100 Rules Quotes To Know When To Break and Follow Them

Looking for inspirational quotes about following rules in life? We have rounded up the best collection of rules quotes, sayings, and captions, and status for Instagram(with images and pictures) by famous writers, artists, and actors.

Rules are defined as an accepted principle or instruction that states the way things are or should be done. Following basic rules of humanity and morality is a must be it school, office, or any aspect of life.

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But often rules act as limitations. Some of these quotes inspire you to break the rules of mediocrity so that you unleash your true power and live a life of your dreams.

We have divided these inspirational quotes on life rules into these sections;

  • Short Rules Quotes And Captions
  • Inspirational Quotes About Rules
  • Rules Quotes

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Short Rules Quotes And Captions

  1. “Rules are for fools.”

  2. “I broke my rules for you.”

  3. “I read the rules before I break them.”

  4. “Life is short, break the rules.” – Mark Twain                                                                                 
    quotes about rules
    quotes about rules

  5. “There is an exception to every rule.” – Proverb

  6. “Integrity has no need of rules.” – Albert Camus

  7. “Learn the rules so you know how to break them.” – Pablo Picasso                                         
    Rules Quotes
    Rules Quotes

  8. “Follow the rules or follow the fools.” – Tupac Shakur

  9. “Rules are in place to keep people mediocre.” – ATGW

  10. “I was never too good in following rules.” – Anonymous

  11. “If you follow the rules, it’s your own fault.” – Marty Rubin

  12. “Don’t let others write the rules of your life.” – Anonymous

  13. “It’s your game: make up your own rules.” – Barbara Corcoran                                                     
    quotes on following rules
    quotes on following rules

  14. “In this case the only rule is not obeying any rules.” – Unknown

  15. “Even in killing men, observe the rules of propriety.” – Confucius

  16. “I will not live by rules that make no sense to me.” – Evan Tanner

  17. “Break the rules. Find your freedom. Live your life.” – Anonymous                                     
    My Life Rules Quotes
    My Life Rules Quotes

  18. “We only have a few rules around here, but we really enforce them.”

  19. “A true ruler does not rule others, he rules himself.” – Andrija Jonić

  20. “Even if we remain flexible, we need ground rules.” – Horst Seehofer

  21. “There are no rules, just really good advice.” – Sandra Taylor Hedges

  22. “What rules are holding you back from living your dreams?” – ATGW

  23. “If you obey all the rules you’ll miss all the fun.” – Katherine Hepburn                                             
    rules quotes images
    rules quotes images

  24. “Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.” – Dalai Lama
    Life Rules Quotes
    Life Rules Quotes

  25. “Successful people are the ones who are breaking the rules.” – Set Godin

  26. “If no one ever broke the rules, then we’d never advance.” – Simon Sinek

  27. “Who said you have to follow the rules and be like everyone else?” – ATGW

  28. “No rules. Don’t be afraid to do whatever you want.” – Masaharu Morimoto

  29. “If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere.” – Marilyn Monroe
    My Rules Quotes
    My Rules Quotes

  30. “There are two great rules of life: never tell everything at once.” – Ken Venturi

  31. “Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso                                                                                                                                                   
    Break The Rules Quotes
    Break The Rules Quotes

  32. “There are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.” – Thomas Edison

  33. “If you can’t solve a problem, it’s because you’re playing by the rules.” – Anonymous

  34. “No one ever made a difference by the following the rules.” – Heather Killough-Walden

  35. “There are no rules in life. It’s the mindset that limits people dramatically.” – Tara Stiles

  36. “Learn the rules, break the rules, make up new rules, break the new rules.” – Marvin Bell

  37. “Break the rules that you have imposed within you and live your life limitlessly.” – ATGW

  38. “If you observe all the rules of life you’ll overlook most of its opportunities.” – Anonymous

  39. “We are here to change the world. Not just follow rules, earn money and die.” – Anonymous

  40. “I believe in rules. Sure I do. If there weren’t any rules, how could you break them?” – Leo Durocher

Inspirational Quotes About Rules

Sticking to the rules is a good thing, but sometimes when we go beyond our limitations and break the rules to create and find something better and greater then its a good thing.

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Famous personalities like Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edision never surrendered to the set rules and thus inspire us with their new version of things.

  1. “Gentleman Rule#1: Be confident yet humble.”

  2. “Rule #1 never expect anything from anybody.”

  3. “Break the rules. Stand apart. Ignore your head. Follow your heart.”

  4. “Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it.” – Henry David Thoreau

  5. “To observe the rules was to be good, and to be good was to be loved.” – Tova Mirvis

  6. “In a world that demands you to obey the wrong rules: Being rebellious is right.” – Jenna Galbut

  7. “Some rules are nothing but old habits that people are afraid to change.” – Therese Anne Fowler

  8. “The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

  9. “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over.” – Richard Branson                                                                                                                                                       
    Quotes About Life Rules
    Quotes About Life Rules

  10. “Rules are mostly made to be broken and are too often for the lazy to hide behind.” – Douglas Macarthur

  11. “Breaking rules isn’t bad when what you’re doing is more important than the rule itself.” – Kim Harrison

  12. “I follow three rules: Do the right thing, do the best you can, and always show people you care.” – Lou Holtz

  13. “Rules are for old men who prefer to walk in the wheel ruts of history.” – Brian Herbert & Keven J. Anderson

  14. “You have to learn the rules of the game, and then you have to play better than anyone else.” – Albert Einstein                                                                                                       
    Success Rules Quotes
    Success Rules Quotes

