95 Conceit Quotes And Sayings To Inspire You

Looking for inspirational quotes being conceited? We have rounded up the best collection of conceit quotes, sayings, captions, (with images and pictures) which will inspire you to embrace humility, kindness, integrity in life and avoid people with arrogance and ego.

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Conceit is the state of being too proud of yourself and your actions. Conceited people are very self-absorbed, egoistic and are full of themselves. They are very arrogant and they take pride in whatever they do.

There is a very thin line between conceit and confidence. People respect being called confident than conceited, because conceit is a negative connotation. Being conceited can limit our opportunity in life, as people usually don’t want to be associated with a conceited person.

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It is often said that with money and power comes self-conceit. Most people tend to get swell headed when they become powerful and successful. These quotes about conceit will help you to deal with pompous people in your life.

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Conceit, pride and egoism are regarded as negative traits for a human being. To be successful in life you should know how to control vanity and learn to practice humility. Cocky and coneited people are never appreciated and often results in the downfall of success.

These motivational quotes are divided into these sections;

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  • Conceited Quotes

Many famous authors and writers have talked and written about conceit in men and women. As quoted by Napolean Hill, “Conceit is a fog that envelops a man’s real character beyond his own recognition. It weakens his native ability and strengthens all his inconsistencies.”

You will be able to relate to these great quotes about conceit, pride and confidence if you know someone who has a dash of conceit or arrogance in their personality.

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Conceit Quotes

  1. “Conceit is God’s gift to little men.” – Bruce Barton

  2. “Self-conceit may lead to self-destruction.” – Aesop

  3. “Conceit spoils the finest genius.” – Louisa May Alcott

  4. “The smaller the mind the greater the conceit.” – Aesop

  5. “The smaller the mind, the greater the ego.” – Tom Clancy

  6. “Conceit is incompatible with understanding.” – Leo Tolstoy                                                   
    conceited quotes
    conceited quotes

  7. “The less their ability, the more their conceit.” – Ahad Ha’am

  8. “Most people I know with gigantic egos are pretty miserable.”

  9. “Conceit is an insuperable obstacle to all progress.” – Ellen Terry

  10. “Conceit is the self-satisfaction of a jackass.” – American Proverbs

  11. “Conceit is an outward manifestation of inferiority.” – Noel Coward                                       
    conceited quotes about yourself
    conceited quotes about yourself

  12. “Pride and conceit were the original sins of man.” – Alain Rene Le Sage

  13. “Conceit is thinking you’re great; egotism is knowing it.” – Bobby Darin

  14. “Pride makes us artificial & humility makes us real.” – Thomas Merton

  15. “The worst kind of arrogance is arrogance from ignorance.” – Jim Rohn

  16. “They are but beggars that can count their worth.” – William Shakespeare

  17. “The empty vessel giveth a greater sound than the full barrel.” – John Lyly

  18. “There’s a big difference between confidence and conceit.” – Johnny Unitas

  19. “I’m not conceited. Conceit is a fault and I have no faults.” – David Lee Roth

  20. “Conceit causes more conversation than wit.” – Francois de La Rochefoucauld

  21. “People who are as intelligent, witty, and attractive as I am are usually conceited.”

  22. “Every man has a right to be conceited until he is successful.” – Benjamin Disraeli

  23. “A person wrapped up in himself makes a small package.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick                                                                                                                                                                 
    conceit quotes
    conceit quotes

  24. “Conceit, arrogance, and egotism are the essentials of patriotism.” – Emma Goldman

  25. “Just because you’re beautiful and perfect, it’s made you conceited.” – William Goldman

  26. “Conceit is a weird disease – it makes everybody sick except the guy who has it.” – James Dobson

  27. “We would seldom be deceived by flattery, did our own conceit not promote the delusion.” – Norm MacDonald

  28. “Calm self-confidence is as from conceit as the desire to earn a decent living is remote from greed.” – Channing Pollock

  29. “Conceit is a privilege of the ignorant; the wise man is humble because he knows how little he knows.” – Isabel Allende

  30. “Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful.” – John Wooden

  31. “Conceit is to nature what paint is to beauty; it is not only needless, but it impairs what it would improve.” – Alexander Pope

  32. “The horse. Here is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity. A willing servant, yet never a slave.” – Ronald Duncan

  33. “Whenever nature leaves a hole in a person’s mind, she generally plasters it over with a thick coat of self-conceit.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  34. “There is a difference between conceit and confidence. Conceit is bragging about yourself. Confidence means you believe you can get the job done.” – Johnny Unitas

  35. “Conceit is a fog that envelops a man’s real character beyond his own recognition. It weakens his native ability and strengthens all his inconsistencies.” – Napoleon Hill

  36. “Self absorbed people only think about what makes them feel good at the moment – they don’t have any respect or regard for anyone else. Then they wonder why their relationships fail.”

