60 Weak Men Quotes And Sayings

Looking for quotes about weak men? We have rounded up the best collection of weak men quotes, sayings. captions, messages, (with images and pictures) to inspire you to leave your mental weakness and embrace strength.

A weak man may be weak by character, emotionally weak, mental weakness, and cowardly to do the right and take a stand. Men cheating in a relationship is also a sign of weak men. I hope these quotes will give you an insight and give you the courage to support the right thing.

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Weak Men Quotes

  1. “Strong women scare weak men.”

  2. “Strong women only intimidate weak men.”

  3. “Weak men dominate women!” ― Avijeet Das

  4. “Only weak men want to be weak.” ― Anne Fortier

  5. “Strong women only marry weak men.” ― Bette Davis                                                                                             
    Quotes About Weak Men
    Quotes About Weak Men

  6. “Desperate women throw themselves, weak men accept the offer.”

  7. “The weak-minded man is the slave of his vices and the dupe of his virtues.”

  8. “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” ― Eric Hoffer                                                     
    Less Of A Man Quotes
    Less Of A Man Quotes

  9. “Even weak men when united are powerful.” ― Friedrich Schiller

  10. “It is commonly a weak man who marries for love.” ― Samuel Johnson

  11. “Better make a weak man your enemy than your friend.” ― Josh Billings

  12. “A weak man can’t love a strong woman. He won’t know what to do with her.”                                                                                                                                                                   
    Weak Men Quotes Pictures
    Weak Men Quotes Pictures

  13. “The worst kind of weight any woman can gain… Is the weight of a weak man.”

  14. “A strong man can handle a strong woman. A weak man says she has an attitude.”                                                                                                                                                                                         
    Weak Minded Men Quotes
    Weak Minded Men Quotes

  15. “A weak man will always blame a woman’s attitude for his departure.” ― R. H. Sin

  16. “No woman can love a weak man hard enough to make him strong.” ― Pearl Cleage                                                                                                                                                                                   
    Weak Man Quotes
    Weak Man Quotes

  17. “If you want a weak man, you might as well marry a woman.” ― Laura Schlessinger

  18. “Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them.” ― Orison Swett Marden                                                                                                                                                 
    Weak Men Quotes
    Weak Men Quotes

  19. “It is the weak man who urges compromise – never the strong man.” ― Elbert Hubbard

  20. “He (John Major) has the mulishness of a weak man with stupidity.” ― Norman Tebbit

  21. “You can’t make a weak man strong by making a strong man weak.” ― Abraham Lincoln

  22. “If you ask, you like strong men or weak men, I’d say, I like who I like.” ― Miuccia Prada

  23. “It is a weak man who blames his failures on the strength of others.” ― Orson Scott Card

  24. “When we teach people to run after miracles, we make them weak men.” ― Sunday Adelaja

  25. “Weak men act to satisfy their needs, stronger men their duties.” ― Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  26. “Only the weak are cruel, gentleness can only be expected from the strong.” ― Leo Buscaglia

  27. “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

  28. “The strong man with the dagger is followed by the weak man with the sponge.” ― Lord Acton

  29. “Great men in teaching weak men to reflect have set them on road to eroor.” ― Luc de Clapiers

  30. “A real man does not play mind games with woman. Only weak, insecure and immature boys do that.”                                                                                                                               
    Weak Men In Relationship Quotes
    Weak Men In Relationship Quotes

  31. “I always run into strong women who are looking for weak men to dominate them.” ― Andy Warhol

  32. “When trouble comes, wise men take to their work; weak men take to the woods.” ― Elbert Hubbard

  33. “A weak man in a corner is more dangerous than a strong man.(Inspector Miller)” ― Agatha Christie

  34. “[On Peter III :] He did not have a bad heart, but a weak man usually has not.” ― Catherine the Great

  35. “Like all weak men he laid an exaggerated stress on not changing one’s mind.” ― W. Somerset Maugham

  36. “I have yet to encounter that common myth of weak men, an insurmountable barrier.” ― James Lane Allen

  37. “He was a weak man. The sort who needed to crush a woman in order to feel powerful.” ― John Mark Green                                                                                                                                           
    Weak Men Quotes Images
    Weak Men Quotes Images

  38. “A strong woman won’t settle for a weak man, when it’s been proven that the union of two bosses can build an empire.”

