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Looking for the most famous quotes by the popular singer SZA? We have rounded up the best collection of SZA quotes, sayings, song lyrics, Tweets, one-liners (with images and pictures) about love, life, success, and more to inspire you.

Solána Imani Rowe (born November 8, 1989) is an American R&B singer and songwriter. She is famous for her critically acclaimed debut studio album, Ctrl (2017), featuring several hit songs such as Love Galore and The Weekend.

To date, she has released three EPs, namely SeeSZA.Run, S and Z.

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Throughout her career, SZA has gained one Grammy Award from fourteen nominations, a Golden Globe nomination, and an Academy Award nomination. She also received the “Rulebreaker Award” at the Billboard Women in Music event in 2018.

SZA also won the Soul Train Music Award for Best New Artist in 2017.

In 2021, her single: Good Days became popular on streaming platforms and became her first solo top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

SZA is a neo-soul singer, whose music has been described as alternative R&B, with elements of soul, hip hop, minimalist R&B, indie rock, cloud rap, witch house, and chillwave.

Top 10 SZA Quotes

  1. “Pain plus love and time = Power.” – SZA

  2. “It’s interesting to all of a sudden be considered valuable.” – SZA                                                           
    sza quotes
    sza quotes

  3. “I’m very into details, so I watch movies just for the details.” – SZA

  4. “I think music is honest and will make you do honest things.” – SZA

  5. “It starts with trusting yourself, even if people are telling you you’re too young to trust yourself.” – SZA                                                                                                                                           
    sza quotes lyrics
    sza quotes lyrics

  6. “I don’t feel ashamed to be loud, which is an argument I’ve had with lots of men, who thought I was too sassy and unladylike.” – SZA

  7. “I love empowering women. I think it’s crazy: if you ever try to belittle women, you’re playing yourself – I ride with whoever rides with me.” – SZA

  8. “Control is not real, and I’m really understanding that every day. It’s about the acceptance of relinquishing control that makes it powerful for you.” – SZA

  9. “I’m a Scorpio with a Pisces moon. I am very critical of myself. I’m actually way less critical of others than I am of myself. I’m in my own head a lot. It’s hard and really discouraging.” – SZA

  10. “As long as you’re being honest and there’s intention in what you’re doing, then I think that energy permeates your field and becomes like a homing signal for other people with like energies.” – SZA

Best Sza Quotes About Love & Life

SZA got famous after meeting rapper and producer Terrence Henderson, who signed her to Top Dawg Entertainment.

The American beauty cites many artists like Meelah, Ella Fitzgerald, and Björk as her influences.

  1. “I love folk. I love rap.” – SZA

  2. “All that’s for real is forever.”- SZA                                                                                                             
    SZA quotes Instagram
    SZA quotes Instagram

  3. “Everything I love I over do.” – SZA

  4. “I don’t want to speak negativity into existence.” – SZA                                                                               
    sza quotes images
    sza quotes images

  5. “Your energy told me what your mouth couldn’t.” – SZA

  6. “I wasn’t popular in high school; I had no friends.” – SZA

  7. “I’m a visual learner, so the film is a huge inspiration to me.” – SZA

  8. “Keep your intentions pure, don’t be scared, don’t mince words.” – SZA

  9. “I want to excel at something, to follow through, to not be afraid.” – SZA                                                   
    sza quotes about life
    sza quotes about life

  10. “I was raised orthodox Muslim. Very sheltered, very conservative.” – SZA

  11. “I always used to be like, ‘I don’t need to meditate.’ And it’s not true.” – SZA

  12. “I have an abundant amount of love in my life, and I’m grateful for that.” – SZA

  13. “My music is touching people in whatever spaces they need to be touched in.” – SZA

  14. “You can take care of your body, and it will low-key show you respect in turn.” – SZA

  15. “I think we all do: I think we wonder if we’re supposed to be here if we’re doing the right thing if we even want to be here. At least, I do all the time.” – SZA

  16. “I just make music however I feel and pray that it connects, and if it does, I’m super thankful. I think genres are more for other people, not for yourself.” – SZA

  17. “I don’t have a primary doctor, a primary hairstylist, a primary anything. I don’t even have a primary address! Everything is just whenever I can find one.” – SZA

  18. “I used to be very revenge-motivated, but that’s just because I’m a Scorpio. Now I’m more so, like, practice honesty just because it makes you feel better.” – SZA

