80 Grace Quotes To Be Kind To Yourself & Others

Life can sometimes be really hard, throwing challenges our way. But if we act kindly and gracefully, it can make tough times easier to handle. Take a look at these wonderful grace quotes, sayings, and captions that will inspire you to look at life with a positive outlook.

What is Grace?

Showing grace is being kind, gentle, and polite. It’s when you treat others and yourself with care, even when things are tough. It’s like having a calm and nice attitude, even when you might feel upset.

Grace is also about being thankful, understanding, and forgiving, especially in situations where it might not be expected or deserved. It makes the world a nicer place.

We all have our trigger points in life amidst all the stress, when we burst out in anger. But to calm yourself and respond gracefully when we’re frustrated and angry shows that we’re in control of our emotions.

And this kind of response helps make things better and solves problems with compassion, kindness, and understanding.

The below listed inspirational quotes on grace by famous writers, leaders, and philosophers shed light on how embracing grace for ourselves and others can be life-changing.

Top 10 Grace Quotes

  1. “Beauty is grace and confidence. ” — Lindsay Lohan
  2. “When grace moves in… guilt moves out.” — Max Lucado
  3. Courage is grace under pressure.” — Ernest Hemingway
  4. “Grace is not opposed to effort; it’s opposed to earning.” — Dallas Willard
  5. “Beauty without grace is the hook without the bait.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson
  6. “Grace comes often clad in the dusky robe of desolation.” — Francis Beaumont
  7. “The higher a man is in grace. The lower he will be in his own esteem.” — Charles Spurgeon
  8. “Nothing but grace makes a man so humble and, at the same time, so glad.” — C.H. Spurgeon
  9. “Grace is the love that gives, that loves the unlovely and the unlovable.” — Oswald C. Hoffmann
  10. “Showing grace to others is about showing kindness even when they don’t deserve it.” — Dawn Klinge

Best Quotes About Grace

  1. Courage is grace under pressure.” — Ernest Hemingway                                                                             

    grace quotes
    grace quotes
  2. “Let’s respond with grace even when others don’t.” — Unknown                                                                       

    quotes about grace
    quotes about grace
  3. “Overwhelm them with power, overtake them with grace.” — Unknown
  4. “The heart of a warrior beats with grace and perseverance.” — Unknown
  5. “A graceful heart speaks volumes without raising its voice.” — Trisha.J                                                                 

    graceful heart quotes
    graceful heart quotes
  6. “When patience meets empathy, grace emerges as the result.” — Trisha.J
  7. “Grace is the compass guiding us from conflict to resolution.” — Trisha.J
  8. “When faced with anger, grace chooses understanding.” — Trisha.J
  9. “Amidst the conflict, grace offers an olive branch of peace.” — Trisha.J
  10. “In the garden of emotions, grace blooms as the rarest of flowers.” — Trisha.J
  11. “Grace is to the body what good sense is to the mind.” — Rochefoucauld                                            

    quotes on grace
    quotes on grace
  12. “Grace is but glory begun, and glory is but grace perfected.” — Jonathan Edwards
  13. “The Will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.” — Unknown
  14. “Abounding sin is the terror of the world, but abounding grace is the hope of mankind.” — A.W. Tozer
  15. “Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.” — John Updike
  16. “Grace needs to be the air we breathe, the atmosphere we live in, whether in church or in the home.” — Allen Snapp
  17. “Grace can neither be bought, earned, or won by the creature. If it could be, it would cease to be grace.” — Arthur W. Pink
  18. “For grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them.” — Saint Augustine of Hippo
  19. “Grace is the very opposite of merit… Grace is not only undeserved favor, but it is favor, shown to the one who has deserved the very opposite.” — Harry Ironside
  20. “Grace is something you can never get but can only be given.” — Frederick Buechner

Inspirational Quotes On Grace

  1. “Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.” — Unknown
  2. Patience is a virtue; virtue is a grace.” — Jacob Rees-Mogg
  3. “Grace, like water flows to the lowest part.” — Philip Yancey
  4. Wisdom is earned by living a life steady in grace.” — Unknown
  5. “Grace is free sovereign favor to the ill-deserving.” — Benjamin B. Warfield
  6. “Grace is savage and must be savage in order to be perfect.” — Charles Warren Stoddard
  7. “A graceful and pleasing figure is a perpetual letter of recommendation.” — Francis Bacon
  8. “Grace puts its hand on the boasting mouth, and shuts it once for all.” — Charles Spurgeon
  9. “The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances.” — Aristotle
  10. “Good men do not always have grace and favor, lest they should be puffed up, and grow insolent and proud.” — John Chrystostom
  11. “Grace gives kindness to ourselves and. others even when it’s hard.” — Unknown
  12. “Through many dangers, toils and snares, I have already come; ‘Tis grace has brought me safe thus far and grace will lead me home.” — John Newton
  13. “Grace is sufficient even though we huff and puff with all our might to try and find something or someone that it cannot cover. Grace is enough.” — Brennan Manning
  14. “Grace releases and affirms. It doesn’t smother. Grace values the dignity of individuals. It doesn’t destroy. Grace supports and encourages. It isn’t jealous or suspicious.” — Charles Swindoll

