110 Saturday Vibes Quotes For A Good Weekend

Looking for some cool quotes for your Saturday mood and vibes? We have rounded up the best collection of Saturday vibes quotes, sayings, captions, status messages, (with images, memes, pictures) to spread the cool and fun vibe all around.

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Saturday is one of the most waited days of the week. With the weekend holiday it denotes a relaxing, lazy, and cool holiday.

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So it’s time to enjoy your Saturday mornings and night and these Saturday vibe captions can be perfect for your funny and cute Insta photos that will surely earn you tons of likes!

These inspirational Saturday morning vibe quotes are divided into;

  • Saturday Vibes Quotes
  • Saturday Vibes Captions for Instagram

Let’s celebrate the Saturday vibes with these cool Sat captions which can be perfect for your funny and cute Insta photos and captions that will surely earn you tons of likes!

Saturday Vibes Quotes

  1. “Saturday, please stay.”                                                                                                                   

    Saturday Vibes
    Saturday Vibes

  2. “Saturday. Beast mode: OFF.”

  3. “Saturday is all about good vibes.”                                                                                                 

    Saturday Vibes Quotes
    Saturday Vibes Quotes

  4. “It’s Saturday, so turn your magic on!”

  5. “I love the morning without an alarm.”

  6. “Good day vibes: Have a beautiful Saturday.”

  7. “I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday.”                                                         

    Saturday Positive Vibes Quotes
    Saturday Positive Vibes Quotes

  8. “Saturdays, big shirts, messy hair, music and coffee.”

  9. “May Saturday be a day of happiness, peace, and love.”

  10. “Have an awesome Saturday and a fabulous weekend!”

  11. “It’s Saturday. I plan on doing nothing and plenty of it.”                                                   

    Saturday Vibes Quotes Images
    Saturday Vibes Quotes Images

  12. “Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday.”

  13. “It’s hard to nap on Saturday or the weekends.” – Scott Eastwood

  14. “Different cocktails for different Saturday nights.” – Drew Barrymore

  15. “Every man has a right to a Saturday night bath.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

  16. “Saturday night is perfect for writers because other people have “plans”.”

  17. “Saturday Vibes: “Start the day with a smile and end it with champagne.””

  18. “You can overcome anything if you don’t bellyache.” – Bernard M. Baruch

  19. “Saturday is what gives us a weekend of enjoyment.” – Anthony T. Hincks

  20. “Let’s make this weekend all about good vibes, great food and insane orgasms.”

  21. “My work is like my vacation, so in a way every day is like Saturday.” – Ludacris

  22. “Happiness is not having to set the alarm for the next morning. Happy Saturday!”

  23. “Have a Happy Saturday. Saturdays are for adventures, Sundays are for cuddling.”

  24. “Saturday is here; give it a warm welcome by allowing yourself a lovely day of rest.”

  25. “Life is a wretched gray Saturday, but it has to be lived through.” – Anthony Burgess

  26. “This Saturday don’t miss the sun today worrying about the rain coming tomorrow.”

  27. “May the clouds in your life be only a background for a lovely sunset.” – Irish Proverb

  28. “Nothing will be wrong; everything will be right. Let Saturday will remind that to you.”

  29. “Saturday night is perfect for writers because other people have plans.” – Mike Birbiglia

  30. “If you see me on Friday, you’ll see different material on Saturday night.” – Kathy Griffin

  31. “Saturday morning, you knew what was cool by what was on ‘Soul Train.’” – Nick Cannon

  32. “Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

  33. “I wish that every day was Saturday and every month was October.” – Charmaine J. Forde

  34. “Saturday is a day for the spa. Relax, indulge, enjoy, and love yourself, too.” – Ana Monnar

  35. “Sometimes you need to spend a Saturday at home and do nothing but restore your energy.”

  36. “Today will be amazing, so wake up and smile. Positivity is a choice that becomes a lifestyle.”

  37. “I told myself that I was going to live the rest of my life as if it were Saturday.” – Chip Gaines

  38. “On Saturday morning, I like to get up early and go out – TV is banned!” – Debra Stephenson

  39. “Have a joyful Saturday. Oh, my sweet Saturday, I have been waiting for you for six long days.”

  40. “I learned that the hardest party to pull off successfully is Saturday night dinner.” – Ina Garten

  41. “Your Monday is not going to be like Saturday; the emotions are going to be different.” – Jean Grae

  42. “If you work 8 hour days, Mondays to Fridays, then you have to keep Saturdays and Sundays sacred.”

  43. “Make the most of this day! Laugh, love, read, live, love, learns, play dream just be Happy Saturday!”

  44. “If you want your morning happy, So think about your strength, not about weakness. Happy Saturday.”

  45. “If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.” – Michele Ruiz

  46. “Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.” – Bill Watterson

  47. “There is nothing more I love more than being in a throw-down on a Saturday night.” – Donald Cerrone

  48. “My favorite way to spend Saturday is in and out of bed, watching sports on TV and eating.” – Alan King

  49. “Welcome this morning with a smile! Happy Saturday! If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one of mine.”

  50. “I want to be known for the work I’ve done, as opposed to where I go on Saturday nights.” – Amanda Bynes

  51. “My folks always let me go to the movies every Saturday. We were really motion-picture goers.” – John Wayne

  52. “Happy Saturday! “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”” – Frank Lloyd Wright

  53. “There are … just two kinds of girls. Those who go downtown Saturday nights, and those who don’t.” – Edna Ferber

  54. “We need the spirit of Sunday carried over to Monday and continued until Saturday.” – Edward McKendree Bounds

  55. “The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go.” – Dodinsky

  56. “Smile is a sign of happiness, so when we can be happy so why we get sad. Happy Saturday morning with the best smile.”

