140 Best Rapper Quotes To Inspire You About Love And Life

Looking for some rapper quotes? We have rounded up the best collection of rapper quotes, sayings, song lyrics, captions for Instagram, status, (with images and pictures) by famous rappers to inspire you about love, life, success, money and more.

Rapping is a musical form of expression that incorporates “rhyme, rhythmic speech, and street vernacular” to put across a message, emotions, or just for fun.

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Rapping and hip-hop are really popular amongst people. If you are a rap music fan then these rapping quotes by famous rappers like Tupac Shakur, Eminem, Scarface, Kayne West, Nicki Minaj and more.

Rap music is not all about the thug life and gangster look. The song lyrics have deep underlying message about racism, money, struggle, success, love, relationships, society, and a lot more.

We have divided these top rapper quotes in these sections to inspire you;

  • Most Famous Rapper Quotes
  • Inspirational Rapper Quotes
  • Deep Rapper Quotes
  • Funny Rapper Quotes
  • Female Rapper Quotes
  • Rapper Quotes And Captions for Instagram

If you love music and hip-hop then check out funny music quotes and keep hustling quotes to motivate you bigtime.

Most Famous Rapper Quotes

  1. “A lot of truth is said in jest.” -Eminem

  2. “Good things come in good time.” – Wiz Khalifa

  3. You gotta dream like you never got obstacles. — J.Cole

  4. “Nothing in life is promised except death.” – Kanye West

  5. “Life without dreaming is a life without meaning.” – Wale
    rapper quotes
    rapper quotes

  6. “Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.” – Drake

  7. We’re not the cause, we’re the effect.” – Nipsey Hussle

  8. Tables turn, bridges burn, You live you learn. — Drake

  9. “For every dark night, there’s a brighter day.” – Tupac Shakur

  10. “Even though you’re fed up, you gotta keep your head up.” — Tupac Shakur
    famous rapper quotes images
    famous rapper quotes images

  11. “I’d shoot for the moon, but I’m too busy gazing at stars.” – Eminem

  12. “The World is yours!” – Tony Montana (Scarface)

  13. “Remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself.” – Jay-Z

  14. “Forget yesterday, live for today. Tomorrow will take care of itself.” – Rick Ross

  15. “Live your life, live it right. Be different, do different things.” – Kendrick Lamar

  16. “How many people you bless is how you measure success” – Rick Ross

  17. “Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination.” – Drake

  18. “Forgive, but don’t forget, girl, keep ya head up.” – Tupac Shakur, ‘Keep Ya Head Up’

  19. “Hate is only a form love that hasn’t found a way to express itself logically.” – Lil Wayne
    Rapper Quotes About Love
    Rapper Quotes About Love

  20. “We can’t change the world unless we change ourselves.” – Biggie Smalls (The Notorious B.I.G)

  21. “Life is too short to live the same day twice. So each new day make sure you live your life.” – Machine Gun Kelly

  22. “What separates those who go under and those who rise above adversity is the strength of their will and their hunger for power.” -50 Cent

Inspirational Rapper Quotes About Life

Music and their lyrics can inspire you do to do amazing things. You relate to different kinds of music be it sad, fast, motivational. It can boost your mood and has a great impact on how you perceive things and relationships in life.

A number of hip- hop rappers come from really simple backgrounds and work their way up to success. Their song lyrics are the reflections of the life lessons they learned all the way.

  1. “Every day is a new opportunity to reach that goal.” – Rick Ross

  2. I really appreciate family. I can’t imagine life without them. — Ice Cube

  3. “I was given this gift, and I’m making the most of my opportunity.” – Future

  4. “Only God can judge me, so I’m gone, either love me or leave me alone.” – Jay Z

  5. “Keep on pushing the boundaries and reaching for higher heights.” – Sean Combs

  6. “I’ve done a lot of work to get where I’m at, but I have to keep working.” – Wiz Khalifa

  7. “You’ve got to always go back in time if you want to move forward.” – Snoop Dogg

  8. “You have to keep your vision clear, cause only a coward lives in fear.” – Nas

  9. “The only luxury is time. The time you get to spend with your family.” — Kayne West

  10. “Damn right I like the life I live because I went from negative to positive.” – Biggie Smalls (The Notorious B.I.G), ‘Juicy’

  11. “Keep your nose out the sky, keep your heart to God, and keep your face to the raising sun.” – Kanye West

  12. “You might not have a car or a big gold chain, stay true to yourself and things will change.” – Snoop Dogg

  13. “They’re gonna try to tell you no, shatter all your dreams. But you gotta get up, and go and think of better things.” – Mac Miller, ‘Live Free’

  14. “Never assume you know what’s going on in someone’s life unless you heard it straight from the source.” – Chris Brown

