60 Quotes About Being Taken Advantage Of And People Using You

Looking for quotes about people using you and taking advantage? We have compiled a list of the best Quotes About Being Taken Advantage of by family, friends, or at work. Read through these quotes about people using you and get inspired to let go of those who do not deserve you.

Being taken advantage of is a difficult and often painful experience. It can happen in a variety of contexts, from personal relationships to professional ones, and it can leave a person feeling powerless and undervalued.

Being taken advantage of can erode one’s confidence, trust, and self-esteem, making it difficult to trust others in the future.

We have all been victims of people using us in one way or the other. It is very sad when the person you love or trust the most is taking advantage of you. When you allow other people to take control of their your and manipulate them by using you for emotional, financial, or other gains.

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These quotes also remind us of the importance of setting boundaries and maintaining healthy relationships.

They encourage us to take ownership of our own well-being and to avoid letting others take advantage of us.

Once you recognize such people, take a step back and distance yourself from them with all the courage and strength.

Quotes About Being Taken Advantage Of

  1. “Take advantage of every opportunity.”
  2. “The more you give, the more they try and take.”
  3. “Givers have to set limits because takers rarely do. ”
  4. “Never take advantage of the person who does the most for you.”
  5. “Too many people take advantage of the trust that they are given.”
  6. “Just because I’m nice doesn’t mean you can take advantage of me.”
  7. “Being your own man does not mean taking advantage of anyone else.”
  8. “People don’t notice the things we do for them until we stop doing them.”
  9. “It’s funny how ‘friends’ forget us when they don’t need any more favors.”
  10. “Don’t take advantage of a kind heart. You may never be offered one again.”

Taking Advantage Quotes

  1. “I literally think it’s impossible to be nice without being taken advantage of.”
  2. “Characterize people by their actions and you’ll never be fooled by their words.”
  3. “People mistake my kindness for weakness and take advantage of our friendship.”
  4. “A sworn vow never to be taken advantage of again.”- Anthony Rosario Wagner
  5. “I hate liars, hypocrites, and people who take advantage of people who care about them.”
  6. “Trust is built when someone is vulnerable and not taken advantage of.” – Bob Vanourek
  7. “Being taken advantage of is solely your fault. Being available at all times is your stupidity.”
  8. “Make sure you understand the difference between being kind and being taken advantage of.”
  9. “When success comes, people can try to trick you or take advantage of you.”- Christina Aguilera
  10. “Be careful what you tolerate. Some people have no problem with taking advantage of a good thing.”

People Taking Advantage Quotes

  1. “You need to stop doing things for someone when you find out it’s expected rather than appreciated.”
  2. “ Some people will only “love you” as much as they can use you. Their loyalty ends where the benefits stop.”
  3. “You can’t always be nice. That’s how people take advantage of you. Sometimes you have to set boundaries.”
  4. “Winners understand that there’s a time and a place for not being nice. It’s when you’re being taken advantage of.”
  5. “Sometimes you try to help people, and it backfires on you, and then they try to take advantage of you.”- Bill Cosby
  6. “There comes a time in your life when you have to stop crossing oceans for people that won’t even jump puddles for you.”
  7. “Spend your time to those who love you unconditionally. Not with those who love you only when the condition is right for them.”
  8. “Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them. You have to figure out who’s worth your kindness and who’s just taking advantage.”
  9. “You don’t need to know every detail, but you should know the basics. There are so many people who get taken advantage of.”- Tony A. Gaskins
  10. “Never trust a person that has let you down more than two times. Once was a warning, twice was a lesson and anything more than that is simply taking advantage.”

