You Broke Me Quotes For The Heartbroken

Looking for quotes about feeling broken from inside? We have rounded up the best collection of you break me quotes, sayings, phrases, captions, and status messages, (with images and pictures) that you might relate to.

In life a lot of things can break you, be it a heart break, losing a loved one to death, or other struggles in life. Often we see in a relationship, that the betrayal, ignorance, heart-break by one partner can completely break the other one mentally and emotionally.

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The feeling of being broken in love is very sad and hurting. Being manipulated in a love relationship is not only heart-breaking, but it also takes away your zeal to be happy. You fail to trust people and feel empty.

Famous You Broke Me Quotes

  1. “I fixed you; you broke me.”

  2. “I feel like I’m losing myself.” – Unknown

  3. “I still have hope and I hate it.” – Unknown

  4. “I was broken before but you broke me more.”

  5. “You left in peace, but left me in pieces.” – Selena Gomes, Same Old Love Song

  6. “You know it hurts me but you do it anyway.” – Unknown

  7. “I think about you. But I don’t say it anymore.” – Unknown

  8. “I act like I don’t care but deep inside, it hurts.” – Unknown

  9. “And you broke me in all the ways I loved you.” – Mona-Lise                                             
    you left me with a broken heart quotes
    you left me with a broken heart quotes

  10. “All I did was love you. All you did was hurt me.” – Unknown

  11. “The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.” – Unknown

  12. “I told you what hurts me and you did it perfectly.” – Unknown

  13. “I gave you my heart, I didn’t expect to get it back in pieces.” – Unknown                                       
    you broke me quotes images
    you broke me quotes images

  14. “You weren’t just a star to me, you were my whole damn sky.” – Unknown

  15. “It is sad not to love, but it is much sadder not to be able to love.” – Unknown

  16. “Pleasure of love lasts but a moment. Pain of love lasts a lifetime.” – Bette Davis

  17. “I’m trying to forget you but I’m also waiting for you to come back.” – Unknown

  18. “It still hurts to see that you’re doing completely okay, without me.” – Unknown

  19. “I remember every word you told me. I can’t stop thinking about it.” – Unknown

  20. “Time doesn’t heal emotional pain, you need to learn how to let go.” – Unknown

  21. “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” – Marilyn Monroe

  22. “Don’t cry when the sun is gone, because the tears won’t let you see the stars.” – Unknown

  23. “I don’t want you to save me. I want you to stand by my side as I save myself.” – Unknown

  24. “No matter how bad your heart is broken the world doesn’t stop for your grief.” – Unknown

  25. “Stab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime.” – Unknown

  26. “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.” – Unknown

  27. “Sometimes, all you can do is lie in bed, and hope to fall asleep before you fall apart.” – Unknown

  28. “It is strange how often a heart must be broken before the years can make it wise.” – Sara Teasdale

  29. “While it is better to be loved than hated, it is also far better to be hated than ignored.” – Unknown

  30. “You broke me to fix yourself. – six word story – I hate that I still miss you and probably always will.” – Unknown                                                                                                       
    you broke me quotes for him
    you broke me quotes for him

  31. “Sometimes a little heartbreak is a lesson, and the best thing to do is just learn the lesson.” – Unknown

  32. “The hardest thing I ever did was walking away from you when I was still in love with you.” – Unknown

  33. “He loved me. He loved me, but he doesn’t love me anymore, and it’s not the end of the world.” – Unknown

  34. “”Of course I loved him,” she says. “you don’t give people you don’t love the power to destroy you”.” – Unknown

You Broke Me Quotes For Him

A broken heart gives you lot of grief and takes time to heal. Don’t forget to read our betryal in love quotes which you might find a lot relatable.

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Yes so you can be sad and low for sometime in life, these lines prove others have been there, too. Hope these broken heart quotes help you along the process of moving on in life.

