“Stay Focused” Quotes for Staying Focused!

Stay Focused Quotes


Be like a photographer.

Get your Vision Right, Keep your Focus,

Zoom in your Goals, & You’ll capture success.

Long Term Consistency trumps short-term intensity.

“How to become Version 2.0 – better version of yourself.”

– Stay Focused Quote

How to stay focussed

Focusing is about saying No.”
― Steve Jobs

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“Ignore the noise and Focus on your goals.”


“Goals are Dreams with Deadlines.”


When you Focus on what you want,

Everything else falls away.

How to stay focused

Winners Focus on Winning,

Losers Focus on Winners.

“FOCUS – Follow on Course until successful.”


Stay focused quotes

“The sun’s energy warms the world.
But when you focus it through
a magnifying glass it can start a fire.

Focus is so powerful!”



On the Outcome

Not on the Obstacle.

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