26 We Belong Together Quotes For The Love Of Your Life

Looking for cute quotes about belonging together? We have rounded up the best collection of we belong together quotes, sayings, messages, and captions (with images and pictures) to express your heartfelt love to your soulmate.

It means that you fit together well, that you are a good partnership. It is generally used in a romantic sense but doesn’t have to be.

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When you feel deeply connected to your partner and feel all the love, happiness, and affection then you feel you belong to that person.

These beautiful quotes about belonging together are deep, sad, relatable, and heartfelt that will express your true emotions.

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Best We Belong Together Quotes

  1. “Every time I see you I’m more convinced we belong together.” ―Unknown

  2. “Whatever we are we belong together. Wherever we are, we will find each other. Whoever we are we are forever one.” ― Leonard Nimoy

  3. “Love lifts you up where we belong, but it can also break you into teeny, tiny pieces, aI promise to remember that neither one of us is perfect. I will strive to remind myself of the ways we are perfect for each other.” ― Unknown

  4. “Before, I wanted to say: “I found love!” But now, I want to say: “I found a person. And he belongs to me and I belong to him.” ― C. JoyBell C.

  5. “Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still I can’t let you go, it’s unnatural, you belong to me, I belong to you.” ―Woody Allen 

Quotes About Belonging Together

  1. “You and I both know we belong together.” ― Unknown                                                                       
    we belong together quotes
    we belong together quotes

  2. “When I’m with you, I feel like I’m right where I belong.” ― Unknown                                                             
    we belong together quotes images
    we belong together quotes images

  3. “There’s nothing like us. Nothing like you and me together.” ― Unkown                                                       
    love we belong together quotes
    love we belong together quotes

  4. “We must keep together, we belong to each other.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita                                                 
    we belong together quotes and sayings
    we belong together quotes and sayings

  5. “Our hearts belong together. And without yours, mine will stop beating. ” ― Morgan Parker                                                                                                                                                                 
    romantic we belong together quotes
    romantic we belong together quotes

  6. “Don’t be afraid,” I murmured. “We belong together”. I was immediately overcome by the truth of my own words.” ― Stephenie Meyer

  7. “Love lifts you up where we belong, but it can also break you into teeny, tiny pieces, and then you need your best friend and a bunch of wine to put you back together again.” ― Georgia Clark

  8. “You belong to me…I belong to you…Fire from my heart…Burning just for you.” ― Inna

  9. “The distance between us made me realize just how important you are to me, I will do everything in my power to bring us together where we belong. ” ― Unknown

Romantic We Belong Together Quotes1

  1. “How can you lose me? You’ve owned me from the first moment I saw you.” ― Dianna Hardy

  2. “What fools people are when they think they can make two lives belong together by saying words over them.” ― Ellen Glasgow

  3. “All I know is wherever you are, I’m gonna be, because we belong together. We’re like two peas in a pod. Like peanut butter and jelly, or macaroni and cheese.” ― J.M. Darhower

  4. “Not how one soul comes close to another, but how it moves away, shows me their kinship and how much they belong together.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

  5. “The right thing is to be with who you should be with. Even if it’s messy, you make it work because you know you belong together, and I know we belong together.” ― Joe Goldberg

We Belong Together Love Quotes

  1. “Like salt and pepper, we belong together.” ― Unknown

  2. “All I want to is to belong to you.” ― Alexandra Vasiliu

  3. “I like it when you smile. But I love it when I’m the reason.” ― Unknown

  4. “You are a woman and I am a man and we belong in the dark together. ” ― Caroline Kepnes

  5. “We belong together, Junebug. Tell me what I have to do to make that happen. I’ll do anything you want.” ― Macy Beckett

  6. “You can’t stop what comes into a country, you can be influenced, but you can’t stop it, you shouldn’t, because it makes all the others interesting, we all get muddled up together and produce something that belongs to everyone.” ― Ninette de Valois


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