60 Platonic Love Quotes For Your Pure Relationship

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The term Platonic love is named after ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher Plato, who first tried to explain this form of love.

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Sometimes relationships can come with mixed feelings. At times in life you a person may seem to you more than a friend and less than a romantic partner.

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You can share a great bond with a friend with no attraction. This pure and selfless feeling is a platonic love. Platonic love relationship has a rare quality of being asexual as it revolves around the spiritual and emotional relationship between two people.

Platonic Love Quotes

  1. “Walking into a platonic Love.” — Unknown
    Quotes About Platonic Relationships
    Quotes About Platonic Relationships

  2. “Platonic love is not defined by bodily attraction.” — Unknown
    Platonic Relationship Quotes
    Platonic Relationship Quotes

  3. “You should be very lucky to find a platonic lover.” — Unknown
    Platonic Friendship Quotes
    Platonic Friendship Quotes

  4. “Mental communion is the essence of platonic love.” — Unknown

  5. “Platonic love can stay strong even when not returned.” — Unknown
    Platonic Love Quotes
    Platonic Love Quotes

  6. “Platonic love: s*x above the ears.” — Thyra Winslow

  7. “At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.” — Plato

  8. “Platonic love is like an inactive volcano.” — Andre Pevost

  9. “Your heart and my heart are very, very old friends.” — Hafiz
    Platonic Love Quotes Images
    Platonic Love Quotes Images

  10. “Platonic love concerns itself to the heart.” — Ra Gohar Shahi

  11. “Platonic love is love from neck up.” — Thyra Samter Winslow
    Deep Platonic Love Quotes
    Deep Platonic Love Quotes

  12. “The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings.” — Plato

  13. “Every heart sings a song incomplete until another heart whispers back.” — Plato

  14. “The only reward for love is the experience of loving.” — John LeCarre
    Famous Platonic Love Quotes
    Famous Platonic Love Quotes

  15. “Even before I met you I was far from indifferent to you.” — Oscar Wilde

  16. “We ought to have lived in mental communion, and no more.” — Thomas Hardy

  17. “When someone else’s happiness is your happiness that is love.” — Lana Del Rey

  18. “What makes platonic so beautiful is that it doesn’t go toxic. It’s stagnant but beautiful.” — Unknown

  19. “Love with a bit of friendship minus attraction makes up a platonic love; our kind of love.” —  Unknown
    Friendship Platonic Love Quotes
    Friendship Platonic Love Quotes

  20. “When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled because you knew.” — William Shakespeare

  21. “We’re less than a couple, but more than friends; we are platonically in love with each other.” — Unknown

  22. “I have a deep connection with you, but we are not lovers so it is still intimate in a platonic way.” — Unknown
    Quotes About Platonic Soulmates
    Quotes About Platonic Soulmates

  23. “The distance between you and me made me realize that love can also be platonic.” — Anulekha

  24. “Platonic love is a fool’s name for the affection between a disability and a frost.” — Ambrose Bierce

  25. “Ah, mate. My soul loves yours. It does. But this lifetime, my body won’t get on board.” — Molly Ringle

  26. “What is madness… to go on platonically loving a woman who will never love you.” — Gerard De Nerval

  27. “Besides mutual admiration, the first requisite of Platonic friendship is a subtle trace of disdain.” — Unknown

  28. “Show me a genuine case of platonic friendship, and I shall show you two old or homely faces.” — Austin O’Malley

  29. “As I held your hand, there was no romance. Just the warmth of the platonic love that we share together.” — Unknown

  30. “Best relations are where you can lay with each other and just talk about anything and everything.” — Unknown

  31. “Platonic love knows nothing of holding hands together, all they know is their souls are into each other.” —Unknown

  32. “It’s possible for a girl and a boy to be more than friends and less than lovers; that is platonic love.” — Unknown

  33. “I want to avoid unnecessary drama in our love, that’s why I’m thankful for this platonic relationship we have.” — Unknown

  34. “I love you not because you’re beautiful, but it’s through you that I discover more of myself!” — Ramana Pemmaraju

  35. “But I think it is a serious issue to wonder about the other platonic absolutes of say beauty and morality.” — Roger Penrose

  36. “Platonic love. For once you’ll fall in love of a kind where only the soul is involved neither body, nor mind.” — Manju Sachdeva

  37. “I care about you, and you care about me. We’re not a couple, we’re not just friends either. I guess it’s platonic love.” — Unknown

  38. “Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person. It’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can.” — Unknown

    Platonic Love Texts
    Platonic Love Texts

  39. “Platonic love. I had a pure platonic love for you but you never felt it.. You always had the opposite thinking which you had hided!” — Unknown

  40. “We care for each other. We’re more than friends but we’re not a couple either. Well I guess, we’re just somewhere in between.” — Unknown

  41. “People who are always used to romantic relationship will never appreciate what it’s like to be in a platonic relationship with someone.” —  Unknown
    Platonic Love Quotes Pictures.jpg
    Platonic Love Quotes Pictures.jpg

  42. “I can’t even find someone for a platonic relationship, much less the kind where someone wants to see me naked.” — Gilbert Gottfried

