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Playing Both Sides Meaning

To manipulate two opposing sides of an argument, conflict, competition, etc., against one another for one’s own benefit or advantage. This refers to fake and double faced people who are loyal to no one side. Its important to beware of such people who always take advantage of you.


Playing Both Sides Quotes

  1. “A game is a series of interesting choices.”

  2. “It takes both sides to build a bridge.” – Fredrik Nael

  3. “One thing I don’t like is a person playing both sides.”                                                             
    Playing Both Sides
    Playing Both Sides

  4. “Don’t like people who try and play both sides of the fence.

  5. “If play both sides of the fence you will never make progress.”

  6. “How can you play both sides of the fence and call yourself Real?”                               
    Playing Both Sides Of The Fence
    Playing Both Sides Of The Fence

  7. “Remember, we all tell the version of the story that makes us look good.”

  8. “It’s very easy for someone to take sides when they only know one of them.”

  9. “Wise are those who have seen life from both sides of the fence.” – A. J. Garces

  10. “If you can’t take both sides, it means you can only play yourself.” – Stella Adler

  11. “He who walks in the middle of the roads gets hit from both sides.” – George P. Shultz

  12. “He’s what my old mum would call a bombastic little nit of a man.” – Jacqueline Winspear

  13. “When shit goes down, sides are taken. That’s when you find out who’s real and who’s faking.”

  14. “I think playing on both sides of the fence with people is fake, choose your side and stay on it.”                                                                                                                         
    someone who plays both sides
    someone who plays both sides

  15. “I’d rather have an enemy who admits they hate me, instead of a friend who secretly put me down.”

  16. “Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.” – Aesop

  17. “Giving someone another chance is like giving them another bullet because they missed the first time.”

  18. “When you’re trying to please both sides of the fence at the same time you really can’t do that.” – Rakim

  19. “Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.”

  20. “I understand that people have different sets of friends, but that don’t mean you play both sides of the fence.”                                                                                       
    playing both sides of the fence meme
    playing both sides of the fence meme

  21. “The same people that did you wrong are telling a different version of the story and they’re playing the victim.”                                                                                   
    Playing Both Sides Quotes Images
    Playing Both Sides Quotes Images

  22. “Listening to both sides of a story will convince you that there is more to a story than both sides.” – Frank Tyger

  23. “I don’t play both sides when it comes to people and I don’t play with people who play both sides when it comes to me.”                                                             
    I Play Both Sides Quote
    I Play Both Sides Quote

  24. “The people who built the space program – both Soviet and U.S. – were readers of science fiction.” – Gregory Benford

  25. “I’ve been on both sides of the fence when the inquiry comes. It’s a tough loss. But today was our day.” – Frank Brothers

  26. “Don’t play both sides of the fence because one day your leg is going to get caught trying to get over on the other side.”

  27. “I don’t play both sides when it comes to people, and I don’t mess with people who play both sides when it comes to me.”

  28. “People on both sides of any conflict believe they are right, whether it’s on a TV show or in the real world.” – Mandy Patinkin

  29. “Both sides have been playing tremendous cricket over a couple of years and they’re both very good units.” – Matthew Hayden

  30. “I was taught to shoot the messenger too. Somebody playing both sides of the fence is more dangerous than your enemy.” – J Hus

  31. “Basically I started playing double handed on both my forehand and backhand side because my first racket was very heavy.”- Bjorn Borg

  32. “No need for revenge. Just sit back and wait. Those who hurt you will eventually screw up themselves and if you’re lucky, God will let you watch.”

  33. “I’m an openly gay man playing an omnisexual hero, who is loved on both sides of the Atlantic. How could I not be proud of that?” – John Barrowman

  34. “Remember there are two sides to every story and if you are not willing to listen to both sides don’t be so quick to make your judgement on what you have heard.”

  35. “Well, I don’t think most Americans are playing the super-PAC game. I think what you have is elites on both sides playing the super-PAC game.”- Jack Abramoff

  36. “If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.” – Johnny Depp

  37. “He is playing both sides of the fence, and given where the dollar is and how strong it has been, people are taking money off the table and you are seeing a little profit taking.” – Hugh Walsh

  38. “I was getting tired from playing both sides of the ball and returning punts. I beat my guy. It was a good ball. He went high on the tackle, so I went low and broke it for a touchdown.” – Joseph Stoner

  39. “Hopefully, I can play both sides of the fence. That’s probably what winning the Oscar gives me, the chance to do something with a studio and do other things that I really want to do.”- Benicio Del Toro

  40. “I have found people on both sides of the aisle, white and black, that’ll give you the shirt off their back. And I’ve also found people that won’t give you a piece of bread if you’re starving to death.” – Al Green

  41. “It wasn’t playing both sides of the fence – it was betting against yourself but still playing to win – and it encapsulated everything absurd and paradoxical that I loved about the French.” – Mark Zero

  42. “You’re supposed to go before a judge with both sides walking onto a level playing field. This is a complete corruption of the way the process in a Texas courtroom is supposed to take place.” – Shane Phelps

  43. “It’s really grinding to always play out of both sides of your mind and always be thinking what will offend people. Or what won’t. But I’m strong enough to deal with that. I own that I’m freakish in my way.” – Johnny Weir

  44. “Playing a prisoner of war trapped in Pakistan for three years was a novelty for me. We made sure that we didn’t talk about India versus Pakistan but about the emotions of people on both sides and how terrorism affects us all.”

  45. “To “play both ends against the middle” means to maneuver two opponents into a conflict against each other in order to benefit yourself, or to pretend to favor both opponents as a way of being sure of ending up on the winning side. Don’t fall for it.”

  46. “It’s been a while since I played on the both sides of the fence. Having one foot in heaven, and one in hell. I lost all my common sense as far as I can tell. Looking back with a puzzled look on my face. Not able to comprehend, how I ever, got there in the first place…” – DLT3

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