50 Christmas In Heaven Quotes To Remember Your Loved Ones

Do you miss your loved ones on Christmas? We’ve curated some of the most touching Christmas in Heaven quotes, messages, greetings, and poems that will help you keep your loved ones close to your heart during this holiday season.

As Christmas approaches, it can be particularly challenging for those grieving the loss of loved ones. Their absence is irreplaceable, and their passing leaves a deep scar in the hearts of those who cherished them.

While you celebrate the holiday season with your home lit up with bright shining lights, carols playing in the air, and the smell of freshly baked cookies, it is natural for people to think about those close to your heart who are no longer with you.

The void in your heart seeing an empty chair on the dinner table during the celebration will always remind you of those close to your heart.

As you decorate your Christmas tree and celebrate the joys of the festival, remember that although your loved ones (be it your mom, dad, brother, or sister) are not physically present, their memories live on in your hearts forever.

To hep you get through this festive season, we have brought you a collection of the best Christmas in Heaven quotes that will help you find some comfort and solace during such difficult times.

These words of hope and love will help you understand that the bonds you share with your loved ones are beyond time and space.

Top 10 Christmas In Heaven Quotes

  1. “In the still quiet of a cold Christmas night, I feel your spirit warming my heart.” – Unknown   

    Christmas In Heaven Quotes
    Christmas In Heaven Quotes
  2. “I don’t need an angel on top of my tree, I already have one in Heaven looking down on me.” – Unknown

    First Christmas In Heaven Quotes
    First Christmas In Heaven Quotes     
  3. “Like freshly fallen snow, my tears fall in the reminder of those I miss in heaven this holiday season.” – Unknown                

    Quotes About Christmas In Heaven
    Quotes About Christmas In Heaven
  4. “The stocking on the mantel is as empty as my heart this holiday. Christmas isn’t the same without you.” – Unknown                                              

    Best Christmas In Heaven Quotes
    Best Christmas In Heaven Quotes
  5. “If only Santa’s sleigh could take me to see you one more time. That is my Christmas wish this year.” – Unknown      

    Missing Loved Ones At Christmas Quotes
    Missing Loved Ones At Christmas Quotes
  6. “Dear Santa all I want for Christmas this year is for all my loved ones in Heaven, to know how much I love and miss them.” – Unknown
  7. “You are missed at Christmas and each and every day… For you were someone special who meant more than words can say.” – Unknown
  8. “I smile knowing you are singing Gloria with the angels in heaven this Christmas. I cry because I cannot hear your voice except in my memories.” – Unknown
  9. “Since Heaven has become your home, I always feel so all alone, and though we are not far apart, you will forever hold a piece of my heart. Merry Christmas in Heaven.” – Unknown
  10. “Christmas in heaven. What do they do? They all come to earth and spend it with you. So save them a space, one empty chair. You might not see them but they will be there.” – Unknown

Merry Christmas In Heaven Quotes

  1. “Merry Christmas to all the angels in heaven never forgotten!” – Unknown
  2. “Even though I’m sad you are not with me this Christmas, may you rejoice in heaven.” – Unknown
  3. “One less gift under the tree and one less face to see. Christmas without you leaves me in misery.” – Unknown
  4. “The only wish on my Christmas list is to meet again in the great beyond. I miss you more than ever.” – Unknown
  5. “Christmas carols fall flat since you left. I hope you can hear their melody wherever you are this holiday.” – Unknown
  6. “The light of the holiday season has dulled since you passed away. May your spirit shine this Christmas.” – Unknown
  7. “Facing the holidays without you is daunting. Memories are a dismal replacement for having you with me at Christmas.” – Unknown
  8. “Celebrating Christmas with you in my heart and mind. I hope you know that you are loved and missed every day of the year.” – Unknown
  9. “Christmas Without You: Although it’s sad to reminisce on Christmases, we knew, this year I shall celebrate in memory of you. I’ll put aside my sorrow with every unshed tear, and concentrate on all the joy we shared when you were here. One time together taught me what Christmas time is for, and that’s what I’ll remember until we meet once more.” – Unknown
  10. “Without You At Christmas: There’s a little place within my heart that is with me everyday, a place where all my memories are softly tucked away. It is the perfect place at special times for me to go, for words could not explain how very much I miss you so. And now that once again Christmas time has come around, it’s where the sweetest memories and thoughts of you are found.” – Unknown

