115 Attitude Savage Quotes For Haters & Jealous Enemies

Looking for some sarcastic and witty quotes to buzz off your haters? We have rounded up the best collection of savage quotes for haters, sassy haters captions, sayings, messages, status messages, (with images and pictures) for all those people who hate to see you happy and prospering.

Haters gonna hate. Nothing kills the people who hate you than seeing you happy. Their insecurities and jealousy give rise to their negative attitude where they are always there to judge you and prove you wrong.

But these haters sometimes give you the motivation to perform better and let them be behind you. Use the stones they throw at you to build your castle.

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These sassy quotes about haters will help you be headstrong and give you the confidence to put the negative accusations behind you and move forward.

We have got some of the best uplifting quotes and sayings about haters. This will surely give you an adrenaline rush and a positive attitude to ignore those people who dislike you.

Time to deal with your haters with a pinch of sarcastic insults and fun! Also, read these awesome badass quotes and savage quotes and captions for your Instagram photos.

Top Savage Quotes For Haters

  1. “Down to earth but still above you.”
  2. “Give the haters another reason to hate!!”
  3. “Hustle until your haters ask if you’re hiring.”                                                                                 
    savage quotes for haters and jealousy
    savage quotes for haters and jealousy

    “Love your haters – they’re your biggest fans.”                                                                                       

    savage quotes for haters
    savage quotes for haters
  4. “Dear Haters, I have so much more for you to be mad at.”
  5. “Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinion of sheep.”
  6. “Envy hate me rate me The bottom line is you ain’t me.”
  7. “Kill them with your smile and bury them with your success.”                                                           

    sassy savage quotes for haters
    sassy savage quotes for haters
  8. “Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.”
  9. “I love making people who already hate me hate me more.”
  10. “Rumours are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.”
  11. “Respect your haters; they’re the only ones who think you’re better than them.”
  12. “The only way to succeed is to make people hate you. That way, they remember you.”
  13. “Hate me for who I am; I don’t care. But, at least I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not.”
  14. “You will face your most tremendous opposition when you are closest to your biggest miracle.”
  15. “Haters are my favourite. I’ve built an empire with the bricks they’ve thrown at me. Keep on hating.”
  16. “Haters never win. I just think that’s true about life because negative energy always costs in the end.”
  17. “Don’t worry about the haters… They are just angry because the truth you speak contradicts the lie they live.”
  18. “The best way to torture haters is with your happiness. There’s nothing people hate more than seeing you be successful.”
  19. “If someone tells you – you’re not beautiful, turn around and walk away so they can have a great view of your fabulous ass.”
  20. “There will be haters, there will be doubters, there will be non-believers, and then there will be you, proving them wrong.”
  21. “We are all made in the image of God! Therefore, we should not envy one another and applaud one another upon achievement!”

Sassy Quotes For Haters & Enemies

  1. “Don’t be too sweet or they’ll eat you.”
  2. “Believe in yourself and don’t care about haters.”
  3. “I need new haters, the old ones became my fans.”                                                                       

    savage quotes for haters images
    savage quotes for haters images
  4. “First they watch, then they hate, then they copy.”                                

    Savage Captions for Haters
    Savage Captions for Haters
  5. “Keep your head high, and your middle finger higher.”
  6. “If you’re testing my waters, you better know how to swim.”
  7. “Whoever is trying to bring you down is already below you.”
  8. “Haters will broadcast your failure but whisper your success.”
  9. “Dear haters, I have so much more for you to hate. Just watch.”                                                     

    best savage quotes for haters
    best savage quotes for haters
  10. “You don’t like my attitude? That’s fine. I doesn’t like you either.”
  11. “To anyone that ever told you you’re no good… They’re no better.”
  12. “Be what you are because you were not born to impress someone.”
  13. “I think you have the wrong floor because you are not on my level.”
  14. “Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters! I love my haters!”
  15. “Dear haters, I am flattered that I’m always a trending topic in your life.”
  16. “Judging a person does not define who they are. It explains who you are.”
  17. “Isn’t it kind of silly to think that tearing someone else down builds you up?”
  18. “My mom always said that there would be haters. Not everyone can love you.”
  19. “You changed because the people in your ear stay solid to the things that you know‼️”
  20. “I don’t dislike my haters, and they dislike me. I’m doing nothing wrong; I’m just me.”
  21. “We all have our different worlds, which create a difference and makes each other different.”
  22. “The key to happiness is knowing you have the power of choosing what to accept and let go of.”
  23. “I don’t give any reason for anyone to hate me. They create their own little drama out of jealousy.”
  24. “These days loving someone is a rare feeling; sometimes, all you will get throughout your life is hatred.”
  25. “Staying with detractors is like sleeping in a room located just behind the public toilet. You will never feel comfortable until you relocate.”

