90 Principle Quotes To Inspire Values And Morals

Looking for inspirational quotes about principles? We have curated the best collection of principle quotes, sayings, and captions (with images and pictures) to inspire you to always lead a life of integrity, principles, and honesty.

Principles are fundamental truths or rules that guide human behavior and decision-making. They are the underlying foundations of our beliefs, values, and moral codes.

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Principles help us to know what is right and what is wrong, and they provide a framework for our actions.

Having principles in life can help us to be fair and just in our interactions with others. Some examples of principles are honesty, respect, responsibility, and kindness.

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They can also help us stay true to our values and maintain our integrity in the face of adversity.

By living according to our principles, we can cultivate a sense of purpose and meaning, and contribute to a better world.

These insightful quotes on principles will guide you to make the right decisions and stay on track even when faced with difficult situations.

Top 10 Principle Quotes

  1. “Principles don’t change, people do.” – Unknown                                                                                                                quotes principles
  2. “The first principle of all action is leisure.” – Aristotle
  3. “Teach principles, not formulas.” – Richard P. Feynman
  4. “Principles are the territory. Values are maps.” – Stephen Covey                                                                                              quotes about principles
  5. “Obey the principles without being bound by them.” – Bruce Lee                                                                                        principle quotes
  6. “There are three constants in life… change, choice and principles.” – Stephen Covey                                                                        principle quotes images
  7. “Expedients are for the hour, but principles are for the ages.” – Henry Ward Beecher                                                                  quotes on principles
  8. “He that always gives way to others will end in having no principles of his own.” – Aesop
  9. “A good principle not rightly understood may prove as hurtful as a bad.” – John Milton
  10. “He who merely knows right principles is not equal to him who loves them.” – Confucius
  11. “Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots.” – Victor Hugo                                                                                                                                                                            famous principle quotes
  12. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Famous Quotes On Principle Quotes

  1. “Principle is a passion for truth.” – William Hazlitt
  2. “A precedent embalms a principle.” – Benjamin Disraeli
  3. “Never tolerate things that violate your principles.” – Unknown
  4. “Important principles may and must be inflexible.” – Abraham Lincoln                                                                                          moral principles quotes
  5. “Principles have no real force except when one is well fed.” – Mark Twain
  6. “Principles are what people have instead of God.” – Alexander Schmemann
  7. “Many people are liberal in principle reluctant in practice.” – John M. Burgess
  8. “It is often easier to fight for a principle than to live up to it.” – Adlai Stevenson
  9. “There is no principle worth the name if it is not wholly good.” – Mahatma Gandhi
  10. “The primal principle of democracy is the worth and dignity of the individual.” – Edward Bellamy
  11. “Never compromise your principles, even if it leads to difficulties in the short term.” – Alan Casden
  12. “So act that your principle of action might safely be made a law for the whole world.” – Immanuel Kant
  13. “Men of principle are always bold, but those who are bold are not always men of principle.” – Confucius
  14. “Let us cling to our principles as the mariner clings to his last plank when night and tempest close around him.” – Adam Woolever
  15. “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” ― Roy Disney
  16. “The principles we live by, in business and in social life, are the most important part of happiness.” – Harry Harrison

Best Quotes About Principles

  1. “Principle comes first; action thereafter.” – Todd Stocker
  2. “Principles have a way of yielding to power.” – Bette Lord
  3. “Rise above principle and do what`s right.” – Joseph Heller
  4. “The principle of realism means denial of the ideal.” – Gustave Courbet
  5. “The principles always work if you work the principles.” – Jack Canfield
  6. “Love is the only principle which makes life tolerable.” – Aleister Crowley
  7. “Principles and their consequences are always constant.” – Sunday Adelaja
  8. “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” – William James
  9. “Let your thoughts be ruled by principle, and then live up to your thoughts.” – Wallace D. Wattles
  10. “Principles aren’t of much account anyway, except at election time. After that you hang them up to let them season.” – Mark Twain
  11. “Principles are like seeds; they are little things which do much good if the mind that receives them has the right attitudes.” – Seneca the Younger
  12. “I shall argue that strong men, conversely, know when to compromise and that all principles can be compromised to serve a greater principle.” – Andrew Carnegie
  13. “Many men do not allow their principles to take root, but pull them up every now and then, as children do the flowers they have planted, to see if they are growing.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Stand By Your Principle Quotes

