150 Sad Disappointment Quotes About Love And Life

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You can surely relate to these sad quotes when you are feeling low in life. These inspirational quotes will make you feel better, and show you the brighter side of life, and help you bounce back.

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Disappointment, betrayal can break you or make you! Getting disappointed by your loved ones or from someone at work is very depressing and heart breaking.

We are disappointed when your expectations are hurt. It may be by a friend, family, or your love relationship. When you feel cheated, lied to, betrayed, or taken for granted, feeling disappointing is very natural.

We have categorized these disappointed quotes in these sections;

If you could relate to these disappointing words if you are heartbroken then also check out sad depressing love quotes and sad quotes which will help you cope with the sadness.

Top 10 Disappointment Quotes

  1. Use disappointments as material for patience.”

  2. “Disappointments will always make you stronger.”

  3. “Frustration is a relative of disappointment.”

  4. “High expectations lead to higher disappointments.”

  5. If you expect disappointment, then you can never really be disappointed.

  6. “Expectation is the root of all heartache.” – William Shakespeare                                           
    Disappointed Quotes
    Disappointed Quotes

  7. I hate when you’re so excited for something but then it ends up not happening.                                                                                                                                                             
    heartbroken disappointed quotes
    heartbroken disappointed quotes

  8. “Don’t let today’s disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow’s dreams.”

  9. “Disappointment is really just a term for our refusal to look on the bright side.”

  10. “There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

  11. “Most things disappoint till you look deeper.” – Graham Greene

  12. When you have expectations, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. – Ryan Reynolds                                                                                                           
    Quotes on Disappointment
    Quotes on Disappointment

  13. The strongest people have a past filled with chaos, heartbreak, and disappointment.                                                                                                                                                     
    expect disappointment and you'll never be disappointed
    expect disappointment and you’ll never be disappointed

  14. “It’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.”                                                                                                                                               
    Sad Disappointment Quotes
    Sad Disappointment Quotes

  15. “Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the single person you thought would never hurt you.”                                                                                                       
    Disappointment Quote
    Disappointment Quote

  16. “Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” ― Alexander Pope

  17. “The importance we give our disappointment is what turns it into a tragedy.”― Nitya Prakash                                                                                                                                             
    quotes about people disappointing you
    quotes about people disappointing you

  18. It is better to know and be disappointed, than to not know and always wonder. ― Oscar Wilde                                                                                                                           
    quotes on expectations and disappointments
    quotes on expectations and disappointments

  19. “See your disappointments as good fortune. One plan’s deflation is another’s inflation.”

  20. “Disappointment is a quicksand of unreality which does not sink in until you have been sucked in.”

  21. “A disappointment is merely an assignment for your next appointment.”― Kayambila Mpulamasaka

  22. “You will end up really disappointed if you think people will do for you as you do for them. Not everyone has the same heart as you.”

  23. “Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.”

  24. “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.” – Jim Rohn

  25. “We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.                                                                                                                               
    Disappointment Quotes Images
    Disappointment Quotes Images

  26. “If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.” – Henry David Thoreau

  27. “Anytime you suffer a setback or disappointment, put your head down and plow ahead.”- Les Brown

  28. “Getting disappointed is like becoming broke. You invested so much in something and end up with nothing for your troubles.” – Unknown                                               
    disappointment letting down quotes
    disappointment letting down quotes

  29. “Depression begins with disappointment. When disappointment festers in our soul, it leads to discouragement.” – Joyce Meyer

  30. “Disappointment is a sort of bankruptcy – the bankruptcy of a soul that expends too much in hope and expectation.”-  Eric Hoffer

  31. “Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it.”

  32. “Disappointments are usually very hard to handle but one must learn to figure out how to come out better and stronger.”

  33. “The more loyal you are to everyone, the more you will be disappointed with how people are selfish.”

  34. “No matter how old you are, how many disappointments you have had, you are never too old to dream.”

  35. “Life is all about setbacks. A life lived without disappointment is a life lived in a cocoon. People have recovered from far worse setbacks.” – Tony Clark

  36. “Trying to design the perfect plan is the perfect recipe for disappointment.” – Patrick Lencioni

  37. Everything in the world could be disappointing but it could also be great. It all depends on which angle you are looking at it.

  38. “When you work so hard and get back so little is a soul crushing disappointment that must be shelved in order to make life go on.”

  39. “Disappointment is a terrible feeling where your insides are twisted up so bad that no medicine but time can heal it.”