Best Attitude Savage Quotes For Haters

  1. “Haters are speaking their truth, not yours.”
  2. “Your opinion of me doesn’t define who I am.”
  3. “Do it for the people who want to see you fail.”                                                                             

    harsh savage quotes for haters
    harsh savage quotes for haters
  4. “Treat me like a joke and I’ll leave you like it’s funny.”
  5. “Let them hate. Just make sure they spell your name right.”
  6. “Hi stalker, I’m still fabulous. Thanks for checking up on me.”
  7. “When life gives you lemon, squeeze them in your haters eyes.”
  8. “Never take your crown off to make your haters feel comfortable.”
  9. “I love sarcasm. It’s like punching people in face but with WORDS.”
  10. “Of course I talk like an idiot, otherwise how would you understand me?”
  11. “Revenge sounds so mean, that’s why I prefer to call it returning the favor.”
  12. “I don’t exactly hate you. But if you were on fire and I had water, I’d drink it.”
  13. “People are probably not happy with their lives if they’re too busy discussing yours.”
  14. “They laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at them because they’re all the same.”
  15. “Don’t walk as if you rule the world, walk as if you don’t care who the hell rules the world.”
  16. “Don’t worry about what I’m doing. Worry about why you’re worried about what I’m doing.”
  17. “You can be successful and have haters, Or you can be unsuccessful and you can have friends.”
  18. “If you hate me and still watching everything about me. Then you are not a hater, You are fan.”
  19. “Haters don’t really hate you. In fact they hate themselves because you are a reflection of what they wish to be.”
  20. “Sorry, the person you’re trying to call has changed and reached the level of attitude where you can’t get over it.”

Savage Captions For People Who Hate You

  1. “If you are bad, I am your dad.”                                                                                                                               

    savage quotes for enemies
    savage quotes for enemies
  2. “I’m using your hate as my fuel.”                       

    short savage quotes for haters
    short savage quotes for haters
  3. “Be happy it drives people crazy.”                       

    funny hater quotes
    funny hater quotes
  4. “Keep on shining. Let them burn.”
  5. “Seek those who fan your flames.”
  6. “Darling chase your goal, not me.”
  7. “Love the lovers, Play the players.”
  8. “I like haters because I like animals.”
  9. “They play the Game. WE change it.”
  10. “Let your haters be your motivators.”                                                                                                               

    insulting attitude savage quotes for haters
    insulting attitude savage quotes for haters
  11. “My middle finger is for my Haters.”
  12. “Don’t study me, you won’t graduate.”
  13. “Being average is boring. Just level up.”
  14. “Always be in swag and burn your haters.”
  15. “The world is full of fake people and haters.”
  16. “Always be trending topic in your hater’s life.”                     

    Savage Instagram Captions for Haters
    Savage Instagram Captions for Haters
  17. “I love my haters because they make me better.”
  18. “Haters are like parrots, talk much but can’t fly.”
  19. “Never trust a friend that chill with your enemy.”
  20. “Me, jealous of you? Bless your delusional heart.”
  21. “Keep shining because it makes your haters blind.”
  22. “Every problem comes with a solution, except me.”
  23. “You’re not a hater. You’re just jealous of my swag.”
  24. “Of course your opinion matters but just not to me.”
  25. “Behind every successful person lies a park of haters.”
  26. “Blocking is for kids. I want you to see me and Burn.”
  27. “Only your haters think that you’re better than them.”
  28. “Overthinking can ruin you, so don’t think about me.”
  29. “Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters.”
  30. “They hate you because they can’t be better than you.”
  31. “I treat my haters like a radio, I just don’t listen to them.”
  32. “People hate you because you’ve got something they want.”
  33. “Devil for Devil, Kind for Kind. It’s my attitude, Don’t mind.”
  34. “Dear haters, I think you just need a high five with a high heel.”
  35. “My mascara is too expensive to cry over stupid people like you.”
  36. “When someone threatened you don’t say “why me” say “try me”.”
  37. “Nobody watches you harder than the people who can’t stand you.”
  38. “Haters are the people who view your profile the most. And I love it.”
  39. “Work until expensive becomes cheap and haters become your fans.”
  40. “I’m just trying to make the world a better place. One hater at a time.”
  41. “You can watch me, Mock me, try to block me, But you can’t stop me.”
  42. “Don’t hate. I know you wish you could be me, but trust me, you can’t.”
  43. “Don’t me so quick to judge me. You only see what I choose to show you.”
  44. “Don’t be proud if everybody wants you. Cheap Items have many buyers.”
  45. “I’m not mean, I’m brutally honest. It’s not my fault if truth hurts. Here’s a band-aid.”
  46. “When people don’t want the best for you, they are not the best for you.” ― Gayle King
  47. “If someone calls you ‘ugly’ have a good comeback and say ‘Excuse me, I’m not a mirror’.”
  48. “If you don’t like what I’m doing but still watch everything I do, then let’s face it you’re a fan.”
  49. “Sometimes you just have to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who think they are fooling you.”
  50. “I don’t have time, energy, or interest in hating the haters; I’m too busy loving the lovers.” ― Steve Maraboli

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Your haters do not have confidence in your potential and will always discourage you. But you should never lose heart and always have trust in your true potential to fulfill your dreams.

Let us know which of these sassy haters’ quotes and captions you resonate the most with.

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