50 Evil Eye Quotes And Evil Eye Protection Sayings

Looking for quotes about evil eyes and protection from it? We have rounded up the best collection of evil eye quotes, sayings, captions for Instagram, and verses from Quran (Islam) status messages, (with images and pictures) to ward off the negative energy.

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From old traditions and beliefs the evil eye is a “look” or “stare” that is believed to bring bad luck to the person at whom it is directed for reasons of jealousy, grudge, or dislike.

The perception of the nature of the phenomenon, its causes, and possible protective measures, varies between tribes and cultures.

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To ward off this bad energy an evil eye protection which is a talisman or amulet, designed in the shape of an eye, traditionally in the colors blue or green, that indicates spiritual protection.

These talismans or evil eye “repellents” come in different shapes and forms as pendants, bracelets, earrings, and rings.

These inspirational and famous evil eye protection quotes are from various religions and languages like Islam (Urdu), Spanish, Arabic, Hindu, Turkish, and more, each with their own beliefs and traditions.

Best Evil Eye Quotes

  1. “May every evil eye in your life go blind.”                                                                                       
    Evil Eye Quotes
    Evil Eye Quotes

  2. “Woe be to an evil eye.” – Danish Proverbs

  3. “Evil Has Eye Of An Angel.” – Deva Darkheart

  4. “An evil eye can see no good.” – Danish Proverbs

  5. “Evil is in the eye of the beholder.” – David Mitchell

  6. “The evil eye is true, so perform ablution for it.” – Hadith

  7. “Any eye is an evil eye that looks in on to a mood apart.”- Robert Frost

  8. “And even though we both fly Give each other space and not the evil eye.”- Q-Tip

  9. “Sometimes you block your own blessings by telling everyone your own business.”

  10. “No notice is taken of a little evil, but when it increases it strikes the eye.” – Aristotle

  11. “I have looked evil in the eye, my friend. I am afraid to say it does not blink.” – Adrian Cole

  12. “The evil eye brings a man to his grave and a camel into the cauldron.” – Prophet Muhammad

  13. “If we live according to the law an eye for an eye…, we will never escape from the spiral of evil.” – Pope Francis

  14. “Sixth sense, six pack, six degrees of separation / My evil third eye blinks with no hesitation.” – Ghostface Killah

  15. “Envy, my son, wears herself away, and droops like a lamb under the influence of the evil eye.”- Jacopo Sannazaro

  16. “I have noticed that many who do not believe in God believe in everything else, even in the evil eye.” – Jules Verne

  17. “The worst people on earth are not only those who commit evil, but those who stand by and turn a blind eye.” – Emmanuel Jal

  18. “When people have a sense of our military capability, nobody will ever dare to cast an evil eye on our nation.”- Narendra Modi

  19. “May every evil eye upon me go blind… May every tongue that rises against me fall… May every ill intention return to sender.”

  20. “There are more idols than realities in the world: that is my “evil eye” for this world, which is also my “evil ear”.”- Friedrich Nietzsche

  21. “A deep man believes that the evil eye can whither, the heart’s blessing can heal, and that love can overcome all odds.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

  22. “When your kids begin to grow up, it will be prompted to you to start snapping their pics for people to see. Keep calm, don’t do it! The evil eye is real!”

  23. “If a negative viewer looks at you with an ugly fiendish eye, find a way and pluck off his eyes, or better still, protect your good image.”- Michael Bassey Johnson

  24. “I don’t believe in evil eye… If your soul is sinless no evil eye can harm you… Even windstorm can fill dust in those houses whose windows are shaky…” – Sunanda Das

  25. “Most people who perpetrate evil do not see what they are doing as evil. Evil exists primarily in the eye of the beholder, especially in the eye of the victim.” – Roy F. Baumeister

  26. “I will hide my heart in your heart and you will hide your heart in my heart; and no evil eye will hear it, our common heart, as familiar, in unison, it throbs to the world.” – Kristian Goldmund Aumann

  27. “People speak of the evil eye but they overlook the good eye. The good eye exists. Just as the one possessed of the evil eye can cause illness with a glance, the one possessed of the good eye can heal with a glance.”

