80 Paragraphs To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back [Quickly]

Looking for heartfelt short paragraphs and messages to win your ex-girlfriend back in your life? We have rounded up the best collection of paragraphs to get your ex girlfriend back, with text messages, letters, poems, and quotes that express your love for her and how badly you want her to be back.

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A breakup is very difficult. Sometimes after the breakup you realize how much you love your ex girlfriend/ ex boyfriend. Your relation might be broken due to ego issues, misunderstanding, disloyalty, or more. You had a great relationship and the broken heart may now crave to be back with your ex.

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Words and feelings have power. And if you feel you can’t express your feelings in word, we have helped you with some emotional and heart touching patch up messages for ex-girlfriend. Don’t forget to read the post on apology quotes for your GF which will make them cry.

Paragraphs To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

  1. I miss sharing my office stories with you and your genuine feedback.

  2. We should not let this stupid misunderstanding get in our way. We deserve another chance.

  3. I may not be the best, but I love you better than the rest. Let’s make up and be together again.

  4. Hey, it’s been too long. How are you? Are you back in the city? If so, maybe we can grab lunch!

  5. Saying sorry is the first step to restoring a broken relationship. Now that I’ve said it, will you accept it?

  6. Breaking up with you was the worst mistake I could ever make. I am sorry, and I hope you can forgive me.

  7. I never felt true love until I was with you, and I never felt true sadness until you left me. Come back, dearest.

  8. Hey, you crossed my mind. How’s it going? I thought maybe we could meet for coffee and catch up some time.

  9. I think of you before I fall asleep and then again as soon as I wake up. You see, you’re never out of my thoughts.

  10. The sun rises and sets every day, but my world has stopped. It will move only when you come back to me again.

  11. You are the beat in my heart, the music in my laughter, the tears in my eyes. You are my whole world – don’t leave.

  12. I know I have said it before, but what I did to you was wrong. No amount of saying sorry can make up for it. But still, I am sorry.

  13. Even though we are apart, my love for you will never abate. If I could take back my words, I would, but since I can’t – here is a new set: I am sorry!

  14. Hi, I’ve been doing some thinking, and I really regret how things between us ended. I understand if you’re not up to it, but I would really love to see you.

  15. I know you didn’t mean to say what you did and, I am sorry for not understanding it then. I don’t want to remember the past. Let’s move on together.

  16. You were the best thing that ever happened to me. You are still living inside me. Days aren’t going; time is stopped. I miss you so much. I still love you.

  17. I’m babysitting my niece right now, and she just has to rewatch Aladdin shows the whole time. Reminded me of you, where’s Neil Diamond when you need him.

  18. I know I have caused this mess. I know I have stolen your happiness. I know I have given you stress but I truly beg for your forgiveness. I love you my princess.

  19. Hey, I just wanted to say congrats on your new job! I know we haven’t talked in a while, but I’m really proud of you. We should grab a beer to celebrate, my treat.

  20. I know you are my ex. I know that we have moved apart, but you are still living inside my heart. I don’t know I want to give our relationship another chance. I miss you so much.

  21. I know that I am stuck in the past, I know that I believe in last, but, you believe me, I love you to the core, I don’t want anything else, any more. Please come back, I still love you a lot!                                                                                                         
    Paragraphs to get your ex back
    Paragraphs to get your ex back

  22. Hey, I just wanted to check-in. Let me know if and when you’re ready to talk. I just want you to know that I really care about you and hope we can still be friends at some point in the future.

  23. I was going to my things yesterday and I stumbled across a card you wrote me.. And I have to say that you were so sweet to me. Even now despite everything that happened I really appreciate it.

  24. I overlooked your importance in my life and lost it all. I brought upon myself the sadness your presence kept away all throughout your stay in my life. You are all I want, please, can I get a chance?

  25. When I remember the routine you carry out daily in my life, I realized that you were the jewel given to me from above and in you is my comfort. Yet, I toyed with you like an immature baby I am. I miss you.

  26. Hey, beautiful. I know I messed up. You are the best woman that I have ever met. You are kind, loving and compassionate. I wish you the beauty that no one can destroy and I wish you be mine once again.

