40 Trigger Quotes To Take Charge Of Emotions & Reactions

“Trigger” refer to stimuli or events that evoke strong emotional reactions, often due to past experiences, associations, or personal sensitivities. Read some of the best trigger quotes and sayings that offer insightful perspectives on how we respond to moments that push our buttons.

A sign of being triggered is when our reaction is not appropriate to the present event or not reasonably related to the actual present facts. While triggered, people may panic, feel overwhelmed, cry, act out, get angry, or react defensively to situations. These reactions can be both positive and negative, and triggers have the power to affect our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

They encourage us to pause, reflect, and respond in ways that align with our best selves, ultimately leading to a more harmonious and empowered life.

Top 10 Trigger Quotes

  1. “What triggers pain? Memories.” — Uncle Silas                                                                                                   

    trigger quotes
    trigger quotes
  2. “Labeling is a lifetime trigger.” — Charmaine J Forde
  3. “Whatever is triggering you, is on you.” — Richie Norton
  4. “We all have a trigger build into our head.” — Kate O’Grady
  5. “Ideas pull the trigger, but instinct loads the gun.” — Don Marquis
  6. “You never pull the trigger until you know you can win.” — Roger Ailes
  7. “Anything that triggers good memories can’t be all bad.” — Adam West
  8. “Your triggers are your responsibility. It isn’t the world’s obligation to tiptoe around you.” — Unknown
  9. “When triggers emerge, it’s our opportunity to embrace the art of responding instead of reacting.” — Trisha.J                                                                                                                                            triggering quotes
  10. “Triggers are like keys that unlock the doors to our emotions, revealing the hidden chambers of our past.” — Trisha.J                                                                                                                                              emotional triggers quotes

Emotional Trigger Quotes

  1. “It’s time for students to learn that life is triggering.” — Jerry A. Coyne
  2. “Your genetics load the gun. Your lifestyle pulls the trigger.” — Mehmet Oz
  3. “Often suffering is the trigger, or a spiritual teaching, or both.” — Eckhart Tolle
  4. “Existential calamities can be especially triggering for survivors.” — Pete Walker
  5. “And I was living with my hands on the trigger; I had no sense to change my ways.” — Sting
  6. “Emotional Triggers are always an opportunity to see what we’re not looking at.” — Unknown
  7. “I think that all emotions are triggers for us to grow in our level of consciousness.” — LeVar Burton
  8. “We typically have so much family-of-origin calamity for them to trigger us into reliving.” — Pete Walker
  9. “Stop thinking about art works as objects, and start thinking about them as triggers for experiences.” — Brian Eno
  10. “But still, stress is a choice because whatever the ‘trigger event,’ we always choose our own response.” — John G. Miller
  11. “There’s almost always a point in a book where something happens that triggers the rest of the plot.” — Jonathan Carroll
  12. “All pain triggers a reminder, deeper than thought, buzzing through blood and bone, that we are fragile and finite.” — K.J. Ramsey
  13. “The people who trigger us to feel negative emotion are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed parts of our being.” — Teal Swan
  14. “Avoiding your triggers isn’t healing. Healing happens when you’re triggered and you’re able to move through the pain, the pattern, and the story and walk your way to different ending.” — Vienna Pharaon
  15. “A trigger is anything that sets you off emotionally and activates memories of your trauma. It’s particular to you and what your experience has been. Triggered, we revert to the feelings and behaviors we had in the traumatizing situation.” — Unknown

Quotes About Triggers

  1. “Be grateful for triggers, they point where you are not free.” — Unknown
  2. “Understanding what triggers you to self-harm is a vital step to recovery.” — Unknown
  3. “Sometimes staying strong means not putting yourself in uncomfortable or triggering situations.” — Demi Lovato
  4. “Your emotional triggers can teach and grow you, or they can keep you stuck in the same old shit.” — the goddess rebellion
  5. “People can put a gun in their mouth and pull the trigger and live, and someone else can slip on the curb and die.” — Sonny Barger
  6. “I learned a long time ago that there is something worse than missing the goal, and that’s not pulling the trigger.” — Mia Hamm
  7. “When I hold you in my arms, and I feel my finger on your trigger, I know no one can do me no harm because happiness is a warm gun.” — John Lennon
  8. “The best ideas will eat at you for days, maybe even weeks, until something, some incident, some impulse, triggers you to finally express them.” — Criss Jami
  9. “Those that expose themselves as knowing the truth, lose the battle of innocence and humility and eventually pull a trigger at the universe.” — Akiane Kramarik
  10. “A dream is like a loaded pistol with a hair trigger: if it stays alive long enough, somebody is going to be hurt. But if it’s a good dream, it’s worth it.” — William Faulkner
  11. “Everything that seemingly happens externally is occurring in order to trigger something within us, to expand us and take us back to who we truly are.” — Anita Moorjani
  12. “There’s nothing negative about being triggered. It’s a calling to heal our wounds. It’s a calling to self reflect + to get curious about the reaction we are having.” — Dr Nicole Lepera
  13. “Triggers are like little psychic explosions that crash through avoidance and bring the dissociated, avoided trauma suddenly, unexpectedly, back into consciousness.” — Carolyn Spring
  14. “After many years of training myself, strong emotions are now a trigger for me to look at something. I think that all emotions are triggers for us to grow in our level of consciousness. ” — LeVar Burton
  15. “We all have a trigger built into our head… Not aware of its existence whatsoever. But a single word can pull the trigger. Forcing us to feel numb, allowing the shadows to sip through the cracks in our build up shell.” — Kate O’Grady


We all get upset over things, but we can always choose our reactions to them.

There was a time when the slightest of wrongs took no time to make me angry. My irritation and frustration were triggered at the smallest of events and I would shout or react in anger.

But then, I realized anger got the worst of me. It is a destructive emotion that always does more harm than good.

With meditation and self-control techniques, I learned to calm down my anger issues.

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