60 Feeling Empty Quotes and Images (Emptiness)

Are you feeling sad, depressed, or numb? Looking for quotes that might describe your mental state? We have rounded up the best feeling empty quotes, sayings, and captions (with images and pictures) that you can resonate with.

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In life, there comes a point when the whole world and its existence seem so meaningless. You may feel everything is unnecessary and this may fill you deep down with an emptiness that is unexplainable to others.

This feeling might have many underlying reasons like betrayal, disappointment, heartbreak, or a bad experience in life.

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We may find being alone is better than being in the company of people. Solitude and loneliness may feel addictive. But it’s important to reach out to friends and family who can listen to you and your thoughts when you feel completely lost in life.

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Top 10 Feeling Empty Quotes

  1. “I feel empty inside.”— Unknown

    Deep Feeling Empty Sayings
    Deep Feeling Empty Sayings
  2. “Not happy. Not sad. Just empty.”— Unknown 

    Feeling Empty Quotes
    Feeling Empty Quotes
  3. “You can’t cry when you’re already empty.” — Unknown     

    Empty Mind Quotes Images
    Empty Mind Quotes Images
  4. “Silence isn’t empty it’s full of answers.”— Unknown           

    Empty Heart Quotes Pics
    Empty Heart Quotes Pics
  5. “How can emptiness be so heavy?”— Unknown       

    Deep Emptiness Quotes Images
    Deep Emptiness Quotes Images
  6. “Why does the feeling of emptiness occupy so much space?” Unknown     

    Emptiness Quotes of Loneliness
    Emptiness Quotes of Loneliness
  7. “She tries to smile, To feel happy, But she feels so Empty.”— Unknown       

    Feeling so Empty Quotations
    Feeling so Empty Quotations
  8. “That feeling when you are not necessarily sad, but you feel really empty.”

    Very Sad Empty Quotes
    Very Sad Empty Quotes
  9. “I wanted to write down exactly what I felt but somehow the paper stays empty and I could not have described it any better.” – Unknown

    Best Feeling Empty Quotes
    Best Feeling Empty Quotes
  10. Sometimes you can only feel something by its absence. By the empty spaces it leaves behind. — Gayle Forman

Quotes On Feeling Empty

  1. “Ironic how being empty can feel so heavy…” — Unknown
  2. “The beginning of love is a horror of emptiness.”— Robert Bly
  3. “To fake it is to stand guard over emptiness.”— Arthur Herzog
  4. “We become aware of the void as we fill it.”— Antonio Porchia
  5. “The inner emptiness is the door to God.”— Swami Dhyan Giten
  6. “A busy life is filled with tremendous emptiness.”— Debasish Mridha
  7. “Loneliness is emptiness begging to be filled.” — Christy Ann Martine
  8. “Illusion is needed to disguise the emptiness within.”— Arthur Erickson
  9. “The heaviest heart is often the one that feels the most empty.”— Trisha. J
  10. “When we give, even in our emotional emptiness, God fills us back up.” — Sharon Jaynes
  11. “And like the moon we must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again.” — Unknown
  12. “Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of ourselves in everything we used to love.” ― R. M. Drake

Emptiness Quotes

  1. “The rest of my life stretches out as an emptiness before me.”— Kazuo Ishiguro
  2. “If emptiness is endless, then everything rests in emptiness.”— Dejan Stojanovic
  3. “Nothingness not being nothing, nothingness being emptiness.”— Isabelle Adjani
  4. “She was tired, with that tiredness that only emptiness brings.”— Paolo Giordano
  5. “But to me nothing, the negative, the empty, is exceedingly powerful.”— Alan Watts
  6. “What had been quiet and restful was now silent and empty.”— Frederick Barthelme
  7. “This will be a winter so desolate, only memory can fill the emptiness.”— John Geddes
  8. “Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness.”— Samuel Beckett
  9. “It is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty. It hurts us.”— Jackson Pearce
  10. “Life is empty and meaningless because life is empty and meaningless.”— Werner Erhard

Deep Quotes On Emptiness

  1. “Nothing is more depressing than despite the fact of having it all but still feeling empty.”— Unknown
  2. “I decided I would fill the emptiness in me with God and with paint.”— Kimberly Novosel
  3. “If giving leaves you feeling empty, you’re giving too much to the wrong person.”— Maza Dohta
  4. “The greatest tragedies in life is not untimely death, but to live a life for emptiness.”— Topsy Gift
  5. “I am empty of everything. I am empty of everything but the thin, frail ghosts in my room.”— Jean Rhys
  6. “Pain can be vitalising; it gives intensity in the space of vagueness and emptiness.”— Sebastian Horsley
  7. “It’s not the feeling of completeness I need, but the feeling of not being empty.”— Jonathan Safran Foer
  8. “This world that I live in is empty and cold the loneliness cuts me and tortures my soul.”— Waylon Jennings
  9. “In all our searching, the only thing we’ve found that makes the emptiness bearable is each other.”— Carl Sagan
  10. “The artist’s job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.”— Woody Allen
  11. Depression isn’t just being a bit sad. It’s feeling nothing. It’s not wanting to be alive anymore.”— J. K. Rowling

