80 Best Nacho Libre Quotes From The Funny Movie

Looking for funny Nacho Libre movie quotes? We have rounded up the best collection of Nacho Libre quotes, sayings, dialogues, lines, (with images and pictures) to inspire you to be caring about love, life, and self-love.

Nacho Libre is a popular 2006 comedy classic starring Jack Black as Ignacio. This film is directed by Jared Hess and written by Jared and Jerusha Hess and Mike White.

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This film is a goofy comedy with an underlying message. Nacho Libre is still a sweet movie with a good message about caring for others.

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  • Nacho Libre Quotes About Self Awareness
  • Nacho Libre Quotes About Love and Relationships

Nacho Libre Quotes

  1. “It’s for fun!” – Nacho Libre

  2. “They are my PJ’s.” – Nacho Libre

  3. “Hey! Take it easy.” – Nacho Libre

  4. “You are crasssssy!” – Nacho Libre

  5. “He’s a real douche!” – Nacho Libre

  6. “Where are the cheeps?” – Nacho Libre

  7. “Well to tell you the truth.” – Nacho Libre

  8. “I am singing at this party.” – Nacho Libre

  9. “They gave me no nutrients!” – Nacho Libre

  10. “Jesse, I Owe You 4.99 Plus Tax.” – Nacho Libre

  11. “These are my recreation clothes.” – Nacho Libre                                                                         

    Nacho Libre Quotes Images
    Nacho Libre Quotes Images

  12. “I’m not listening to you. You’re crazy.” – Nacho Libre                                                       

    best nacho libre quotes
    best nacho libre quotes

  13. “Chancho! I need to borrow some sweats!” – Nacho Libre

  14. “You can take the stallion, I’ll take the pony.” – Nacho Libre

  15. “So anyways, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.” – Nacho Libre                                         

    Nacho Libre Lines
    Nacho Libre Lines

  16. “Did you not tell them they were the Lord’s chips?” – Nacho Libre

  17. “Be grateful, Juan Pablo. Today is especially delicious.” – Nacho Libre

  18. “Those men fight for vanity, for money, for false pride.” – Nacho Libre

  19. “I thought you hated all the orphans in the whole world.” – Nacho Libre

  20. “[While taking a dump] Those guys were a couple a woosies eh.” – Nacho Libre

  21. “Don’t you want a little taste of the glory? See what it tastes like?” – Nacho Libre

  22. “Everyone is dancing at the party, but Ramses is not dancing at the party!” – Nacho Libre

  23. “Wrestling is ungodly, Ignacio. People cheer for him… and he is a false idol.” – Nacho Libre

  24. “I get to sleep alone in my bed every night for the rest of my life. It’s fantastic.” – Nacho Libre

  25. “It is true. I am Nacho. Maybe you have seen me on TV. NACHOOOOOOOOOO!” – Nacho Libre

  26. “Underneath the robe you find a man. Underneath the man you find his nucleus.” – Nacho Libre

  27. “They don’t think I know a butt load of crap about the Gospel. But I dooo! Okay?” – Nacho Libre

  28. “But you’re tall and fast like a gazelle, you can do it. Pray to the Lord for strength.” – Nacho Libre

  29. “I don’t see them. They should be coming back.(Leans against wall and whips head fast)” – Nacho Libre

  30. “[To a security guard, when he grabs Nacho’s new shirt, at a party] Eh. Let go my blouse.” – Nacho Libre

  31. “If you fight for something noble, or for someone who needs your help, only then will God bless you in battle.” – Nacho Libre

  32. “I saw a bum here, there were two bums actually. And I said to myself, “Let’s talk to these guys about the Gospel.”” – Nacho Libre

  33. “[signing letter to Sister Encarnacion] ooxxooxoxo Hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, big kiss, little hug, kiss kiss, little kiss.” – Nacho Libre

  34. “Ok… Maybe I am not meant for these duties. Cooking duty. Dead guy duty. Maybe it’s time for me to get a better duty!” – Nacho Libre

  35. “They may have the appearance of riches, but beneath the clothes, we find a man. And beneath the man, we find, his… nucleus.” – Nacho Libre

  36. “I know it is fun to wrestle. A nice pile-drive to the face; or a punch to the face; but you cannot do it because it is in the Bible not to wrestle your neighbor.” – Nacho Libre

  37. “My father was a deacon in Mexico, and my mother a Lutheran missionary from Scandinavia. They tried to convert each other, but got married instead…. Then they died.” – Nacho Libre

  38. “(In low voice) I don’t like the way those guys looked at you. (To bums) Hey! Can’t you see this woman’s a nun?! And if you have a problem with that, then you can just fight me.” – Nacho Libre

  39. “Thank you… (Turns toward Sister Encarnación) I mean, yes! They may have the appearance of riches.(Kneels down) But beneath the clothes, we find a man. And beneath the man, we find, his…nucleus.” – Nacho Libre

  40. “I am a-singing at the party / I am singing it’s my turn to sing at this party / Everyone is dancing, happy party / But Ramses is not dancing he does not dance at the parties / Ramses’ number one he knows the secret of desire / Ramses is the one, he puts the people all on fire.” – Nacho Libre

