90 Attitude Quotes For A Good Outlook In Life

Looking for inspirational quotes on having a correct attitude in life? We have rounded up the best collection of attitude quotes, sayings, captions, and status messages, (with images and pictures) to inspire you to have a positive approach in life and look at the brighter side of things.

Life is full of ups and downs. There may be times when life gets hard on you and may try to knock you down.

But what is important is how you deal with such difficult situations. How do you look at them? Basically, it’s all about your attitude and mindset.

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Getting through obstacles that life throws at you can be easy if you have a positive attitude. Life will change once you start looking at these obstacles not as problems but as stepping stones to success.

A positive mindset allows you to expect good things in life. It does not mean being impractical or living in denial of the negative situations around you.

This attitude allows you to stay optimistic in real-life situations. The benefits of a positive attitude include happiness, health, success, and opportunities.

We live in a constantly changing world and it is up to us whether we want to change with it. Having a positive attitude helps you to change your outlook on hard things in your life with the willingness to change.

It helps you to shift your thoughts from negative to positive. An optimistic attitude will help you bring light to your dark places.

Top 10 Attitude Quotes

  1. “Attitude is everything, so pick a good one.” – Wayne Dyer                                                                                           
    Best Attitude Quotes
    Best Attitude Quotes

  2. “Attitude will always define who we are in life.” – Mark A. Brennan                                                                               
    Positive Attitude Quotes
    Positive Attitude Quotes

  3. “Happiness depends on your mindset and attitude.” – Roy T. Bennett                                                                                 
    Famous Quotes On Attitude
    Famous Quotes On Attitude

  4. “Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.” – Albert Einstein
    short quotes about positive attitude
    short quotes about positive attitude

  5. “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.” – John C. Maxwell                                             
    Inspirational Quotes About Attitude
    Inspirational Quotes About Attitude

  6. “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” – Winston S. Churchill

  7. “Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.” – John C. Maxwell                                   
    attitude quotes for boys
    attitude quotes for boys

  8. “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou
    attitude quotes for girls
    attitude quotes for girls

  9. “The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves, but in our attitude towards them.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  10. “The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.” – Oprah Winfrey

Best Attitude Quotes For Success In Life

To succeed in life it is important to have a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude helps you see at the bright side of things.

It inspires you to get up whenever life knocks you down. An optimistic mindset and an ‘I Can Do’ attitude allow you to learn from your mistakes and encourage you to achieve your goals through learning, hard work, and persistence.

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  1. “You become what you think about.” – Napoleon Hill                                                                                             
    Attitude Captions For Instagram
    Attitude Captions For Instagram

  2. “We lost because we told ourselves we lost.” – Leo Tolstoy

  3. “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle                                                                    
    attitude strong woman quotes
    attitude strong woman quotes

  4. “Your aspirations are your possibilities.” – Samuel Johnson

  5. “Pessimism never won any battle.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

  6. “To succeed, we must first believe that we can.” – Nikos Kazantzakis                                                                                         
    positive attitude hard work quotes
    positive attitude hard work quotes

  7. “For success, attitude is equally as important as ability.” – Walter Scott

  8. “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” – Epictetus                                         
    quotes about positive attitude in life
    quotes about positive attitude in life

  9. “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” – Lao Tzu

  10. “If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

  11. “A positive attitude can really make dreams come true – it did for me.” – David Bailey

  12. “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare

  13. “Your problem isn’t the problem, it’s your attitude about the problem.” – Ann Brashares

  14. “With a positive attitude, it is possible to turn situations of failure into success.” – Dan Miller

  15. “Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” – John Wooden

  16. “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” – Lou Holtz

  17. “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing.” – Abraham Lincoln

  18. “Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.” – Og Mandino

  19. “The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” – William James

  20. “We cannot change our past. We can not change the fact that people act in a certain way. We can not change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.” – Charles R. Swindoll

Famous Attitude Quotes To Improve Your Outlook

Living life with a right attitude is very important. The way you look at things and how you react on them determines your attitude.

Looking at things positively will help you push aside the negative thoughts and worries and try to see the opportunities and not the hurdles.

To change your life for the better you need to change your attitude. Changing your attitude cannot be done overnight. It has to be developed over time.

You need to re-wire your thoughts and consciously try to see good things. And with time you see a shift in your attitude where you worry less and start to see the sunny side of life.

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  1. “Every wall is a door.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  2. “Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.” – Ralph Marston                                                                                   
    attitude is everything quotes
    attitude is everything quotes

  3. “Attitude determines the altitude of life.” – Edwin Louis Cole                                                                   
    good attitude quotes
    good attitude quotes

  4. “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” – Joyce Meyer                                                    
    Top attitude quotes images
    Top attitude quotes images

  5. “We always plan to stay positive until our ego takes over…” – Unknown

  6. “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.” – Abraham Lincoln

  7. “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  8. “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” – Helen Keller

  9. “The ideal attitude is to be physically loose and mentally tight.” – Arthur Ashe

  10. “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde

  11. “Smile in front of people who hate you… Your happiness kills them.” – Unknown

  12. “I don’t think of all the misery but of the beauty that still remains.” – Anne Frank

  13. “Our attitude towards life determines life’s attitude towards us.” – Earl Nightingale

  14. “The most effective attitude to adopt is one of supreme acceptance.” – Robert Greene

  15. “When you can’t change the direction of the wind — adjust your sails.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr

  16. “I have no desire to argue with anyone, I choose to walk away because I just want peace.” – Unknown

  17. “There is no market for your emotions, so never advertise your feelings, just display your attitude.” – Unknown

  18. “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford

  19. “Your attitude is more important than your capabilities. Similarly, your decision is more important than your capabilities.” – Jack Ma

  20. “A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.” – Hugh Downs

Attitude Quotes For Instagram Bio

These short attitude quotes are perfect to put on your status, or captions on Instagram, with your photos. Spread the positive vibes to people around you and see how things change for the good.