  19. “I don’t have any control over what actually happens except for that I have full control over my will for myself, my intention, and why I’m there. That’s all that matters.” – SZA

  20. “I learned everything the hard way – like, literally, everything. I know that God does that to people that he has lessons for. I just wish that I had learned less extreme lessons.” – SZA

  21. “My parents are really conservative. My dad is Muslim, and my mom is the most conservative woman you’ve ever met. They’re very aristocratic in the most quaint suburban way.” – SZA

  22. “As long as you’re being honest and there’s the intention in what you’re doing, then I think that energy permeates your field and becomes like a homing signal for other people with like energies.” – SZA

  23. “I was born in St. Louis, but I’m from Maplewood, New Jersey. Maplewood is completely different than the rest of New Jersey. It’s very small. It’s quietly affluent but more low-key. Lauryn Hill is from my town, though.” – SZA

  24. “Wearing a hijab never made me feel any more conservative – it made me feel safe. Then, after 9/11, I became the butt of a joke on the playground, so I stopped wearing it. Kids can be really cruel when you’re the only black girl in your Girl Scout troop.” – SZA

  25. “I feel like when you say ‘activist,’ you have to have so much clarity, and I don’t always necessarily have so much clarity on how I want to help others, I just have this weird, deep urge to help other people. I’m trying to let God guide my body and use it as whatever kind of vehicle or vessel it needs to be.” – SZA

Inspirational Quotes By Sza 

  1. “I drink a lot of water.” – SZA

  2. “I listen to Stevie Nicks.” – SZA

  3. “I do a lot of strange things.” – SZA

  4. “God forever working harder than satan.” – SZA

  5. “Take me to reality and drag me to the truth.” – SZA

  6. “I make bad decisions frequently. They’re fun.” – SZA

  7. “Desperately yearning to accept its all as it should be.” – SZA

  8. “I was a gymnast for 13 years, so I was heavy into sports.” – SZA

  9. “I feel like every outfit I have ever planned ahead is trash.” – SZA

  10. “I worry so much. Like, ‘Damn, how can I be excellent?’ But it’s a journey.” – SZA

  11. “I use Ecoco EcoStyler gel, but the alcohol-free protein one. That’s the key.” – SZA

  12. “Music is my form of cleansing and introspection, so I have to grow in order to accomplish it.” – SZA

  13. “People grapple with labeling me as hip-hop, R&B, or pop, and it’s interesting to me. I’m just making music.” – SZA

  14. “We’re changing little girls’ lives across the world, and we didn’t even know what we were doing when we started.” – SZA

  15. “Every day I grapple between ‘I’m going to get married’ and ‘I’m going to spend the rest of my life alone with a poodle.’” – SZA

  16. “I don’t have a background in music… and I have a short attention span. If you put me in the studio every day, I’m gonna get lost.” – SZA

  17. “Don’t get discouraged with your skin when it doesn’t do what you want it to do… Give it some time. That’s the only way to get to know yourself.” – SZA

  18. “When you’re, like, 190 pounds, dark-skinned, and a new artist that no one really cares about, people don’t really take the time to make you look beautiful.” – SZA

  19. “How many thick black women are there singing whatever I’m singing, surrounded by rappers, but also from the suburbs? I can’t really judge someone else for judging me!” – SZA

  20. “I’ve been known to wear pajamas onstage for the sole reason of wanting to make sure I’m free enough to execute new things vocally onstage and give my best performance possible.” – SZA

  21. “On Halloween, because we don’t celebrate it, my dad would drive me somewhere, anywhere different. Like Little Italy in New York to walk around and teach me all about the food and culture.” – SZA

  22. “In the real world, I kind of, like, thrived a little bit. The things that were awkward about me at school, like being hyper passionate… I realized, ‘Oh I’m my own person, and I have my own idiosyncrasies and nuances that I don’t mind.’” – SZA

  23. “I love food, so having a lot of food allergies now and just having a really sensitive body, it forces me to be very mindful and conscious and eat when I’m hungry, not just when I’m bored, and just really slow down. Everything in moderation.” – SZA

  24. “I don’t think I’m inherently feminist. I think the universe wants me to be feminist, and I think I resonate with that. I think it just chose me to be this female energy… thing. And I’m very drawn to female energy, but I don’t really have any prerequisites in feminism. I just roll with it.” – SZA

