40 Losing Interest Quotes and Sayings

Are you looking for quotes about looking interest too quickly in things, realtionship and love? We have compiled a list of losing interest quotes, sayings, captions, (with images and pictures) in life with which you can resonate with.

Quotes About Losing Interest

  1. “Lose interest in settling for less.” — Unknown
  2. “I don’t get jealous, I lose interest.” — Unknown
  3. “I lose interest when I get ignored.” — Unknown
  4. “I lose interest almost as fast as one blinks.” — Unknown
  5. “Lie to me and watch how fast I lose interest.” — Unknown
  6. “If he’s losing interest, then it’s time to move on.” — Unknown
  7. “I love the chase but once I have it I lose interest.” — Unknown
  8. “You ignored me, I lost interest. it’s as simple as that.” — r.h. Sin
  9. “People will change when they lose interest in you.” — Unknown
  10. “I never give up. Unless it gets really hard or I lose interest.” — Unknown
  11. “Nothing loses my interest faster than someone lying to me.” — Unknown
  12. “Catching my attention is easy, keeping my interest is harder.” — Unknown
  13. “If you ever lose interest in me, please respect me enough to tell me.” — Unknown
  14. “Sometimes, you find out too much about a person and you lose interest.” — Unknown
  15. “You know you are doing well when you lose the interest of looking back.” — Unknown
  16. “I start losing interest as soon as I see that you’re not making the same efforts.” — Unknown
  17. “No one grows old by living – only by losing interest in living.” — Marie Beynon Lyons Ray
  18. “Marriage is like a bank account. You put it in, you take it out, you lose interest.” — Irwin Corey
  19. “If you can go without texting her for a whole day…she’ll start losing interest in you.” — Unknown
  20. “Seeing someone slowly lose interest in you is probably one of the worst feelings ever.” — Unknown
  21. “I hate when I can feel someone losing interest in me but there’s nothing I can do about it.” — Unknown
  22. “We all lose our looks eventually, better develop your character and interest in life.” — Jacqueline Bisset
  23. “I’m honestly just afraid of someone losing interest in me after getting so attached to them.” — Unknown
  24. “When you lose interest in anything, you also lose the memory for it.” — Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
  25. “Depression and anxiety are the two major reasons that make you lose interest in everything.” — Unknown
  26. “Never let a boy know you’re crazy about him. He’ll lose interest, and then you’ll be loser.” — Hailey Abbott
  27. “Never lose interest in life and the world. Never allow yourself to become annoyed.” — John D. Rockefeller
  28. “I’m not good with relationships. I lose interest fast, and anyone who gets too close to me I push away.” —  Unknown
  29. “A guy would rather walk over a hot bed of coals than actually tell a woman he is no longer interested in her.” —  Unknown
  30. “I love the first hour of a horror movie, the fear and anticipation. Then, when it gets bloody, I lose interest.” — Sean Durkin
  31. “When things are too easy I lose interest in them so I find ways to complicate them to get myself interested.” —  Richard Marx
  32. “One lie is all it takes for a person to lose interest in you. Best thing to do is always be upfront, be real and tell the truth.” — Unknown
  33. “I am losing interest in everything. I am not excited for anything anymore. I sleep to avoid living. Am I depressed?” — Unknown
  34. “The worst thing about getting close to someone is the thought that at any point, they could lose complete interest in you.” — Unknown
  35. “There’s a big difference between someone playing you and someone losing interest in you after they’ve gotten to know you.” — Sonya Parker
  36. “Over the years I’ve seen people lose a spouse and then withdraw and lose interest in life, and I believe we need to resist that.” — Billy Graham
  37. “One of the first signs of being depressed is that you lose interest in things. That’s why I think it is important to stay passionate.” — Nicolas Cage
  38. “I want to be someone you can’t just lose interest in so easily. Someone you want to be around. Someone you want to experience.” — Unknown
  39. “One of my biggest fears is getting really attached to someone and then they lose interest in me. hope l’m not making a huge mistake.” — Unknown
  40. “It is a truth of human nature that we can ponder life’s mysteries for only so long before we lose interest and move on to something else.” — Sue Grafton
  41. “I was losing interest in politics, when the repeal of the Missouri Compromise aroused me again. What I have done since then is pretty well known.” — Abraham Lincoln
  42. “The principle element in a performance is risk, and if you’re losing interest then by scaring yourself to death the audience will feel it and boy it’ll wake them up.” — Leo Kottke
  43. “I feel that if someone really wants you in their life, they’re gonna show it, not just talk about it. And if their actions don’t match up to their words, I lose interest fast.” — Unknown

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Best Losing Interest Quotes
Best Losing Interest Quotes
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To Lose Interest Quote
Losing Interest Sayings
Losing Interest Sayings
Losing Interest Quotes
Losing Interest Quotes
Picture Quotes About Losing Interest
Picture Quotes About Losing Interest
Motivational Losing Interest Imgs
Motivational Losing Interest Imgs
I Lose Interest Fast Pictures
I Lose Interest Fast Pictures
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Inspirational Losing Interest Quotation
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Losing Interest In Boyfriend Images
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Losing Interest In Relationship Pic


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