50 Emotional Support Quotes To Give You Reassurance

These are the times when you feel really drained in life emotionally, mentally or psychological. We have rounded up deep emotional support quotes and sayings (with images and pictures) to give you moral support, caring and reassurance you might need.

In life we often come to a low point in life where nothing seems to work in our way. Things may seem to go downhill and its difficult to hold up. These are the times when all we need is some emotional support and emotional caring from our friends or family.

Emotional support is showing care and compassion for another person. So when you show you really care, listen, and value somone, they feel that yes they have people who’ve got their back.

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Emotional support can help a person cope with their emotions and experiences and show them that they are not alone.

When your loved ones are dealing with stress, anxiety, and crisis, they need some encouragement to know that they will push through all of the struggles.

We have divided these meaningful quotes about emotional support into these sections;

  • Emotional Support Quotes
  • Emotional Support In Relationship Quotes
  • Emotional Caring Quotes

These inspirational emotional support quotes will inspire you to always extend a helping hand for those we are in a relationship with.

Words and acts of kindness, compassion, empathy, and reassurance can do wonders for people who are having a tough time.

Emotional Support Quotes

  1. “I’m not going to tell you to get over it. I’m going to help you get through it.”                                                                                                                                                                 
    Emotional Support Quotes
    Emotional Support Quotes

  2. “Be someone’s security blanket when theirs is in the wash.” – Richelle E. Goodrich

  3. “Having someone who can handle all your moods is such a blessing.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                                 
    emotional support quotes for friends
    emotional support quotes for friends

  4. “Stay positive! The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.”

  5. “Friends are angels who lift our feet when our own wings have trouble remembering how to fly.” – Unknown                                                                                                     
    emotional support quotes for her
    emotional support quotes for her

  6. “A person may look strong on the outside, but may need another’s emotional support.” – Mary Watkins                                                                                                       
    No Emotional Support Quotes
    No Emotional Support Quotes

  7. “You are important. You are brave. And you are so good. Please don’t ever forget that. Not even on your bad days.”

  8. “I’m a strong person. But every now and then I would like someone to take my hand and say everything will be alright.” – Unknown                                                                     
    Emotional Support Quotes Relationship
    Emotional Support Quotes Relationship

  9. “That’s the function of big brothers… to help their little sisters when their worlds are collapsing.” – Susan Beth Pfeffer

  10. “You can never do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson                                                                                           
    Deep Emotional Support Quotes
    Deep Emotional Support Quotes

  11. “People who are seeking emotional support find it in the craft because instead of looking to a savior or prophet, we are taught to save ourselves.” – Jessica Marie Baumgartner

  12. “Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that you’ve got a big heart and aren’t afraid to let other see it. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength.” – Brigitte Nicole

  13. “What makes Will the best father in the world to me is that he’s there, not just there in a way that’s traditional. The emotional support he offers his children is immeasurable.” – Jada Pinkett Smith

  14. “Medical attention and emotional support can be difficult to obtain for those in need, yet both are essential to nurturing healthy futures year round and especially during the holiday season.” – Sylvia Mathews Burwell

  15. “Having a support network in your life and being a part of other people’s support networks, means you can add their energy and their mental, emotional and physical resources to your measure of resiliency.” – Teal Swan

  16. “A lot of emotional stress that people go through, some people figure out a way to handle it. They have a strong enough support system to keep going and keep moving forward. And some people, they feel like they don’t have that outlet.” – Terrell Owens

  17. “How someone makes me feel emotionally and mentally is way more important than what they can do for me materialistically and physically. I’ll always choose love, affection, and emotional support over being showered with gifts. All I want is my energy reciprocated.”

  18. “Are you a kind of person who likes to keep all your emotions hidden from the people around you! Do you prefer restraining your feelings a little too much! In that case, you must know that too much emotional suppression can have catastrophic impact over your body.” – Abhijit Naskar

  19. “Need emotional support? Don’t look for partner. Look for yourself. No one can give you better support than you yourself. People will come and people will go but it will be only yourself which won’t leave you until you die. So better keep develop practice to fill your emotional support of you with yourself only.” – Arpit Jhaveri

  20. “The reason why you need emotional support is because it’s important for survivors to be heard. To be understood. To be able to express yourself without fearing criticism or harsh judgement. To be validated for your pain, suffering, and loss. For others to be there for you to encourage you, especially if you’re having a bad day or feeling triggered.” – Dana Arcuri

Emotional Support In Relationship Quotes

Lack of emotional support in relationship can make your partner feel all alone, helpless, and sad. It’s a very depressing feeling when you don’t have people you can talk your heart out to.

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Sometimes just being there for someone can make a big difference in their life.

  1. “If you never heal from what hurt you, then you’ll bleed on people who did not cut you.”