Christmas In Heaven Quotes For Mom Or Dad

  1. “Father Christmas cannot replace my own father. Missing you tons this year, Dad!” – Unknown
  2. “The holidays are quieter without your strong presence. We love and miss you, Dad.” – Unknown
  3. “While the ache of your loss never leaves, it is profoundly felt at Christmas. I miss you so much.” – Unknown
  4. “All I want for Christmas this year is for my dad in Heaven to know how much I love and miss him with all my heart.” – Unknown
  5. “Hanging your ornament on the tree without you is tragic. May you see it from heaven and be blessed this Christmas.” – Unknown
  6. “Christmas isn’t the same without my mother’s touch. We honor you by following your traditions even though you’re no longer with us.” – Unknown
  7. “A loving family holiday is not the same without the love of your mother at Christmas. We’re missing you more each year you are gone, Mom!” – Unknown
  8. “I just heard ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ on the radio, and it made me think of you, Mom. I remember how much you loved that song. Merry Christmas in heaven, Mom.” – Unknown
  9. “Thanks to you, Mom, I am a Christmas music snob. Even though I miss you terribly, I am happy that you are celebrating Christmas in heaven where you are surrounded by a choir of angels singing beautiful melodies.” – Unknown
  10. “Merry Christmas in heaven, Mom! Even though I thought that each Christmas would be easier, I find myself really struggling this year. Even though we try to carry on your favorite traditions, things aren’t the same without you. I would give anything to be able to relive Christmas from five years ago — the one where we woke up to a beautiful blanket of sparkling snow. I miss you, Mom.” – Unknown

First Christmas In Heaven Quotes

  1. “Christmas cookies don’t taste as sweet without you here.” – Unknown
  2. “The Christmas season may come and go, but my love for you lives forever.” – Unknown
  3. “The glistening snow reflects my falling tears as I remember you this Christmas.” – Unknown
  4. “Our hearts are weary this holiday season. We pray in memory of you this Christmas season.” – Unknown
  5. “Christmas brings me memories of you. Fondly, I think back on our times together and raise a glass in your honor.” – Unknown
  6. “This Christmas celebrate with those you love, remember those in heaven above and appreciate the gift of God’s unconditional love.” – Sonya Parker
  7. “Wishing a very Merry Christmas to the one who is no longer with me. Just wanted to tell you that this Christmas will not be same without you.” – Unknown
  8. “Your absence hurts me each and every day and it is going to hurt me the most on the occasion of Christmas because you always made it special for me. Merry Christmas.” – Unknown
  9. “I am sending a dove to heaven with a parcel on its wings, be careful when you open it. It’s full of beautiful things. Inside are a million kisses wrapped up in a million hugs too say how much I miss you and to send you all my love. I hold you close within my heart and there you will remain to walk with me throughout my life until we met again.” – Unknown
  10. Missing You At Christmas: Every day without you, since you had to go, is like summer without sunshine, and winter without snow. I wish that I could talk to you, there’s so much I would say, life has changed so very much since you went away. I miss the bond between us, and I miss your kind support, you’re in my mind and in my heart, and every Christmas thought. I’ll always feel you close to me, and though you’re far from sight, I’ll search for you among the stars that shine on Christmas night.” – Unknown

Quotes About Christmas In Heaven When Missing Loved Ones

  1. “A loving aunt is a second mother, and her loss is felt by all this Christmas.” – Unknown
  2. “The heavens gained a new Christmas star when you joined them, dear sister.” – Unknown
  3. “The Christmas star shines brightly upon all those missing loved ones in heaven.” –” – Unknown
  4. “My brother brought joy at Christmas to all who knew him. His loss is felt by us all this holiday.” – Unknown
  5. “Christmas feels empty without you, Grandpa. We hope you are celebrating in heaven this year.” – Unknown
  6. “Missing all my loved ones in Heaven this Christmas… and always. Merry Christmas in Heaven.” – Unknown
  7. “Missing your loving arms and warm Christmas hugs, Grandma. Our holiday is sad without you in it.” – Unknown
  8. “Uncles are the best friends we didn’t know we needed. To my uncle in heaven, may your star shine brightly this Christmas.” – Unknown
  9. “The greatest gift I ever received my child was having you in my life, even for a short time. No Christmas present can compare.” – Unknown
  10. “Remembering our Angel in Heaven at Christmas time. The sadness never goes away, the silent tears still flow, you’re thought of and so sadly missed more than you’ll ever know. But now you’re with the angels safe and sound in Heaven above we hold on to the memories and treasure them with love. Yet special times like Christmas often make us wonder why God took you from this world, it was too soon to say goodbye. But memories are precious, they will last a lifetime through we know that God has chosen you to be his angel too.” – Unknown


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