120 Happy Heavenly Birthday Images, Quotes, And Wishes

Looking for heartfelt happy heavenly birthday messages? We have rounded up some of the best collection of happy heavenly birthday images, quotes, wishes, messages, sayings, (with pics and photos) to remember your loved ones.

The phrase happy heavenly birthday is usually used for a birthday of a person after his or her death. We do remember our friends and family who left us for the heavenly abode on many days, especially on their birthdays.

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You miss them and feel really sad deep down in your heart. It may be your mother, father, husband, wife, friend, or someone from your extended family. The loss of a loved one sometimes leaves an empty space in your heart.

Though nothing can replace their love and place in our hearts and life, the best we can do is to remember them for all the fond memories and moments spent together.

These heartfelt happy heavenly birthday wishes are divided in these sections;

  • Happy Heavenly Birthday Wishes
  • Happy Birthday In Heaven Quotes
  • Happy Birthday To Someone In Heaven

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Happy Heavenly Birthday Wishes

  1. “Happy heavenly birthday to you from all those you left behind on earth.”

  2. “Happy Birthday to you! Surrounded with angels and the love of our Lord….”

  3. “Peaceful Happy Birthday in Heaven I pray for you best Happy Birthday in the sky.”

  4. “There is not a single day; I didn’t miss you. But today, I miss you more. Happy Birthday.”

  5. “Heaven is lucky to have an amazing person like you. Wishing you a happy birthday in paradise!”

  6. “Each memory of you is so alive that it never feels like you’re not here. Happy birthday in heaven!”                                                                                                           
    happy heavenly birthday mom
    happy heavenly birthday mom

  7. “Not even heaven is far enough to make me forget your big birthday. Missing you on this special day.”

  8. “Happy birthday my love in heaven. Enjoy your birthday with God and angels. Missing you too much.”

  9. “You’re not here, but I wish the best for you wherever you’re now. Have a wonderful birthday in heaven!”                                                                                                               
    happy heavenly birthday dad
    happy heavenly birthday dad

  10. “You are that break in the clouds that lets the sun shine through. Happy Birthday! I will always love you.”

  11. “It has never been the same since you’ve gone, brother. Sending my warm wishes to you on your birthday!”

  12. “On this birthday, we can’t send you gifts so, I’m sending my blessings to you. Wishing you a cheerful birthday!”

  13. “Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing people. I hope you are resting peacefully. Have a grand Birthday in heaven.”                                                                                             
    happy heavenly birthday images
    happy heavenly birthday images

  14. “Maybe God loves and admires you more that’s why he took you back earlier. I miss you so much, Happy Birthday in heaven.”

  15. “Happy heavenly birthday wishes to you dear, (Name). May you rest in peace there and have a birthday celebration in God’s company.”

  16. “Dear, it has been challenging for me to survive without you. Wherever you’re, wish you a happy birthday. You are the sweetest chapter of my life!”                                                                                                                                                                                     
    happy heavenly birthday quotes
    happy heavenly birthday quotes

  17. “Dear, I just wanted to let you know on your Birthday that I miss you and life is pretty boring without you around. Have a wild party in heaven.”

  18. “You taught me everything that I needed in life. I always looked up to you and you never disappointed me for once. Happy Birthday to you in heaven!”

  19. “I miss you every day since you left us, but I am missing you even more today since it is your Birthday. I wish you are having a good time up in heaven.”

  20. “I have been torn apart ever since you left all of us. The only fact that keeps me going is that you are having an incredible time up there. Happy Birthday.”

  21. “You were the greatest gift that I ever received from God. Today, I miss you a lot, but I feel your presence in my heart every day. You’re safe in here forever!”                                                                                                                                                                         
    happy heavenly birthday sister
    happy heavenly birthday sister

  22. “I think of you every day. No single day rolls by without the faintest of thoughts about you. It is your birthday, dearest. Above all wishes, keep resting in peace.”

  23. “Your presence was a gift of a lifetime for me. You may not be with us anymore but your memories will always inspire us. May you have a peaceful day in heaven!”

  24. “Although you aren’t here to celebrate it with me, I know that you’re getting a birthday serenade from the angels. Sending my best to you and your family today.”

  25. “Although you’re in heaven now, I feel your spirit with me on my important days. So, on this important day – your birthday, I hope you, too, can feel all my love for you.”

  26. “So many things I had yet to buy and say for your special day. For now, I’ll just look upon a shooting star to bring my birthday wishes and love straight to heaven’s door.”

  27. “I know you’re watching me from over the sky. I want you to know that you are very much alive in my heart and I’ll never let your memories be faded away. Happy Birthday!”