  2. “A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.” – Max Muller

  3. “When it comes to accepting emotional support or affection, I’m a little guarded and hardened to that.” – Patricia Heaton

  4. “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

  5. “Everyone needs an emotional support in their life… Those who have it are taking it for granted and those who didn’t are longing for it…” – Aseema Nadeem                                                                                                                                                             
    Emotional Support Quotes Images
    Emotional Support Quotes Images

  6. “Like I said, I’ve got too much respect for women to marry them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support them emotionally and financially.” – Sylvester Stallone

  7. “I got emotional help and support fro my wife and friends. But the physical help had to come from a doctor – from a mental health professional.” – Gil Kleiman

  8. “Life isn’t easy. We’ve all had situations where we needed emotional support from a friend. Consider if you did not have a friend to hold your hand when times got tough.” – Kay Vandervort

  9. “I’m trying to set up opportunities for myself so that I don’t only have one outlet to go through and rely upon as far as a support system financially, emotionally and mentally.” – Busta Rhymes

  10. “No one would feel embarrassed about seeking help for a child if they broke their arm – and we really should be equally ready to support a child coping with emotional difficulties.” – Kate Middleton

  11. “For anyone going through a divorce or any other painful challenge, the first and most important recommendation I can make is to find some kind of spiritual and emotional support.” – Alana Stewart

  12. “There are realities we all share, regardless of our nationality, language, or individual tastes. As we need food, so do we need emotional nourishment: love, kindness, appreciation, and support from others.” – J. Donald Walters

  13. “It is not depression or anxiety that truly hurts us. It is our active resistance against these states of mind and body. If you wake up with low energy, hopeless thoughts, and a lack of motivation – that is a signal from you to you. That is a sure sign that something in your mind or in your life is making you sick, and you must attend to that signal.” – Vironika Tugaleva

  14. “Cancer is such a frightening and emotional roller coaster. Its a ride we all want to get off! My best advice is, find the glue that will hold you together – whether its religion, family, friends, music, yoga, a hobby or a cancer support group. Even our pets can be amazing healers. Be patient and don’t give up. Trust me when I say you will come out changed and stronger on the other end of this.” – Brenda Jones

  15. “Nobody will protect you from your suffering. You can’t cry it away or eat it away or starve it away or walk it away or punch it away or even therapy it away. It’s just there, and you have to survive it, you have to endure it, you have to live through it and love it and move on and be better for it and run as far as you can in the direction of your best and happiest dreams across the bridge that was built by your own desire to heal.” – Cheryl Strayed

Emotional Caring Quotes To Give Support

At that that it just feels like everyone and everything is going against you. All these thoughts can make you feel lonely, lost, and emotional. And no matter how many times someone tells me to cheer up or get over it, it still feels like life is pulling the rug out from underneath me.

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But being there for someone in their struggles helps them to have the courage to keep moving on. Some words of encouragement can be great for somone who finds it difficult to move on. Sometimes a good pep-talk is all it takes to change a negative emotion to positive ones.
  1. “If a man doesn’t offer emotional support, he is useless.”

  2. “The right people will hear you. Even if you’re not talking.”

  3. “Emotional support is more important than financial support.” – Unknown                                         
    emotional caring quotes
    emotional caring quotes

  4. “Be grateful for the people in your life who not only tell you they care, but show you they do.”

  5. “A female never forgets how a man treated her during the times she needed his support the most…”

  6. “You have no control over people and situations. You are not God. You have to learn to accept life as it is.”

  7. “Some people in your family will come miles to bury you, but won’t even cross the room to support you when you’re alive.”

  8. “People don’t always need advice. Sometimes all they need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a heart to understand.” – Unknown                                                                     
    Need Emotional Support Quotes
    Need Emotional Support Quotes

  9. “Yeah sex is cool but have you ever received emotional support from a like minded individual who wants to be part of your growth and development.”

  10. “Friendship isn’t about how long you know someone. It’s about who walks into your life, says ‘I’m here for you,’ and then proves it.” ― Nicholas Sparks                                                                                                                                                           
    emotional support phrases
    emotional support phrases

  11. “Sometimes we need someone to simply be there. Not to fix anything, or to do anything in particular, but just to let us feel that we are cared for and supported.” – Unknown                                                                                                                                 
    Quotes About Giving Emotional Support
    Quotes About Giving Emotional Support

  12. “If your emotional abilities aren’t in hand, if you don’t have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.” – Daniel Goleman

  13. “It’s flattering, but also overwhelming when people regularly look to you for emotional support or advice. It’s particularly overwhelming because people rarely make it a habit to check on your own mental/ emotional state before they ask for help. They typically just offload.” – Toni Tone

  14. “Love her extra on her bad days. I mean, she’ll get too emotional sometimes, too clingy sometimes, she might get angry at small things sometimes. Understand. Instead of getting mad at her, be extra patient with her. Those are the days she needs your love and patience the most.” – Unknown

  15. “Emotional intelligence is a way of recognizing, understanding, and choosing how we think, feel, and act. It shapes our interactions with others and our understanding of ourselves. It defines how and what we learn; it allows us to set priorities; it determines the majority of our daily actions. Research suggests it is responsible for as much as 80 percent of the “success” in our lives.” – J. Freedman


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