80 Ronnie Coleman Quotes From The Iconic Mr. Olympia

Looking for some powerful quotes by Ronnie Coleman? We have rounded up the best compilation of Ronnie Coleman quotes, sayings, captions for Instagram, status messages, (with images, pictures, wallpapers) to motivate you to give it your all and make things happen your way.

Ronnie Dean Coleman (born May 13, 1964) is an American retired professional bodybuilder. He was the winner of the Mr. Olympia title for eight years in a row and he is regarded as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

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These encouraging Ronnie Coleman quotes tell you how important it is to work hard and give your best in whatever you do to be successful in life. He emphasizes that there is no magic formula and secret tricks to be successful in life or career.

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Famous Ronnie Coleman Quotes

  1. “Time to show ya how its gon be done.” – Ronnie Coleman

  2. “Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder.” – Ronnie Coleman

  3. “The more I have to do, the better off I am.” – Ronnie Coleman                                                   
    Ronnie Coleman Quotes
    Ronnie Coleman Quotes

  4. “Different things work for different people.” – Ronnie Coleman

  5. “When you hit failure, your workout has just begun.” – Ronnie Coleman                               
    Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilding Quotes
    Ronnie Coleman Bodybuilding Quotes

  6. “I’m a bodybuilder, so we do a lot of stuff on repetition.” – Ronnie Coleman

  7. “No matter what I was doing, I always wanted to be the best.” – Ronnie Coleman

  8. “I was always trying to stay one to two steps ahead of the game.” – Ronnie Coleman                                                                                                                                           
    Ronnie Coleman Quotes Motivation
    Ronnie Coleman Quotes Motivation

  9. “I’ve been training so long, it’s second nature to push myself to the limit.” – Ronnie Coleman

  10. “Never underestimate the power of wide-grip pull-ups to develop width and size.”- Ronnie Coleman

  11. “I quit working in the police force full time only after I won my third Mr. Olympia.” – Ronnie Coleman

  12. “A day in the life of Ronnie Coleman mainly consists of eating, training or sleeping.” – Ronnie Coleman

  13. “I know that in order for something to work for me, it has to be extremely powerful.” – Ronnie Coleman

  14. “You have to train the best way that is suited to you, a way that will allow you to progress.” – Ronnie Coleman

  15. “I’ve been always a big guy – I was much larger and stronger than my peers when I was 13 years old.” – Ronnie Coleman

  16. “It is important to have people believe in you. With this support, what you can achieve is limitless.” – Ronnie Coleman                                                                                               
    Ronnie Coleman Quotes Images
    Ronnie Coleman Quotes Images

  17. “I love you all. Y’all made me have the best life that a guy could ever have. I could have never done it without you all.” – Ronnie Coleman

  18. “Where I’m from, Bastrop, Louisiana, you played football, basketball, and baseball; you ran track – and that was about it.” – Ronnie Coleman

  19. “I’m always trying to improve on my overall package. Just try to get a little bit harder and maintain the same muscle quality.” – Ronnie Coleman

  20. “Your body produces a lot less testosterone each and every single year no matter who you are. We are all human, nobody is superhuman.” – Ronnie Coleman

  21. “There were some tough times and when those came up I just used my mental strength to push through knowing that my mind-controlled everything.” – Ronnie Coleman

  22. “It’s plain and simple. Work harder than everyone else and the only way to do that is to do it. It may sound silly but it’s the truth and there ain’t nothing to it but to do it!” – Ronnie Coleman

  23. “Women really do pay attention to a man’s glutes. A tight, compact ass is often voted even more desirable than muscular arms and chest. So, if you’re lacking, start squatting!”- Ronnie Coleman

  24. “I’ve never really considered myself as being the best bodybuilder. I always try to let the people decide that. I just try to do the best I can do at whatever it is that I’m doing.” — Ronnie Coleman

  25. “Most people know who I am. Then I get the people who don’t know who I am and just want to take a picture with a guy with muscles. I get more people that know me than anything.” — Ronnie Coleman

  26. “People actually go out of their way and say a prayer for me to do this. That really means a lot. I put my heart and soul, and when they pray it makes me work even harder and harder and harder.” – Ronnie Coleman

