Top 25 Uncle Rico Quotes From Napoleon Dynamite

Uncle Rico is a funny character from the cult classic movie “Napoleon Dynamite.” Portrayed by actor Jon Gries, Uncle Rico is a middle-aged man obsessed with his past about being a football star in his high school days. With his goofy personality and iconic mullet hairstyle, Uncle Rio has become a fan favorite in popular culture.

Learn some important life lessons with the collection of these memorable Uncle Rico quotes that will inspire and amuse you at the same time.

Top 10 Uncle Rico Quotes

  1. “Oh man, I wish I could go back in time. I’d take state.” – Uncle Rico                                                                       “Oh man, I wish I could go back in time. I'd take state.” – Uncle Rico
  2. “Back in ’82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter-mile.” – Uncle Rico                                            “Back in ’82, I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter-mile.” – Uncle Rico            
  3. “Time may have passed, but my skills are timeless. You can’t deny natural talent.” – Uncle Rico
  4. “How much do you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?” – Uncle Rico                      How much do you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?” – Uncle Rico                        
  5. “Life is a game, and you have to play it like you mean it. No half-hearted efforts allowed.” – Uncle Rico
  6. “Success is not just about winning games; it’s about leaving a legacy that inspires others.” – Uncle Rico
  7. “If you want to succeed, you’ve got to visualize yourself as a winner. It’s all about the mindset.” – Uncle Rico
  8. “They say ‘don’t live in the past,’ but I say, ’embrace it.’ The glory days are what keep me going.” – Uncle Rico
  9. “Napoleon may have his dynamite, but I’ve got my own secret weapon: the power of positive thinking.” – Uncle Rico
  10. “You know, there’s a heck of a lot that can be accomplished with muscle, hustle, and just a little bit of faith.” – Uncle Rico

Funny Uncle Rico Quotes

  1. “My van was my refuge to greatness.” – Uncle Rico
  2. “Stadiums were my cathedrals, man.” – Uncle Rico
  3. “What, are you already losing your steam?” – Uncle Rico
  4. “Football was my destiny, but destiny is cruel.” – Uncle Rico
  5. “Modern quarterbacks don’t understand my art.” – Uncle Rico
  6. “If I had thrown that ball, I’d be in the NFL now.” – Uncle Rico
  7. “My arm could have gone to the moon, seriously.” – Uncle Rico
  8. “Women don’t understand the potential of a man like me.” – Uncle Rico
  9. “The videos of my exploits should be in a museum, you see.” – Uncle Rico
  10. “The future was in my hands, but it slipped through my fingers.” – Uncle Rico
  11. “Napoleon, it looks like you don’t have a job. So why don’t you get out there and feed Tina?” – Uncle Rico
  12. “You pay the bills for that? Does that cost money every time you’re on, like for minutes on the phone?” – Uncle Rico
  13. “Lance you look like a strong young pup, why don’t you see if you can give this a nice tear? Don’t hurt yourself now.” – Uncle Rico
  14. “I’m gonna tell you somethin’ right now. While you’re out there playing patty cake with your friend Pedro, your Uncle Rico is makin’ 120 bucks.” – Uncle Rico
  15. “Napoleon, you know we can’t afford the fun pack! What, do you think money grows on trees in this family? Take it back! And get some Pampers for you and your brother while you’re at it.” – Uncle Rico

Uncle Rico Football Quotes 

  1. “People should study my throws in history class.” – Uncle Rico
  2. “The key to victory is the perfect throw, my friend.” – Uncle Rico
  3. “Football is all about timing, and mine was perfect.” – Uncle Rico
  4. “Memories of my exploits haunt the football pitches.” – Uncle Rico
  5. “Football is an art, and I was the Picasso of throwing.” – Uncle Rico
  6. “I was a legendary quarterback, no one can deny that.” – Uncle Rico
  7. “The most underrated quarterback of all time was me.” – Uncle Rico
  8. “My destiny was to throw touchdowns, not sell Tupperware.” – Uncle Rico
  9. “I almost became the greatest sportsman of all time, almost.” – Uncle Rico
  10. “My arm may not be as strong as it used to be, but my heart still beats for the game.” – Uncle Rico
  11. “Quarterbacks may come and go, but legends are forever. And I plan on being a legend.” – Uncle Rico
  12. “When life throws you interceptions, keep your head up and throw touchdowns instead.” – Uncle Rico
  13. “I may not have made it to the NFL, but I’m still the king of the backyard football league.” – Uncle Rico
  14. “I may be stuck in the past, but I’ve got a vision for the future. And it involves a lot of football glory.” – Uncle Rico
  15. “Well, if coach woulda put me in the fourth quarter, we’d have been state champions. No doubt. No doubt in my mind. You better believe things had been different. I’d have gone pro in a heartbeat. I’d be making millions of dollars and living in a big ol’ mansion somewhere, soaking it up in a hot tub with my soul mate.” – Uncle Rico

Uncle Rio’s Lines And Dialogues

  1. “Football is about genius, not physics.” – Uncle Rico
  2. “If only the world saw my potential, man.” – Uncle Rico
  3. “I threw balls miles away, but no one saw it.” – Uncle Rico
  4. “It’s a free country. I can do whatever I want.” – Uncle Rico
  5. “Greatness is a mountain I will climb one day.” – Uncle Rico
  6. “Football is a dance, and I was the star dancer.” – Uncle Rico
  7. “Life is full of regrets, but mine is monumental.” – Uncle Rico
  8. “The locker room was my sanctuary to greatness.” – Uncle Rico
  9. “The stars were aligned for me, but I missed them.” – Uncle Rico
  10. “Dreams of grandeur have always haunted me, man.” – Uncle Rico
  11. “Greatness was within my reach, but I let it slip away.” – Uncle Rico
  12. “Legends are born once a century, and I’m one of them.” – Uncle Rico
  13. “Life has played a bad trick on me, but I will bounce back.” – Uncle Rico
  14. “I should have been on the cover of every sports magazine.” – Uncle Rico
  15. “The trophies were waiting for me, but I never touched them.” – Uncle Rico


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