  25. “I used to be offended when people would compare me to Erykah Badu. Because I’m black, thick, and have large lips? There’s nothing similar about us whatsoever, and I felt very disrespected by the fact that people needed to pigeonhole me. I wasn’t even raised on Erykah Badu!” – SZA

Popular Sza Quotes And Sayings

  1. “I was a funky kid.” – SZA

  2. “I love classical jazz.” – SZA

  3. “Kicked myself out the algorithm.” – SZA

  4. “In one way, I want to heal people.” – SZA

  5. “Searching for peace be like fishing for water.” – SZA

  6. “Only break the rules baby or whatever Ja said.” – SZA

  7. “My anxiety stems from my lack of control no matter what.” – SZA

  8. “My mom didn’t let me eat sugar or candy until I was older.” – SZA

  9. “I try to think of myself as a chic fishing grandpa aesthetically.” – SZA

  10. “I did some work on Beyonce and Nick Minaj’s ‘Feeling Myself.’” – SZA

  11. “No one sets an impossible beauty standard like ya own mama lmao.” – SZA

  12. “Listening to Alabama Shakes made me less self-conscious about my voice.” – SZA

  13. “Father if you don’t take me any further I honor the gifts you’ve given me thus far.” – SZA

  14. “I live in my imagination, so sometimes movies help me get lost. I feel like I’m in it.” – SZA

  15. “I don’t enjoy being interviewed. I feel like it exhausts a lot of my energy. I feel empty after.” – SZA

  16. “It’s so hard for me to focus on things for a long time that I’m not incredibly passionate about.” – SZA

  17. “I’ve always loved playing with hair. I used to want dreads like Lauryn Hill, but my mom wouldn’t let me.” – SZA

  18. “I have a really strong gluten allergy, and I’m pretty lactose-intolerant, like, in a big way, but I love cheese.” – SZA

  19. “I definitely get inspiration from the ‘gram. I mean, Instagram is Google, essentially. I love looking at pictures of beautiful women.” – SZA

  20. “I just think I have too much anxiety to listen to music. Sometimes it feels like noise, and sometimes it’s so affecting that I can’t recover from it.” – SZA

  21. “My mom was an executive at AT&T, a global account lady. I have no idea what she did. I just know she was never home and speaks several languages.” – SZA

  22. “I went through this phase of Spandex, high heels, and fur coats when I was my late teens and early twenties; before then, I lived in overalls and baggy T-shirts.” – SZA

  23. “Sugar makes me feel crazy – like, makes my body hurt kind of a thing. I don’t really eat fruit because it has a lot of sugar. I try not to eat a lot of red meat, but every now and again, I feel like I need iron or something – something that I’m missing.” – SZA

  24. “There’s something different about growing up black and Muslim, especially in New Jersey. It’s like when I left the mosque and I left my dad, I felt unprotected, but I also felt a weird sense of pride, like I was involved in this other way of living that was cool to me.” – SZA

  25. “When your parents regulate everything you hear and everything you intake, it forces you to get creative in other ways. It sparked the writing bug and the very overactive imagination. Because I’ve had a lot of time by myself and a lot of time isolated from regular culture, I created my own.” – SZA

Famous Sza Song Lyrics

  1. “I belong to nobody.” – SZA, “Go Gina”

  2. “My narcissism keeps me level.” – SZA, “Kismet”

  3. “Am I all that I pretend to be?” – SZA, “Green Mile”

  4. “I could be your supermodel.” – SZA, “Supermodel”

  5. “Run fast from my day job.” – SZA, “Broken Clocks”

  6. “Freedom ain’t real, who’s sold you that lie?” – SZA, “Ur”

  7. “Keep your feet firmly planted in the sky.” – SZA, “Omega”

  8. “Goddess of Forbidden Love, I am she.” – SZA, “Ice.Moon”

  9. “Promise to get a little better as I get older.” – SZA, “Prom”

  10. “And if you wondered if I hate you, I do.” – SZA, “I Hate U”

  11. “You like 9 to 5, I’m the weekend.” – SZA, “The Weekend”

  12. “All that I’ve got, pieces and pages.” – SZA, “Broken Clocks”

  13. “Sit back and relax your mind.” – SZA, “Doves in the Wind”

  14. “Can’t beat ‘em, just join the party.” –  SZA,“Broken Clocks”

  15. “Promise I won’t cry over spilled milk.” – SZA, “Love Galore”

  16. “Need you for my sanity.” – SZA, “Garden (Say It Like Dat)”

