Feeling Numb Quotes About Emotional Numbness

Are you feeling sad, depressed, or numb? Looking for quotes that might describe your mental state? We have rounded up the best feeling numb quotes, sayings, and captions (with images and pictures) that you can resonate with.

Numbness is a loss of feeling or sensation in an area of the body. But we also at times feel mentally and emotionally numb.That means that nothing stirs our emotions and we feel nothing at all. This may happen due to extreme shock, fear or depression, or the death of a loved one.

It’s a state where you can’t feel emotions anymore. You feel so hopeless and empty that you stop feeling anything.

Often, in life there comes a point when the whole world and its existence seem so meaningless. You may feel everything is unnecessary and this may fill you deep down with an emptiness that is unexplainable to others.

This feeling might have many underlying reasons like betrayal, disappointment, heartbreak, or a bad experience in life.

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Feeling numb can often be an indicator that something deeper is going on and could be a symptom of depression or a mental health condition. Feeling emotionally numb can make it hard to connect with others, which creates loneliness or a sense of isolation in your experience.

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Feeling Numb Quotes

  1. “Stop it now. I feel numb.” — Ak

  2. “I felt so much, that I started to feel nothing.” — Unknown
    emotional numbness quotes
    emotional numbness quotes

  3. “My heart hurts, and I’m in a drowsy, numb state.” — Unknown

  4. “Feeling must have rendered her numb.” — Mary Lawson

  5. “This is how it feels now…. blankness, numbness, nothing.” — Liar by Justine Larbalestier
    feeling numb quotes
    feeling numb quotes

  6. “I don’t feel anymore. I used to be sad but now I’m just numb.” — Unknown

  7. “Numbness keeps us from becoming.” — Glennon Doyle Melton

  8. “I was just numb all over, like a dead man walking.” — Fred Gipson

  9. “Be careful with too much joy, it can make you numb in life.” — Toba Beta

  10. “I thought I’m healing but the truth is, I just stopped feeling.” — C. C. Aurel

  11. “How nice — to feel nothing, and still get full credit for being alive.” — Kurt Vonnegut

  12. “I feel so much that it is hard for me at times to feel anything at all.” — Mary Kate Teske
    quotes about feeling numb
    quotes about feeling numb

  13. “Winning intoxicates you, and numbs you to the sufferings of others.” — Margaret Atwood

  14. “The worst part about being sad is that you don’t even know what makes you happy anymore.” — Unknown

  15. “She wasn’t sad anymore, she was numb, and numb, she knew, was somehow worse.” — Atticus

  16. “Shock is when language and emotion get overwritten by trauma’s numbing code.” — Stewart Stafford

  17. “Numb (Feeling)!! Walked over, taken for granted and tossed away when not needed…” — GirlWritingLife

  18. “I’ve perfected the art of the fake smile. It’s not so difficult when you are completely numb.” — Bethany Griffin
    numb quotes
    numb quotes

  19. “Had our hearts really become so numb . . . Who am I if I need to be shocked back into my best self?” — Brendan Kiely

  20. “The true answer held my chest like an unwanted hand’s sudden touch, uncomfortable and unfeeling.” — Aspen Matis

  21. “When you’ve been sad for so long that when something bad happens you don’t cry, you just sit there and feel numb.” — Unknown
    quotes about numbness
    quotes about numbness

  22. “And I knew it was bad when I woke up in the mornings and the only thing I looked forward to was going back to bed.” — Unknown

  23. “Some scars don’t hurt. Some scars are numb. Some scars rid you of the capacity to feel anything ever again.” — Joyce Rachelle

  24. “We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.” — Brene Brown

  25. “Nothing else you want to do after all your dreams come true. You’ve become numb. You shouldn’t have ever stopped dreaming.” — Toba Beta

  26. “I wanted nothing but silence, black woods, decay, cold winds; to lie twisted and turned as a serpent, to be in unison with a dying earth.” — Segovia Amil

  27. “I learned how to stop crying. I learned how to hide inside of myself. I learned how to be somebody else. I learned how to be cold and numb.” — Sherman Alexie

  28. “The body shuts down when it has too much to bear; goes its own way quietly inside, waiting for a better time, leaving you numb and half alive.” — Jeanette Winterson

  29. “I learned to be with myself rather than avoiding myself with limiting habits; I started to be aware of my feelings more, rather than numb them.” — Judith Wright

  30. “Most of us were simply wrapped too tightly in the grip of summit fever to engage in thoughtful reflection about the death of someone in our midst.” — Jon Krakauer

Sad Quotes About Feeling Numb

We may find being alone is better than being in the company of people. Solitude and loneliness may feel addictive. But it’s important to reach out to friends and family who can listen to you and your thoughts when you feel completely lost in life.