  37. “The pretender sees no one but himself, Because he has the veil of conceit in front; If he were endowed with a God discerning eye, He would see that no one is weaker than himself.” – Bill Vaughan

  38. “People that are conceited of their own merit take pride in being unfortunate, that themselves and others may think them considerable enough to be the envy and the mark of fortune.” – Francois de La Rochefoucauld

  39. “Conceit, more rich in matter than in words, Brags of his substance, not of ornament: They are but beggars that can count their worth; But my true love is grown to such excess, I cannot sum up half my sum of wealth.” – William Shakespeare

  40. “Conceit spoils the finest genius. There is not much danger that real talent or goodness will be overlooked long; even if it is, the consciousness of possessing and using it well should satisfy one, and the great charm of all power is modesty.” – Louisa May Alcott

Conceited Quotes

It feels great when we reach your goals and achieve success, but it is important not to let self-conceit get to our head. We should learn to balance our ego and practice humility before we become too conceited or full of ourself.

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Here is a list of some sassy conceited quotes which will inspire you to stay humble and grounded. If you are a self-conceited person then these uplifting quotes will help you to embrace kindness and humility.

  1. “I’m too conceited for therapy.” – Glen Duncan

  2. “Premature independence is the daughter of conceit.” – Idries Shah

  3. “None so empty as those who are full of themselves.” – Benjamin Whichcote

  4. “People think I’m conceited, and I’m not a nice person.” – Slick Rick, Rapper

  5. “I hate elitists. I hate conceited people. I hate pompous people.” – Neil Cavuto

  6. “Every man has a right to be conceited until he is successful.” – Benjamin Disraeli

  7. “I look good. I feel good and not to sound conceited I sound great.” – A. J. McLean

  8. “Flattery succeeds best on minds previously occupied by conceit.” – Norm MacDonald

  9. “There is a big difference between having confidence and being conceited.” – Unknown

  10. “One in whose head is conceit, Think not that he will ever listen to truth.” – Bill Vaughan

  11. “If you think you are not conceited, it means you are very conceited indeed.” – C. S. Lewis

  12. “To attempt to advise conceited people is like whistling against the wind.” – Thomas Hood

  13. “Conceited people never hear anything but praise.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery (The Little Prince)

  14. “God has no use for conceited people, but shows favor to those who are humble.” – King Solomon

  15. “Sweetie, being overtly conceited is annoying. Please stop before I slap you! Okay, bye.” – Unknown

  16. “Conceit is bragging about yourself. If it’s that great, others will brag about it for you.” – Unknown

  17. “He who conceits himself wise, has an ass near at hand.” – Christian Hoffman Von Hofmannswaldau

  18. “The more anyone speaks of himself, the less he likes to hear another talked of.” – Johann Kaspar Lavater

  19. “Don’t be conceited: even postage stamps become useless when they get stuck on themselves.” – Evan Esar

  20. “One whom the music of his own vain tongue doth ravish like enchanting harmony.” – William Shakespeare

  21. “It is the admirer of himself, and not the admirer of virtue, that thinks himself superior to others.” – Plutarch

  22. “He that is conceited of his Wisdom, is readier to impose Error, than to receive Truth.” – Benjamin Whichcote

  23. “I’ve never any pity for conceited people, because I think they carry their comfort about with them.” – George Eliot

  24. “I don’t at all like knowing what people say of me behind my back. It makes me far too conceited.” – Oscar Wilde

  25. “The conceited are rarely shy; for they value themselves much too highly to expect depreciation.” – Charles Darwin

  26. “To be confident means you believe you can get the job done. But conceit is bragging about yourself.” – Unknown

  27. “Let us not become conceited, or povoke one another, or be jealous of one another.” – Galatians 5:26 NLT (Bible Verses)

  28. “The idea that human kind can shape the world according to wish is what I call the fatal conceit.” – Friedrich August von Hayek

  29. “It is so conceited and timid to be ashamed of one’s mistakes. Of course they are mistakes. Go on to the next.” – Brenda Ueland

  30. “Live a life of privilege Pushing back the last, the lost, the least of these To dull the edge of conscience with conceit.” – Reliant K