  15. “Negative energy that comes at you in some form is energy that can be turned around to defeat an opponent and lift you up.” – 50 Cent

  16. “Sometimes it’s hard to pick right from wrong. The best thing we can do is go with our heart, and hope it all goes well.” – Mac Miller

  17. “The more time you spend contemplating what you should have done… you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do.” – Lil Wayne

  18. “I’m just here for good times, man. I want people to have the best time ever. Especially if they’re around me.” – Travis Scott

  19. He worked hard for the money, but it ain’t about cash. Life is the schoolyard. I ain’t getting picked last. — Donald Glover

  20. “Rihanna takes risks, and I love a woman who takes risks. It just goes to show you have your own mind and your own way of thinking.” – Future

Deep Rapper Quotes

Many rappers like 2Pac, Drake, and Eminem have devoted their song’s lyrics to motivating the youth towards betterment. Their meaningful song lyrics speak about racism, society, inequality and injustice which is a great eye opener for rap music fans.

  1. “I need drama in my life to keep making music.” -Eminem

  2. “If it makes you nervous- you’re doing it right.” – Childish Gambino

  3. “Rap is something you do. Hip-hop is something you live.” – KRS-One

  4. “Smiles come through, though my eyes might cry.” – Chance The Rapper

  5. “You can’t buy vision, and you can’t buy aesthetic.” – Travis Scott
    inspirational rap quotes
    inspirational rap quotes

  6. “Life is a wheel of fortune and it’s my turn to spin it.” – Tupac Shakur

  7. “I’ll give you all of me until there’s nothing left.” – Childish Gambino, ‘Bonfire’

  8. “Living life is a choice. Making a difference in someone else’s isn’t.” – Kid Cudi
    inspirational rap lines
    inspirational rap lines

  9. “Take the first chance that you get, because you may never get another one.” – Lil Wayne

  10. “You supposed to be able to do anything in this world. That’s what Martin Luther King told me.” -Lil Wayne

  11. “If you admire somebody, you should go ahead and tell them. People never get the flowers while they can still smell them.” – Kanye West., ‘Big Brother’

  12. “I just always expect the best because I’m a competitor and if I’m competing, then obviously I’m trying to be better in everything.” -Lil Wayne

  13. “Cause whatever you love can be taken away, so live like it’s your dying day.” – Machine Gun Kelly

  14. “People can try to reinvent themselves. I don’t think you can really change who you are, though, because who you are is pretty much where you came from and what you’ve done up to now.” – Eminem

  15. “Dealing with backstabbers, there was one thing I learned. They’re only powerful when you got your back turned.” -Eminem

  16. “The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.” -Eminem

  17. “Love your enemies and hate your friends, your enemies remain the same your friends always change.” – 50 Cent

  18. “Yeah, but if you’re not doing what everyone else is doing then you’re going to be misunderstood. People are going to wonder why you’re trying to be different; it’s just a natural instinct.” – Kid Cudi

  19. “I don’t look for signs. But when things happen, I say, ‘OK, something must be right.’ Or ‘OK, something must be wrong.’” – Lil Wayne

  20. “Reality has its own power—you can turn your back on it, but it will find you in the end, and your inability to cope with it will be your ruin.” -50 Cent

  21. “The purpose of life is a life with a purpose. So I’d rather die for a cause, than live a life that is worthless.” – Immortal Technique

  22. “Anyone that hate me, I wish you success. I wish you look in the mirror and ask yourself why you suppressed feelings of self-hatred that you want project on me?” — Logic, Yuck

  23. “They’re gonna try to tell you no, shatter all your dreams. But you gotta get up and think of better things.” – Mac Miller

  24. “Dream come true for me, and I simply want to build with the right people and brands so I can be a part of shaping what this industry looks like. It’s exciting to know that my ideas, my words, my voice… make a difference in the industry. That’s the kind of stuff that keeps me inspired to be pushing limits with the best in the biz.” – The Game

Motivational Rapper Quotes About Music

Most of the rappers and rap artists  come from humble backgrounds and overcome all struggles to make it big. These powerful quotes and lyrics about aiming higher in life will give you the much needed boost to make it successful.

