50 Done With People Quotes For Unworthy Ones

Looking for quotes about being done with people? We have rounded up the best collection of done with people quotes, sayings, captions, status, and messages, (with images and pictures) which you might relate to.

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Sometimes family and friends, who are two-faced and selfish that you are just so done trying and finished with everything else as well. It makes you mentally exhausted and tired to keep making the same efforts in the relationship all the time and get betrayed.

Done With People Quotes

  1. “I’m so done with toxic people in my life.” — Unknown
    Quotes About Being Done
    Quotes About Being Done

  2. “Whatever. I don’t care anymore. I’m done.” — Unknown
    Done With People Quotes
    Done With People Quotes

  3. “I’m done worrying about things that don’t matter.” — Unknown
    Done With People's Crap Quotes
    Done With People’s Crap Quotes

  4. “Is ” Done ” an emotion? Because I feel that in my soul.” — Unknown
    Quotes About Being Done With People
    Quotes About Being Done With People

  5. “I’m done with trying to keep people in my life.” — Jeetu Pal

  6. “You don’t listen when I talk, maybe you’ll listen when I walk.” — Unknown

  7. “Don’t be afraid of losing someone who doesn’t feel lucky to have you.” — Unknown

  8. “Over time you start noticing that some people aren’t worth it anymore.” — Unknown

  9. “People who have done you wrong, will always think your posts are about them.” — Unknown

  10. “I’m so done being hurt by someone who doesn’t even care anymore, I’m just done.” — Unknown
    Im Done Quotes
    Im Done Quotes

  11. “I usually give people more chances than they deserve but once I’m done, I’m done.” — Unknown
    When Im Done Im Done Quotes Images
    When Im Done Im Done Quotes Images

  12. “I’m done with those; regrets are an excuse for people who have failed.” — Ned Vizzini

  13. “I’m tired of trying to get other people to see into my brain. I’m done.” — Todd McFarlane

  14. “Emotionally I’m done, mentally I’m drained, spiritually I’m dead, physically I smile.” — Unknown

  15. “I’m done chasing people, if they want to be in my life they will be if not than that’s their loss.” — Unknown
    Done With Life Quotes
    Done With Life Quotes

  16. “I’m done chasing after people if you want to walk out of my life I’ll hold the door open for you.” — Hallie

  17. “I don’t complain about people anymore, there’s nothing being done to me that I didn’t allow.” — Unknown

  18. “Sometimes you have to give up on people. Not because you don’t care, but because they don’t.” — Jonathan Carroll

  19. “Sometimes just when I think I know people, they disappoint me in ways I never thought they could.” — Unknown

  20. “There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump puddles for you.” — Unknown

  21. “Sometimes it’s just done… Just walk away and move on… No ugly words… No formal goodbyes… Just no more.” — Unknown

  22. “Your life will get better when you realize it’s better to be alone than chase people who don’t really care about you.” — Thema Davis

  23. “I’m done with trying to seek other people’s approval. From here on now it’s just me and approving myself. I’m done.” — Unknown
    I Am Done Quotes
    I Am Done Quotes

  24. “I’m guilty of giving people more chances than they deserve but when I’m done, I’m done.” — Turcois Ominek

  25. “I am done with temporary people. Stay only if you mean it. Don’t make promises you can’t keep!” — Kanushka

  26. “I’m so done with people… If you tell me 5+5 equals 11, I’m like, fine.. okay.. It is 11.” — Sathyarekha Thangavel

  27. “I’m done with people, I’m done with life, more you get involved, more you cry, more tears fall, more hearts cry.” — Shifa Khan

  28. “I’m done getting mad. I just gotta learn to expect the lowest from people, even the ones I expected the highest from.” — Unknown

  29. “From this point on, I’m going to treat people exactly how they treat me. Some should be glad, some should be scared.” — Unknown

  30. “I’m done chasing people, I’m done begging theme to stay, no expectations, no regrets. Broken.” — Sushmitha Sravanthi

  31. “I am done with people saying… Why do you only write on love and I am like… Love is the only drug I am addicted to.” — Parr Winn

  32. “I’m done with people and their lukewarm attitude, but I myself have some unfinished business, so there’ no question of quitting.” — Deep

  33. “I’m done chasing people, now it’s up to the people whether they’ll be in my story, or just a part of my memory.” — Shubham Kumar

  34. “I’m done living for other people. I’m done being a people pleaser. I’m done thinking about what people think about me.” — Shailene Woodley

  35. “I don’t chase people anymore. I learned that I’m here, and I’m important. I’m not going to run after people to prove that I matter.” — Unknown

  36. “Isn’t it pathetic how we waste so much time on certain people and in the end they prove that they weren’t even worth a second of it.” — Unknown

  37. “I’m done. I’m done texting you first. I’m done hoping you call, and I’m done crying myself to sleep. You’re just not worth it anymore.” — Unknown

  38. “I’m done, I’m done with excusing people, the fear to lose people, trying to convince them I exist in their life, that they matter a lot.” — Unknown

  39. “Even if you hear a bad story about me, understand, there was a time I was good to those people too, but they won’t tell you that part.” — Unknown

  40. “Sometimes I regret being nice, apologizing when I didn’t do anything wrong, and for making unworthy people a priority in my life.” — Nitya Prakash

  41. “I’m Done. Done with the people I care, done with the people I used to care and done with the people I was going to care. I’m done.” — Sahil Suryawanshi

  42. “No longer making an effort to keep people in my life who don’t want to be there. I will reach out once and if you don’t respond after that, I’m gone.” — Unknown

  43. “Really done with people, they act when they need benefits, they hate when they are done with us, they love when they really want something, totally they cheat with us.” — Unknown

  44. “It’s over. I’m done. No more trying. I just give up, I finally see that you will never let our love be. I will never get my second chance, cause you always put someone in front of me.” — Nicole Tran

  45. “I’m so done with people and their statuses loaded with “my life, my attitude or I don’t have an attitude problem…” or whatever the f*ck, just grow up and speak nothing if you really have an attitude.” — Aaliya

  46. “I will cut people out of my life with no hesitation, no explanation, and no warning if they do phony sh*t, or I feel they can’t be trusted. I’m getting too old with people who don’t understand the concept of loyalty.” — Unknown

  47. “I’m not going to spend my time chasing people. You want to leave? Fine then, go ahead. Because I’m done with chasing and caring for people who never had interest in me. Nothing lasts and people change. I’ve learned love is hard and life isn’t always what you want it to be.” — Unknown

  48. “I learned the hard way that I cannot always count on others to respect my feelings, even if I respect theirs. Being a good person doesn’t guarantee that others will be good people, too. You only have control over yourself and how you choose to be as a person. As for others, you can only choose to accept them or walk away.” — Nitya Prakash

  49. “This is the part of my life where I silently remove myself from anyone who hurts me more than they love me, drains me more than replenish me, brings me more stress than they do peace, and tries to stunt my growth rather than cla for it. I think that I’ve done more than enough talking and trying to make things work with certain people. I’m done.” — Unknown

  50. “I’m done chasing people. I will not ask anymore to stay. I won’t even ask why. In fact I’m looking for excuses to throw people out of my life. I’m tired in my soul of these daily fights and drama. I don’t want to be other’s dustbin in which people can dump their problems. Sorry but I can’t waste so much of my time and emotions in solving other’s mess. I want to be happy and alone. If you want to be a part of my life then please bring happiness and smile. I’ll delete every damn people from my life who makes me go sad and sorry. And yeah you call it selfish? Bloody hell, yes I’m selfish now. Go, hate me. My life belongs to me now,just me.” — Amit Mehta

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