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Looking for inspirational quotes by your fav rapper Young Dolph? We have rounded up the best collection of Young Dolph quotes, sayings, lyrics from songs, captions, status messages, (with images and pictures) about love, life, success, and more to motivate you to follow your dreams.

Adolph Robert Thornton Jr. popularly known by his stage name Young Dolph was an American rapper. Born on July 27, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois, was raised by his grandmother in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Young made his career in the rapping industry in 2008, when he released his first mixtape Paper Route Campaign. Since then he has been active in the music industry and has been a part of many successful songs.

Some of Young’s early career hits include Paper Route Empire (2010), Welcome 2 Dolph World, A Time 2 Kill and Blue Magic (2012), and Trappin’ Out a Mansion (2013).

His song Preach (2014) featuring Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz, and others, from his fourth installment of the High-Class Street Music series, American Gangster received nationwide fame.

Young released his debut studio album in 2016, King Of Memphis which achieved 49th position in the Billboard 200 chart. He also featured in “Cut It”, O.T. Genasis’s hit single which achieved the 35th position on the Billboard Hot 100.

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Young released his second studio album in 2017, ‘Bulletproof’ which peaked at number 36 on the US Billboard Chart. In 2020, Young released his seventh album, Rich Slave, which became his highest-charting project, and debuted on the Billboard 200 at number four.

Young married an Instagram influencer, Mia Jaye, and has two children. Unfortunately, he was shot and killed in Memphis, on November 17, 2021.

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Being one of the most popular rappers in the rap music industry, Young has inspired a lot of people with his words of wisdom. These best Young Dolph quotes will surely serve as a dose of motivation for upcoming rappers and rap music fans.

Top 10 Young Dolph Quotes

  1. “Never wait on nobody. Go for what you know.” – Young Dolph                                                                         
    Young Dolph Quotes
    Young Dolph Quotes

  2. “As long as I keep moving up and working, my worth will rise.” – Young Dolph                                           
    Quotes By Young Dolph
    Quotes By Young Dolph

  3. “When I’m finished doing music or whatever, I want people to remember me as just being great.” – Young Dolph                                                                                                                                                             
    Best Young Dolph Quotes
    Best Young Dolph Quotes

  4. “I admire you because you work.” What can we do if you don’t work? “We don’t have much in common.” – Young Dolph

  5. “Once you get up and you finally get across that line and you’ve got a brand to stand on, it’s going to be beneficial.” – Young Dolph                                                                                                                           
    Young Dolph Quotes Images
    Young Dolph Quotes Images

  6. “Because I live and breathe it, I admire the hustle.” Opportunities will knock, doors will swing open, concerns will be vanquished, and risks will pay off for those who work hard.” – Young Dolph

  7. “I respect the hustle, because I live and breathe it. I believe that for those who work for it, opportunities will knock, doors will swing open, fears will be conquered, and risks will pay off.” – Young Dolph

  8. “You forego time. That’s the one thing you can’t pay for, the only thing you can’t get back at the end of the day. So you’ll have to learn to sacrifice that time for something you’re trying to invest in.” – Young Dolph

  9. “You only get one shot at life, one life to live, make the most out of it put as many smiles as you can on people’s faces, help as many people as you can, get you some paper. Live life, you and your folks.” – Young Dolph

  10. “Don’t try to… go to work and try to go to the other job. And if you is gonna do other things on the side, make sure it’s like it’s only for the money just to support what you really want to do and you give it your all.” – Young Dolph

Famous Young Dolph Quotes About Life

If you like these amazing Young Dolph quotes then check out our collection of best rapper quotes about love, life, and success to inspire you to keep hustling.