  1. “You hurt me but I still love you forever.” – Unknown

  2. “The heart will break, but broken live on.” – Lord Byron

  3. “Oh honey, you can’t break a broken heart.” – Unknown

  4. “She broke her own heart, holding onto him.” – r.h Sin

  5. “I could never hurt you the way you hurt me.” – Unknown

  6. “Love is unconditional. Relationships are not.” – Unknown

  7. “You can’t buy love, but you can pay heavily for it.” – Unknown

  8. “I don’t remember what it’s like to not feel broken.” – Unknown                                             
    you broke me quotes
    you broke me quotes

  9. “He was never mine but losing him broke my heart.” – Unknown

  10. “I’m ok during the day, but at night I just fall apart.” – Unknown

  11. “Still dancing on the memories of us you left behind.” – Unknown

  12. “Love is hard to find, hard to keep, and hard to forget.” – Unknown

  13. “Broken heart will turn into a stronger one within hope.” – Unknown

  14. “I wish you knew how much it destroyed me when you left.” – Unknown

  15. “You once made me happy, now your name breaks my heart.” – Unknown

  16. “It is often hard to bear the tears that we ourselves have caused.” – Unknown

  17. “Sometimes it is better not to show how much you have been hurt.” – Unknown

  18. “There is an ocean of silence between us… and I am drowning in it.” – Unknown

  19. “I thought you were healing me but no, you just broke me even more.” – Unknown

  20. “When you have your heart broken for the first time, you gain depth.” – Unknown

  21. “The shattering of a heart when being broken is the loudest quiet ever.” – Unknown

  22. “So it’s true when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love.” – Unknown

  23. “The saddest thing in the world is loving someone who used to love you.” – Unknown

  24. “If you cannot hold me in your arms, then hold my memory in high regard.” – Unknown

  25. “My heart is taken by you, broken by you and now it is pieces because of you.” – Unknown

  26. “Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.” – Unknown

  27. “You hurt me more than what I deserve because I loved you more than what you deserve.” – Unknown

  28. “Let no one who loves be called altogether unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow.” – Unknown

  29. “Only time can heal your broken heart. Just as only time can heal his broken arms and legs.” – Miss Piggy

  30. “You broke me. You broke my heart. And I hate you because I still love you. And I hate myself even more for it.” – Unknown

You Broke Me Quotes For Her

  1. “You broke me first….”

  2. “A broken heart bleeds tears.” – Unknown

  3. “I’m still here loving you silently.” – Unknown

  4. “It broke my heart but opened my eyes.” – Unknown

  5. “You broke my walls down, but then broke me as well.” – Unknown                                             
    you broke me again quotes
    you broke me again quotes

  6. “Forget what hurt but never what it taught you.” – Unknown

  7. “You came, you left. You broke me twice…” – Yajant Bhawsar

  8. “I’d rather have a broken arm than a broken heart.” – Unknown

  9. “You know I love you. But you broke my heart anyway.” – Unknown                                     
    you broke me quotes pictures
    you broke me quotes pictures

  10. “If you really care for me, you won’t hurt me this badly.” – Unknown

  11. “It hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on.” – Unknown

  12. “Why hurt someone whose only intention was to love you?” – Unknown

  13. “You promised me and you broke that promise and my heart.” – Unknown

  14. “You will forever own a piece of me that I can never take back.” – Unknown

  15. “You broke my heart, but I still love you with all the broken pieces.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                                     
    deep you broke me quotes
    deep you broke me quotes

  16. “Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.” – Unknown

  17. “I used to think of you as somebody who would never, ever hurt me.” – Unknown

  18. “I acted like it wasn’t a big deal when really it was breaking my heart.” – Unknown

  19. “You don’t break me. I broke me because I believed in something that wasn’t real.”

  20. “Loving someone and not being loved in return, worst thing in the world.”- Unknown

  21. “You know you really love someone when you can’t hate them for breaking your heart.”

  22. “That was manipulation, that was traumatic, that was abuse, that broke me. You broke me.”

  23. “If they ask you about me, tell them: “She was the only person that loved me with honesty, and I broke her”.”

  24. “Everyone in life is going to hurt you, you just have to figure out which people are worth the pain.”- Unknown

  25. “You broke me so badly that even your coming back didn’t build up my trust for you neither did it heal me.” – Anisha Beevi

  26. “One day you’re going to remember me and how much I loved you…. then you’re gonna hate yourself for letting me go.” – Aubrey Drake Graham

  27. “Perhaps someday I’ll crawl back home, beaten, defeated. But not as long as I can make stories out of my heartbreak, beauty out of sorrow.” – Sylvia Plath

  28. “You broke me bodily. The heart ain’t the half of it, and I’l never learn to laugh at it in my good natured way. In fact, I’m laughing less in general, but I learned a lot at my own funeral. And I knew you’d be the death of me, so I guess that’s the price I pay.” – Ani DiFranco

  29. “I trusted you. I really, really did. You were the only person I talked to. Then you stabbed me, till I was no longer bleeding. You chocked me, until I was no longer breathing. You took all I was and left me in a thousand pieces. They are not what they show, they have two faces.”