People Use You Quotes

  1. “Men are used as they use others.”- Bidpai
  2. “People try to constantly use me and I hate it.”- Tracy Emin
  3. “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot I only exist when you need something.”
  4. “Don’t take advantage of each other, but fear God!”- Leviticus 25:17
  5. “Stop crossing oceans for people that won’t even jump a puddle for you.”
  6. “You see a person’s true colors when you are no longer beneficial to their life.”
  7. “Don’t use men to get what you want in life. Get it yourself.”- Helen Gurley Brown
  8. “People always miss you more when they see how much happier you are without them.”
  9. “Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care, but because they don’t.”
  10. “I have learned that people at the bottom use others’ bodies to climb to the top.”- Mandla Langa
  11. “You can not change the people around you, but you can change the people that you choose to be around.”
  12. “I don’t care if you hate me now, I already know you only treat me nice when you think I am useful to you.”
  13. “Is that what love is? Using people? And maybe that’s what hate is – not being able to use people.”- Tennessee Williams
  14. “People need to learn that their actions do affect other people. So be careful what you say and do, it’s not always just about you.”
  15. “There are two kinds of friends: Those who are around when you need them and those who are around when they need you.”
  16. “Stop doing things for some people if you find that they’re starting to expect it from you rather than appreciating it.”
  17. “Sometimes, you just need to distance yourself from people. If they care, they’ll notice. If they don’t, you know where you stand.”
  18. “What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things.”- Zelda Fitzgerald
  19. “Some people will test you. Some people will use you. Some people will teach you. But most importantly, some will bring out the ‘Best In You’.”
  20. “Don’t talk to me because you’re “Bored”. I’m not here to entertain you. And don’t come to me only when you need a favor. I don’t like being used.”
  21. “Why is it that the less use people have another human being, the politer they become to him? Relentlessly polite.”- Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  22. “Don’t let people treat you like a cigarette, they only use you when they are bored and step on you when they are done. Be like drugs, let them die for you.”
  23. “Using people to leverage a refined process multiplies production, using people as a poor solution to a poor process multiplies problems.”- Timothy Ferriss
  24. “When people use you like a dirty old tool – than leave out of the blue – to make you feel like a fool – it’s God using His pull to get rid of the bull because He loves you.”
  25. “If you allow people to make more withdrawals than deposits in your life, you will be out of balance and in the negative. Know when to close the account.” – Christie Williams
  26. “To be happy is to wisely use the power of saying NO to some people. Don’t be afraid to disappoint people who only conveniently remember you when they want something from you.”
  27. “I don’t let people use me. That’s why I like a small number of people in my life. The more people in my life, the more complex it becomes, so I just try to keep it at a minimum.”- Anita Baker
  28. “All people have feelings, they are not there to be used. If you’re not longer interested in someone, they have the right to be informed before you go and cheat or go looking elsewhere.”- Jerry Springer
  29. “Because I’m just a giving person spiritually, I feel that if your intentions are to use or abuse or take advantage of, then you might get what you get in the meantime, but there’s still a price to pay.”- Angie Stone
  30. “Some people don’t love you, they don’t even care about you. They just want to stay connected to you. They love the benefits. So they do the minimal…A little phone call here and there, just checking on you…What they are really doing is maintaining the connection, so when they need/want you, they still have a way in.”

Feeling Used Quotes

  1. Rich or Poor, you will be used.
  2. You are still a good person when you say ‘No’
  3. Be a Good Samaritan and not a good doormat.
  4. It’s better to be powerless than let power use you.
  5. People treat you nice when they are going to use you.
  6. Some people will love you until they can use you.
  7. If people know how good you are, you will be exploited.
  8. When you succumb to your heart people take advantage of you.
  9. When you use someone for personal gain it’s your biggest loss.
  10. The sad truth about life is you are forgotten and only remembered by people when they want something from you.

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Many people turn to quotes about being taken advantage of for guidance and inspiration.

These quotes can offer insight into the mindset of those who take advantage of others, as well as strategies for dealing with this behavior in a positive and constructive way.

They can help individuals to recognize the signs of being taken advantage of and develop the skills necessary to assert themselves and protect their interests.

By drawing upon the wisdom and insight offered by these quotes, we can find the courage and strength to stand up for ourselves and create healthier and more fulfilling relationships in all areas of our lives.

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