  27. I can’t get you out of my mind well maybe I don’t want to because deep down I’ve always known that you’re the love of my life. I can’t even think of anyone other than you baby. Let’s give our love one more chance?

  28. You made many sacrifices to plan a future for us, I took it for granted. I have realized my foolishness at such privilege by a beauty like you. Please give me the second chance to activate your plans and work it out.

  29. You’re the first man who would both make my heart pound and my soul feel safe. I miss you; I miss the warmth of your arms. You may be away from me, but your thoughts never are. How can I win you back, darling?

  30. I will miss you till heaven comes calling. Now, I feel empty and I need to be filled, yet, I know within me that nothing would fill me perfectly as you do. I miss all that you are to me. I desire a miracle: to have you back.

  31. When someone loves you, you’ll know. When true love leaves you, you’ll know. I have the rare unfortunate privilege to experience both, all with you. Your heat is such a pure one; it’s unarguable to me. I cherish you.

  32. My desire is for you to give me a rare chance to apologize in person. This message is to express myself to you because in my eyes are stored the real mood and sincerity of this message to you because I desire you to be back.

  33. You deserved to be loved and pampered but alas! I was naïve to think you would keep enduring. I actually took you for a ride and now the scales on my eyes have gone. I need more than ever before. Please, don’t leave me alone.

  34. It’s been a while now but I can’t still understand how I acted the way I did. I realized that I have always been so insensitive. I miss you dearly. I want us back because I can’t breathe well without you. With your love, I’m choked.

  35. I still desire to see you again. I still crave for your warm embrace. These past months I have been in the midst of many people yet I am lonely. You have been my best companion. Though we broke up, I’m hoping we can make up.

  36. I’m ashamed and embarrassed about my behaviour and totally understand why they didn’t make sense for you. I’ve been working a lot on myself over the weeks and determined to overcome them. Hope we get back to the laughter.

  37. There is not a single day when i don’t think about you and I don’t miss you. I just want to go back in time and cherish all those memories that I have with you. Because, if not with you, I would love to live with your memories.

  38. I love you and I can’t keep it any more to myself. Yes, I know you think it’s all in the past, but within me, I know that what I feel daily when I think about you. I still love and crave your care and love once again. I love till tomorrow.

  39. My dear, I apologize for allowing you to pass through the hardest period of your life alone. Truly, you needed me. But I wasn’t there. I was preoccupied with other things. I was selfish and worst of all self-centred. I am truly sorry.

  40. I want you back. I have prayed to God. I have cried about my mistakes. I am not going to hide it anymore; without you, I am gone. When you left, half of me left. If you don’t come back, then it’s over for me. Give me one more chance.

  41. The one I love, I cherish. I cherish you even though I was careless with you. Not until I miss you did I realize how important you were to me. You were such an angel of my life. I miss you and all the pleasant times. I long for them once again.

  42. Memories are treasures and worth more than gold if the memories are with someone or something very special. The memories I had with you are the ones I cherish so much because they stand out as the best I have. I miss everything above you.

  43. To say I am sorry for the pains I caused you is an understatement but since there are better words to express my sincere apology, I want to reiterate that I am sorry. If you want me to place it on my social media handles, so be it. I am really sorry.

  44. I was a jealous, insecure and petty lover who suffocated you in our past relationship. It was a mistake I will regret because I have learnt my lessons in the most painful way. Now, I desire you more than ever. A second chance is what I plead for.

  45. I don’t understand how you feel about me, and I understand if you don’t want to tell you, but I would deeply appreciate it if you would. Hard to forget about our -hour phone call marathon. Anyway, I hope you’re doing well and wish you the best.                                                                                                               
    Paragraphs To Get Her Back
    Paragraphs To Get Her Back

  46. Living with you and without you is like going to heaven and hell. The difference is clear. You make my earth here heaven with everything you brought there, unfortunately, I messed with it and I lost them all at once. I miss you. I really miss you.

  47. I am ashamed at myself that it took me this long to realize that I am the one who is not good enough. I had always been pinning you down with blame, but now it is quite clear that you are perfect and I have a lot more to learn for you. I am truly sorry.

  48. It was with you, yes, only you that I had my best plans with. With smiles amidst teary eyes, I flashed back to the plans we had together; the colour of houses, the brand of cars, the numbers of kids. The names of the kids. I miss those memories. I miss you.

