35 Ted Kaczynski Quotes From The Notorious Unabomber

Theodore John Kaczynski was a brilliant mathematician turned domestic terrorist, whose actions have shocked and perplexed many people. He is also known as the Unabomber and is a notorious figure in American history. Here are the most famous Ted Kaczynski quotes about revolution, technology, anarchy, disaster, nature, depression, and more.

Ted Kaczynski was a mathematics prodigy who deserted his career to pursue a primitive lifestyle. He murdered three individuals and injured 23 others between 1978 and 1995, in an attempt to spark a revolution against people who were involved with modern technology and the destruction of the natural environment.

His notoriety reached its heights when he published a 35,000-word manifesto, “Industrial Society and Its Future,” opposing industrialization, refusing leftism, and advocating nature-centered anarchy.

Additionally, during his time in prison, he authored two more books, “Technological Slavery” and “Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How,” which elaborate on the ideas he originally presented in his manifesto.

He was caught in 1996 and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. His case was the subject of most expensive and longest investigation in the history of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Read through the collection of interesting quotes by Ted Kaczynski on society, environment, machines, industrialization, and more.

Top 10 Ted Kaczynski Quotes

  1. “I believe in nothing.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  2. “Bombs may attract attention, but ideas start revolutions.” — Theodore Kaczynski                     

    Theodore Kaczynski Quotes
    Theodore Kaczynski Quotes
  3. “We can do anything we like as long as it is UNIMPORTANT.” — Theodore Kaczynski       
    Unabomber Quotes
    Unabomber Quotes


  4. “It is important not to confuse freedom with mere permissiveness.” — Theodore Kaczynski        

    Famous Quotes By Theodore Kaczynski
    Famous Quotes By Theodore Kaczynski
  5. “Manifesto. Read my Manifesto. I’ve written a Manifesto. It’s all in the Manifesto!” — Theodore Kaczyn

    Theodore Kaczynski Manifesto Quotes
    Theodore Kaczynski Manifesto Quotes
  6. “It would be better to dump the whole stinking system and take the consequences.” — Theodore J. Kaczynski                                                                                                  

    Quotes From Theodore Kaczynski
    Quotes From Theodore Kaczynski
  7. “The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.” — Theodore Kaczynski                                                                                               

    Theodore Kaczynski The Industrial Revolution Quote
    Theodore Kaczynski The Industrial Revolution Quote
  8. “But what kind of freedom does one have if one can use it only as someone else prescribes?” — Theodore J. Kaczynski
  9. “The leftist is antagonistic to the concept of competition because, deep inside, he feels like a loser.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  10. “Consistent failure to attain goals throughout life results in defeatism, low self-esteem or depression.” — Theodore Kaczynski

Ted Kaczynski Quotes On Technology

  1. “My occupation now, I suppose, is jail inmate.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  2. “But what first motivated me wasn’t anything I read. I just got mad seeing the machines ripping up the woods.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  3. “The big problem is that people don’t believe a revolution is possible, and it is not possible precisely because they do not believe it is possible.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  4. “There is nothing wrong with violence in itself. In any particular case, whether violence is good or bad depends on how it is used and the purpose for which it is used.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  5. “The leftist is anti-individualistic… He is not the sort of person who has an inner sense of confidence in his own ability to solve his own problems and satisfy his own needs.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  6. “These engineered human beings may be happy in such a society, but they most certainly will not be free. They will have been reduced to the status of domestic animals.” — Theodore J. Kaczynski
  7. “It is absurd to say that a person is independent, self-reliant, or an individualist because he belongs to a collectivity of hundreds of millions of people rather than to one of 30 or 50 people.” — Theodore J. Kaczynski
  8. “Some people have low susceptibility to advertising and marketing techniques. These are the people who aren’t interested in money. Material acquisition does not serve their need for the power process.” — Theodore Kaczynski

Famous Quotes By Ted Kaczynski

  1. “In modern industrial society only minimal effort is necessary to satisfy one’s physical needs.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  2. “In any case it is not normal to put into the satisfaction of mere curiosity the amount of time and effort that scientists put into their work.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  3. “My occupation is an open question. I was once an assistant professor of mathematics. Since then, I have spent time living in the woods of Montana.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  4. “People do not consciously and rationally choose the form of their society. Societies develop through processes of social evolution that are not under rational human control.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  5. “People do not consciously and rationally choose the form of their society. Societies develop through processes of social evolution that are not under rational human control.” — Theodore Kaczynski

Popular Ted Kaczynski Quotes

  1. “The concept of “mental health” in our society is defined largely by the extent to which an individual behaves in accord with the needs of the system and does so without showing signs of stress.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  2. “The System has played a trick on today’s would-be revolutionaries and rebels. The trick is so cute that if it had been consciously planned one would have to admire it for its almost mathematical elegance.” — Theodore J. Kaczynski
  3. “Never lose hope, be persistent and stubborn and never give up. There are many instances in history where apparent losers suddenly turn out to be winners unexpectedly, so you should never conclude all hope is lost.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  4. “It is not possible to make a LASTING compromise between technology and freedom, because technology is by far the more powerful social force and continually encroaches on freedom through REPEATED compromises.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  5. “Crowding, rapid change and the breakdown of communities have been widely recognized as sources of social problems. But we do not believe they are enough to account for the extent of the problems that are seen today.” — Theodore Kaczynski

More Ted Kaczynski Quotes

  1. “A theme that appears repeatedly in the writings of the social critics of the second half of the 20th century is the sense of purposelessness that afflicts many people in modern society.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  2. “If the system breaks down the consequences will still be very painful. But the bigger the system grows the more disastrous the results of its breakdown will be, so if it is to break down it had best break down sooner rather than later.” — Theodore Kaczynski
  3. “Our use of mass entertainment is “optional”: No law requires us to watch television, listen to the radio, read magazines. Yet mass entertainment is a means of escape and stress-reduction on which most of us have become dependent.” — Theodore J. Kaczynski
  4. “Power depends ultimately on physical force. By teaching people that violence is wrong (except, of course, when the system itself uses violence via the police or the military), the system maintains its monopoly on physical force and thus keeps all power in its own hands.” — Theodore Kaczynski


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