44 Best Elmer Fudd Quotes & Sayings From Looney Tunes

Looking for iconic quotes by Elmer Fudd? We have rounded up the best collection of Elmer Fudd quotes, sayings, phrases, dialogues, lines, and captions, (with images and pictures) will tickle your funny bone and make you laugh.

Elmer J. Fudd is a famous animated cartoon character from the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series produced by the American media and entertainment conglomerate Warner Bros.

Since 1930 Warner’s cartoon unit has introduced many cartoon characters like Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Tweety, and Bugs Bunny (The official mascot of Warner Bros) that made their cartoons globally popular.

Elmer Fudd first appeared in 1937 as Egghead. He was originally created by Chuck Jones and Tex Avery. The character’s main aim is to hunt Bugs Bunny but ends up hurting himself and other characters.

He speaks in a different and unusual way, replacing his Ls and Rs with Ws, and has been seen calling rabbits as “scwewy” or “wascawwy wabbit”. Elmer as a character is famous among kids for his trademark laughter as well as his popular catchphrase, “Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits”.

In most of the Bugs Bunny cartoons, Elmer has been seen as the main antagonistic force and their rivalry is very famous in the history of American cinema.

Here is a list of some classic Elmer Fudd quotes and sayings that will surely make you laugh and bring back the child in you.

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Top 10 Elmer Fudd Quotes

  1. “I’ll kill the Wabbit!” – Elmer Fudd                                                                                                                         
    best elmer fudd quotes
    best elmer fudd quotes

  2. “You’ll never take me alive!” – Elmer Fudd                                                                                                                   
    Famous Elmer Fudd Sayings
    Famous Elmer Fudd Sayings

  3. “West and wewaxation at wast!” – Elmer Fudd

  4. “Kill the Wabbit! Kill the Wabbit! Kill the Wabbit!” – Elmer Fudd

  5. “Sneak into my theater will you, you wasically wabbit?” – Elmer Fudd

  6. “Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits!, He-e-e-e-e!” – Elmer Fudd                                                           
    Funny Elmer Fudd Quotes
    Funny Elmer Fudd Quotes

  7. “WHAT?! A Buck Wogers Wightning Quick Wabbit Kiwwer!” – Elmer Fudd

  8. “Just hang on until I get hold of that screwy rabbit and that duck!” – Elmer Fudd

  9. “Hewwo! Acme Pest Contwol? Weww I have a pest I want contwolled.” – Elmer Fudd

  10. “My name is Elmer J. Fudd. Miwwionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht.” – Elmer Fudd

Famous Quotes By Elmer Fudd

In the Bugs Bunny cartoons, Elmer is a hunter who wants to hunt Bugs Bunny, but the intelligent rabbit always manages to trick him and wins. Elmer being the villian is not very wicked as his intentions are sometimes good.

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  1. “Now, wabbit! Dwink!” – Elmer Fudd

  2. “Wabbits love to eat carrots.” – Elmer Fudd

  3. “Uh, have one on the house, wabbit.” – Elmer Fudd

  4. “Come over here you scwewy wabbit.” – Elmer Fudd                                                                                                         
    Elmer Fudd Quotes Images
    Elmer Fudd Quotes Images

  5. “Come on, Wover boy. Wet’s go hunting.” – Elmer Fudd

  6. “Oh yes, my phone went ring! I’ve got you now you rabbit.” – Elmer Fudd

  7. “But I haven’t got a wiscence to shoot a fwicaseeing wabbit.” – Elmer Fudd

  8. “I am calling you filthy rabbit, come out, I know that you are right there.” – Elmer Fudd

  9. “Just wait till I get my hands on that scwewy wabbit and that scwewball duck!” – Elmer Fudd                       
    Elmer Fudd Famous Quotes
    Elmer Fudd Famous Quotes

  10. “Shh. Do not make any sound. I am searching for wabbits. Huh-huh-huh-huh!” – Elmer Fudd

  11. “Geez awfully quiet dang I wonder if there anymore hunters out here this mornin’” – Elmer Fudd

  12. “Shot my first turkey today… Scared the crap out of everyone in the frozen food section. It was awesome!” – Elmer Fudd

  13. “Any time those two wittle nut cwackers think they can out-smart Ewmer J. Fudd they’ve got another thing coming.” – Elmer Fudd

  14. “Oh my God, I have eventually come to know what exactly is wrong with my brain: nothing is right on the left part, and nothing is left on the right part.” – Elmer Fudd

  15. “I hope you can hewp me mister game warden. I’ve been towd I can shoot wabbits, mongooses, pigeons, dirty skunks and ducks. Can you teww me what season it weawwy is??!!” – Elmer Fudd

  16. “Good evening, sportsmen evewywhere…’Fwesh-Fwied, Fwesh-Fwozen Wabbit Company’ bwings you ‘The Sportsman’s Hour,’ with handy hunting tips by yours twuwy, Ewmer Fudd!” – Elmer Fudd

  17. “I have something to surprise you today: I am going to demonstrate the appropriate process for hunting, blasting, as well as twacking down a real and live rabbit! Now, do not make any sound at all.” – Elmer Fudd

Best Elmer Fudd Quotes

  1. “Ssshhhh.” – Elmer Fudd

  2. “Let me out of here!” – Elmer Fudd

  3. “Say your pwayers, wabbit!” – Elmer Fudd

  4. “Why, you wascally wabbit!” – Elmer Fudd

  5. “Wabbits don’t belong in penthouses!” – Elmer Fudd

  6. “Say, have you seen a wabbit wun by here?” – Elmer Fudd

  7. “You’re no shewiff! You’re that scwewy wabbit!” – Elmer Fudd                                                                           

    Elmer Fudd Sayings And Quotes
    Elmer Fudd Sayings And Quotes

  8. “Okay you cruddy rabbit, I know you’re in there, come on out.” – Elmer Fudd

  9. “Oh boy! Rabbit tracks! There’s something screwy around here.” – Elmer Fudd                                                     

    Quotes By Elmer Fudd
    Quotes By Elmer Fudd

  10. “Gee, I hope it didn’t hurt too much when I killed you, Mister Wabbit.” – Elmer Fudd

  11. “I’ve got you now you rabbit. I’m gonna blow you into a million rabbit cutlets.” – Elmer Fudd

  12. “But you wang my phone operator. Oh yes, my phone went RIIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGG.” – Elmer Fudd

  13. “And they set off, and they prepared the Passover after finding just like he had told to them.” – Elmer Fudd

  14. “Not this weekend, you’re not! You’re the symbol of Thanksgiving! Huhuhuhuhu! And you’re dinner!” – Elmer Fudd

  15. “Wisten to the whythmic whythm of the woodwinds as it wowws awound and awound…and it comes out here!” – Elmer Fudd

  16. “Every single thing close to the gallery had been destroyed. However, the robots of Antonio right within the door had been in good shape. It had been like Passover.” – Elmer Fudd

  17. “We like to offer some food for the students for celebrating Passover all through the week. We like to reduce the perceived obstacle which is there for observance on the campus and to make it extremely simple for the pupils to celebrate.” – Elmer Fudd

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