Top 25 Moneybagg Yo Quotes, Captions About Love & Life

Looking for famous quotes by popular American rapper Moneybagg Yo? We have rounded up the best collection of Moneybagg Yoquotes, sayings, song lyrics, Instagram captions, and more (with images and pictures) to inspire you bigtime.

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Full name: Demario DeWayne White, Jr.,  Aka: Moneybagg Yo

Born: September 22, 1991  Born in: Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Occupation: American rapper, singer, and songwriter

Height: 5ft 11in: Weight: 70 kg,  Net worth:$400.000

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These famous Moneybagg Yo quotes on love and life are wise, motivational, and funny which you can relate to.

Best Moneybagg Yo Quotes

  1. “Don’t lose your focus.” – Moneybagg Yo

  2. “They do anything for clout.” – Moneybagg Yo

  3. “I have reasons for my actions.” – Moneybagg Yo

  4. “Only thing free in life is options.” – Moneybagg Yo

  5. “My trust so f**ked up I always think some slick sh*t on.” – Moneybagg Yo

  6. “Putting old habits behind me and moving forward at this point.” – Moneybagg Yo

  7. “I’m not antisocial I just don’t like talking to y’all fake ass people…” – Moneybagg Yo

  8. “Once you start making money everyone starts becoming your friend.” – Moneybagg Yo

  9. “So if she a stallion but musty all the time, do that make her a mustang.” – Moneybagg Yo

  10. “I pay attention to sh*t you wouldn’t even think I’m paying attention too.” – Moneybagg Yo

  11. “I got 99 problems but 100 blessings… Took 99 L’s but learned 100 lessons.” – Moneybagg Yo

  12. “I’m staying focused and positive no matter what can’t nothing throw me off.” – Moneybagg Yo

  13. “I’m not wild nomore I done calmed my life, ppl won’t even get a reaction out of me.” – Moneybagg Yo

  14. “People never wanna support you wen u struggling but wen u up they wanna f**k with u.” – Moneybagg Yo

  15. “Sometimes u can’t even get mad cause u already knew the sh*t was gone happen anyway.” – Moneybagg Yo

  16. “Never post ya business, your money, or who you fw. As far as y’all know I’m lame, broke and single..” – Moneybagg Yo

  17. “I’ll go gard for anyone i fe, but I’ll go 10x harder for someone showing me they’ll do the same for me.” – Moneybagg Yo

  18. “And I’ma leave it at that, maybe one day we could laugh and talk that sh*t out but until then I’ma drop the situation.” – Moneybagg Yo

  19. “Wen things are going great it’s only a matter of time before some bad happens cuz wen u on top it’s only one other way to go.” – Moneybagg Yo

  20. “Never ever did some s*cker sh*t like paid to take a nigga off a show (Never). She a green light, she a go mack on her, f**k and duck the ho.” – Moneybagg Yo

  21. “Stay focus. No matter what keep pressing & pushing. They not gone understand and accept u when u first start but u gonna force it on em!” – Moneybagg Yo

  22. “Mfs wonder why I be silent and sh*t. Because I watch every f**king body 100 %. Ik who sneaky, fake and real based off yo moves and actions.” – Moneybagg Yo

  23. “I ain’t gonna bug, bother, or annoy anyone, so I feel my attention isn’t appreciated or being returned. I’m out ain’t gon overstay my welcome.” – Moneybagg Yo

  24. “Problem with me is… I was raised to care and never cross people that you genuinely got love for… but everybody ain’t raised the same.” – Moneybagg Yo

  25. “I’m having thoughts of the projects (The Bottom) while I’m livin’ luxury (While I’m Livin’ Good), yeah she the main reason my heart my heart cold (2 Heartless) it still f**k with me (Yeah), Yeah (Yeah).” – Moneybagg Yo

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