  15. “Rule A: Don’t. Rule A1: Rule A doesn’t exist. Rule A2: Do not discuss the existence or non-existence of Rules A, A1 or A2.” – R. D. Laing

  16. “So these are the ropes, The tricks of the trade, The rules of the road. You’re one of the dopes For whom they were made.” – Nat King Cole

  17. “We’ve got to have rules and obey them. After all, we’re not savages. We’re English, and the English are best at everything.” – William Golding

  18. “The world is full of stupid people. That’s why we have rules. But with enough intelligence, a person can be above the rules.” – Daniel Nayeri

  19. “By all means break the rules, and break them beautifully, deliberately and well. That is one of the ends for which they exist.” – Robert Bringhurst

  20. “Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.” – Mark Twain

  21. “I have only two rules which I regard as principles of conduct. The first is: Have no rules. The second rule is: Be independent of the opinion of others.” – Albert Einstein

  22. “Isn’t art about breaking rules, about challenging existing systems, isn’t it about discovering meaning in things or situations before others see anything in them?” – Peter Lindbergh

  23. “I always say that it’s about breaking the rules. But the secret of breaking rules in a way that works is understanding what the rules are in the first place.” – Rick Wakeman

  24. “The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules. It’s people who follow orders that drop bombs and massacre villages.” – Banksy

  25. “But the certainty of a rule is bought at a price. By excluding considerations potentially relevant to its purpose … the rule may generate a misfit between purpose and application.” – Stephen L. Carter

  26. “It is the beginning of wisdom when you recognize that the best you can do is choose which rules you want to live by, and it’s persistent and aggravated imbecility to pretend you can live without any.” – Wallace Stegner

  27. “Honestly, orthodoxy concerns me about as much as it concerns your average jackrabbit. I only follow rules that take me where I want to go. If there aren’t any rules, I make up my own (and follow them strictly).” – Ursula K. Le Guin

  28. “It is the nature of man to build the most complicated cage of rules and regulations in which to trap himself, and then, with equal ingenuity and zest, to bend his brain to the problem of wriggling triumphantly out again.” – Bridget Ann Henisch

  29. “Take off your ties and your regulation shoes You’re nothing but a bunch of regulation fools, yeah And your damn regulation rules I’m gonna do things my own way, everyday, everyday, everyday In every way, I ain’t gonna pay no attention to your rules.” – AC/DC

  30. “As you go from day to day Looking for a better way And you think you’ve got it all under control So you bend the rules a bit As you try to make things fit But you know you should be doing as you’re told Although sometimes you’ll find it so hard And the wrong way may seem easier It doesn’t matter who you are Obey the rules and you’ll go far.” – Thomas & Friends

Rules Quotes

  1. “My body. My shape. My Rules.”

  2. “A ruler isn’t always straight.” – Robert Half

  3. “I lead my life the way I like to be lead by my rules.”

  4. “Sometimes breaking the rules is extending the rules.” – Mary Oliver

  5. “Rules are not necessarily sacred, principles are.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

  6. “I try not to break the rules, but merely to test their elasticity.” – Bill Veeck

  7. “It’s not wise to violate rules until you know how to observe them.” – T. S. Eliot

  8. “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

  9. “Rules are a great way to get ideas. All you have to do is break them.” – Jack Foster

  10. “Don’t break the rules when you haven’t fully figured them out yet.” – Pawan Mishra

  11. “There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the clouds.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

  12. “Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men.” – Douglas Bader

  13. “Rules are made for people who aren’t willing to make up their own.” – Chuck Yeager

  14. “You either play by the rules, change the rules, or get out, altogether.” – Michael Eisner

  15. “Rules were made for fools to follow and wise men to be guided by.” – Winston Churchill

  16. “In every society some men are born to rule, and some to advise.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  17. “The rules of wildlife are simple and clear, which is not the case for men.” – Laurent Baheux

  18. “There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.” – Ansel Adams

  19. “A man’s life is about keeping rules, breaking them, and making new ones.” – Ogwo David Emenike

  20. “He who reigns within himself and rules passions, desires, and fears is more than a king.” – John Milton

  21. “Rules are, like an ashtray-in-progress, meant to be thrown, poked and reshaped to suit yourself.” – Sara Genn

  22. “If the rules make such a difference, then it becomes very important who gets to make them.” – Abhijit V. Banerjee

  23. “There are no rules; we each have our own mind and way of working. Do exactly what you feel at the time.” – Suzanne Partridge

  24. “It is a good idea to obey all the rules when you’re young just so you’ll have the strength to break them when you’re old.” – Mark Twain

  25. “The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look things in the face and know them for what they are.” – Marcus Aurelius

  26. “5 Relationship Rules: 1. Stay faithful. 2. Make them feel loved and wanted. 3. Respect your partner. 4. Don’t flirt with others. 5. Have time for each other.”

  27. “There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.” – Ernest Hemingway

  28. “3 Simple Rules In Life: 1. If you don’t go after what you want, you will never have it. 2. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. 3. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.”

  29. “In society, we have these unspoken rules of conduct, these ‘should’. Even though we pride ourselves on being a democracy, there are all these ways we say you ‘should’ behave. But what if you’re living your life by the ‘should’ and you’re not really living your life.” – Chris Noth

  30. “7 Rules Of Life: 1. Let it go. Never ruin a good day by thinking about a sad yesterday. 2. Be yourself. What others think of you is none of your business. 3. Give it time. Time heals everything. 4. Don’t compare. You have no idea what their journey is all about. 5. Stop thinking too much. The answers come to you when you least expect it. 6. It’s on you. No one is in charge of your happiness, except you. 7. Smile. You don’t own all the problems in the world.”

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