55 Neville Goddard Quotes For Manifesting Success and Awakening

Neville Goddard was a visionary thinker, spiritual teacher, and mystic. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential New Thought and Law of Attraction teachers. His profound teachings offer a unique perspective on harnessing the power of the mind to manifest abundance, success, and fulfillment in every aspect of life. Delve deep into these famous Neville Goddard quotes that will inspire you to manifest your dreams into reality.

Whether it’s the exploration of the power of imagination or the concept of manifesting desires, Goddard’s teachings continue to inspire individuals worldwide on a journey of self-transformation and empowerment.

Neville gained popularity by interpreting the Bible. His philosophy on spiritual awakening was different from others. He saw the Bible more than just as a historical book, he saw it as a symbolic representation of our imagination’s power.

He believed that human imagination is the only God and that a person can achieve anything by imagining the wish already fulfilled.

Most of his works were around self-help, the Bible, and mysticism, urging his readers to adopt a mindset of abundance and positivity.

Some of his famous works include “The Power of Awareness,” “Feeling is the Secret,” “Your Faith Is Your Fortune,” and “The Law and The Promise”.

Through his books, he explores the unimaginable potential of our thoughts and emotions. He strongly emphasized that thoughts become things and you can change your life by aligning your thoughts with the desired outcome.

Neville’s profound wisdom reflects on everything from love and faith to money and success. So, get ready to imagine, believe, and create the life of your dreams.

Explore these best Neville Goddard quotes that will help you on your journey of manifestation and self-discovery. These powerful quotes will inspire you to tap into your inner power and unleash your true potential.

Top 10 Neville Goddard Quotes

  1. “Believe that you are what you want to be.” — Neville Goddard       

    Neville Goddard Quotes
    Neville Goddard Quotes
  2. “A change of feeling is a change of destiny.” — Neville Goddard                         

    Quotes By Neville Goddard
    Quotes By Neville Goddard
  3. “Stop believing in God and start believing as God.” — Neville Goddard            

    Best Neville Goddard Quotes
    Best Neville Goddard Quotes          
  4. “The secret of having it all, is believing you already do.” — Neville Goddard                            

    Neville Goddard Quotes On Manifestation
    Neville Goddard Quotes On Manifestation                      
  5. “The world is a mirror, forever reflecting what you are doing, within yourself.” – Neville Goddard         

    Neville Goddard Quote
    Neville Goddard Quote
  6. “To reach a higher level of being, you must assume a higher concept of yourself.” — Neville Goddard           

    Neville Goddard Imagination Quotes
    Neville Goddard Imagination Quotes
  7. “It is not what you want that you attract, you attract what you believe to be true.” — Neville Goddard 

    Neville Goddard Quotes On Faith
    Neville Goddard Quotes On Faith
  8. “Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live.” — Neville Goddard                                                                                                         

    Famous Neville Goddard Quotes
    Famous Neville Goddard Quotes                            
  9. “Simply dare to assume you are what you want to be and you will compel everyone to play their part.” — Neville Goddard
  10. “If you will assume your desire and live there as though it were true, no power on earth can stop it from becoming a fact.” — Neville Goddard

Best Quotes By Neville Goddard

  1. “Feeling is the secret.” — Neville Goddard
  2. “NOTHING is impossible to you.” — Neville Goddard
  3. “Feeling a state produces that state.” — Neville Goddard
  4. “Imagination is the very gateway of reality.” — Neville Goddard
  5. “The signs always follow. They never precede.” — Neville Goddard
  6. “It’s your own wonderful imagination that is God.” — Neville Goddard
  7. “Claim it; it will respond.” — Neville Goddard, The Power of Awareness
  8. “Prayers to be successful must be claiming rather than begging.” — Neville Goddard
  9. “An assumption, though false, if persisted in, will harden into fact.” — Neville Goddard
  10. “Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows.” — Neville Goddard
  11. “Each person is born with an infinite power, against which no earthly force is of the slightest significance.” — Neville Goddard
  12. “Man’s chief delusion is his conviction that there are causes other than his own state of consciousness.” — Neville Goddard
  13. “You are already that which you want to be, and your refusal to believe this is the only reason you do not see it.” — Neville Goddard
  14. “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” – Neville Goddard
  15. “You rise to a higher level of consciousness by taking your attention away from your present limitations and placing it upon that which you desire to be.” — Neville Goddard