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  1. Don’t follow me, I’m lost.

  2. Impossible is my specialty.

  3. I know, I’m lucky that I’m so cute.

  4. Hating me doesn’t make you pretty.

  5. My signature, My style, My identity.

  6. I’m not special. I’m a limited edition.

  7. You can’t spell awesome without ME.

  8. Quit trying to fix me, I am not broken.

  9. They told me I couldn’t, that’s why I did.

  10. You have to be ‘ODD’ to be number ‘ONE’.

  11. I am who I am, your approval is not needed.

  12. I don’t look back unless there is a good view.

  13. Treat me like a joke and I’ll leave you like it’s funny.

  14. If you don’t like my attitude, then stop following me.

  15. Aside from gravity, nothing in life can keep me down.

  16. For success, Attitude is equally as important as Ability.

  17. Silence is the best response when you’re dealing with an idiot.

  18. I’m not sorry for being rude because I’m not sorry for being myself.

  19. Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.

  20. You can’t compare me to the next girl. Because there is no competition. I’m one of a kind, and that’s real.

Inspirational Attitude Quotes To Live By

To live a happy and flourishing life it is important to maintain your positive attitude. So start your day with positive thoughts as they can do wonders.

To bring in more positivity into your life try to be around people or be friends with people who are also positive. Because you tend to be like people who are around you. So if you are around people who have good thoughts you will tend to think good too.

These famous quotes about attitude are by famous authors, leaders, celebrities, and more who have seen their life change by changing their thoughts. Also, check our collection of life changing quotes and believe in yourself quotes to uplift your mood daily.

  1. “Every day brings new choices.” – Martha Beck

  2. “A great attitude becomes a great life.” – Unknown

  3. “Your attitude speaks when you have nothing to say.” – Unknown

  4. “A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough.” – Bruce Lee

  5. “I define my own life. I don’t let people write my script.” – Unknown

  6. Style is a reflection of your attitude & your personality.” – Unknown

  7. “Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.” – Carol Burnett

  8. “The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.” – Voltaire

  9. “An optimist is the human personification of spring.” – Susan J. Bissonette

  10. “Never whine, never complain, never try to justify yourself.” – Robert Greene

  11. “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Norman Vincent Peale

  12. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

  13. “You really can change the world if you care enough.” – Marian Wright Edelman

  14. “What they call you is one thing. What you answer to is something else.” – Lucille Clifton

  15. “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” – Stephen Covey

  16. “If you don’t get everything you want, think of the things you don’t get that you don’t want.” – Oscar Wilde

  17. “I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.” – Walt Disney

  18. “Two things define you: your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.” – George Bernard Shaw

  19. “A positive attitude may not solve all your problems but that is the only option we have if we want to get out of problems.” – Subodh Gupta

  20. “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, surrounded by assholes.” – Sigmund Freud

Short Attitude Instagram Captions That Are Savage

Here is a list of savage attitude quotes for WhatsApp status and FB  that will help you be headstrong and give you the confidence to put the negative accusations behind and move forward.

If you like these sassy quotes then check our collection of words of encouragement and attitude savage quotes for all those people who hate to see you happy and prospering.

  1. Attitude is everything. – Unknown                                                                                                                     
    attitude quotes
    attitude quotes

  2. My life. My rules. My attitude!
    attitude quotes pictures
    attitude quotes pictures

  3. It’s not attitude, it’s the way I am!!

  4. Don’t hate me just get to know me first!

  5. I have an attitude because I have earned it.

  6. I am strong because I know my weaknesses.

  7. Don’t worry my time is bad now but I will rise.

  8. Before you judge me, make sure you’re perfect. – Unknown                                                                         
    attitude quotes pics
    attitude quotes pics

  9. I don’t need to follow trend. I have my own style.

  10. With the right attitude, every day is casual Friday.

  11. I never insult people, I only tell them what they are.

  12. There is no competition, because nobody can be me.

  13. Be crazy enough to know you can do anything in life.

  14. It’s okay, you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste.

  15. I don’t keep secrets; I just keep people out of my business.

  16. I never explain myself because I know that I made no mistake.

  17. Don’t play with me! Because I know I can play better than you.

  18. A straight answer to crooked things: I am rude; my habits are bad.

  19. My attitude is a result of your actions, so if you don’t like my attitude, blame yourself!

  20. I have both a positive and negative attitude, it depends on people for what they deserve.


Read on to find these encouraging words of wisdom that will motivate you to keep hustling in building your business, leading your life, creating success, achieving your goals, and overcoming your fears to do anything you set your mind to.

These famous attitude quotes and sayings will inspire you to unleash your true potential, and challenge realities with your inner strength and positivity.

Also, check out positive thought of the day to start your day with Good Vibes.

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