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Morgan Harper Nichols is an American Christian musician, songwriter, artist, and social media influencer whose work revolves around the theme of creating connection.

She shares her work daily across multiple platforms, including her app Storyteller, blog titled Garden24, YouTube, Instagram, and podcast.

Nichols started writing songs at the age of 15, before she started singing or playing guitar. Her song “Doesn’t Take Stars to Shine”, was a part of the talent show in the film, Bratz: The Movie, which opened doors for her musical career.

In 2014, she collaborated with her sister, Jamie Grace, on the song Family Christmas. he also co-wrote tracks for Jamie Grace’s second album, Ready to Fly.

She released the studio album in 2015, Morgan Harper Nichols, featuring the song “Storyteller,” which included her sister Jamie Grace.

Her creativity extends beyond music. She is an impressive poet whose work draws inspiration from real-life interactions and stories. In 2017, she released her debut book, Storyteller, which contains one hundred poems written as letters.

Nichols is a remarkable artist who weaves together music, poetry, and visual art to foster connection and inspire others.

Her words of wisdom, authenticity, and positive spirit resonate with her followers, making her a beloved figure online.

Top 10 Morgan Harper Nichols Quotes

  1. “Step into the unknown and learn as you go.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  2. “Don’t give up on Love. Love has not given up on you.” — Morgan Harper Nichols  

    Morgan Harper Nichols Quotes
    Morgan Harper Nichols Quotes
  3. “How liberating it is to pursue wholeness instead of perfection.” — Morgan Harper Nichols

    MHN Quotes
    MHN Quotes
  4. “To breathe is brave. Never underestimate the power of an exhale.” — Morgan Harper Nichols 

    Quotes By Morgan Harper Nichols Quotes
    Quotes By Morgan Harper Nichols Quotes
  5. “One day, you will wake up, and all of the waiting will have made sense.” — Morgan Harper Nichols

    Harper Wallpaper
    Harper Wallpaper
  6. “It wasn’t until she reached the shore that she realized she was meant for water.” — Morgan Harper Nichols

    MHN Poetry
    MHN Poetry
  7. Peace is an invitation in daily life to breathe deep, right here, in the uncertainty.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  8. “Not everyone will notice the way you shine, but you will shine all the same in beautiful, natural ways.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  9. “Tell the story of the mountain you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else’s survival guide.” — Morgan Harper Nichols

    Inspirational Morgan Harper Nichols Quotes
    Inspirational Morgan Harper Nichols Quotes
  10. “And the beautiful thing about God is this: even though we cannot fully comprehend His love, His love fully comprehends us.” — Morgan Harper Nichols

Famous Quotes By Morgan Harper Nichols

  1. “You have not seen all there is to see, and that, my friend, is a beautiful thing.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  2. “You may not have chosen your surroundings, but you can choose to find life in them.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  3. “But no matter who stays or who walked away, remember all the things they taught you.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  4. “The same morning light that shines on the most beautiful places on earth is shining on you, too.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  5. “She no longer had the desire to bend herself into the frame of photographs where she was unwelcome.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  6. “Hold tight to hope, amidst all unanswered questions, for even in uncertainty, there is strength to be found.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  7. “Take photographs of everything. You never know how long these moments will be here. Things are going to change.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  8. “Do not just wait to be invited to something. Create something. Contribute something. Make something. Do something.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  9. “In her lowest place she found the grace, the strength, the courage, the room, the space to move and live and breathe again.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  10. “I hope you know it is okay to lean into the grace that reminds you things will come together in the way they were supposed to.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  11. “When you find yourself falling into the pit of anxiety, remember the ladder of hope that reminds you there is no reason to be afraid.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  12. “I hope you find the peace you need in moments unhurried, where you are reminded it’s alright to embrace the quieter days of your life.” — Morgan Harper Nichols

Best Morgan Harper Nichols Quotes

  1. “Everything takes time, and often, more time than you want it to.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  2. “You are worthy of love no matter how anyone else has made you feel.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  3. “You are still not as lost as you think you are; you are here, for a reason, to make the most of it.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  4. “She will not worry. She will be just fine. She will brave this new season one day at a time.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  5. “You are free to move around the room, to paint the walls a new color, and declare there is more to you.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  6. “What if all the imperfections and the flaws were only part of your story — not the sum of who you are?” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  7. “You may not remember every single detail, but you do know that you are not where you used to be.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  8. “You do not have to live afraid. You do not have to live with the lie that things will always be this way.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  9. “You are not in stagnant waters; you are still moving forward. Every breath you breathe is a sign of your process and growth.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  10. “I know this world is moving onward in all of the fastest ways, but I hope that you can still find meaning and beauty in things that come together slowly and intentionally.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  11. “And perhaps what made her beautiful was not her appearance or what she achieved, but in her love and in her courage, and her audacity to believe: no matter the darkness around her, light ran wild within her, and that was the way she came alive, and it showed up in everything.” — Morgan Harper Nichols

Morgan Harper Nichols Quotes And Sayings

  1. “You are free to forgive, and you are also free to heal.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  2. “Beauty is so quietly woven throughout ordinary days that we barely notice it.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  3. “Take heart, gentle soul, you may not be like the rest of them, but you are still whole.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  4. “More than she was known for her accomplishments, she was known for the way she loved.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  5. “Love is as vast as the ocean, and we’re always only swimming on the surface of its greatness.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  6. “Keep planting, sowing, living and knowing that beautiful things take time…and that’s okay.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  7. “You always remember. The December you chose to believe: letting go did not make you weak, with or without the closure.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  8. “Not everyone believes in her and not everyone supports her. But her God goes with her and that’s what sustains her.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  9. “Even the dull moments that make you long to be elsewhere, will prepare you for where you want to be, and you will have gratitude when you arrive there.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  10. “Perhaps the reason you are drawn to flowers is not only for their outer beauty, but because they remind you: Beautiful things will bloom, after the longest season of waiting.” ― Morgan Harper Nichols
  11. “In a world that often seems too crowded or busy to notice beautiful things or make meaningful connections, there is still room for each of us to grow in the ways we were meant to.” — Morgan Harper Nichols

More Morgan Harper Nichols Quotes

  1. “Never let anyone who cannot bear your pain make you feel you are unbearable. Not everyone is capable of walking with you, but that does not mean you are not worthy of belonging.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  2. “Living in the moment is learning how to live between the big moments. It is learning how to make the most of the in-betweens and having the audacity to make those moments just as exciting.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  3. “Let today be the day you are kind to yourself and focus on believing what is beautiful and true. And this does not mean you ignore your imperfections. It means, in spite of them, you believe there is beauty to you.” — Morgan Harper Nichols
  4. “Empathy: “Let me hold the door for you. I may have never walked in your shoes, but I can see your soles are worn, and your strength is torn under the weight of a story I have never lived before. Let me hold the door for you. After all, you have walked through, it is the least I can do.” – Morgan Harper Nichols
  5. “Today is my 29th birthday and now more than ever, I am learning to delight in the present. I am learning that this new year of life will look different than every other year and that is a beautiful thing. I cannot compare year 29 to year 28. I cannot spend year 29 wondering how it will compare to year 30. Every year is different. Every day is different. Every moment is different, and there is something to be learned within them all. Praying for grace and strength in this year to remember that.” — Morgan Harper Nichols


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