It’s easy to be swayed by the opinions of others, but it’s important to remember that you should always stand by your principles. No matter what anyone else says, it is essential to remember that you are the only one who knows what is right for you and your life.

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Your principles define who you are and how you live your life. They provide a sense of direction and purpose in times when it may seem like everything is spinning out of control.

By standing by your principles, you show strength and courage in the face of adversity. You demonstrate that no matter what challenges come your way, nothing can take away from the values that make up who you are.

  1. “Let principles make decisions.” – Jack Hyles
  2. “Alter strategies and tactics, but never your principles.” – John Kessel
  3. “The strongest principle of growth lies in human choice.” – George Eliot
  4. “Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  5. “The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.” – Jerzy Kosinski
  6. “Fixed principles of truth are the only safeguard for youth.” – Ellen G. White
  7. “A new principle is an inexhaustible source of new views.” – Luc De Clapiers
  8. “A leader is a man who can adapt principles to circumstances.” – George S. Patton
  9. “If the principle is good for anything, it is worth living up to.” – Benjamin Franklin
  10. “An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot.” – Thomas Paine
  11. “Never compromise a principle or relinquish a vital truth.” – Alfred Armand Montapert
  12. “Principles are the basis for developing a vision and value system for all.” – Stephen Covey
  13. “The change we personally experience from time to time, we deny to our principles.” – Unknown
  14. “Success is more permanent when you achieve it without destroying your principles.” – Walter Cronkite
  15. “We may make mistakes-but they must never be mistakes which result from faintness of heart or abandonment of moral principle.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt
  16. “If you are willing to abandon your principles for convenience or social acceptability, they are not your principles, they are your costume.” – Unknown
  17. “Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts. All depends on the principles which direct them.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Man Of Principle Quotes

Man of Principle is a concept that has been around for centuries. It is the belief that one should always strive to act in accordance with their principles and beliefs, no matter the situation.

This means that a man of principle will always do what they believe to be right, even if it goes against popular opinion or social norms.

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This kind of behavior requires strength and courage, as it often puts you at odds with your peers or society as a whole.

  1. “He who lives by the crystal ball will eat shattered glass.” – Ray Dalio
  2. “Always stand on principle… even if you stand alone.” – John Adams
  3. “It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies.” – Arthur Calwell
  4. “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” – Confucious
  5. “We all live in the protection of certain cowardices which we call our principles.” – Mark Twain
  6. “Wrong is wrong, even if everybody is wrong. Right is right, even if nobody is right.” – Unknown
  7. “Two principles for a happy life: 1. Use things not people. 2. Love people not things.” – Unknown 
  8. “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower
  9. “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” – Thomas Jefferson
  10. “The reason why principles are so important is because principles make life predictable.” – Myles Munroe
  11. “A man without principles is as a ship without a rudder – at the mercy of every wind and wave.” – Christopher Charles
  12. “General principles… are to the facts as the root and sap of a tree are to its leaves.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  13. “The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.” – Richard P. Feynman
  14. “Solidarity is based on the principle that we are willing to put ourselves at risk to protect each other.” – Unknown


The principle of life is a moral code that guides us to stand for what we value, and to strive for the greatest success without causing harm. It is a reflection of our character and leadership beyond what we can see or measure.

Principles can be derived from a variety of sources, including personal values, ethics, religion, philosophy, and empirical observation.

They can also be applied in various contexts, such as business, politics, education, and personal relationships.


These inspirational principle quotes can help you become a better version of yourself and make sure that your actions are aligned with who you want to be in life.

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