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Gary Maurice Lucas Jr. know as Joyner Lucas is an American rapper, singer and songwriter from Massachusetts. His claim to fame was the release of his single ‘Ross Capicchioni’ in 2015 and has since then remained as a huge star. One of his singles, ‘I’m Not Racist’, quickly went viral and was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Music Video.

Occupation(s) Rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, Actor

Also known as:  G-Storm, Future Joyner

Joyner Lucas Quotes

  1. “I don’t collab often.” – Joyner Lucas

  2. “I’m not a mumble rapper.” – Joyner Lucas

  3. “I can’t make everybody happy.” – Joyner Lucas                                                                     
    Joyner Lucas Quotes
    Joyner Lucas Quotes

  4. “I just love music, in general. I love art.” – Joyner Lucas

  5. “I always struggled with the idea of forgiving my enemies.” – Joyner Lucas

  6. “I think everybody’s gone through some racist moment in their life.” – Joyner Lucas

  7. “When I was a kid, I was just rapping about school and stuff like that.” – Joyner Lucas

  8. “I personally think J-Cole is a better rapper than me; that’s how I feel.” – Joyner Lucas

  9. “As we grow, we learn to handle situations differently than we normally would.” – Joyner Lucas                                                                                                               
    Joyner Lucas Quotes About Life
    Joyner Lucas Quotes About Life

  10. “A lot of artists are afraid to be themselves and afraid to tell people what it really is.” – Joyner Lucas

  11. “My videos are meant to make people look at themselves at the end of the day. They all have a message.” – Joyner Lucas

  12. It’s so much more to life than drinkin’, party all the time. Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown, Song: I Don’t Die, Album: I Don’t Die

  13. “We were all humans until race disconnected us, religion separated us, politics divided us, and wealth classifies us.” – Joyner Lucas

  14. “Even if I wasn’t picking cotton physically. That don’t mean I’m not affected by the history.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: I’m Not Racist

  15. “I’m not trying to make everything this fantasy world about how I’m living this lavish life that I’m not really living.” – Joyner Lucas

  16. “I was born in the studio. I knew I loved music. I found my niche at, like, seven or eight. That’s when I knew I wanted to rap.” – Joyner Lucas

  17. “Honestly, I started playing the pause game right after the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards cypher. That’s around when pauses really started.” – Joyner Lucas

  18. “I’ve always felt misunderstood. Growing up, it’s been my word against the teachers’ or my parents’ word, and nobody would ever listen to me.” – Joyner Lucas

  19. “Nobody is really going to bring my vision to life like the way that I am. Before I was doing my own music videos, it was not really my vision.” – Joyner Lucas

  20. “But I won’t let you back in this time. I won’t let you back in my mind. I won’t let you blame me this time. hell no.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Finally (Ft. Chris Brown), Album: ADHD

  21. “I have been making music since I was a kid. I have written music since I was, like, seven or eight. I was in the studio at 9, 10. So I’ve had a lot of practice over a lot of years.” – Joyner Lucas

  22. “No more homework with my daughter, no more second chances No more baby in my belly, sad to say we died All because you choose to drink and drive Why?” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Frozen

  23. “When I did ‘Happy Birthday,’ I wrote the treatment for the video before I wrote the record. And once I wrote the video, I had a clear understanding of what I wanted; I created the soundtrack to that video.” – Joyner Lucas

  24. “I’ve always tried to stay away from doing remixes to songs that were popular, because too many people do that. But that’s something the fans want to hear, me over those type of beats. So I do it for them.” – Joyner Lucas

  25. “I stopped watching sports because I didn’t want to watch someone running up and down the field making millions and I’m not doing anything about it. That methodology made me go harder and take control of my career.” – Joyner Lucas

  26. “Honestly, when I do a lot of records where it’s super lyrical, all that it is to prove and to show people, like, I can really rap. I can switch flows – I can go with the best of them – so first of all, I want you to respect me as a rapper.” – Joyner Lucas

  27. “I began seeing certain things happen in my life and other people’s lives and getting inspired by it and writing about it. And that’s where you get ‘Happy Birthday’ from and ‘Ross Capicchioni’ from or you even get ‘I’m Sorry’ from.” – Joyner Lucas

  28. “Eminem has been someone that I’ve always considered the greatest ever, to ever do it. You know what I mean? In every aspect, the storytelling abilities, lyrical ability, honesty. You can hear it in my music that I’m heavily influenced by that.” – Joyner Lucas

  29. The more that I want, the more that I grind. The more that I shine, the more that I stride. The more that I stunt, the more that I cheat. The more that she leaves, the more that she cry. The harder to trust, the more that I lie. Joyner Lucas, Song: Revenge, Album: ADHD

  30. “F the system, I’m that na, bend the law, cut the rules. I’m about to risk it all, I ain’t got too much to lose. Y’all been eatin’ long enough, it’s my turn to cut the food. Pass the plate! Where my drink? This my day, lucky you.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Lucky You, Album: Kamikaze (by Eminem)

  31. “Show me how to be fearless often. I need real guidance, I ain’t scared of options. When life was blurry, you made it clearer. And God forbid if you died now. I know that I’d be well taken care of. I know you’ll be there waiting for me.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Just Like You, Album: 508-507-2209

  32. “Look, I really feel lost without you. I hate the fact you think the world is better off without you. And my mind’s spinning, this is the line finish. Truth is, I don’t care how you feel about my feelings. And I’d be lying to you if I told you I’m fine, listen I know that you can hear me, all I need is like five minutes.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: I’m Sorry