Give Yourself Grace Quotes

  1. “Grace comes in many facets and colors.” — Unknown
  2. “I am redeemed and saved by grace.” — Lailah Gifty Akita
  3. “Will is to grace as the horse is to the rider.” — Saint Augustine
  4. “Let’s respond with grace, even when others don’t.” — Unknown
  5. “Grace in women has more effect than beauty.” — William Hazlitt
  6. “None so empty of grace as he that thinks he is full.” — Thomas Watson
  7. “Grace is the face that love wears when it meets imperfection.” — Unknown
  8. “Whatever is graceful is virtuous, and whatever is virtuous is graceful.” — Marcus Tullius Cicero
  9. “If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he is a citizen of the world.” — Francis Bacon
  10. “When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable. There is an unspeakable dawn in happy old age.” — Victor Hugo
  11. “Beware what you wish for, unless you have the grace to hope that your luck can be shared.” — Christopher Hitchens
  12. “All human nature vigorously resists grace because grace changes us and the change is painful.” — Flannery O’Connor
  13. “Otherwise grace is no more grace,” since it is bestowed on us, not because we have done good works, but that we may be able to do them.” — Saint Augustine
  14. “If animals could speak, the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow; but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.” — Mark Twain
  15. “Grace comes into the soul, as the morning sun into the world; first a dawning; then a light; and at last the sun in his full and excellent brightness.” — Thomas Adams

God’s Grace Quotes

“God’s grace” refers to the unmerited favor, mercy, and love shown by a higher power or divine being.

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It is often seen as a gift or blessing that is freely given, regardless of a person’s actions or deservingness.

  1. “God’s grace is immeasurable.” — Unknown
  2. “Anything this side of hell is pure grace.” — Unknown
  3. “Grace carried me here and by grace, I will carry on.” — Unknown
  4. “Grace must find expression in life, otherwise it is not grace.” — Karl Barth
  5. Hebrews 13: 9 – For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace (Bible Verse)
  6. “We are born broken. We live mending. The grace of God is the glue.” — Eugene O’Neill
  7. Faith is simply your response to the message of God’s love and grace.” — Sahne Callahan
  8. “Grace is everywhere as an active orientation of all created reality toward God.” — Karl Rahner
  9. “Grace saves us from life without God—even more, it empowers us for life with God.” — Richard Foster
  10. “The grace of the spirit comes only from heaven, and lights up the whole bodily presence.” — Charles Haddon Spurgeon
  11. “God’s grace is the empowering force that enables us to overcome our limitations and live a life of purpose and fulfillment.” — Unknown
  12. “You must pay for everything in this world one way and another. There is nothing free except the Grace of God. You cannot earn that or deserve it.” — Charles Portis
  13. “GRACE is meeting those moments on the journey, then picking yourself back up, being humble enough to learn, and not being too hard on yourself.” — Michelle Peluso
  14. “Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God’s grace. And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the need of God’s grace.” — Jerry Bridges
  15. “Grow in the root of all grace, which is faith. Believe God’s promises more firmly than ever. Allow your faith to increase in its fullness, firmness, and simplicity.” — Charles Spurgeon
  16. “The grace of God means something like: Here is your life. You might never have been, but you are because the party wouldn’t have been complete without you.” — Frederick Buechner
  17. “Grace isn’t a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It’s a way to live. The law tells me how crooked I am. Grace comes along and straightens me out.” — Dwight Lyman Moody
  18. “What gives me the most hope every day is God’s grace; knowing that his grace is going to give me strength for whatever I face, knowing that nothing is a surprise to God.” — Rick Warren

Short Grace Captions for Instagram

Here are some captions about grace along with emojis that you can use for social media or any other context.

Feel free to pair these captions with your posts to convey the message of grace and positivity in a concise and impactful way!

  1. “Kindness and grace in every step ??”
  2. “Navigating life’s waves with grace ?✨”
  3. “Grace: where strength meets elegance ??”
  4. “Choosing grace over chaos ??”
  5. “Graceful heart, unstoppable soul ??”
  6. “Embrace the journey with grace ?‍♀️?”
  7. “Grace: the art of being kind ??”
  8. “Rising, falling, always graceful ?️✨”
  9. Elegance in every action ??”
  10. “Finding beauty in gracefulness ?✨”
  11. “In a world where you can be anything, choose to be kind and graceful ?✨ #ChooseGrace
  12. “Walking through life with grace and gratitude, finding beauty in every step ?? #GracefulJourney”
  13. “Turning difficulties into opportunities for growth, one graceful step at a time ?? #GracefulResilience”
  14. Embracing life’s challenges with a heart full of grace and a smile that shines ✨#GracefulLiving


The key tenets of grace are kindness, courtesy, goodwill, compassion, acceptance, regard, esteem, approval, and forgiveness.

All these qualities combined form the foundation of grace, allowing individuals to navigate challenges in life with a sense of dignity, empathy, and understanding.

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