  49. How often people say you don’t cherish what you have until you lose it. The reality dawned on my right after you left. You were my shock absorber but I was deluded that it was all my personal effort. I have been exposed since then. You are a loving heart.

  50. Since you left my life, I have always pretended that all was well but I know deep down inside of me that you have left in me a hollow that cannot be filled by any other person. My mind is filled with the memories of the two of us together. You are still in my head.                                                                                         
    paragraphs to get your ex girlfriend back
    paragraphs to get your ex girlfriend back

  51. The best things in life don’t come with struggle, but their departure comes with a significant loss. I miss the days we went to picnic together. I miss the nights we stay out at night counting the stars and making wishes. I miss everything and I miss you more above all.

  52. You were like a tsunami in your affection and passion, yet like a dove in dealings of love. You were an epitome of care, love and comfort every man desires but I lost those benefits the day you decided it was enough. I admire you and regret what happened. I love you.

  53. From the moment you called it quit with me, I felt a departure from my life the things that make me happy and fulfilled. No matter how strong I try to act, right inside of my heart, I know it all but drama. True love that you showed is unparalleled. Only you can bring them back.

  54. The love you showed me when we were together is still the only reference point in life when I think about true love. No one beats how you express love. You will always be the best lover I met. I want to meet you again and talk with you over all the things that happened one more.

  55. For every tear that cascaded your immaculate facial contours, for the way I made you feel inferior, for the words I spoke to take away your confidence, I regret them all and I am deeply sorry for them all. Sorry that I made you feel not too good enough. You are perfect, dear.

  56. I miss your voice. I miss your twerking. I miss your dress sense. I miss your understanding. I miss your hard work. I miss your support. I miss your body. I miss your touch. I miss your blush. I miss your eyes. I miss your nose and lips. I miss you. It took me late before I realized.

  57. I desire to see your beautiful face again. If that will be the only miracle I have left, I request that I see smile and forgiveness on your face. It was foolish of me to hurt the best person in my life. You are the cutest being I met in my first life. My second life begins when you forgive me.

  58. I failed you. I ruined the trust you had in me. I used your weaknesses against you. That was very awful of me. It was a disappointing level and a new level of low I went down to. For all of this, I know being sorry may not heal you but I want to start the process with it; I am really sorry.

  59. I have always thought I was smart but now I realize that I am just a blockhead when it comes to getting the understanding of a woman’s sensibilities. I hurt you, and I have realized. I need no one to chastise me other than you. Chastise me and accept me again. I am really sorry.

  60. You are a unique woman and your love to me was genuine. I was just crap at thinking I can do to you whatever I feel without considering or even overlooking the consequences. I know you will ever remain beautiful and I hope you can extend your beauty to my life just this time again.

  61. I am truly sorry because my pride got the best of me. The truth is the saying ‘Pride goes before destruction’ has come to play right in my face. All is I ask is a second chance as I know that your good heart wouldn’t want my destruction to come in full. I am sorry for the way I treated you.

  62. My cute woman and most endearing lady. I have come to know that you can never be down, instead whoever looks down on your will end up being below you. You are a wonderful personality; I lost you out of carelessness. I have learnt my lessons. I desire to see you again.

  63. I acted like a child during our relationship, yet you endured me. You gave me time to grow up and be understanding. Instead of improving, I became worse, full of myself. So, you could no longer bear it and I was blind to see you lose it. Now, I realize my errors. I miss you so much.

  64. I don’t know what to say other than to tell you that I am really really sorry. I caused you a lot of pain and it was foolish of me because I cause myself a pain in the process. I cannot think straight until I know that you have forgiven me. Please accept me and give the opportunity to make amends.

  65. I hated myself for the way I treated you so I am surprised if you hate me now. All I ask is that I can’t bear your continual absence in my life. I can’t seem to get my head off how I let things turn that sour between us. I am truly sorry for what I did and I am ready to do anything to better the times.

  66. I poured out my anger on the wrong person without restraint. I hid my weakness in screaming and shouting and hurling insults on you instead of working on the control of the tempers inside of me. I don’t deserve you. Please I am sorry for what I did. Let’s start another chapter devoid of rancour.

