45 Yellowstone Show Quotes From Your Favorite TV Series

Looking for famous quotes from the Yellowstone Show? We have rounded up the best Yellowestone quotes, sayings, dialouges, (with images and pictures)  your favorite characters from the show.

The Yellowstone TV series is an American drama based on a Dutton family’s life. The story is about their ambition to control one of the largest ranches in the United States of America.

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These John Dutton quotes from Yellowstone TV series  would refresh your mind about John Dutton’s words, and you can enjoy those power words that John Dutton had used in some of the best scenes.

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Yellowstone Show Quotes

  1. You are the trailer park; I am the tornado.

  2. It wasn’t a move. I’m just meaner than you.

  3. Be a man about it… Don’t scream.” ― Rip Wheeler

  4. We’re with the Yellowstone. Nobody’s gonna mess with us.

  5. This is America. We don’t share land here.” ― John Dutton

  6. All right, drive your polluted soul back to the city where it belongs.

  7. As a friend. I’ve always treated you as an equal.” ― Jamie Dutton

  8. I’m sorry” are two words, you never have to say to me.” ― Rip Wheeler

  9. God sure finds interesting ways to put people out of business.” ― Kayce Dutton

  10. You can’t unmake family Jamie, but you can take their gold card.” ― Beth Dutton

  11. We need to find a less subtle means of expressing our displeasure.” ― Malcolm Beck

  12. I don’t believe in luck, but I sure believe in stupid cause’ you prove it every f**kin’ day!

  13. I hope I never meet the first man who thought it was a good idea to ride a bull.” ― Carl

  14. Work, family life, it’s so demanding. A little fresh air, a little “me” time.” ― Beth Dutton

  15. This f**kin place. It’s a magnet for everything that’s wrong in this f**kin’ world.” ― Walker

  16. No one wants to merge with you. You have a three-to-one debt ratio. It’d be easier to sell VCRs.

  17. Serve your father’s family or serve your own. Like it or not, that choice is coming.” ― Christina

  18. When the misery is bad enough, tomorrow is rarely factored into decisions.” ― Monica Dutton

  19. There’s a saying out here. If your daughter’s riding a horse, no one’s riding her.” ― John Dutton

  20. No one has a right. You have to take a right. Or stop it from being taken from you.” ― John Dutton

  21. Lawyers are the swords of this century. Words are weapons now. I need you to learn how to use them.

  22. The whole world’s a test, son. Don’t let them ever trick you into thinking differently.” ― John Dutton

  23. No one will mourn your loss, son, because this isn’t losing your life; this is quitting it.” ― John Dutton

  24. That rifle has the power to take a life. Whatever you point it at. You know that, right ?” ― John Dutton

  25. Leverage is knowing that if someone had all the money in the world, this is what they’d buy.” ― John Dutton

  26. You know, the thing about suicide, you don’t just kill yourself, you kill every memory of you.” ― John Dutton

  27. It’s the one constant in life. You build something worth having, someone’s gonna try to take it.” ― John Dutton

  28. You realize you ain’t dead, and you’re not gonna die, and you gotta face all the decisions you made.” ― John Dutton

  29. We like to think we ain’t animals. Like we’ve evolved into something different. Prison teaches you we haven’t.” ― Walker

  30. My whole life’s just a long series of losing things I love. I’m not gonna lose this one, Rip. Not this one.” ― John Dutton

  31. Lawyers are the swords of this century. Words are weapons now. I need you to learn how to use them.” ― John Dutton

  32. I gotta tell you something, and it comes from a place of love. You should really consider killing yourself.” ― Beth Dutton

  33. Your grandfather used to say you can’t fix a broken wagon wheel, but you can use the parts to make a new one. ” ―John Dutton

  34. Soldiers don’t tell war stories anymore, dad, because wars these days, it’s just about trying to live through them.” ― Kayce Dutton

  35. Kayce someday your son is going to test you, he’s gonna force you to make a decision that determines his future and your place in it.

  36. My mother was the spine of this family. She was the center. And without her, he’s, well, the best of him died with her.” ― Beth Dutton

  37. There’s no greater failure than a parent outliving their child because it’s the one failure that you just can’t ever overcome.” ― Dan Jenkins

  38. Every now and then, you say something that makes me think you’re smart, and then I look at you and that thug’s face.” ― Beth Dutton

  39. There’s sharks and minnows in this world, Jimmy, and if you don’t know which one you are, then you ain’t a f**kin’ shark.” ― Rip Wheeler

  40. I look at every day with you as a gift. My tommorows are, well, they’re all words. There’s no word I’d rather call you if that’s what you want.

  41. Cancer doesn’t have much foresight, so it kills its hosts, which kills it. Cancer is suicide from the inside out. That’s what you are, Beth.” ― Rip Wheeler

  42. I see things in people, and I feel like if I can touch it, even if the rest of the person is rotten, I can take that good thing and make it part of me.” ― Beth Dutton

  43. We measure our progress by how those cities impact the people and the land surrounding them, the land that feeds them,provides their water, nourishes their souls.

  44. The difference between raising a son and a daughter. All you do with a daughter is just try to keep her from getting screwed. All you do with a son is trying to keep him from screwing himself.” ― John Dutton

  45. Someday your son’s gonna test you. He’s gonna force you to make a decision that not only determines his future but your place in it. me standing here, son, before you make that decision, because this… this is a consequence of choosing wrong.” 

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