  39. “Strong men can always afford to be gentle. Only the weak are intent on giving as good as they get.” ― Elbert Hubbard

  40. “I know that I am a small, weak man, but I have amassed a large library; I dream of dangerous places.” ― Terry Pratchett

  41. “Brave people add up to an aristocracy. The democracy of thou-shall-not is bound to be a collection of weak men. D. H. Lawrence

  42. “The weak man becomes strong when he has nothing, for then only can he feel the wild, mad thrill of despair.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle

  43. “All God’s giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on God being with them.” ― Hudson Taylor

  44. “What is grand is necessarily obscure to weak men. That which can be made explicit to the idiot is not worthy my care.” ― William Blake

  45. “I grew up around strong women; weak men were pickled and salted. The women wouldn’t waste time raising a weak boy.” ― Robert Jordan

  46. “A strong man who has known power all his life may lose respect for that power. But a weak man knows the value of strength.” ― Jeffrey Archer

  47. “Weak men are the worse for the good sense they read in books because it furnished them only with more matter to mistake.” ― Sir George Savile

  48. “I do know that the world knows or thinks that I have money and lots of it. They perceive me as an old weak man and an easy target.” ― John McAfee

  49. “The stubbornness of a weak man should never be underestimated. The weak tend to be very stubborn when they’ve decided on something.” ― Frederick Forsyth

  50. “Cunning is only the mimic of discretion, and may pass upon weak men in the same manner as vivacity is often mistaken for wit, and gravity for wisdom.” ― Joseph Addison

  51. “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.” ― G. Michael Hop, Those Who Remain

  52. “A weak man will always try to intimidate strong woman because he’s petrified he won’t be able to control her and what she could achieve without needing him.” ― Virali Shah

  53. “Better to be a strong man with a weak point, than to be a weak man without a strong ;oint. A diamond with a flaw is more valuable that a brick without a flaw.” ― William J. H. Boetcker

  54. “Since the world never faults a man who refuses to yield… it is generally recognized that weak men live in obedience to the world’s will, while the strong obey only their own.” ― Giacomo Leopardi

  55. “A weak man will never know what to do with a woman with a strong personality. She’ll speak her mind and he’ll blame her attitude for pushing him away, knowing damn well he was just too afraid of what she represents.”

  56. “Weak men often from the very principle of their weakness derive a certain susceptibility; delicacy and taste which render them, in those particulars, much superior to men of stronger and more consistent minds, who laugh at them.” ― Sir Fulke Greville

  57. “It will make a weak man mighty. It will make a mighty man fall. It will fill your heart and hands or leave you with nothing at all. It’s the eyes for the blind and legs for the lame. It is the love for hate and pride for shame. That’s the power of the gospel.” ― Ben Harper

  58. “A strong man cannot help a weaker unless the weaker is willing to be helped, and even then the weak man must become strong himself; he must, by his own efforts, develop the strength which he admires in another. None but himself can alter his condition.” ― James Allen

  59. “A weak man is not as happy as that same man would be if he were strong. This reality is offensive to some people who would like the intellectual or spiritual to take precedence. It is instructive to see what happens to these very people as their squat strength goes up.” ― Mark Rippetoe

  60. “When such men, who are beyond hope and fear, begin in their dim minds to see the source their woes, it may be an evil time for those who have wronged them. The weak man becomes strong when he has nothing, for then only can he feel the wild, mad thrill of despair.” ― Arthur Conan Doyle

  61. “Your actions are your own. Your choices are your own. Each of us carries a burden of guilt for decisions made or not made. You can let that rule your whole life or you can put it behind you and move on. Only a madman lets jealousy determine the course of his existence. Only a weak man blames others for his own errors.” ― Juliet Marillier








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