  1. “Ain’t none of this sh surprising me. I set it up.” – Young Dolph

  2. “Been workin’ my whole life, but I ain’t never punched the clock.” – Young Dolph

  3. “Society admires risk-takers, but only the ones whose risks pay off.” – Young Dolph                                       
    Motivation Young Dolph Quotes
    Motivation Young Dolph Quotes

  4. “As long as I keep going up and keep working, my value is going to increase.” – Young Dolph

  5. “You work, so I respect you. You don’t work, what can we do? We can’t relate.” – Young Dolph

  6. “I ain’t never wanted nothin’ in my whole life but some f money. That’s all I ever wanted.” – Young Dolph

  7. “It’s always easier in retrospect to be confident in the decisions you’ve made if they actually worked out.” – Young Dolph                                                                                                                                             
    Young Dolph Quotes About Life
    Young Dolph Quotes About Life

  8. “You know, working with different artists, some people kinda get confused in trying to find their way, I stay true to myself.” – Young Dolph

  9. “Not a lot of people make it out from where I’m from but I’m a living example showing you that it’s possible. Word hard, play hard.” – Young Dolph

  10. “I identify sooner with a hard-working person well beneath his tax bracket than a social climber piggybacking on other people’s exertion.” – Young Dolph

  11. “Have a good team. Let them do what they do and you do what you do. Have people around you that work and that will want to make you work even harder.” – Young Dolph

  12. “With the streets in my rear view, I adopted a get-money attitude and hustler mentality early-on, which helped me later on in life as I developed my career as a rapper.” – Young Dolph

  13. “All I care about is the dollar signs, the ’ check, that bag, you know what I’m saying? And my family. After that, everything else, that  irrelevant to me.” – Young Dolph

  14. “Every decision we make in life leads to a series of figurative doors. At each critical juncture you’re either securing your  or you’re opening up doors to  up.” – Young Dolph

  15. “While you’re waiting on even trying to do anything, try investing in yourself. Just try to keep going up and coming up with new things to do, being creative every day. Make this your life.” – Young Dolph

  16. “You give up time. At the end of the day that’s the only thing you can’t pay for, the thing you can’t get back. So you gotta learn to sacrifice that time to put [towards] something you trying to invest in.” – Young Dolph

  17. “I’m going to invest in my career. I’ma invest in my future. I’ll invest in little dude next to me just because I see something in him. I’m going to do anything that’s beneficial, that I see bringing my future to life. So that’s my money and my time.” – Young Dolph

  18. “I’m gonna keep working in the future like I just came in. Like I’m doing free shows or getting $1,500 for a show. I’ve been around certain people and just scoped that sh. Being around prolific artists rubbed off on me, and it shows in my own output—my back catalog could fill crates.” – Young Dolph

  19. “To be a hustler it’s got to be in you. Everybody ain’t got it, even some people got it but don’t have it as much as others. And to be a hustler and to be a super hustler you gotta know how to deal with sacrifices. You learn how to take sacrifices, you learn to give things up to get into something you’re trying to get into.” – Young Dolph

  20. “Get sh done. That’s what I admire more than anything, no matter the realm. People that know they gotta work every day, them the kinda people I respect. I respect people that build a career for themselves. I don’t give a damn if it’s a hustle that’s already big or you go to work at Kroger every day, the grocery store. Or you work at Walmart.” – Young Dolph

Motivational Young Dolph Quotes

  1. “I like peace and quiet. It’s like I’m a loner.” – Young Dolph

  2. “Whatever you want to do, just make solid decisions.” – Young Dolph                                                         
    Young Dolph Captions
    Young Dolph Captions

  3. “I just like seeing people succeed, I like to see people have success.” – Young Dolph

  4. “The best thing is to invest in yourself, because it takes money to make money.” – Young Dolph                 
    Young Dolph Quotes From Songs
    Young Dolph Quotes From Songs

  5. “Rule number one: get the money first. Rule number two: don’t forget to get the money.” – Young Dolph                                                                                                                                                                                                 
    Young Dolph Quotes About Money
    Young Dolph Quotes About Money

  6. “Designer everythin’, every day on this paper chase. An extra $500k, put away just for a rainy day.” – Young Dolph

  7. “Never downplay nobody. You could be like, ‘Ay, s, there ain’t but seven dollars in my pocket right now.’ Who cares? ‘Cause guess what? An opportunity could come where you can have seven million tomorrow.” – Young Dolph

  8. “Just ’cause my money keep runnin’ like Forrest Gump, I got n hate me like I’m Donald Trump. Where I’m from you don’t make it to see 21. That’s why all these young n ridin’ ’round with their gun. Front page newspaper, number one topic. Ns mad at Dolph Obama just ’cause I’m the hottest.” – Young Dolph