  40. “When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.” – Paulo Coelho, Brida

  41. “While it is important for people to see your promise you must also remember that hope is the keeper of both happiness and disappointment, the father of both progress and failure.”- Bryant H. McGil

  42. “Disappointment is inevitable. But to become discouraged, there’s a choice I make. God would never discourage me. He would always point me to himself to trust him. Therefore, my discouragement is from Satan. As you go through the emotions that we have, hostility is not from God, bitterness, unforgiveness, all of these are attacks from Satan.” – Charles Stanley

  43. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ― H. Jackson Brown Jr., P.S. I Love You

  44. “There’s always failure. And there’s always disappointment. And there’s always loss. But the secret is learning from the loss, and realizing that none of those holes are vacuums.” – Michael J. Fox 

Disappointed Captions & Status Messages

  1. Disappointed.                                                                                                                                                               
    Disappointment Captions
    Disappointment Captions

  2. Note to self: Stop Expecting.                                                                                                                                     
    life disappointment quotes
    life disappointment quotes

  3. Disappointed but not surprised.                                                                                                                         
    Disappointment Quotes for Her
    Disappointment Quotes for Her

  4. Less expecting. More accepting.                                                                                                                               
    Disappointment Quotes for Him
    Disappointment Quotes for Him

  5. No expectations, No disappointments.                                                                                                               
    disappointed quotes for ungrateful person
    disappointed quotes for ungrateful person

  6. What doesn’t kill you disappoints me.                                                                                                                   
    Funny Disappointment Quotes
    Funny Disappointment Quotes

  7. I’m sick of getting my hopes up for nothing.                                                                                             
    upset disappointed quotes
    upset disappointed quotes

  8. Expectation is the mother of disappointment.

  9. Silly me, expecting too much from people again.                                                                               
    quotes about disappointment
    quotes about disappointment

  10. Too many high hopes, too many disappointments.                                                                           
    quotes about being disappointed
    quotes about being disappointed

  11. People can disappoint you or they can surprise you.                                                                                       
    disappointment lies quotes
    disappointment lies quotes

  12. Things are as they are, we suffer because we imagined different.

  13. People show their true colors, unintentionally. Pay attention.                                                               
    deep quotes about disappointment
    deep quotes about disappointment

  14. Stop allowing others to make you disappointed in a relationship.

  15. You cannot be disappointed by something that doesn’t exist.

Best Family Disappointment Quotes

When you are betrayed, cheated, or lied to by your family members then it’s heartbreaking. When you look back at all the memories and time spent, you feel hurt, sad, and cheated. The pain is unbearable and most difficult to put into words.

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But you should use the experience to strengthen you in life. Dealing with disappointment, and sadness isn’t easy, still, you should overcome it and move forward in life.

  1. Expecting too much can lead to so much disappointment.

  2. “Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

  3. Sorry for being your disappointment I didn’t know you cared so much.

  4. “A perfect life is to have expectations without the disappointment.”

  5. “Family is supposed to be our safe haven. Very often, it’s the place where we find the deepest heartache.”

  6. Sometimes, just when I think I know people, they disappoint me in ways I never thought they could. – Unknown

  7. Never depend on other people to make you happy because you’ll end up being disappointed as expectations always hurt. – Unknown

  8. “Expectations led to disappointments; in this family, expecting more than disappointment was the first mistake.”

  9. I’m sad, hurt, angry, mad, disappointed. But you know what? I will put on a happy face and move on. It will hurt but I will survive. – Unknown

  10. “Sometimes you try and ignore the obvious and shield yourself from the blunt truth that some people are truly clueless to how much they hurt you.”

  11. “I’m never shocked when people let me down nowadays. I just hate the fact that I put myself in a position to be let down in the first place.”

  12. “Deep inside us, we know what every family therapist knows: the problems between the parents become the problems within the children.” – Roger Gould

  13. “I can’t say it’s not painful being estranged from most of my family. I wish it could be otherwise.” – LaToya Jackson

  14. “Nothing in life has happened to you. It’s happened for you. Every disappointment. Every wrong. Even every closed door has helped make you into who you are.” – Joel Osteen

  15. “I’m sad, hurt, angry, mad, disappointed. But you know what? I will put on a happy face and move on. It will hurt but I will survive.”

  16. “Disappointment is a disease that starts with malaise in one’s heart and spreads to those around them.”

  17. “For a while, I thought the great disappointment of my life was that I don’t have a family of my own. Then it dawned on me: That’s not what I think; that’s what married people think.”