  31. “He who is enamored of himself will at least have the advantage of being inconvenienced by few rivals.” – Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

  32. “There’s nothing more arrogant or conceited than youth, and there’s nothing other than machinery that can replace youth.” – Elliott Gould

  33. “Conceit and confidence are both of them cheats; the first always imposes on itself, the second frequently deceives others too.” – Zimmerman

  34. “I’ve never been a conceited person or cocky, never felt boastful, but I always had a sense of self-worth; I always had a real sense of myself.” – Will Ferrell

  35. “Many said selfishness was the flaw of our modern age; but then self-conceit emerged from a corner of the deepest hell to join selfishness.” – Franz Grillparzer

  36. “He would be the finer gentleman that should leave the world without having tasted of lying or pretence of any sort, or of wantonness or conceit.” – Marcus Aurelius

  37. “It is a fact which escapes no one, that, generally speaking, whoso is acquainted with his worth has but a little stock to cultivate acquaintance with.” – Thomas Carlyle

  38. “There is scarcely any man, how much soever he may despise the character of a flatterer, but will condescend in the meanest manner to flatter himself.” – Henry Fielding

  39. “Standing on the top it’s a long way down It’s too easy to feel conceit Its too easy to feel elite The propaganda that you’re fed. Don’t think you can count on it.” – Unknown

  40. “Love is patient and kind. It’s never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful.” – Nicholas Sparks

  41. “If a man would pursue Philosophy, his first task is to throw away conceit. For it is impossible for a man to bein to learn what he has a conceit that he already knows.” – Epictetus

  42. “A certain amount of distrust is wholesome, but not so much of others as of ourselves; neither vanity nor conceit can exist in the same atmosphere with it.” – Samuel Johnson

  43. “No people are more conceited than those who depict their own feelings, especially if they happen to have a little prose at their command for the occasion.” – Georg C. Lichtenberg

  44. “Conceit is the most contemptible and one of the most odious qualities in the world. It is vanity driven from all other shifts, and forced to appeal to itself for admiration.” – William Hazlitt

  45. “The generality of friends puts us out of conceit with friendship; just as the generality of religious people puts us out of conceit with religion.” – François de La Rochefoucauld

  46. “Narcissus does not fall in love with his reflection because it is beautiful, but because it is his. If it were his beauty that enthralled him, he would be set free in a few years by its fading.” – W. H. Auden

  47. “Conceit is really self-pity masquerading as self-importance, however. It is the means by which … humans hide, from themselves and others, the insidious, crippling fact of their own self-loathing.” – Jake Horsley

  48. “A direct statement about yourself is considered objective only if it is negative. If it’s positive, it is considered subjective. And ‘objective’ means it is accurate, and ‘subjective’ means it is conceited self-delusion.” – Barbara Sher

  49. “A pretty, silly, self-conceited woman will very often be far more courted, and seemingly far more liked and admired, than a woman of infinitely higher charms. All the while the men do not like her a tenth part as well.” – Charles Buxton

  50. “I try hard to hold fast to the truth that a full and thankful heart cannot entertain great conceits. When brimming with gratitude, one’s heartbeat must surely result in outgoing love, the finest emotion we can ever know.” – Bill W.

  51. “Men are so conceited, that they think they deserve everything they want and may do everything to procure it; and nothing but fear restrains man from dealing with man as nations deal with nations, that is, from devouring one another.” – John Trenchard & Thomas Gordon

  52. “Most of us think of pride as self-centeredness, conceit, boastfulness, arrogance, or haughtiness. All of these are elements of the sin, but the heart, or core, is still missing. The central feature of pride is enmity – enmity toward God and enmity toward our fellowmen.” – Ezra Taft Benson

  53. “Conceit is the ability to value one’s own feelings, ideas, opinions, and decisions as infinitely superior to everyone else’s, even when they are quite obviously nothing of the kind (even, in fact, when they are not one’s own at all, but stolen or borrowed from others).” – Jake Horsley

  54. “Most people are not really conceited, but feel a certain amount of inferiority and tend to get a little discouraged with themselves, therefore encouragement is a very important thing! I do it all the time! I praise everybody for everything they do that I see is good.” – David Berg

  55. “A man who keeps company with glaciers comes to feel tolerably insignificant by and by. The Alps and the glaciers together are able to take every bit of conceit out of a man and reduce his self-importance to zero if he will only remain within the influence of their sublime presence long enough to give it a fair and reasonable chance to do its work.” – Mark Twain


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