  28. “If evil lingers around you, it will rub off on you, it will cause stress, anxiety and a lot of mental anguish! ‘Eyes’ – you can see evil in the eye of the beholder! Body! Talk! Stance! Walk! Posture! Evil oozes out!” – Stephen Richards

  29. “Don’t be foolish and expose every blessing the almighty has given you to everyone and think that they’ll be happy for you. The truth is some will but many won’t. The evil eye is real. Learn to keep things private and not to share too much with those who could possibly harm you.”

  30. “The evil eye is the fascinum, it is that which has the effect of arresting movement and, literally, of killing life. At the moment the subject stops, suspending his gesture, he is mortified. This anti-life, anti-movement function of the terminal point is the fascinum, and it is precisely one of the dimensions in which the power of the gaze is exercised directly.”- Jacques Lacan

Evil Eye Protection Quotes

  1. “I am always protected.”                                                                                                               
    Evil Eye Quotes For Instagram
    Evil Eye Quotes For Instagram

  2. “It is watchful gaze keep you safe from jealousy and harm.”                                                     
    evil eye protection quotes
    evil eye protection quotes

  3. “Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil but then also do no evil.”- Amit Abraham

  4. “May this evil eye protect you as you go about your day. May happiness surround you and stay out of harm’s way.”                                                                                     
    Evil Eye Protection Quotes Images
    Evil Eye Protection Quotes Images

  5. “I was named for my grandmother. It’s an evil-eye name, to protect you from bad things.”- Stana Katic

  6. “I always wear my evil eye necklace to ward off bad karma. I always wear one to protect me.”- Gracie Gold

  7. “Always tiptoe, I don’t want them to hear you. I need to keep you in a bubble, I don’t want them to hurt you. I fear the evil eye, I need to protect you from it.” – Juveria Fatima

  8. “We have to cover everything with the Lord himself, not a false sort of optimism, not by blinding our eyes to the evil, but by really seeing God in everything.” – Swami Vivekananda

  9. “The message of Good Friday is that the dictum of an eye for an eye cannot work. The way to conquer evil is through good. Similarly, violence can be overcome only by non-violence and hatred by love.”

  10. “The evil eye is real and should not be taken lightly. Most people are negligent in protecting themselves and do not worry about showing off their blessings; posting every detail of their life on social media. Know that not everyone who sees your story will be happy for you!” – Firdaus Shazz

  11. “The “Nazar”, more commonly known as the “Evil Eye”, is over 5000 years old. It is found in all major religions and throughout countless cultures. It is believed that the eye protects it’s owner from evil spirits, the jealousy and the “Ill Will” of others, by peering back them in their spirit realm. It is worn as a protection talisman and placed upon the home, car and altar.”

  12. “Keep you eyes open. Guard your thoughts. Negativity lurks to divide you from one another so your better natures become poisoned with hate. This is not who you are. This is not who you were destined to be. Keep your eye on unity. Keep your eye on encouragement. Keep you eyes on love. Then negativity will take its place as a powerless force. That is when you will fulfill the purpose you were born to achieve.”- Tom Krause

  13. “EVIL EYE: Yes its real, and the prophet S.A.W said its worse than black magic. As it could kill a person. Don’t share pictures of your success. Food, selfies, where you are or anything else. As many people can’t digest it and become jealous. Live a private life and do you. Nobody needs to know your business. Especially those who aren’t happy for you. Their jealousy or hatred could lead you to depression, or even losing all that you have. Be humble and keep it to yourself. Live your life for you, not for the attention that could end it.”

When faced with adversities, people may believe that its some evil eye effect. Allah has revealed many prayers that can be recited when seeking protection against a certain situation.

These can include security from harm, evil, Jinn, nafs, and even prayers for the safety of your family and children.

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Whether you are Christian, Hindu, Muslim, or you follow any other religion or are an atheist, these wise words of wisdom will surely dawn some light on the powers and grace of the Almighty.

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