  27. “There’s no secrets or magic tricks to being successful in life. It’s plain and simple. Work harder than everyone else and the only way to do that is to do it. It may sound silly but it’s the truth and there ain’t nothing to it but to do it!” – Ronnie Coleman

  28. “I have fans from every level of the fitness world, whether it’s the elite competitor or just someone living a healthy lifestyle, and it’s been my goal since day one to make sure that my brand has something to offer everyone.” – Ronnie Coleman

  29. “Training has always been a hobby, and my whole life has revolved around training. It’s something I truly love doing. I wanna do what I wanna do and this is something I wrestled with, because I have to make many sacrifices to do what I wanna do.” — Ronnie Coleman

  30. “The more I have to do, the better off I am. I’m not really one to sit around and relax and take it easy. I always like having something to do. Even though I’m not competing, I’m going to be making a lot of appearances, doing guest posings and seminars.” — Ronnie Coleman

  31. “Training is my life, my hobby, it’s who I am, and it represents me. If this was my last workout and I’m never ever able to train again because God called me home, I can say my life was fulfilled because I did it doing what I always love doing the most, training.” – Ronnie Coleman

  32. “If you take a hammer and hit something over and over again, it’s gonna be destroyed. I don’t wanna destroy my body cause I want my body to last me as long as it possible can. If you train hard and push it everyday, your body is going to wear out. So I give my body time to recover.” – Ronnie Coleman

  33. “Recovery is not a gift from clinicians, but the responsibility of us all. We must become confident in our own ability to change our lives, we must give up being reliant on others doing everything for us. We must have the confidence to give up being ill so that we can start being recovered.” — Ronnie Coleman

  34. “I’m always positive when it comes to professional bodybuilding, hell I’m Mr. Olympia for God’s sake. If I’m number one in our sport and I have a negative attitude then our sport don’t need me and I don’t need our sport. There are problems and controversy in all sports. That’s really unavoidable.” – Ronnie Coleman

  35. “One thing you can’t beat in this world is time. I learned that the hard way. You can’t play basketball forever. Can’t play football forever. You can’t bodybuild forever. I mean you CAN do it, but not at a high level against younger guys who have more time and have not reached their peaks yet. There’s only so much the body can do and once you’re done, you can’t go back in time.”- Ronnie Coleman

Powerful Ronnie Coleman Quotes On Workout 

Ronnie Coleman is one of the most famous professional Bodybuilder from America. Known to win the biggest competition of bodybuilding, Mr. Olympia, 8 times consecutively. These inspirational quotes by Ronnie Coleman on weight training, gym, workout, bodybuilding are surely motivational for all body builders to keep working hard.

  1. “Train harder and grow bigger.” – Ronnie Coleman

  2. “Time to put that secret weapon on.” – Ronnie Coleman

  3. “When you hit failure your workout has just begun.”- Ronnie Coleman

  4. “I’ve been in pain for so long now I’m just used to it.” – Ronnie Coleman                               
    Ronnie Coleman Mr Olympia sayings
    Ronnie Coleman Mr Olympia sayings

  5. “What I’ve always tried to do is pick short-term goals.” – Ronnie Coleman

  6. “Eat healthy, sleep well, work hard, train hard, never give up.”– Ronnie Coleman

  7. “To have your job as your hobby – life don’t get better than that.” – Ronnie Coleman

  8. “I’ve attained my mass basically by training hard and very, very heavy.” – Ronnie Coleman

  9. “Outside the gym act like gentlemen but inside the gym act like a beast.” – Ronnie Coleman                                                                                                                                     
    Ronnie Coleman Gym Quotes
    Ronnie Coleman Gym Quotes

  10. “I take about 12 weeks to get ready for a show. But I train all year round.” – Ronnie Coleman

  11. “I’ve been training so long, its second nature to push myself to the limit.” — Ronnie Coleman

  12. “I work out every body part twice a week, and that is what helps me stay in shape.” – Ronnie Coleman

  13. “If you always do what you’ve always done… you’ll always get what you always got.” – Ronnie Coleman