  43. “And those who only know the non-platonic love have no need to talk of tragedy. In such love there can be no sort of tragedy.” — Leo Tolstoy

    Platonic Love Poems
    Platonic Love Poems
  44. “I have platonic relationships with my guy friends. There’s some friends that I’ve kissed or whatever, but it was always just once.” — Aly Michalka

  45. “I’ve been wondering if in fact ideal platonic love isn’t just an intensely concentrated form of what inspires the best teachers.” — Edmund Marlowe

  46. “We were able to convince everyone that it is possible for platonic love to exist over years of being together without any other expectations.” — Unknown

  47. “I’m pretty intense when it comes to relationships, platonic ones as well. If I feel a connection with someone, I’m willing to go there.” — Alexander Skarsgard

  48. “I have that male friend who’s always been my best friend even though people think we’re meant to be lovers someday. We just share a kind of platonic love.” — Unknown

  49. “Platonic love comes in may forms, when he bought you coffee, when she complemented your outfit, platonic love is just as good, friend love is good love too.” — Unknown

  50. “Platonic or Divine Love: The boy is so handsome! God has created him so beautifully! Vulgar or Earthly Love: The girl is so hot! I wish I could kiss her!” — Md. Ziaul Haque

  51. “I saw you and I totally fell in love with you, now I have heard you have a girlfriend, but it does not matter because for me you will always be my platonic love.” — Unknown

  52. “Platonic love makes everything in a relationship so easy. It’s easy to trust, love and forgive. You do not expect anything in that relationship and therefore there is no pride.” — Unknown

  53. “I’ve been thinking and I can’t find a conclusion. I just don’t know which one is worse. Being in love in a totally platonic way or just being empty and cold, not loving anyone.” — Unknown

  54. “Walking into a platonic Love.Every day I see you walking down my street, I know nothing about you but seeing you is enough to realize that you are my impossible love.” — Unknown
    Connection Platonic Love Quotes
    Connection Platonic Love Quotes

  55. “It is the true season of love, when we know that we alone can love, that no one could ever have loved before us and that no one will ever love in the same way after us.” — Goethe

  56. “Russian ladies, for the most part, cherish only platonic love, without mingling any thought of matrimony with it; and platonic love is exceedingly embarrassing.” — Mikhail Lermontov

  57. “I’m surrounded by an incalculable amount of love in this place and I am forced to confront the paradox that is platonic intimacy. All that they give me is still not enough.” — C.S.R. Calloway

  58. “Although our love is waning, let us stand by the lone border of the lake once more, together in that hour of gentleness when the poor tired child, Passion, falls asleep.” — William Butler Yeats

  59. “I’ll give you a hug when you’re down, make you smile when you frown, spend time with you when you’re bored and be here to give you love that’s never rude. This is my platonic love for you.” — Unknown

  60. “For neither birth, nor wealth, nor honors, can awaken in the minds of men the principles which should guide those who from their youth aspire to an honourable and excellent life, as love awakens them.” — Unknown

  61. “Love is something far more than desire for sexual intercourse; it is the principal means of escape from the loneliness which afflicts most men and women throughout the greater part of their lives.” — Bertrand Russell

  62. “I love when you look at someone with a smile on your face, and they break into a smile back at you, not because they know why you’re smiling, but because you’re happy, and that’s enough to make them happy.” — Unknown

  63. “Friendships with platonic love is the one of the most beautiful kind of relationships. You care about each other, but not clingy. You admire each other, but not sexually. And most importantly, you just love each other.” — Unknown

  64. “When I said yes, it implies till death, and forever thence. When I said love, it connotes trust, allied in situations tough. And today, when I hold your hand, I am prepared to stand, any trouble, any avalanche.” — Jasleen Kaur

  65. “If you find someone who makes you smile, who checks up on you often to see if you’re okay. Who watches out or you and wants the best for you. Who loves and respects you. Don’t let them go. People like that are hard to find.” — Franz Kafka

  66. “I crave for you in the most innocent form. I crave to say good night and give you forehead kisses and to say that I adore you when you feel at your worst. I crave you in ways where I just want to be next to you and nothing more or less.” — Unknown

  67. “They loved each other but their love was platonic… Until the day they felt shivers down their spine when he held her hand to cross the road, and that they, they realized that they have always been oblivious of the attraction they felt for each other.” — Aparajita Shahi

  68. “For love is a celestial harmony of likely hearts compos’d of stars’ concent, which join together in sweet sympathy, to work each other’s joy and true content, which they have harbour’d since their first descent. Out of their heavenly bowers, where they did see and know each other here belov’d to be.” — Edmund Spenser

  69. “Just because you know someone doesn’t mean you love them, and just because you don’t know people doesn’t mean you can’t love them. You can fall in love with a complete stranger in a heartbeat, if God planned that route for you. So open your heart to strangers more often. You never know when God will throw that pass at you.” — Heather Grove

  70. “They see nothing indecent in sexual intercourse, whether heterosexual or homosexual, and indulge in it quite openly, in full view of everyone. The only exception was Socrates, who was always swearing that his relations with young men were purely Platonic, but nobody believed him for a moment, and Hyacinthus and Narcissus gave first-hand evidence to the contrary.” — Lucian of Samosata

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