  18. “No matter how much in love you are, in the end, you are disappointed by either a flamed out affair or until death does you part.”

  19. “When life disappoints – when it batters and bruises us; when we batter and bruise ourselves – God places us in the shadow of his hand to quiet, succor, and strengthen us.” – Judith Couchman, The Shadow of His Hand

  20. “Life will throw many obstacles onto our life path that will make us sad or disappointed at times. Dealing positively with these obstacles is what makes the difference between them turning into worse states or being overcome.” – Jonny Oates

  21. “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.” –Jim Rohn

  22. “Children will always be a disappointment for parents who are never satisfied even with themselves.”

  23. “Parents ought to teach children how to deal with disappointment and stress. I think the world would be better off full of dysfunctional happy people than those who become disruptive.”

  24. “Sometimes we love our children too much that we try protect them from all the hurts in the world, including disappointment. This is often a disappointment in itself.”

  25. “We do not understand it when we first feel disappointment but in time, it will become an unwanted companion that walks with us through life.”

Deep Hurt Disappointed Quotes

These quotes can help us to navigate the ups and downs of life, and find meaning and purpose in the face of disappointment.

  1. Suspense is worse than disappointment. – Robert Burns

  2. “Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectation.”

  3. “Assuming is the root of all disappointments.” – Rogienel Reyes

  4. “Disappointment is a beautiful sadness, a fitting end to a tragic tale of expectation.”

  5. “When someone disappoints you, there is nothing that can be done but to accept it.”

  6. Have you ever been so disappointed that you don’t believe anyone anymore?                                                                                                                                                       
    workplace disappointment quotes
    workplace disappointment quotes

  7. Nothing is perfect in love. If you expect it to be, better be ready for disappointment. – Anonymous                                                                                                                                 
    family disappointed quotes
    family disappointed quotes

  8. “Regret is a bedmate of disappointment and is a lethal combination.”

  9. “When hope suddenly dies it leaves a scar and a throbbing pain of disappointment.”

  10. “Stop asking why they keep doing it and start asking why you keep allowing it!”

  11. “After being disappointed so many times, you start to lose hope in everything.”                                                                                                                                                             
    Disappointed Quotes Pictures
    Disappointed Quotes Pictures

  12. “Disappointments are usually a result of actions not reaping the expected returns.”

  13. “Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.” – Jane Austen

  14. “I don’t hate you, I’m just disappointed you turned into everything you said you’d never be.”                                                                                                                                           
    disappointed in people quotes
    disappointed in people quotes

  15. “The strongest people I know have a past filled with chaos, heartbreak, and disappointment.”

  16. “Life is full of pain and pleasure and between the two, disappointment and ecstasy.”

  17. “Don’t blame people for disappointing you, blame yourself from expecting too much from them.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                           
    self disappointment quotes
    self disappointment quotes

  18. “Disappointments are everyday cuts that must be taken cared of or else death will come from profuse bleeding of the soul.”

  19. “Only a few of us are going to be willing to break our own hearts by trading in the living beauty of imagination for the stark disappointment of words.” —Ann Patchett

  20. “No one ever gets tired of loving, they just get tired of waiting, assuming, hearing lies, saying sorry and hurting.”

  21. “Never let the disappointments of today overshadow the dreams and plans you have for tomorrow.”

  22. “Save the excuses. It’s not about ‘having time’ it’s about making time. If it matters, you will make time.”

  23. “Whenever you face betrayal, take the disappointment away from your heart instantly. This way, you will not have to carry a heavy grudge that ruins the quality of life.”

  24. “Sometimes you don’t need to hear their excuses or what they have to say for themselves because their actions already spoke the truth.”

  25. “One of the worst feelings in the world is having to doubt something you thought was unquestionable.”

  26. “I really do not hate you but my disappointment is that you changed and became everything you had promised you would never be.”

  27. “As I was fighting for you, I realized I was fighting to be lied to; fighting to be taken for granted; fighting to be disappointed; and fighting to be hurt again…so I started fighting to let go.”

  28. “When you are disappointed by things you had high hopes for, you will feel hurt, you want to quit but that is life and challenges can always be overcome.”

  29. “Everybody has fallen down or been disappointed in love. Where you truly shine is when you get back up. Use it as a learning experience and believe in all of the possibilities.” – Sherry Argov

  30. “It was one of those times you feel a sense of loss, even though you didn’t have something in the first place. I guess that’s what disappointment is- a sense of loss for something you never had.” – Deb Caletti, the Nature of Jade

Inspiring Disappointment Quotes About Life

  1. “Hope, but never expect. Look forward, but never wait.”