You feel emotionless and nothing in life seems to have meaning anymore. When you feel such an absence of emotions then reach out to your friends and family and speak your heart out. Sometimes a heart-to-heart honest conversation can relieve us of a lot of pain.

Hope these feeling sad and feeling numb quotes will help you realize that you are not alone in this journey and there are a lot of others who go through this phase in life. It’s important not to surrender to such an emotionless state and overcome it with the help of others.

  1. “I feel so numb..” — Unknown
    sad numb quotes
    sad numb quotes

  2. “Numbness is always preferable to pain.” — Unknown

  3. “Pinch me, Love I’ve forgotten how to feel.” — g.z.

  4. “Let it hurt until it can’t hurt anymore.” — Liam Ryan

  5. “Pain is always preferable to numbness.” — Scott Anderson

  6. “It’s such a fine line between feeling everything and nothing at all.” — Unknown
    feeling numb quotes images
    feeling numb quotes images

  7. “How do you get so empty? Who takes it out of you?” — Ray Bradbury

  8. “I was as hollow and empty as the spaces between stars.” — Raymond Chandler

  9. “Until the bitter end, the emptiness inside her was hers alone.” — Haruki Murakami
    becoming numb to emotions
    becoming numb to emotions

  10. “Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of ourselves in everything we used to love.” ― R. M. Drake

  11. “If I had to pick between experiencing pain and experiencing nothing, I would choose agony.” — Unknown

  12. “And all of a sudden I felt really tired. Like the world has drained me for everything that I had.” — Unknown
    quotes numb
    quotes numb

  13. “I just let the pain take over, allowing it to numb the pain of being left behind.” — Jessica Sorensen

  14. “That feeling when you don’t feel anything. You’re not sad. You’re not happy. You’re just nothing.” — Unknown

  15. “Given the choice between the experience of pain and nothing, I would choose pain.” — William Faulkner

  16. “My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains/ My sense, as though of hemlock I had drunk.” — John Keats

  17. “The bad part about being so numb is there will come a time when you’ll want to feel something, but you won’t know how to.” — Unknown
    i feel numb quotes
    i feel numb quotes

  18. “I’ve felt happiness at its greatest; and I’ve felt depressed to the core; but there’s nothing worse than being numb and feeling no more.” — Julie Martinez

  19. “Funny how a paper cut or stubbing your toe can feel like the worst pain but I can take a knife to my skin and feel almost nothing at all. Just empty numbness….” — Unknown

  20. “All those men who end up disappointing you. After a while, you don’t even want to have feelings anymore. You just want to get on with your life.” — Candace Bushnell

  21. “Perhaps you can’t do anything about your numbness. It’s the result of what the rest of the world has done to you. But your coldness. That is what you do to the world.” — Unknown

  22. “Your numbness is something perhaps you cannot help. It is what the world has done to you. But your coldness. That is what you do to the world.” — Lorrie Moore

  23. “There is a feeling of disbelief that comes over you, that takes over, and you kind of go through the motions. You do what you’re supposed to do, but in fact you’re not there at all.” — Frederick Barthelme

  24. “I am insignificant. I feel like I’ve been tossed into the ocean at night and am floating about aimlessly. I extend my hand, but no one is there. I yell, but no one responds. I have no ties to anyone or anything.” — Unknown

  25. “I’m something that I used to be. I’m never where I feel I am, and if I seek myself, I don’t know who’s seeking me. My boredom with everything has numbed me. I feel banished from my soul.” — Fernando Pessoa

  26. “I, too, wished to turn everything off. I just clicked a button to turn off the computer. Turn off my heart, mind, and body, and just lie there, mindless, like a dormant tree in the winter, waiting for spring to return.” —  Unknown

  27. “I am nothing. I’m like someone who’s been thrown into the ocean at night, floating all alone. I reach out, but no one is there. I call out, but no one answers. I have no connection to anything.” — Haruki Murakami

  28. “I want to care, but I don’t. I look at you and all I feel is tired. I walk through school and all I want to do is leave. I wake up in the morning and don’t know why I’m here. I feel like I’m not real.” — Elizabeth Scott

  29. “The saddest kind of sad is when your tears can’t even drop and you feel nothing. It’s like the world has just ended. You don’t cry. You don’t hear. You don’t see. You just stay there. And for a second. The heart dies.” — Unknown

  30. “I had been withdrawing into a retreat of numbness: it is so much safer to NOT feel, NOT to let the world touch one.” — Sylvia Plath

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A feeling of being numb and lost even when surrounded by people. Solitude and loneliness may feel addictive.

But it’s important to reach out to friends and family who can listen to you and your thoughts when you feel completely lost in life. They will help you to understand yourself better and will inspire you to create the life you love.

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