise when there is a mutual sense of concern and respect.” – Unknown

  53. “A woman can forgive a man for the harm he does her…but she can never forgive him for the sacrifices he makes on her account.” – W. Somerset Maugham

  54. “Keep people in your life who truly love you, motivate you, encourage you, enhance you, and make you happy. If you know people who do none of these things, let them go.” – Unknown

  55. “Fake friends; those who only drill holes under your boat to get it leaking; those who discredit your ambitions and those who pretend they love you, but behind their backs they know they are in to destroy your legacies.” – Israelmore Ayivor


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