  2. “Disappointment has no place in a heart full of gratitude.”                                                         
    overcoming disappointment quotes
    overcoming disappointment quotes

  3. “Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom.” – Sir Bayle Roche                                                         
    feeling disappointed quotes
    feeling disappointed quotes

  4. “Things are as they are, we suffer because we imagined different.”

  5. “Understanding is the key to getting over disappointment.”

  6. “To grow up is a disappointment, to make the best of it is maturity.”

  7. “You must, for the sake of your sanity, transcend disappointment.”

  8. “If you expect the unexpected all the time, nothing will disappoint you.”

  9. Disappointments are to the soul what a thunderstorm is to the air. Friedrich Schiller

  10. You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try. – Beverly Sills

  11. If you’re born sad it’s not your fault, but if you die with disappointment it’s your fault.

  12. “Like a mortal wound, getting over a disappointment will only make you stronger.”

  13. “One suffers from disappointment, which is to say like every pain, it may be cured.”

  14. “Disappointments are not meant to destroy you; they are meant to strengthen you.”

  15. “Sometimes when you get disappointment it makes you stronger.” – David Rudisha

  16. “Laughter is a cure to the bitter disappointments in life. When you are sad, look for laughter to ease the pain.”

  17. “One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments.” – Henry Ward Beecher

  18. “Disappointments are just God’s way to saying ‘I’ve got something better’. Be patient, live life, have faith.”

  19. As you work towards your goals, disappointments may slow you down, but they don’t have to keep you down. – Catherine Pulsifer

  20. Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it. – Eliza Tabor

  21. “In that moment of disappointment, pause and remember that GOD has a better plan for you.”― Maria Koszler

  22. “Once cannot feel true disappointment until the very end, and even then, it is only another beginning.”

  23. “We can be disappointed with the world but it does us no good as the world will revolve despite us not moving.”

  24. “Hope and expectations are different names for the first part of the path to disappointment.”

  25. “It is the fear to cause disappointments that leads to it. Such is the irony of life.”

  26. “Only the fear of disappointment will keep one from following through their goals.”

  27. “Disappointment is really just a term for our refusal to look on the bright side.” – Richelle E. Goodrich

  28. “Beware of wallowing in disappointment for it is in this state that depression creeps from behind.”

  29. “Don’t care for the expectations of others on yourself for their disappointment will unfairly weigh on you.”

  30. “Everything you do in life takes you higher. That is why a disappointment of having less than the best hurts like a fall.”

  31. Blessed is he that expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed. The simple solution for disappointment depression: Get up and get moving. Physically move. Do. Act. Get going. Peter McWilliams

  32. “If I am to meet with a disappointment, the sooner I know it, the more of life I shall have to wear it off.” – Thomas Jefferson

  33. “Each pain makes you stronger, each betrayal more intelligent, every disappointment more skillful and each experience wiser.”

  34. “Never stop building toward your dreams. Should there be any disappointments along the way, use them for a sturdier foundation.”

  35. “It is our fate in life to be disappointed. The human mind is so vast and full of imagination that real life will never live up to its expectations.”

  36. “How do you deal with disappointment? How do you deal with a monster that holds a hammer and is smashing your glass heart to pieces?”

  37. “We are our own sculptors. We chisel away to create our life’s work but sit down in disappointment when a part is not properly done. Remember, it is a work in progress, there is still much to do.”

  38. “The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.”-  Robert Kiyosaki

  39. “Disappointment is just the action of your brain readjusting itself to reality after discovering things are not the way you thought they were.” – Brad Warner


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Disappointment is a universal human experience that can be both emotionally and psychologically challenging.

It occurs when our expectations, hopes, or aspirations are not met, and we are left feeling let down or frustrated.

Disappointment can arise in many different areas of our lives, from our personal relationships to our careers, and can have a profound impact on our overall well-being.

Despite its negative connotations, disappointment can also be a powerful source of motivation and personal growth.

Through disappointment, we can learn important lessons about ourselves and the world around us, and develop resilience and strength in the face of adversity.

Don’t forget to check out feeling like a burden and when things fall apart quotes if you are heartbroken.

If we have missed some quotes, share them with us in the comment section below and we shall be happy to add them to the list.

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