55 Love Is An Illusion Quotes That Gives You A Reality Check

Looking for heartbreaking quotes about love is an illusion? We have rounded up the best collection of love is an illusion quotes, sayings, captions, (with images and pictures) that you might relate to if you have a broken heart.

Being in love, is a magical feeling. You feel on cloud 9 when you fall in love and your partner means the world to you. Specially young love is often an illusion, just like a fairy tale where everything is perfect.

Illusion is a feeling where the reality is different from your perception. Sometimes love is also called an illusion, because when you are in love, you don’t see the hard realities which come along with it. You believe in your feelings and everything is beautiful in that state of mind.

But with time, when the love fades you come to terms with the real world too. It’s ironical that though love is an universal emotion, but the feeling is personal and unique to everyone. Once the love which made you smile and happy may also leave you with a wounded heart.

So people who experience a bad relationship may find love just an illusion and a feeling which is purely driven by emotions. Hope these love is an illusion quotes will inspire you to be romantic and take your heart in your relationship, but also carry your mind along to accept the realities.

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Love Is An Illusion Quotes

  1. “In love with an illusion..” – Unknown

  2. “We were close, or so I thought.” – Unknown

  3. “Love is the last illusion to shatter.” – Unknown

  4. “Love is an illusion and the goal is to hold on to it.” – Unknown

  5. “Love is an illusion. Nothing but a wolf in disguise.” – Unknown

  6. “Love is a big illusion we should all try to forget.” – Okosun Odion

  7. “Love is an illusion which puts life into a delusion.” – Gerjoe Rossette

  8. “Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.” – David Icke

  9. “Love seems like an illusion when you’ve been broken more than once.”                                         

    sad but true love is illusion quotes
    sad but true love is illusion quotes

  10. “Love is a child of illusion and the parent of disillusion.” – Sandy Wilson

  11. “What does not contain love must contain an illusion.” – Deepak Chopra

  12. “Magic is always an illusion and love a magic of illusion.” – Amit Abraham

  13. “Love can be magic. But magic can sometimes… just be an illusion.” – Javan

  14. “Love is the child of illusion and the parent of disillusion.” – Miguel de Unamuno

  15. “Maybe with both fell in love with the illusion of something more.” – Tehereh Mafi

  16. “For those in love with an illusion often refuse to accept reality.” – Sanal Edamaruku

  17. “Love was an illusion, living in an hallucination and he was my imagination.” – Unknown

  18. “What is the point of searching for love, when love is nothing but an illusion?” – Marie Lu

  19. “Love is an illusion. It’s the only illusion that counts, my friend.” – Movie: “St. Elmo’s Fire

  20. “Love is only half the illusion; the lover, but now his love, is deceived.” – George Santayana

  21. “It wasn’t love, it wasn’t love, it was a perfect illusion.” – Lady Gaga, Song: “Perfect Illusion”

  22. “The desire to be loved is just an illusion, give it up and you will be free.” – Margaret Atwood                                                                                                                                         

    heartbreaking love is an illusion quotes
    heartbreaking love is an illusion quotes

  23. “The sign of love is that it passes. Everlasting love is only an illusion of love..” – Gabriel Laub

  24. “The illusion love portrays is to be visible when it’s not there and be invisible where it exists.”

  25. “And out of all the illusions I ever witnessed. Your love and care were the best.” – Akshay Vasu

  26. “Love is an illusion our mind creates hoping it to be a panacea for all our sufferings.” – Unknown

  27. “Love is an elusion clouding our judgement. The perfect magic trick controlling our heart.” – Unknown

  28. “Today, when I saw you, I realized that what is between us is nothing more than an illusion.” – Unknown

  29. “Love is an illusion that seeks the immortality of its own shadow, felt only by heartbreak.” – Prashant Rao

  30. “Ah, love. That’s what the world has lost. There’s no more love, only the illusion of it.” – Lauren DeStefano

  31. “Romantic love is only an illusion. A story one makes up in one’s mind about another person.” – Virginia Wolf

  32. “Illusion close to reality was your love, you certainly are quintessential with your licks and promises.” – Unknown

  33. “Love is not an illusion, it is not your teenage sweet escape of reality neither it is all you have yet to find your right one.”