  28. “I miss your sweet presence around me all the time. But I know I can’t bring you back anymore. I wish you a great day in heaven filled with smiles and joy. Happy Birthday!”

  29. “Thinking of you on the day you were born brings so many happy and cherished memories. I wish we’d have had a few more before you had to go. Sending all my love above.”

  30. “Though you are not here with me, I know you will always guide me and be with me through thick and thin. Happy Birthday in heaven. I hope you are having a good time there.”                                                                                                                               
    happy heavenly birthday husband
    happy heavenly birthday husband

  31. “You were the single most important blessing of my life. I can never forget the love and care you gave me. Happy Birthday to you! May you rest in peace by God’s side forever!”

  32. “Your early departure shocked me so much that I couldn’t believe it for days. But now I know the truth. You were invited by God to be his special guest in heaven. Happy Birthday!”

  33. “Sometimes I feel jealous because you sit in heaven and enjoy the company of God while I live in the memories of us and miss you a lot. But today I’m happy because it’s your Birthday!”

  34. “I celebrate you today and every other day because you have been the sweetest part of my life and the memories of you shall forever dwell in my mind. Wishing you joy on your birthday in Heaven!”                                                                     
    friend happy heavenly birthday
    friend happy heavenly birthday

  35. “I appreciate all the moments that we had together, and today being your birthday, I want you to know that every little moment spent with you were the happiest in my life. I miss you so much!”

  36. “For your birthday in heaven: Still loved, still missed and very dear. Your Birthday’s here but you aren’t I’d send a gift but know I can’t. So I’ll make a wish upon a star to carry my love to where you are.”

  37. “Today is your birthday in heaven above. My blessings I send on the wings of this dove, not just for today but everyday hereof. I think of you always with all of my love. Always loved, forever missed.” – Toni Kane

  38. “Losing you was so hard for me, and life has never been the same. But even though you aren’t with us your spirit still lives on, and on your birthday we will celebrate as if you’re right here. Happy birthday to a legend.”

  39. “Happy birthday in heaven, my sweetheart! You were my life partner, my friend, my daily companion and my everything. Life has become painful without you and I’ve become incomplete. I wish I could meet you soon!”

  40. “Your memories, deeds, and causes for celebration will always live on through me, your loving sibling. You didn’t think I’d ever forget that you were born today, right? How could I? Hope you have an amazing day in paradise.”

Happy Birthday In Heaven Quotes

When you lose your dear ones to death, there can be nothing as heartbreaking as this. You feel you have lost him/her forever.

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They may be your mom, dad, daughter, son, friend, husband, or wife. And someone who departs too young or untimely then the pain is unbearable.

These words will help you remember your loved one who have their journey in heaven now.

  1. “Not even distance make me forget about your birthday. Wishing you a happy birthday in heaven.”

  2. “May the winds of the heaven whispers in your eyes, how much I miss you. Happy birthday in heaven!”

  3. “Happy birthday, dear. Deep down in my heart, I know you are smiling in Heaven. That makes me feel good.”

  4. “Thinking about you feels like you’re right beside me, holding my hands. Happy birthday in heaven, my love.”                                                                                                                   
    Happy Heavenly Birthday Pictures
    Happy Heavenly Birthday Pictures

  5. “I miss you every moment since you left me alone. Someday we’ll meet in the heaven. Happy birthday, dear!”

  6. “Happy birthday in Heaven, buddy. My heart will never ever stop missing and loving you. I can’t wait to see you again.”

  7. “Our time together was short but I treasured every second. Happy birthday my dear, watching down on us from heaven.”

  8. “In my heart, you shall forever remain despite the fact that you are not with me any longer. Wishing you a lovely birthday!”

  9. “Your memory is all I have left, and I will never let that go. Happy birthday my baby, you’re in heaven now and none can hurt you.”

  10. “Just wanted to tell you on your Birthday that I miss you every day more than I did yesterday. I hope you are having a good time up in heaven.”

  11. “You were everything to me, my special little guy, and now your one of the angels looking down on us. Happy birthday all the way up in heaven.”

  12. “On your birthday today, I want to wish you great joy and also let you know that you shall forever remain in my heart despite the fact that we are worlds apart.”

  13. “It makes me sad not having you on your birthday, but I wish the best for you no matter how far you’re from me, dear. Happy birthday in heaven, my lovely!”

  14. “My heart aches in grave sorrow since you departed for Heaven, but I take solace in the extremely beautiful moments that you left behind. Happy birthday in Heaven!”

  15. “I have been broken into countless pieces by your sudden departure, but the thought of you being in Heaven is the only reason why I still keep on going. Happy birthday!”