  57. “On the Sixth Day, God created man, the sort of result you often get when you go in to work on a Saturday.” – Robert Brault

  58. “If you had to work 14 hour days, Mondays to Fridays, then you have to keep Saturdays and Sundays sacred.” – Nicole Ari Parker

  59. “Middle age is when you’re sitting at home on a Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn’t for you.” – Ogden Nash

  60. “Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.” – John Shirley

  61. “The problem is that a lot of the blues stations are late on Saturday night, and like a lot of people, I ain’t no vampire!” – B. B. King

  62. “In New York it seems like there’s no Monday or Saturday or Sunday. The town is always moving. The vibe is great.” – Thierry Henry

  63. “Love me like Saturday night, like three glasses of champagne, like the room is spinning, like you’re drunk on my love.” – C.J. Carlyon

  64. “What can be better than to get out a book on Saturday afternoon and thrust all mundane considerations away till next week.” – C. S. Lewis

  65. “Love ruling over, luxurious ride… Morning goosebumps, weekend vibes.. To settle, both glides… Time for pleasure, it’s a Saturday night…”

  66. “The dog doesn’t know the difference between Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, so I have to walk the dog early those days too.” – Donna Shalala

  67. “There was nothing like a Saturday – unless it was the Saturday leading up to the last week of school and into summer vacation.” – Nora Roberts

  68. “Saturday mornings, I’ve learned, are a great opportunity for kids to sneak into your bed, fall back asleep, and kick you in the face.” – Dan Pearce

  69. “Ah, Saturday… A day of rest… Rest from doing the laundry, rest from cleaning the house, and rest from all of the other stuff I put off on Friday!”

  70. “Imagine living a life where every day are your Saturdays and Sundays. Make every day your weekend. Make every day a play-day.” – James A. Murphy

  71. “Your body tells you what it needs, and if you sleep past your alarm on a Saturday morning, it’s probably because you need the sleep.” – Sophia Bush

  72. “Good morning, dear. This Saturday I wish you all the good things as you have worked so hard all week long. Happy Saturday, dear. Have a wonderful day.”

  73. “On a lazy Saturday morning when you’re lying in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, there is a space where fantasy and reality become one.” – Lynn Johnston

  74. “How pleasant is Saturday night, When I’ve tried all the week to be good, and not spoke a word that was bad, And obliged everyone that I could.” – Nancy Sproat

  75. “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, love as you’ll never be hurt, Sing like there’s nobody listening, And live like its heaven on earth.” – William W. Purkey

  76. “If Sunday is the Lord’s day, then Saturday belongs to the Devil. It is the only night of the week when he gives out Free passes to the Late show at the Too Much Fun Club.” – Hunter S. Thompson

  77. “I miss Saturday morning, rolling out of bed, not shaving, getting into my car with my girls, driving to the supermarket, squeezing the fruit, getting my car washed, taking walks.” – Barack Obama

  78. “I love Saturday nights with my best friend and a big bowl of pasta, wanting a good scare, something that will say, ‘Listen, your life is not as bad as this. Your life can be so much worse’.” – Vera Farmiga

  79. “I’ve taken Saturdays to be the day I pull back completely. I do things that are more creative, and I’ve actually found that helps me when I get back into work to be more thoughtful.” – Padmasree Warrior

  80. “Happy Saturday! When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself.” – Tecumseh

Saturday Vibes Captions for Instagram

  1. “Saturday love.”                                                                                                                                   

    Saturday Morning Vibes
    Saturday Morning Vibes

  2. “Weekend vibes!”

  3. “Hello Saturday!”

  4. “Soulful Saturday!”

  5. “Sunshine Saturday!”                                                                                                                                         

    Saturday Vibes Captions
    Saturday Vibes Captions

  6. “It’s the weekend baby.”

  7. “Cheers to the weekend!”

  8. “Saturday: Positive Vibes.”                                                                                                             

    Happy Saturday Vibes Quotes
    Happy Saturday Vibes Quotes

  9. “Dear Saturday, I love you.”

  10. “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

  11. “Dear Saturday, you are my favorite.”

  12. “Start each day with a grateful heart.”

  13. “Stay strong, weekend is coming soon.”

  14. “Saturday afternoon feels like Heaven.”

  15. “Saturday is a good day to have a good day.”                                                                         

    Saturday Night Vibes
    Saturday Night Vibes

  16. “Hip Hip Hurray! It’s Saturday. Good weekend!”

  17. “Make today so awesome, yesterday gets jealous.”

  18. “A girl and her books and a long Saturday morning.”

  19. “Saturday used to be for sleeping in, then I had kids.”

  20. “I want a weekend full of good vibes and great kisses.”

  21. “I love you Friday but Saturday morning you my boo.”

  22. “It’s a happy Saturday night and so far my best weekend.”

  23. “Have a joyful Saturday. Do things that makes you happy.”

  24. “Saturday Vibes: Dream. Love. Feel free. Relax. Be happy.”

  25. “Good morning you beautiful soul, be kind to yourself today.”

  26. “It’s Saturday may it brings you lots of love and lots of cheer.”

  27. “Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

  28. “May your weekend be full of inappropriate behavior and fun.”

  29. “Saturday shines when we let our positive attitude shine through.”

  30. “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”

  31. “Happy Saturday. Wake up each day and be thankful for life. Good morning!”

  32. “Happy weekend! Life is short, grab a friend and so whatever excites your spirit.”

  33. “You attract the energy you give off. Spread good vibes. Think positively. Enjoy life.”

  34. “Good morning. Best wishes for a super Saturday, filled with love, light and blessings.”


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