  17. “But I need you, I need you, I need you.” – SZA, “Supermodel”

  18. “How you want me when you got a girl?” – SZA, “The Weekend”

  19. “Winter, I can’t stand this, snow is falling all on me.” – SZA, “Prom”

  20. “Gettin’ all in your love, fallin’ all over love.” – SZA, “The Weekend”

  21. “Keep patience on the left side of your brain.” – SZA, “The Odyssey”

  22. “How could it be? 20 something, all alone still.” – SZA, “20 Something”

  23. “Why is it so hard to accept the party is over?” – SZA, “Drew Barrymore”

  24. “Wish I was the type of girl you take over to mama.” – SZA, “Normal Girl”

  25. “All the while, I’ll await my armored fate with a smile.” – SZA, “Good Days”

  26. “20 something, all alone still, not a thing in my name.” – SZA, “20 Something”

  27. “I gotta say I’m in the mood for a little bit more of that.” – SZA, “The Weekend”

  28. “You a wild one, and I’m wadin’ in you like it’s cool water.” – SZA, “Hit Different”

  29. “Bring the gin, got the juice, bring the sin, got that too.” – SZA, “Drew Barrymore”

  30. “I could be your supermodel if you believe, if you see it in me.” – SZA, “Supermodel”

  31. “I’m never going back, never going back, you can’t make me.” – SZA, “Broken Clocks”

  32. “Gotta get right, tryna free my mind before the end of the world.” – SZA, “Good Days”

  33. “Stuck in them 20 somethings, stuck in them 20 somethings.” – SZA, “20 Something”

  34. “Down for the ride, down for the ride, you could take me anywhere.” – SZA, “Anything”

  35. “Love me even if it rain, love me even if it pain you.” – SZA, “Garden (Say It Like Dat)”

  36. “I’ve paid enough of petty dues, I’ve heard enough of sh*tty news.” – SZA, “Broken Clocks”

  37. “But memories keep coming back, all the nights that we used to laugh.” – SZA, “Childs Play”

  38. “It made me feel good for temporary love, you was a temporary lover.” – SZA, “Supermodel”

  39. “Maybe I should kill my inhibition, maybe I’ll perfect in a new dimension.” – SZA, “Anything”

  40. “And if it’s an illusion, I don’t wanna wake up. I’m gonna hang on to it.” – SZA, “20 Something”

  41. “Flying high and fearless baby, I’ve kissed death a thousand times before.” – SZA, “Sweet November”

  42. “This time next year, I’ll be living so good, won’t remember your name, I swear.” – SZA, “Normal Girl”

  43. “Why I can’t stay alone just by myself? Wish I was comfortable just with myself.” – SZA, “Supermodel”

  44. “Good day in my mind, safe to take a step out, get some air now, let your edge out.” – SZA, “Good Days”

  45. “Acting like we wasn’t more than a summer fling, I said farewell, you took it well.” – SZA, “Love Galore”

  46. “Only write rhythm to the tardiest of tempos, only ride shotgun when the car is a limo.” – SZA, “Childs Play”

  47. “How you ain’t say you was movin’ forward? Honesty hurts when you’re gettin’ older.” – SZA, “20 Something”

  48. “Somebody get the tacos, somebody spark a blunt, let’s start the Narcos off at episode one.” – SZA, “Drew Barrymore”

  49. “If it did it all again, I would give like ten percent. You deserve like half of that, I’ma need my money back.” –SZA, “No Love”

  50. “Need you for the old me, need you for my sanity, need you to remind me where I come from.” – SZA, “Garden (Say It Like Dat)”

SZA’s Biography And Facts

Full name: Solána Imani Rowe

Date of birth: 8th November 1989

Place of birth: St Louis, Missouri, United States

Nationality: American

Height: 1.62 m

Weight: 121 lbs

Genre: R&B/Soul

Net worth: $3 million

Instagram: @sza

Besides attending a ‘regular school’ as a young girl, she also used to attend a “Muslim Prep-School” every day.

She later studied at Columbia High School and went on to pursue a course in liberal arts at Essex County College.

2021 saw SZA appear on the Doja Cat single “Kiss Me More” and contribute “The Anonymous Ones” to the soundtrack for the coming-of-age film Dear Evan Hansen. “No Love” (with Summer Walker) and “I Hate U” appeared at the end of the year.

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A deluxe edition of Ctrl, including seven previously unreleased songs, appeared in June 2022, five years after the album was originally released.

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