  16. “Today, even though we miss you, we are all glad to celebrate your birthday in the knowledge that you are by God’s side, smiling and with your heart overflowing with joy.”

  17. “I never stopped missing you for once in my life. Today, I am missing you even more because it’s your Birthday and you’re not with me. I wish you a cheerful Birthday in heaven!”

  18. “My heart aches whenever this day comes, and you’re not here with me. I’m forever grateful to you for our beautiful memories, love. Wishing you a happy birthday in heaven.”

  19. “Missing you is tough. It really is, and I can’t conceal that fact. But I know you left for a much better place and that you are truly happy now that you are in heaven. Happy birthday!”

  20. “You were taken from us too soon but you shone so bright no one could ever forget the light and warmth you brought to our lives. Happy birthday my darling, may you rest in peace.”

  21. “I always give thanks to the Lord for having the opportunity to be with you and to share my love with you. It is so unbearable being without you. However, I wish you a happy birthday.”

  22. “Though your departure makes my heart ache with immense sorrow and anguish, I am at least relieved to know that you are happy and having great fun up in paradise. Happy birthday!”

  23. “The great bond that exists between us shall never be broken even though you are not with us anymore. Your teachings and guidance shall forever remain in our hearts. Happy birthday!”

  24. “Gone but not forgotten. I will never forget your birthday. I will never forget you. I still love you and miss you so very much until we meet again. Happy Birthday in Heaven. Rest in Peace!”                                                                                                           
    happy heavenly birthday brother
    happy heavenly birthday brother

  25. “Though the hardest thing for me now is being without you for the rest of my life, I will surely never forget the brightness that your presence has left in my world. Happy birthday in Heaven!”

  26. “I must say how tough it has been ever since you left us. Although our lives have never been the same, we are joyful to celebrate your Big Day today, knowing that you are smiling in Heaven.”

  27. “Happy birthday to my hero, my idol, my role model. Till this day, I will never forget your teachings, your jokes, your lessons and all the wonderful memories we had together. I love you so much.”

  28. “Though you have departed this earth, I believe that you have accomplished all that the Lord sent you to do, and the greatest of all was to leave amazing moments in my world. Happy birthday.”

  29. “I know no amount of sorrow, tears or heartaches will bring you back to me, so all I can do now is to move on and cherish all the great times that we spent together. Happy birthday to you in Heaven!”

  30. “Being without you anymore causes my heart to ache, but I derive great comfort and joy knowing that you made it to Heaven and that you are happy up there. Wishing you a smiley birthday, dear!”

  31. “As you celebrate your birthday today up in heaven, I hope you know that I am missing you so badly and that the love you left in my heart is the only thing I hold on to in your absence. Happy birthday!”

  32. “The Lord knows why He made you leave so many wonderful memories behind. I believe this is so that we can have something to cherish when you are gone. We miss you and wish you a happy birthday.”                                                                                   
    happy heavenly birthday poems
    happy heavenly birthday poems

  33. “You were taken too soon from us and the pain is so raw. Today you would have turned ______ and we’re going to light a candle for each year. I miss you, you were my world. Happy birthday in heaven.”

  34. “Happy birthday! I can hear the echoes of your beautiful voice. I still remember all the joyful moments that we shared. It seems like you never left, however, the heartaches keep reminding me of your absence.”

  35. “You brought happiness into my life, showed me love, and taught me how to be kind. Your departure has left me empty. However, I shall forever be grateful for the time I got to spend with you. Happy birthday!”

Happy Birthday To Someone In Heaven

  1. “I will always celebrate you.”

  2. “I know you’ll be celebrating a special birthday in heaven.”

  3. “Together in the same old way, would be my dearest wish today. Happy birthday!”

  4. “No matter how long you’ve been gone I will never forget your birthday. Missing you so much.”

  5. “Life just isn’t the same without you. Happy birthday, and keep watching over us from the stars.”

  6. “We still feel your spirit and presence. Happy birthday from all of us down here to you in heaven.”

  7. “You will forever be a part of me and live on in my heart. Heavens gain is our loss. Happy Birthday.”

  8. “You are the break in the clouds that let’s the sun shine through. Happy birthday, I miss you so much.”

  9. “Why does God always take the best? Happy birthday, __________. Thinking of you today and everyday.”

  10. “The world lost one of it best but the heavens gained an angel. Wishing you a happy birthday wherever you are.”

  11. “Today, on your birthday, we honor your legacy and all the good you did. You will never be forgotten my friend.”

  12. “I’m feeling a little jealous of the angels right now. Happy birthday in Heaven, _________. Until we meet again.”