Sad Feeling Empty Quotes

  1. “This was the truth at the core of my existence: this yawning emptiness, scantily clad in rage.”— Hillary Jordan
  2. “There’s just something obvious about emptiness, even when you try to convince yourself otherwise.”— Sarah Dessen
  3. “When you’re full of yourself, God can’t fill you. But when you empty yourself, God has a useful vessel.”— Max Lucado
  4. “The funny thing about having all this so-called success is that behind it is a certain horrible emptiness.”— Sam Shepard
  5. “Always show kindness and love to others. Your words might be filling the empty places in someone’s heart.” — Mandy Hale
  6. “I felt myself being invaded through and through, I crumbled, disintegrated, and only emptiness remained.”— Stanislaw Lem
  7. “Moments of suffering are meant to empty us so that we may have the potential to tap into our truest depths.”— Kamand Kojouri
  8. “Emptiness is not a great loss. It creates a great opportunity to fill yourself again and again with great love.”— Debasish Mridha
  9. “A sad soul needs an infinite horizon which can throw all his sorrow into the silence of the eternal emptiness!”— Mehmet Murat ildan
  10. “I swear, I end up feeling empty, like you’ve taken something out of me and I have to search my body for scars.”— Richard Siken

Feeling Empty Inside Quotes

  1. “The surest cure for vanity is loneliness.” ― Tom Wolfe
  2. “Become totally empty. Quiet the restlessness of the mind. Only then will you witness everything unfolding from emptiness.”— Lao Tzu
  3. “The more space and emptiness you can create in yourself, then you can let the rest of the world come in and fill you up.” — Jeff Bridges
  4. “There are so many empty people walking around on this little planet. Lonely people. Angry people. Bitter. Forgotten.” — Jeyn Roberts
  5. “Emptiness which is conceptually liable to be mistaken for sheer nothingness is in fact the reservoir of infinite possibilities.”— D.T. Suzuki
  6. “The void inside me starts to fill, but my heart has holes, and whatever it holds will run out, leaving me empty once again.”— Danielle Esplin
  7. “One must know oneself. If this does not serve to discover truth, it at least serves as a rule of life and there is nothing better.”— Blaise Pascal
  8. “I said nothing for a time, just ran my fingertips along the edge of the human-shaped emptiness that had been left inside me.”— Haruki Murakami
  9. “But what I did sense was an emptiness like a black hole inside of him, and there was no predicting what might emerge from a place like that.”— Ryū Murakami
  10. “When I feel truly alone, with a sense of being lost, even empty inside, it is then I realize I have unknowingly moved away from God, so I move back.”— David L. Weatherford

I Feel Empty

  1. “A heart full of memories can still echo the hollow sound of emptiness.”— Trisha. J
  2. “Sometimes, the spaces between our fingers tell tales of voids within our souls.”— Trisha. J
  3. “There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot.”— John Cage
  4. “For a long time now my heart has had its shutters closed, its steps deserted, formerly a tumultuous hotel, but now empty and echoing like a great empty tomb.” — Gustave Flaubert
  5. “You can only fit so many words in a postcard, only so many in a phone call, only so many into space before you forget that words are sometimes used for things other than filling emptiness.” Sarah Kay
  6. “Everyday we used to slip away to talk. We would talk about the goodness of your heart. Now it seems I admit that never exist at all and it leaves me feeling empty with this hollow chord.”— Regina Belle
  7. “You are not feeling empty because you don’t have much money. You are feeling empty because you have not yet encountered your real self, you have not come to your authentic individuality.”—  Osho
  8. “There’s a big difference, I discovered, between wanting to die and not wanting to live. When you want to die, you at least have a goal. When you don’t want to live, you’re really just empty.”  Brian Hugh Warner

Emptiness Quotes and Images

Feeling Empty Quotes
Feeling Empty Quotes
Feeling Empty Sayings
Feeling Empty Sayings
Deep Emptiness Quotes
Deep Emptiness Quotes
Sad Quotes On Feeling Empty
Sad Quotes On Feeling Empty
Emotional Emptiness Pictures
Emotional Emptiness Pictures
Emptiness Picture Quotes
Emptiness Picture Quotes

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