  33. “I ain’t picture my life like this. They don’t know what it’s like like this. Pretending I’m happy so I can smile like this. And laugh like you. Sometimes I wonder if I ever act like you. Could I finally fit in and maybe relax like woo. Or would you feel lost without me? ’Cause honestly, I think the world is better off without me.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: I’m Sorry

  34. “You thought I was finished, you thought it was over. You thought I retired, you thought I went fishing with Kobe.  I’m still as the illest considered as one of the coldest. Still, I put a part in a rapper head like Moses. I’m throwback like I’m Motorola. But hoe, I’m cooler than a cup of yogurt.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Lovely, Album: 508-507-2209

  35. “He walked into the same store on the block. Just so happen to be the same exact store that got robbed. What a coincidence. That  is just as weird as I thought. The clerk rang him out and said, ‘That’ll be $18.25’. And then he held that hundred out with the red number written on top. And then everything stopped.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Keep It 100, Album: 508-507-2209

  36. “I mean the food gone, ain’t nothing left this year. We done ate that . Funny how they told me to stack this year. Now a  gets colder than central air. And your momma should abort you and left you there, damn. I need a message. Where the gay when I need a ménage?. She said she got  to take that I needed to watch.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Lovely, Album: 508-507-2209

  37. “You finally got some paper couldn’t wait to get it. And it doesn’t really matter ’cause you’re still lame. No matter how much cake you got, it wouldn’t make a difference. I’m tired of all you rappers wantin’ free verses.  – Joyner Lucas, Song: Ultrasound

  38. “And I still remember your baby shower like it was yesterday. And to your mom, it was special, me, just another day. I wish that you could see the pictures, all the fake phony smilin’. Had to pretend that I was happy, deep down I was cryin’. Ma asked if I was okay, I turned around and looked away. I was dryin’ all my tears, look back to say yeah.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Forever, Album: 508-507-2209

  39. “I did some things I ain’t proud of, but I never leave your side. Okay, I never leave your side. You had some you were going through and you ain’t even cry. So if I take advantage of you, you won’t be so nice. You told me next time, there won’t be any next time, look me in the eye. And I gave you a chance even though you not my type.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: We Gon Be Alright, Album: 508-507-2209

  40. “And don’t nobody give a f when you starving though. They don’t answer me when I’m hollering though. Try to cancel me like The Cosby Show. Until I put them hands on them like Rousey though. I got a hundred fans waiting in the lobby line. Taking shots like it’s party time. Hands up ain’t nobody got to die. I just got four rings like the Audi sign.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Lovely, Album: 508-507-2209

  41. “Oh I don’t have a visa. I think I’m fall in love with a ballerina. Just let me hit it and I ain’t waitin’ for marriage neither. Cause she gon’ fall and I’m gon’ ball like alopecia. I said I go bald like alopecia, I turn the god, then read the Bible the grabbed the heater. I want a mansion in Hollywood and Pasadena, but I still ain’t got and I ain’t too happy neither.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: One Lonely Night

  42. “And all you do is flash your money and fortune. You ride around in that Ferrari and Porsches. And all you talk about is Bugatti and foreign. You walk around like you somebody important. You surrounded by leaches and beggars. And none of them nas wanna see you do better. I bet they plotting wanna see what you got. Cause you brag a lot and make it seem like they jealous.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: I Need More

  43. “When you told me that you loved me boy I know you meant it. You the soul out of my body with your own intentions. Now I’m stuck inside life of prostitution no discretions. And all you do is beat my a and leave me slowly breathless. But we don’t have the type of bond we used to have before. But I ain’t mad at all I just wonder if you recall when I laid in your arms and you used to sing to me like.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Lullaby

  44. “ I’ve been putting London on the map. Ain’t it funny I’m the first female ting, right. Imma do it, watch me , I’m all about the crack. I ain’t even have to pay, all I had to do was rap. Imma let that line breath, mute that. I’m getting keys overseas just so I can bring it back.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Look What You Made Me Do

  45. “Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bit o“. Here we go again, make sure you take them clothes off, b I’m going in. You gon’ take this press record, and tonight you my slave don’t you ever tell me no again. So don’t you ever tell me no again, b, I’m possessive and I never let you go again. Who hittin’ your phone at two in the morning and had to tell that na don’t you ever text my hoe again.” –Joyner Lucas, One Lonely Night

  46. “I tried to run away from home before the a beatings. All I wanted was some clothes but It’s tax season. I love it when they black but they act Rican. A pastor think that I’m half black and half demon. What the f*** is she tryin’ for? what’s mine is yours. What’s yours is mine and I’m down for it, we ridin’ for it. We wanted this a long time ago, what you aim for’?. , you let me down again, way to go.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Way to Go (Ft. Snoh Aalegra), Album: 508-507-2209

  47. “Young and reckless, different women part-time. And I wasn’t ready for that life yet, I was in my dark prime. Me and your moms ain’t get along and she gave me a hard time. I really think that we just crossed paths at the wrong time. I wasn’t happy when she said she was pregnant. Probably the worst news of my life, that s was so depressing. I told her she should get an abortion and I really meant it. I’m sorry that I said that s, so I was tripping.’” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Forever, Album: 508-507-2209

  48. “I tried to run away from home before the a beatings. All I“I went to work late and missed out. But Grandma told me: “In 10 days you’re kicked out. Never went to Sunday school, I skipped out. And then went to the mall and got draped up and tripped out. I used to listen to Bon Jovi and hang with my aunt Rosie. Then she calls the cops on me. Crack in my socks runnin’, my neighbor up top sold me. Nowhere to run now, “thanks a lot homie.” – Joyner Lucas, Song: Way to Go (Ft. Snoh Aalegra), Album: 508-507-2209

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