  9. “What I want people to take away from my music, man, is just how to take care of responsibilities, how to live life and enjoy life. You only get one shot at life, one life to live—make the most out of it. Put as many smiles as you can on people’s faces. Help as many people as you can. Get you some paper. Live life, you and your folks.” – Young Dolph

  10. “One year from today, I’ll be on another level. Having more, doing more—whole lot of everything, really. More dope music, bigger music, bigger records, more money, more success. When I talk about success I don’t mean music business, I just mean the people around me. When one of my partners has success, sh, I share his success like it’s mine.” – Young Dolph

  11. “You focus on money, your life. It’s like you can only move a certain kind of way out here, to being on the streets, to working a job, to doing music—whatever you doing. You can only move one kind of way and if you don’t, it can hurt you, you can put a roof over your head, you can limit your chances. I don’t want to limit myself to doing nothing so that’s all that is.” – Young Dolph

  12. “If I go to college now, both my little brothers just in this ‘hood… whatever come their way whether it’s good sh, bad sh, bullsh… I’m allowing them to make those decisions on their own because I ain’t around them, I’m at college somewhere. So I stayed. That’s what made me say, ‘F college.’ ‘Cause I gotta watch my little brothers. Let me stay around here, get my money up, just become a man so I can send them to college. Send them to get the f away from the ‘hood and all that sh.” – Young Dolph

  13. “I was raised primarily under my grandmother’s roof in Memphis. I became a man quickly and [learned] what it took to be one. My own transformation from boyhood was accelerated by my grandmother’s passing when I was 16 or 17. The family structure collapsed onto my shoulders as I was the oldest of a handful of brothers and sisters. I was paying for everything. Going school shopping for my little brothers, sending my sisters money to Chicago. Just doing a whole lot of sh, it made me grow up fast, it made me become a hustler real fast. I had to go for what I know.” – Young Dolph

  14. “I almost died when Daddyo and I was involved in a serious car accident while driving from our Memphis stomping grounds to Chicago. It’s just certain sh, not only the car accident but my life as a whole, like, when you’re going too hard, you gotta tell yourself like, ‘Man, I gotta slow down.’ Then my grandma had passed and all that so, it was just everything leading up to me like, I’m grown now. I ain’t a kid no more. I got responsibilities I got to take on whether I like it or not. If I ain’t start rapping it’s like, I been coming close as hell, close as hell to death and fatal tragedies and st, know what I’m saying? And it just made me open my eyes and start thinking smarter and being wiser.” – Young Dolph

Best Young Dolph Quotes And Lyrics From Songs

  1. “I don’t want her if she don’t got no ass/Like my bitches thick and my weed strong/My partners real and my scrilla long/Designer everythin’, every day on this paper chase/An extra 500K, put away just for a rainy day” – Young Dolph, SMH”

  2. “If it ain’t one thing, it’s a mf’ ‘nother/We trapped together than that’s my mf’ brother/I pay her bills and buy her designer but I don’t love her/She just play her part when it’s time to smuggle” – Young Dolph, “100 Shots”

  3. “My bitch looked at me and said, ‘N you too real’/’Why you drink so much codeine?’ Bitch, because I’m ill/Thirty-thousand in Neiman Marcus, I dress to kill/She su that thang so good, I had to tell that girl to yield” – Young Dolph, “I’m So Real”

  4. “I’m in the trizzap, posted in the paint like LeBron/Memphis is to Dolph what Cleveland is to LeBron/Writin’ million dollar checks but I still keep a Glock/Built my own empire, n, like Jay Z with the rock” – Young Dolph, “I’m Everything You Wanna Be”

  5. “I called my bitch lil’ bitch RiRi, she say she a savage/Put the dick up in her, have her singin’ like she Gladys/My young bitch think she Trina, she swear she the baddest/A good girl can’t wait to give a drug dealer dem panties” – Young Dolph, “All of Them”

  6. “Half a mil on me right now and two hunnid of it on my wrist/You go hard in that trap, lil’ n you can shine like this/Bad bitches on my guest list, f ni on my hit list/Drop top with a mixed bitch, pop, pop now we don’t miss” – Young Dolph, “But I’m Bulletproof”