  67. You needed comfort, I gave you despair. You needed me to be there to cheer you up, I took you for granted. I am supposed to be the one giving you words of assurances and security but I left you with the option of seeking it someone else. I am disappointed in myself and I regret them all. I am so sorry.

  68. For the words I was supposed to say but refused to say. For the words, I was not supposed to say but I ended up saying, for the ways I was not supposed to act but I decided acting. For the one I was supposed to do and I didn’t do. To all, I say I am very sorry. Now I know what it means to be truly down.

  69. The last months of our relationship was turbulent. I found out the cause; ME. I was blind to realize my fault because I was too filled with my ego. Now, I realize what part you hold in my life. I am suffocating because you withdrew your love from my life. Give me another chance to amend the ways. I need you.

  70. The love we shared was pure. The love you gave was peace-loving. The kind of love that emanates from you refreshes and renews my strength. I struggle to get the things I get for free from you when were together. You are a perfect lover and that’s who you’ll ever be. Oh, how I wish those days can be restored.

  71. I am sorry for letting you go before thinking over it again. I regret it and want to have a chance to amend it. You were my light, my pillar and my lover and my best friend. You were the world to me but in a flash, I let it all go. The foolish part of me is cleared now and I realize how naked I am without you. I am sorry, my love.

  72. I learnt in a difficult way that being in a relationship involves more than just romance. You needed me to be your support, I failed. I never knew that my words mean so much to give you comfort, but I kept them to myself. In spite of you asking, I thought you were demanding too much. I apologize for not growing in love as desired.

  73. My behaviours have been reviewed before my very eyes by the panel of reasoning of my heart and I have been found guilty. My sentence is such a long one that it would need just one person to activate the clause of clemency; YOU. Without you, I may never get out of this guilt, please accept my apologies. I am deeply sorry for the pains I cause you.

  74. Hurting you and not realizing it until now is so painful. That was me. I wish I could turn back the hands of time but I know that it is impossible. Yet, I won’t allow this issue to rest until I get your forgiveness for in your accepting my apology lies my peace of mind. I know you to be peace-loving, please extend the hand of peace to me and give me another chance.

  75. Hello dear, I am ashamed that I have become the worst version of who I dread to be. I caused you so much pain and made you cry all night thinking about the misery I piled on you. I didn’t give a damn while you hurt. If the tables were turned, I would forgive you, but I ask for a miracle from you, please forgive me and accept me again to be that good man you desired.

  76. I searched for a perfect picture of myself in my mind, I couldn’t find any. I searched all over again. It took me days until I decided to search for the pictures we took together when you were with me. There, I found the best moments of my life. How then could I miss them in my mind? I realized that you have withdrawn your love from me. You’re the love I lost and long for again.

  77. You gave me love. I gave you a coldness. You gave me care. I took it for granted. You endured me, I oppressed you. How foolish I am. To think I would be asking for your forgiveness when I know if I were in your shoes I wouldn’t have yielded is laughable, but you are not me. In fact, you are the right and perfect version of how I am. Please, help me to be better. Give me one more chance.

  78. Ever since you left, I’m feeling extremely depressed. I can’t eat and sleep and worry that you’re so vulnerable, you’ll start dating another guy. The thought of seeing you in another man’s arms makes me cry. Can you please reassure me that you’re not going to do that and promise that you won’t stop talking to me? I’m sorry for being this weak but my heart still belongs to you. It always will because you make me happy.

  79. Listen to me okay. I’m in love with you. I love you every second of the day. I’ve never loved anyone like I love you. I cry over you. Not because I’m too emotional but because the pain in my heart. No matter what you do, I cannot fall out of love with you. I cannot bring myself to forget you. Your on my mind every second. I’ve never missed anyone as much as I miss you. There’s not one guy in this world that means to me as much as you do.

  80. It isn’t easy being so in love with you and not being able to see you every day. There are times when I’d give anything just to be able to gaze into your eyes or hold you in my arms, even for a few minutes. I always feel incomplete, like a part of me is missing, when we’re not together. I know that right now this is how things have to be, but that doesn’t make it any easier to bear. Every day without you reminds me of that joy you add to my life, joy that I’m missing. So don’t forget that I love you, and I’m thinking of you, and that I’m counting every minute until we’re together again.

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