50 Best Old Gregg Quotes From The Mighty Boosh

Looking for famous quotes from the “Old Gregg”? We have rounded up the best collection of Old Gregg quotes, sayings, and one-liners (with images and pictures) from the comedy series that you will love to read.

Old Gregg is a  fictional character from the British TV comedy series, The Mighty Boosh. He has who has green skin, webbed hands, seaweed hair and female genitalia.

He’s a merman known for his “blinding mangina” and a love for Bailey’s, especially when it comes in a shoe.

Old Gregg first appeared in the episode “The Legend of Old Gregg” (August 2005). In the episode, the character Howard accidently fishes him out of a lake.

We have divided these interesting quotes into these sections;

  • Famous Old Gregg Quotes
  • Best Old Gregg Quotes About Life

Famous Old Gregg Quotes

  1. “It’s attached to your rod, mother licker!” – Old Gregg

  2. “You’re like a breadstick, ya got no rhythm!” – Old Gregg

  3. “We could do some watercolors together, you and I.” – Old Gregg

  4. “Wanna come to a club where people wee on each other?” – Old Gregg

  5. “Maybe I’ll deal with it the way I dealt with Curly Jefferson.” – Old Gregg

  6. “Then he realized it was a funky ball of tts from outer space!” – Old Gregg

  7. “What did it mean to you to see that? Did it mean you love me?” – Old Gregg                                         
    old gregg quotes images
    old gregg quotes images

  8. “Do you like Old Gregg’s place? I’ve got all things that are good.” – Old Gregg

  9. “You love me, and you’ve seen me, and you know me. I’m Old Gregg!” – Old Gregg                                       
    Old Gregg Quotes
    Old Gregg Quotes

  10. “Maybe I should ask you the same question—what you doing in my waters?” – Old Gregg

  11. “Easy now, fuzzy little man-peach, hmm? You ever drunk Bailey’s from a shoe?” – Old Gregg

  12. “I took Home Economics, I got an A+. I did a crumble. Teacher said mine was the best one.” – Old Gregg

  13. “Come on, don’t make me beg now, ‘cause I’m not your regular guy! Don’t be shy! Do you love me?” – Old Gregg

  14. “Some say Old Gregg is like a big fish finger. But big, like, as in a garage. Imagine a fish finger as big as a garage!” – Old Gregg

  15. “Some say he’s half-man, half-fish, but some say he is more of a 70-30 split; whatever the percentage he’s one fishy b*.” – Old Gregg

  16. “Why are you going? We got everything we need here. We got Bailey’s cream. And everything we need. I’ll get you another Bailey’s.” – Old Gregg

  17. “Let me show you something. I call that one Old Gregg. And then that one I call Old Gregg. And this one, you know what I call that one?” – Old Gregg

  18. “Gregg’s place. You’ve been asleep. Do you want a little drinky? I’ll get you a drink. You like Bailey’s? Mmmm—creamy. Soft, creamy beige.” – Old Gregg

  19. “Thank you, sir. I got some more. I got these too. That one’s Bailey’s a bit bigger. And that one’s as close as you can get to Bailey’s without your eyes getting wet.” – Old Gregg

  20. “I know what you’re thinking, ‘Here comes Old Gregg. He’s a scaly man-fish.’ You don’t know me. You don’t know what I got. I got something to show you. You know what that is? That’s Old Gregg’s v*g*n*. I’ve got a mangina! I’m Old Gregg!” – Old Gregg

Best Old Gregg Quotes About Life

When first introduced, Old Gregg immediately became a fan favorite. Since then, Old Gregg has had a significant cultural presence, likely due to the absurdity of the character and his many quotable lines, such as “I’m Old Gregg.”, “I got a mangina!”, and “You ever drunk Bailey’s from a shoe?”

  1. “You do love me.” – Old Gregg

  2. “I do watercolors.” – Old Gregg

  3. “Don’t lie to me, boy.” – Old Gregg

  4. “I’m gonna hurt you.” – Old Gregg

  5. “What do you mean?” – Old Gregg

  6. “Make an assessment. ”– Old Gregg

  7. “Why can’t we do it now?” – Old Gregg

  8. “I’ve got this. This is good.” – Old Gregg                                                                                                     
    Quotes From The Old Gregg
    Quotes From The Old Gregg

  9. “Could you learn to love me?” – Old Gregg

  10. “You think you could ever love me?” – Old Gregg

  11. “I’m Old Gregg. Pleased to meet you.” – Old Gregg

  12. “I like you. What do you think of me?” – Old Gregg

  13. “You must love me exactly as I love you.” – Old Gregg                                                                                                 
    Old Gregg Quotes from The Mighty Boosh
    Old Gregg Quotes from The Mighty Boosh

  14. “How does it work? Tell me how it works.” – Old Gregg

  15. “Then how come this hook’s in my head, fool?” – Old Gregg

  16. “You know me, hmm? What about the boat times?” – Old Gregg

  17. “Oh, you know me. You’ve seen my downstairs mix-up.” – Old Gregg

  18. “It’s about the size of a medicine ball, but covered in tts.” – Old Gregg

  19. “Do you like Old Gregg ’s place? I’ve got all things that are good.” – Old Gregg

  20. “That was our first date, hmm? You pulled me up with your strong arms!” – Old Gregg

  21. “Do you love me? Are you playin’ your love games with me? I just want to know what to do, because I need your love a lot. Oh, come on now.” – Old Gregg 

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Old Gregg, portrayed by Noel Fielding is a hermaphroditic merman who lives in a cave below a lake.

Old Gregg is in love with Howard Moon; singing a song with him entitled “Love Games”, chronicling his obsession and Howard’s reluctance, and later proposing to Howard.

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