Use and Throw Quotes About Relationships

Life is all about the true relationships and friends, one has earned. But not all bonds are meant to stay. Some people come into your life just for their own benefit. They are selfish and take advantage of your goodness. Not only do such fake people manipulate you, but also leave you feeling empty, hopeless and betrayed. These use and throw quotes will help you express your feelings.

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A “use and throw” mentality is a mindset in which people are regarded as disposable commodities. In such relationships, individuals are utilized solely for convenience or personal gain, and once their utility is exhausted, they are discarded. This may happen in various aspects of life, including friendships, professional partnerships, and even romantic relationships.

Being taken advantage of can erode one’s confidence, trust, and self-esteem, making it difficult to trust others in the future. 

These quotes also remind us of the importance of setting boundaries and maintaining healthy relationships.

Top 10 Use and Throw Quotes

  1. “Using people shows weakness, not strength.”― Unknown                                                                    

    use and throw quotes
    use and throw quotes
  2. “Real connections > Disposable encounters.”― Trisha. J                                                                        

    use and throw quotes images
    use and throw quotes images
  3. Love people, not things; use things, not people. ” ― Spencer W. Kimball                               

    use and throw quotes relationship
    use and throw quotes relationship
  4. “Just when I was learning to trust; you showed me again why I don’t.”― Unknown                           

    use and throw people quotes
    use and throw people quotes
  5. “Those who use and throw others will inevitably reap what they sow.”― Unknown
  6. “Value people for who they are not for what benefit you can get from them.”― Unknown                 

    use and throw status
    use and throw status
  7. “Using people for your own gain is a short-term strategy that will eventually backfire.”― Unknown
  8. “If you want to be respected, treat people with dignity and respect – not as disposable objects.”― Unknown
  9. “Beware of those who only want to use you – they have no intention of making a genuine connection.”― Unknown
  10. “Some people will only love you as much as they can use you. their loyalty ends where the benefits stop.”― Unknown                                                 

    use and throw friends quotes
    use and throw friends quotes

Use and Throw Friends Quotes

Using and discarding friends is not a healthy or respectful way to approach relationships. It’s important to value and cherish the friendships in your life. Instead of promoting a “use and throw friends” mentality, here are some quotes that highlight the significance of genuine, lasting friendships:

  1. “Using people is a sign of immaturity and lack of empathy.”― Unknown
  2. “A loyal friend is a treasure, not to be discarded but cherished.”― Unknown
  3. “Using someone for your gain is a form of emotional abuse.”― Unknown
  4. “In life, we never lose friends, we only learn who the true ones are.”― Unknown
  5. “I am not a tissue paper to be used and thrown. Don’t play with my feelings and emotions.”
  6. “Invest in your friendships, and you’ll find they are worth more than any temporary gain.”
  7. “Using someone for your benefit only shows how little respect you have for other people.”― Unknown
  8. “Beware of those who only want to use you for their benefit – they have no intention of making a genuine connection.”― Unknown
  9. “Stay away from fake people because you don’t know when they will throw you.”― Unknown
  10. “Friends are not disposable; they are the family we choose and should treat with love and respect.”

Use and Throw Persons Quotes

  1. “People try to constantly use me and I hate it.”― Tracy Emin
  2. “If people know how good you are, you will be exploited. ― Unknown
  3. “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot I only exist when you need something.”― Unknown
  4. “Never take advantage of the person who does the most for you.”― Unknown
  5. “It’s funny how ‘friends’ forget us when they don’t need any more favors.”― Unknown
  6. “You see a person’s true colors when you are no longer beneficial to their life.”― Unknown
  7. “Those who use and throw people only end up alone and miserable in the end.”― Unknown
  8. “Use and throw persons are like disposable utensils – used for a short while and then discarded.”― Unknown
  9. “The problem with use and throw people is that they never have your back when you need them.”― Unknown
  10. “Don’t allow use and throw persons to take advantage of your kindness – set boundaries and stick to them.”― Unknown

Quotes On Use and Throw Relationships

  1. “Friends aren’t commodities.”― Trisha. J                                            

    use n throw quotes
    use n throw quotes
  2. “Relationships aren’t recyclables.” ― Trisha. J                                                        

    use and throw love quotes
    use and throw love quotes
  3. “Value connections, not convenience.” ― Trisha. J                                             

    quotes for use and throw
    quotes for use and throw
  4. “Friends are not tools; they’re treasures.” ― Unknown
  5. “Respect others’ worth; don’t treat them as disposable.” ― Trisha. J
  6. “Value people over convenience, it’s a richer way to live.” ― Unknown
  7. “Use and throw relationships are like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode.” Unknown
  8. “The best way to avoid use and throw people is to be authentic and build genuine relationships.”
  9. “Don’t be a “use and throw” person. Respect yourself and others by building genuine relationships.”― Unknown
  10. “There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people wouldn’t even jump puddles for you.” ― Anonymous

Use and Throw Status, Quotes For Fake Friends

  1. “Don’t be too nice, you’ll be taken for granted.”― Unknown
  2. “A true friend will not treat you like a doormat.” ― Unknown
  3. “Respect others’ worth; it’s not a ‘use and throw’ game.” ― Unknown
  4. “Don’t devalue people with a ‘use and throw’ mentality.” ― Unknown
  5. “Loyal people are rare to find but fake people are everywhere” – Unknown
  6. “When you use someone for personal gain it’s your biggest loss.” ― Unknown
  7. “Cherish people, don’t ‘use and throw’ them; they’re not commodities.” ― Unknown
  8. “Letting go of toxic people in your life is a big step in loving yourself.” – Hussein Nishah
  9. “Using people and throwing away once you get benefit is a sign of a true betrayal.” ― Unknown
  10. “Relationships are not meant for ‘use and throw’; they’re ‘cherish and grow.’” ― Unknown
  11. “A ‘use and throw’ approach may seem easy, but it’s rarely meaningful.” ― Unknown
  12. “Stop doing permanent things for temporary people. These are fake people who will disappear from your life once they get what they need out of you.― Unknown

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