Consciousness Quotes To Inspire Self-Awareness

Consciousness quotes offer insight and wisdom about being mindful, awareness, and self-reflection. These quotes touch on the profound nature of consciousness and how it relates to our perception, self-awareness, and experience of life.

What is Consciousness?

Consciousness is what makes you aware of the world around you, your thoughts, and your feelings. It’s what lets you experience life and be “you.” So basically, your consciousness is your awareness of yourself and the world around you. It’s a bit like your brain’s superpower!

You can increase your consciousness by being more mindful, practising meditation and taking time for self-reflection. It is an ongoing process and it helps you to get a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

With an increased level of consciousness, you can align better with your higher self, be it mentally, spiritually or emotionally.

These inspiring quotes will encourage you to declutter your mind and be more conscious of things happening around you.

Top 10 Consciousness Quotes

  1. “There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” — Carl Jung                         

    consciousness quotes
    consciousness quotes
  2. “Consciousness is not in the body; the body is in Consciousness.” — Dan Millman                     

    quotes about consciousness
    quotes about consciousness
  3. “Control of consciousness determines the quality of life.” — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi       

    quotes on consciousness
    quotes on consciousness
  4. “The quality of your consciousness at this moment is what shapes the future.” — Eckhart Tolle
  5. “Do not look for approval except for the consciousness of doing your best.” — Andrew Carnegie
  6. “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” — Albert Einstein

    self conscious quotes
    self conscious quotes
  7. “The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” — Lao Tzu
  8. “The consciousness of self is the greatest hindrance to the proper execution of all physical action.” — Bruce Lee
  9. “Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.” — Aldous Huxley
  10. “Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain.” — Tom Robbins

Quotes About Consciousness

  1. “Consciousness cannot be accounted for in physical terms.” — Erwin Schrödinger
  2. “Consciousness was upon him before he could get out of the way.” — Kingsley Amis
  3. “Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness.” — Terence McKenna
  4. “The body is in Consciousness; never born; never dies; only changes.” — Dan Millman
  5. “Relationships are steppingstones for the evolution of our consciousness.” — Alaric Hutchinson
  6. “Waking consciousness is dreaming—but dreaming constrained by external reality.” — Oliver Sacks
  7. “Necessity is blind until it becomes conscious. Freedom is the consciousness of necessity.” — Karl Marx
  8. “Consciousness is a mystery that faces the mystery of potential and transforms it into actuality.” — Jordan B. Peterson
  9. “For consciousness is absolutely fundamental. It cannot be accounted for in terms of anything else.” — Erwin Schrödinger
  10. “And you are that Consciousness – no the phantom mind that troubles you so. You are the body, but you are everything else, too.” — Dan Millman

Inspirational Quotes On Consciousness

  1. “Man moves in a world that is nothing more or less than his consciousness objectified.” — Neville Goddard
  2. “Thinking is learning all over again how to see, directing one’s consciousness, making of every image a privileged place.” — Albert Camus
  3. “Happiness is a measure of how thickly the unconscious parts of our minds are intertwined with other people and with activities.” — David Brooks
  4. “When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.” — Joseph Campbell
  5. “You are not limited to this body, to this mind, or to this reality—you are a limitless ocean of Consciousness, imbued with infinite potential.” — Joseph P. Kauffman
  6. “Consciousness grows independent of the ordinary senses. You see without assistance from the eyes, over distances beyond the visual horizon.” — Charles A. Lindbergh
  7. “Acceptance looks like a passive state, but in reality it brings something entirely new into this world. That peace, a subtle energy vibration, is consciousness.” — Eckhart Tolle
  8. “True philosophy must start from the most immediate and comprehensive fact of consciousness: ‘I am life that wants to live, in the midst of life that wants to live.’” — Albert Schweitzer
  9. “With every increase in the degree of consciousness, and in proportion to that increase, the intensity of despair increases: the more consciousness the more intense the despair.” — Søren Kierkegaard
  10. “How remarkable we are in our ability to hide things from ourselves – our conscious minds only a small portion of our actual minds, jellyfish floating on a vast dark sea of knowing and deciding.” — Andrew Sean Greer

Quotes Of Higher Consciousness

  1. “Consciousness is either inexplicable, illusion, or else revelation.” — C. S. Lewis
  2. “When you consciously choose to be ordinary, you become extraordinary.” — Sadhguru
  3. “Consciousness is not an act, not an idea, not even a quality – it is the very basis of creation.” — Sadhguru
  4. “Use your consciousness to imagine, to feel, to create, to live… not to rewind, not to regret.” — Nitin Namdeo
  5. “You are here to evolve and make your consciousness high. You are here to dance, sing and celebrate life.” — Amit Ray
  6. “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.” — Unknown
  7. “Consciousness is the most familiar thing there is, and yet the most mysterious and intractable thing there is too.” — David Chalmers
  8. “When our consciousness has become a haven of illusions, our mind may have a hard time to fight the maze in our thinking.” — Erik Pevernagie
  9. “Living consciousness somehow is the influence that turns the possibility of something into something real. The most essential ingredient in creating our universe is the consciousness that observes it.” — Dan Brown
  10. “In our consciousness, there are many negative seeds and also many positive seeds. The practice is to avoid watering the negative seeds, and to identify and water the positive seeds every day.” — Thich Nhat Hanh
  11. “We must see that consciousness is neither an isolated soul nor the mere function of a single nervous system but of that totality of interrelated stars and galaxies which makes a nervous system possible.” — Alan Watts


The quotes on consciousness by famous writers, authors, leaders, and spiritual gurus, will encourage you to be more mindful, more informed and alert about things, people, and relationships around you.

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