  13. “I know we can’t celebrate today like we have in years past. But I hope you know that I still try. Happy Birthday.”

  14. “Though you’re not here we still wanted to celebrate your birthday and remember all the good times. We miss you dearly.”

  15. “There are no words to describe how I’m feeling right now. Sad, yes. But yet joyful, too. Happy birthday, _______.”

  16. “The angels will be looking after you on your birthday. Remembering how special and loved you are. Happy birthday my love.”

  17. “The bond we had can never be broken. I hope you’ve found peace and know that my love for you is a strong as it ever was. Happy birthday.”

  18. “Sending you birthday wishes from all those you left behind. We will meet again, but until then we remember you with so much fondness.”

  19. “Losing you was one of the hardest things I had to go through but I take comfort knowing you’re in heaven now and at peace. Happy birthday!”

  20. “You may have left us but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate your life and the memories we have of you. Wishing you a happy birthday.”

  21. “No matter how old I get, your special day will always be the most special day of the year to me. And I will always celebrate it and you. Happiest of birthdays.”

  22. “It’s always on your birthday that I think back on all those wonderful times we had together. It makes me smile, laugh and cry. Happy birthday my darling up in heaven.”

  23. “You were always my role model and the one I looked up to. I feel your presence even though you’re gone and miss you more every day. Happy birthday and all my love.”

  24. “We all miss you each and every day, but especially today. I know that wherever you are, you’re having a great birthday and watching over us. Today, we celebrate your life.”

  25. “The world was a brighter, more beautiful place with you in it. I miss you more every year, which is why I still take the time to say happy birthday, even though you’re gone.”

  26. “They say, ‘If only heaven had visiting hours…’ Well I say, if only earth had visiting hours. I’d bring you back in a heartbeat to celebrate just today…then God could have you back.”

  27. “I will never let today become just another day. Because it will always be your special day. Happy birthday in Heaven, ________. I hope you can feel the love I’m sending your way.”

  28. “I can’t believe it’s your birthday and you’re not here to celebrate it with us. Today I lean on all the good memories I have with you, and on the promise that I’ll see you again one day.”

  29. “I wished you could be here as we celebrate your birthday. You would love all the chatter, decorations, food, and company. I’m always thinking of you and I wish you a very happy birthday.”

  30. “It doesn’t feel right to celebrate this day. But I’m going to do it anyway, for you and in your memory, because it’s what you would have wanted. Happy birthday, ________, I love you dearly.”

  31. “I used to think that this day would get easier every year that went by. But quite the opposite has happened. Happy birthday, sweetie…I can’t wait for the day we can truly celebrate you again.”

  32. “I don’t know if you can hear me, so I’ll ask God to pass it along: I love you, I miss you, and I miss the good times we always had together. Happy birthday, __________. I hope it’s a good one.”

  33. “I never thought that this day would come, at least not so soon. The day I couldn’t wish you Happy Birthday to your face. So I’m sending you my best wishes straight from my heart and right up to Heaven.”

  34. “It’s your birthday, but it doesn’t feel like it without you here. It doesn’t matter; I’m going to celebrate it like you are here because I know that’s what you would have wanted. I love and miss you so much.”

  35. “Happy birthday, ________. I don’t think you could ever know how much I miss you right now. I wish more than anything that we could be together again to celebrate your day. But I know we will again one day.”

  36. “Today is your birthday in Heaven above. I am sending you blessings on the wings of a dove, not only for today, but every day hereof. I think of you always, my love! Happy birthday to you, my friend. I miss you every day.”

  37. “We can’t go out celebrating today like we used to. But I wanted you to know that I’m still going out – still going to stop by all our old haunts, still going to buy you a birthday gift, still going to raise a glass in your memory. I love you, _______, happy birthday in Heaven.”

  38. “I know you’re in Heaven and that your birthday there must be way better than any party I could have thrown for you here. And maybe I’m being selfish when I say that I wish you were still here anyway. Happy birthday, love.”

  39. “No amount of birthday wishes can convey how much I love you and want you beside me on your special day. Your birthday will always be a special day to honor you and I hope you are doing well in Heaven, happy birthday my mentor in life.”

  40. “Growing up, I always had you by my side, so it’s tough that you are no longer with me. Thank you for teaching us the meaning of kindness and grace, you have been the best teacher I ever have and I wish you a very happy birthday wherever you are.”

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The best we can do after losing a loved one to death is appreciate their life, and cherish the sweet memories of old times.

Hope these sympathy messages for someone who went too soon to heaven will help you express your pain and feelings for your loved one.

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