Funny Nacho Libre Quotes

  1. “I like your cow.” – Nacho Libre

  2. “I saw a bum here.” – Nacho Libre

  3. “Get that corn outta my face!” – Nacho Libre

  4. “Eagle powers come to me please.” – Nacho Libre

  5. “I have been here. I have been sleeping.” – Nacho Libre

  6. “Ever seen these moves? (jumps and hisses)” – Nacho Libre

  7. “You gave them permission to hurt me like this.” – Nacho Libre

  8. “My favorite color is light tan. My favorite animal is poopies.” – Nacho Libre

  9. “But Sister, they are just ninos trying to release their wiggles.” – Nacho Libre

  10. “Dear Lord, please bless Nacho with nutrients and strength. Amen.” – Nacho Libre

  11. “It was… stinky. But these are my recreation clothes. (Tightens butt)” – Nacho Libre

  12. “They don’t think I know a butt load of crap about the gospel. But I dooo! Okay?” – Nacho Libre

  13. “There is no place for me in the world. I’m going into the wilderness, probably to die.” – Nacho Libre

  14. “Those eggs were a lie, Esqueleto. A LIE! They give me no eagle powers! The give me no nutrients!” – Nacho Libre

  15. “Ramses’ number one he knows the secret of desire. Ramses is the one, he puts the people all on fire.” – Nacho Libre

  16. “Do you remember that one time when everyone was shouting my name, and I used my strength to rip my blouse?” – Nacho Libre

  17. “Okay. Maybe I am not meant for these duties. Cooking duty. Dead guy… duty. Maybe it’s time for me to get a better duty!” – Nacho Libre

  18. “This man lived a good life. He had a wonderful woman, a lush garden… and a collection of Russian nesting dolls. May he rest in peace.” – Nacho Libre

  19. “In order for you to become empowered by the eagle, you must climb that cliff, find the egg, crack open one of them, and then eat the yolk.” – Nacho Libre

  20. “Tonight, I will fight the seven strongest men in town, maybe the world. And I will win because our heavenly father will be in the ring with me. And he and I will win 10,000 pesos.” – Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre Quotes About Self Awareness

  1. “It sucks to be me right now!” – Nacho Libre

  2. “I don’t believe in God, I believe in science.” – Nacho Libre

  3. “I don’t want to get paid to lose. I wanna win!” – Nacho Libre

  4. “Oh, you messed with the wrong guy this time!” – Nacho Libre

  5. “I looked like a fool last night. What took you so long?” – Nacho Libre

  6. “‘How did you find me in the wilderness?’ ‘I saw you from the village.’” – Nacho Libre

  7. “I need professional help. I need Ramses! He’s the best. I must learn his ways!” – Nacho Libre

  8. “Chancho, when you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room.” – Nacho Libre

  9. “I am the gatekeeper of my own destiny and I will have my glory day in the hot sun.” – Nacho Libre

  10. “I’m not listening to you! You only believe in Science. That’s probably why we never win.” – Nacho Libre

  11. “Precious Father, why have you given me this desire to wrestle and then made me such a stinky warrior?” – Nacho Libre

  12. “I’m a little concerned right now. About your salvation and stuff. How come you have not been baptized?” – Nacho Libre

  13. “My favorite color is light tan. My favorite animal is puppies. I like serving the Lord. Hiking, playing volleyball…” – Nacho Libre

  14. “Me? No. Come on. Don’t be crazy. I know the wrestlers get all the fancy ladies, and the clothes, and the free creams and lotions. But my life is good! Really good! I get to wake up every morning at 5am and make some soup! It’s the best. I love it. I get to lay in a bed, all by myself, all of my life! That’s fantastic! Go. Go away! Read some books.” – Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre Quotes About Love and Relationships

  1. “Have you ever had feelings for a nun?” – Nacho Libre

  2. “Would you like to join me in my quarters this evening… for some toast.” – Nacho Libre

  3. “You gotta be kidding me. Everything you just said, is MY favorite thing to do, every day!” – Nacho Libre

  4. “Some people say wrestlers make bad lovers, that they save themselves for the ring. Love you.” – Nacho Libre

  5. “‘Can I come in?’ ‘No, people might get the wrong idea about you… like maybe you are a floozy.’” – Nacho Libre

  6. “Hey! Can’t you see this woman’s a nun? And if you have a problem with that, then you can just fight me.” – Nacho Libre

  7. “(singing) When the fantasy has ended, and all the children are gone. Something good inside of me, helps me to carry on. I ate some bugs, I ate some grass. I used my hand, to wipe my tears. To kiss your mouth, I’d break my vow. No, no, no, no, no, no, way Jose. Unless you want to then, we break our vows together! Encarnaciòn! Encarnaciòn!” – Nacho Libre

Take Away From Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre, based on a true story, is about a guy who cooks for friars and orphans by day at a Mexican monastery and dons a mask and jumps into a wrestling ring by night. This story is about a young man who doesn’t fit in anywhere and yearns for some respect.

The film is loosely based on the story of Fray Tormenta (“Friar Storm”, a.k.a. Rev. Sergio Gutiérrez Benítez).

The story is based on a real-life Mexican Catholic priest who had a 23-year career as a masked luchador and competed in order to support the orphanage he directed.

Nacho, Steven Esqueleto, Sister Encarnación, Senor Ramon, Chancho, Ramses, Candidia are some of the most popular characters in the film.

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