  14. “I always say to myself right before a tough set in the gym, Ain’t nothin’ to it, but to do it.” – Ronnie Coleman

  15. “It doesn’t matter how hard you work at the gym if you don’t control what’s on your plate!”— Ronnie Coleman

  16. “Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don’t nobody want to lift no heavy-ass weights.” – Ronnie Coleman

  17. “I’m focusing on my muscle. I’m just trying to get the weight up. I’m trying to build muscle.” – Ronnie Coleman

  18. “Hard work and training. There’s no secret formula. I lift heavy, work hard and aim to be the best.” – Ronnie Coleman

  19. “When you love something as much as I love bodybuilding you don’t have to do much extra to push yourself, it just happens.” – Ronnie Coleman

  20. “The time between sets should be short and just long enough so that you are sufficiently recovered to hit the next set hard.” – Ronnie Coleman

  21. “As my athletic career was coming to an end in 2007, I asked myself, do I want to work for somebody, or go out and make a difference?” – Ronnie Coleman

  22. “You can’t do this if you’re not dedicated and determined and have a strong faith. Because it’s extremely hard, especially trying to work a job and do it.” – Ronnie Coleman

  23. “I loved challenging myself every day. The weight room was my therapy for everyday life stresses. No matter what I was doing I always wanted to be the best.”- Ronnie Coleman

  24. “Bodybuilding is a hobby. At least for me, it is. I’ve trained since I was 12 or 13 years old. It’s a hobby I just have so much fun with it. I get so much enjoyment from it.” – Ronnie Coleman

  25. “I always train heavy and it worked well for me. Most people would be worried about an injury but if you’re gonna worry about it so much, it’s gonna happen anyway.” – Ronnie Coleman

  26. “I never focus on contraction. I’m focusing on my muscle. not focusing on a certain style of lifting or contracting. Just trying to get the weight up. I’m trying to build muscle.” – Ronnie Coleman

  27. “The next thing I would have to go with is diet because it is so hard and mentally tough. By comparison, the training is the easiest of them all because it’s my hobby as well as my job.” – Ronnie Coleman

  28. “Get proper training right from the beginning. It prevents injuries and avoids wasting your time with misdirected effort, which is what most people generally don’t understand. Give it your all from day one.” – Ronnie Coleman

  29. “My biggest competition is always myself. I mean no disrespect, but I do not look at any of the guys as being my competition for the simple reason that I can’t control how they’re going to look. I can only control how I look.” – Ronnie Coleman

 Funny Quotes By Ronnie Coleman

  1. “Let’s go eat!” – Ronnie Coleman

  2. “I’m just normal.” – Ronnie Coleman

  3. “Light weight Baby.” – Ronnie Coleman

  4. “Shake them haters off.” – Ronnie Coleman

  5. “Aint nuttin’ but a peanut.”-Ronnie Coleman                                                                           
    Ronnie Coleman Peanut Quote
    Ronnie Coleman Peanut Quote

  6. “This ain’t nothin’ to me.” – Ronnie Coleman

  7. “Lightweight, Yeah buddy!” – Ronnie Coleman

  8. “No dessert. I don’t do dessert.” – Ronnie Coleman

  9. “It’s all just apples and oranges.” – Ronnie Coleman

  10. “Thank god for pure natural strength.” – Ronnie Coleman

  11. “Father time and injuries are tough adversaries.” – Ronnie Coleman

  12. “It is a lot of pressure to prepare for Mr. Olympia.” – Ronnie Coleman

  13. “The gym is one of the few places where I can just be myself without any hindrances and inhibitions.” – Ronnie Coleman

  14. “Just because your triceps have fallen behind your biceps, doesn’t mean you should back off your triceps workouts.” – Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman Personal records | PB’s

  • Deadlift – 900 lb (410 kg)
  • Squat – 855 lb (388 kg)
  • Bench press – 500 lb (230 kg) x 5 Reps, 200 Lbs Dumbbells x 12 Reps
  • Military press – 315 lb (143 kg) x 12 Reps, 160 Lbs Dumbbells x 8 Reps

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