  1. “Fans be reflecting the way I be making music.” – Travis Scott

  2. “Well, hip hop is what makes the world go round.” – Snoop Dogg

  3. “Yes, money is important. But it’s all about the creative process.” – Travis Scott

  4. “You make music to change the radio, not make music for the radio.” – Future

  5. “Rap has been a path between cultures in the best tradition of popular music.” – Jay-Z

  6. “I have all these revelations as I’m writing. Each song is like a chapter of my diary.” – Kid Cudi

  7. “If it’s in your gut, your soul, there’s nothing, no worldly possession that should come between you and your expression.” – Kanye West

  8. “I believe that music is another form of news. Music is another form of journalism to me so I have to cover all the areas with my album.” – Lil Wayne

  9. “Sporadic thoughts will pop into my head and I’ll have to go write something down, and the next thing you know I’ve written a whole song in an hour.” –  Eminem

  10. “My whole thing is to inspire, to better people, to better myself forever in this thing that we call rap, this thing that we call hip hop.” – Kendrick Lamar

  11. It’s an incredible experience to interact with fans in first person, get immediate responses to your music and see the madness that your music creates. Badshah

Funny Rapper Quotes

Rappers have a unique way to entertain people. Their lyrics are funny and may make you life yet get some real meaningful message across.

  1. “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man!” – Jay-Z

  2. I love country music, but I also love gangster rap. – Anderson East

  3. “When anybody pays you to be creative, you’re very lucky.” – Childish Gambino

  4. Rappers wear diamonds to compensate for lack of fashion sense.— ASAP Rocky

  5. Sometimes I feel like rap music is almost the key to stopping racism. – Eminem

  6. “Here’s something that’s contrary to popular belief: I actually don’t like thinking. I think people think I like to think a lot. And I don’t.” – Kanye West

  7. Rap for me is like making movies, telling stories, and getting the emotions of the songs through in just as deep a way. – Jay-Z

  8. You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house and if you got a glass jaw, you should watch yo mouth: cause I’ll break yo face.” – 50 Cent, ‘Patiently Waiting’

  9. “Trust is hard to come by. That’s why my circle is small and tight. I’m kind of funny about making new friends.” – Eminem

  10. They don’t invite me to the parties, but I still arrive, kick down the door and then I Go inside, give off that “I do not belong here” vibe. — NF

  11. Anybody with a sense of humor is going to put on my album and laugh from beginning to end.” – Eminem

  12. I don’t like thugs, I don’t like nerds, I don’t like myself and I hate bein’ disturbed.” – Sean Price, “Critically Acclaimed

Top Female Rapper Quotes

Female rappers don’t make it big very easily. They are strong women, who are determined and motivate you to hustle and hustle harder.

  1. “I don’t want my personality to overshadow my talent.” – Cardi B

  2. “Beauty might bring happiness, but happiness always brings beauty.” – Nicki Minaj

  3. The women that inspire me to be honest are the women that struggle.” – Cardi B

  4. “I just want to be like a good example to somebody in the future.” – Megan Thee Stallion

  5. “My love for the female hip hop movement has always been genuine.” – Lil’ Kim

  6. “I want to make something commercial that people can pick up on.” – Missy Elliot

  7. “Once you really know yourself, can’t nobody tell you nothing about you.” – Megan Thee Stallion

  8. “I want to see 10 female rappers getting regular rotation. It can’t be all about a man’s opinion.” – Queen Latifah

  9. “No, because I don’t want to hear what’s hot and feel I have to copy it. I’ll just make up my own thing.” – Missy Elliot

  10. “To me, hip hop will never be right until female rappers have a stronger voice in it.” – Queen Latifah

  11. “Cherish these nights, cherish these people. Life is a movie, but there’ll never be a sequel.” – Nicki Minaj, All Things Go

  12. “Female rappers get it the hardest. You have to be a girl, yet you have to be just as hard as the guys. I think some female rappers get scared out of the business before they can make it.” – Nicki Minaj

  13. “I put everyone in my school on to Nicki Minaj before she blew up. I was obsessed with her and I was like, ‘If she’s the best female rapper then I’ve got to be better than her.’” – Angel Haze

  14. “Confidence literally starts from yourself. You have to go look in the mirror at yourself. If you don’t like what you see, you’re going to give off that energy.” – Megan Thee Stallion

Short Rapper Quotes And Captions For Instagram

  1. Keep integrity at every cost. – Nas

  2. Good things come in good time. – Wiz Khalifa

  3. You could be the king but watch the Queen conquer.

  4. Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real. – Tupac Shakur

  5. If God got us, then we gon’ be alright. – Kendrick Lamar

  6. Memories take us back; dreams take us forward. — Nicki Minaj

  7. We ain’t picture perfect but we worth the picture still. – J. Cole

  8. I ain’t got a lotta money, but I got a lotta style. — Fifth Harmony

  9. f you can’t find something to live for, find something to die for. — Tupac

  10. Love me or hate me, I swear it won’t make or break me. — Lil Wayne

These inspirational rapper quotes will surely encourage budding rappers and artists to work hard till they reach their dreams.

These girl rapper quotes, powerful rapper captions, sad rapper quotes, and funny rap lyrics, will uplift your mood and help you never give up on your dreams.

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