  34. “Love is just an illusion, it is truly care in disguise, when you finally meet the one, it is this moment that the sparks fly.”

  35. “Love is a simple thing and a deep thing: it is an act of life and not an illusion. Art is an illusion.” – George Bernard Shaw

  36. “… love was an illusion which civilization had produced to give a little order to the frequency of the sex act.” – Christer Kihlman

  37. “Maybe I didn’t lose you. Maybe you weren’t really there. Maybe what we were, was simply an illusion confused as love.” – R.H. Sin

  38. “Love is an optical illusion that makes you believe the object of your affection is the most beautiful person in the world.” – Tom Holt

  39. “Love is supposed to bring you peace and happiness. If you are not feeling this in a relationship, you are living an illusion.” – Unknown

  40. “Love’s an illusion. It’s a dream you wake up from with an enormous hangover and net credit debt. I’d rather have cash.” – Janet Fitch

  41. “Separation may just be an illusion. When we feel love in any form, it has the effect of beginning to shatter that illusion.” – Deepak Chopra

  42. “Love is an illusion! Its a highly dependency disorder of weak hearted people.. People with strong hearts believe in flirting.” – Unknown

  43. “Love is just an illusion, people have during adolescence. But ultimately the bitter truth reveals, when we see the reality.” – Subhajyoti Biswas

  44. “Love is weakness. It feels real at the start, it always does, but it’s an illusion, it fades and then you’re left with nothing. But power.. True power endures.” – Unknown

  45. “There is magic in changing directions. When you figure out what’s more realistic for you instead of chasing or expecting a false illusion, you start to move forward.” – Unknown

  46. “But precisely this illusion that everything is “clear” is what is blinding us all. It is a serious temptation, and it is a subtle form of pride and worldly love of power and revenge.” – Thomas Merton

  47. “For love, there has to be a distance across which lovers can approach one another. The approach is of course just an illusion, because love in fact separates people. Love is a polarity.” – Antal Szerb

  48. “Romantic love is an illusion. Most of us discover this truth at the end of a love affair or else when the sweet emotions of love lead us into marriage and then turn down their flames.” – Thomas Moore                                                                           

    famous love is an illusion quotes
    famous love is an illusion quotes

  49. “Love is just an illusion. An illusion away of the reality. Reality can’t be escaped. Escaping leads to sedation. A state of dream within a dream. And dreams are far away from the reality.” – Manish Kumar

  50. “Friendship was another illusion like love, though it did not reach the same mad heights. People pretended that they were friends, when the fact was they were brought together by force of circumstances.” – R.K. Narayan

  51. “Because of the illusion. You fall in love, it’s intoxicating, and for a little while, you actually feel like you’ve become one with the other person, merged souls and so on. You think you’ll never be lonely again.” – Nicole Krauss

  52. “Love is an illusion. It’s nothing but a mirage. It doesn’t matter how he looks on the outside, or who he is on the inside. Right now, you’re convinced that you love your darling, but… try thinking about it logically.” – Tomoko Hayakawa

  53. “Some people fall in love with the idea of things and others fall in love with the actual things. Falling in love with an idea is but an illusion. That is how I know she is the one I feel her in my bones and not just in my head.” – Christopher Poindexter

  54. “Love is just an illusion and I won’t ever say that I’ve understood what’s love. Nothing is constant, there are phrases of doubt it passes and at one time everything seems lost sometimes but I’ve learnt to love just for the sake of getting love I won’t ever say that love is beautiful.” – Unknown

  55. “Love is an illusion, that gives a fake sensation of satisfaction of our own desires and wants and removes the inferiority developed by loneliness, and sometimes fulfill our dream of getting a partner, but we often get hurt by it, and yet we rarely learn, and we keep looking for more of it, just to avoid the fear of being alone.”


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