  30. “If I sing you broke my heart, you left me flat, everyone knows exactly what that means – they know the story. But if I sing a line that’s plaintive or wailing, people can experience their own set of emotions and their own story. Each of us might give that phrase a different meaning. It’s open to interpretation, and one song becomes a thousand songs. I love that.” – Bobby McFerrin

Sad You Broke Me Quotes

These deep lost love quotes and sayings state the feeling of every person who has lost his/her love! The feeling of hurt, pain, sadness, and emptiness is cannot be expressed in words.

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These deep sad losing your love sayings will help you express your emotions and emotional turmoil and also encourage you to move forward in life.

  1. “I wish you knew how bad it messed me up.”

  2. “You broke me like I was one of your promises.” – Unknown                                                       
    You broke my heart quotes
    You broke my heart quotes

  3. “I’m not mad, I’m just so deeply, deeply hurt….”

  4. “She chose herself because you refused to.” – R.H. Sin

  5. “You promised me. And then you broke that promise.”

  6. “You knew I love you. But you broke my heart anyway.”

  7. “In a way, you fixed me but somehow, you also broke me.”

  8. “All these things that I’m holding inside, is suffocating me.”

  9. “If hurting me doesn’t hurt you, don’t ever tell me you love me.”

  10. “I fell in love with all your flaws. But you left me because of mine.”

  11. “Oh, I’m sorry… I though you meant what you promised. Silly me.”

  12. “It’s not always just the heart, sometimes your mind breaks as well.”

  13. “You broke me into pieces, then complained about the mess it made.”

  14. “The worst pain is getting hurt by a person you explained your pain to.”

  15. “Meeting you will never be my regret. Tolerating the ways you hurt me always will be.” – Unknown

  16. “Sometimes I still have to take a deep breath and remind myself that not everyone will break me like you did.”

  17. “You didn’t just cheat on me; you cheated on us. You didn’t just break my heart; you broke our future.” – Steve Maraboli

  18. “Neither of us is happy. Neither of us wants to leave. So we keep breaking one another and calling it love.” – Rupi Kaur

  19. “You hurt my feelings, you broke my heart, you made me cry, you left me alone and yet, I wonder why, I still love you…..”

  20. “You did nothing wrong; I broke my own heart, in believing that a person like you could ever resemble a person I need.” – Unknown

  21. “Sorry that I have trust issues, but when you give someone everything and they treat it like nothing, something inside of you really breaks.”

  22. “You broke my heart and trust. But you could call me 3 months from now at 5 am and I would still pick up my phone. Do you know how pathetic that makes me feel?”

  23. “You left, but not completely. Because the memories kept wandering through my head, and they do nothing, but remind me, of how once again, I wasn’t good enough.”

  24. “I miss you in waves and tonight I’m drowning. You left me fending for my life and it feels like you’re the only one who can bring me back to the shore alive.” – Denice Envall

  25. “People scare me. They change their minds so quick. One moment it’s “I love you” and “you make me happy” and the next it’s “I’m not sure anymore” and “this isn’t what I want.”

  26. “I don’t hate you. I simply think that it’s impossible to hate someone you once truly loved. But I often find myself angry with you, wondering why you awakened the feelings within me that you were not willing to continue taking care of.”

  27. “It’s crazy how someone can be your entire world and then just like that they disappear from your life like you never even knew each other. They break you in a way you didn’t know you could break, and leave you all alone to put together the pieces.” – Unknown

  28. “You broke my heart, over and over, and over again. And the sick thing is that it doesn’t stop me from coming back to you. It doesn’t stop me from searching for you in a crowd, or from thinking about you. I’m wrapped around you and, god, you don’t even notice.” – Unknown

  29. “You broke me into pieces. You knew I was broken but you decided to break me even more. It is paining. It is hurting and I am crying. It tortures my mind and damages my soul. Nobody can see it but it hurts every time.(” – Aisha Singh

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