  7. .“Foreigns all in the garage, remember my first menage/Yeah, Tori and Brittany, I’m shoppin’ for diamonds at Tiffany’s/No, I don’t got no sympathy, she blew my whistle like a referee/Broke Black n, remember me?, until I found out that recipe” – Young Dolph, “100 Shots”

  8. “I’m in a coupe, cost half a mill, I just redid my Chevelle/Got 2 Maybachs in both, that’s just how I feel/I got two bitches at the ‘tel, hope that they don’t kiss and tell/I’m way too much for just one bitch, that’s just how I feel” – Gucci Mane, Young Dolph, “That’s How I Feel”

  9. “I just pulled up in that drop top/With my shirt off and my hat cocked/Four chains on and a big watch/Uh, I’m just doin’ it how the sh done/’Cause this how we do it where I’m from/I just ordered me another charm/And another whip and you know it’s foreign” – Young Dolph, “SMH”

  10. “I just left the trap, pulled up at her house/Now she in my lap, no panties under blouse/She say, ‘Hol’ up,’ she want me watch her make it clap/She used to have a ni she met me and put him out/You see a real trap n, bitch, point him out” – Young Dolph, “I Pray for My Enemies”

  11. “They tried to do me like they did Kennedy/I ain’t mad at cha, I pray for my enemies/I learned how to weigh up dope, takin’ chemistry/2017 Dolph made history/All this swag on me came from Italy/I been doin’ this sh y’all n remember me” – Young Dolph, “I Pray for My Enemies”

  12. “I see straight through you, I’m cow manure/She too drunk to drive, called that bitch a Uber/You need to fire them and hire some more shooters/If you ain’t realized it yet, you a loser/Two-toned patty with the big boogers/Rich n still runnin’ ’round them hoodlums” – Young Dolph, “I’m So Real”

  13. “Own a big house and it’s full of bad bitches I’m just sayin’, can a young ni live?/2 million worth of cars parked in the front yard/But want another Rolls-Royce, that’s how I feel/For 100 shots, I heard you paid a 100 stacks/Hope you got your receipt, go and get your hunnid back” – Young Dolph, “That’s How I Feel”

  14. “Just ’cause my money keep runnin’ like Forrest Gump/I got ni hate me like I’m Donald Trump/Where I’m from you don’t make it to see 21/That’s why all these young ni ridin’ ’round with their gun/Front page newspaper, number one topic/Ni mad at Dolph Obama just ’cause I’m the hottest” – Young Dolph, “In Charlotte”

  15. “Bulletproof vest, Bently around my neck/I put the Dracos up, bought out the carbons and the techs/Tattoo on her thigh and it say slippery when wet/Only thing can make me move is dead presidents” – Young Dolph, “But I’m Bulletproof”

  16. “I send all my side bitches to go buy all my choppas/Put my trap house in they name, they do it with no problem/Got a fine OG bitch, she still like to wear Prada/38 years old and she look just like a model/She kept it so real that I put her in a Drizzop/Yeah, that boy went corporate but he straight up off the Blizzock” – Young Dolph, “So  ‘Em”

  17. “Only Gucci, twin Ks, I just made the front page/Please stay out my lane, mane ’cause I got road rage/Fresh up out the cage, I’m the jack of all trades/And you ss can’t kill me, I’ma die of old age/Put your hands on Gucci, then I’m jumpin’ off stage/Choppa’ll turn a ni dreads to a high-top fade” – Gucci Mane, Young Dolph, “That’s How I Feel”

  18. “Call me water boy ’cause I’m drippin’ all this water/Met her down in Florida but I f that bitch in Charlotte/Born a dope boy, never wanted to go to college/Bad Puerto Rican, New York bitch, met her in Starlets/I shut down the party, I shut down the party/Went and parked the ‘Rari then I go jump on the Harley” – Young Dolph, “In Charlotte”

  19. “She said can she f me with my diamond chains?/If I ain’t in the bank, then I’m on the plane/’Bout to go get some money or go spend some money/They stopped me in the airport, had too many benjis on me /They don’t want you to live, they don’t want you to ball/Them smile in your face, yeah, then they pray for you to fall” – Young Dolph, “100 Shots”


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