Famous Neville Goddard Quotes

  1. Dream better than the best you know.” — Neville Goddard
  2. “Imagination is seeing with the eye of God.” — Neville Goddard
  3. “Imagination and faith are the secrets of creation.” — Neville Goddard
  4. “Whatever you desire, believe that you have received it, and you will.” — Neville Goddard
  5. “A change of circumstance happens as a result of a change in your state of consciousness.” — Neville Goddard
  6. “Praying, is recognizing yourself to be that which you desire to be, rather than begging God for that which you desire.” — Neville Goddard
  7. “Your assumption, to be effective, cannot be a single isolated act, it must be a maintained attitude of the wish fulfilled.” — Neville Goddard
  8. “An awakened imagination works with a purpose. It creates and conserves the desirable and transforms or destroys the undesirable.” — Neville Goddard
  9. “Your imagination is the bridge to the reality you desire. As you vividly picture and feel your dreams, you pave the way for their manifestation, turning the unseen into the seen through the magic of conscious creation.” — Neville Goddard
  10. “Health, wealth, beauty, and genius are not created; they are only manifested by the arrangement of your mind-that is, by your concept of yourself, and your concept of yourself is all that you accept and consent to as true.” — Neville Goddard

Quotes From Neville Goddard

  1. “Your opinion of yourself is your most important viewpoint.” — Neville Goddard
  2. “Nothing comes from without. All things come from within.” — Neville Goddard
  3. “Make a pledge to yourself that you will live by your imagination.” — Neville Goddard
  4. “Never go to sleep feeling discouraged or dissatisfied. Never sleep in the consciousness of failure.” — Neville Goddard
  5. “The law operates by faith. If you believe, no effort is necessary to see the fulfillment of your every desire.” — Neville Goddard
  6. “Be careful of your moods and feelings, for there is an unbroken connection between your feelings and your visible world.” — Neville Goddard
  7. “If every little rumour, doubt, or fear can move you around like a pawn on a chessboard, then you are not keeping the faith.” — Neville Goddard
  8. “Take your attention away from your problem and the multitude of reasons why you cannot achieve your ideal. Concentrate your attention entirely upon the thing desired.” – Neville Goddard
  9. “To the unenlightened man this will seem to be all fantasy, yet all progress comes from those who do not take the accepted view, nor accept the world as it is.” — Neville Goddard, The Power Of Awareness
  10. “Do not waste one moment in regret, for to think feelingly of the mistakes of the past is to re-infect yourself. Turn from appearances and assume the feeling that would be yours were you already the one you wish to be.” — Neville Goddard, “Feeling is the Secret”

Neville Goddard Quotes And Sayings

  1. “The dreamer in you is God.” — Neville Goddard
  2. “Faith is the bridge between the invisible and the visible.” — Neville Goddard
  3. “Imagination is the only redemptive power in the universe.” — Neville Goddard
  4. “Truth depends upon the intensity of imagination, not upon facts.” — Neville Goddard
  5. “Learn to shake yourself loose from what the world believes is the only reality.” — Neville Goddard
  6. “Make your future dream a present fact, by assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” — Neville Goddard
  7. “Don’t condemn yourself for the state into which you have fallen. If you do not like it, move into another.” — Neville Goddard
  8. “Only as one is willing to give up his present limitations and identity can he become that which he desires to be.” — Neville Goddard
  9. “The world is yourself pushed out. Ask yourself what you want and then give it to yourself! Do not question how it will come about; just go your way knowing that the evidence of what you have done must appear, and it will.” — Neville Goddard
  10. “Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.” — Neville Goddard, ‘Your Faith Is Your Fortune’

Neville Goddard Books

Neville Goddard has penned several books on self-help, power of imagination and manifestation. Through his books, he shares his practical wisdom and principles that continue to inspire and empower readers around the world. Some of his notable works include:

  1. The Power of Awareness
  2. Feeling is the Secret
  3. The Law and The Promise
  4. Your Faith is Your Fortune
  5. Awakened Imagination and The Search
  6. Resurrection
  7. The Neville Reader
  8. Five Lessons
  9. At Your Command
  10. Prayer: The Art Of Believing


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