95 Best Wood Elf Names For Your Fantasy World [Female & Male]

Looking for creative and mystical names for your wood elf characters? We have rounded up the best collection of wood elf names for males, females, names with meaning, surnames for your popular characters.

A wood elf is one of Dungeon & Dragons (D&D) most beloved character races. The wood elves were the most populous of the elven races.

Dungeons and Dragons is a game all about telling stories, becoming a character, and having fun with your friends.

Wood Elves, Copper Elves, or Sylvan Elves (Or-Tel’Quessir) Wood elves are a reclusive subrace, preferring to live in such areas as the High Forest. They place more emphasis on strength than learning.

Wood elves are considered by other elven subraces (particularly the austere sun elves) to be boisterous and hedonistic.

What is Wood Elf?

Most wood elves live in forests and mountains, their home is hidden. The common people are not able to see easily and are confusing. Also known as copper or sylvan elves, these people have coppery skin tinged with green, and brown, green, or hazel eyes and red, brown or black hair.

Wood elf characters in DnD 5e specialize in Dexterity, Wisdom, Stealth and wilderness knowledge. Ranger, druid, rogue and swordfighter builds.

Wood elves are as tall as most other Faerunian elves but more heavily built. They are highly reclusive, using their time to maintain and protect the forest.

Players often choose to highlight their fey characteristics, drawing inspiration from indigenous cultures.

The Fifth Edition of D&D has consolidated the many types of elves into three distinct categories that help fans better understand these mysterious beings. High Elf, Wooden Elf, And Drow.

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I hope you find the right Wood Elf name depending on the unique qualities of your character. These name suggestions are fun to play when looking for a nice mixture of roleplaying and fighting capabilities. You can add amazing elven surnames.

Popular Wood Elf Names With Meaning

  1. Aldon (Polish origin) meaning “a tree”.

  2. Ashikaga ( a Japanese samurai clan).

  3. Aston (English origin) meaning “the wise one”.

  4. Aubree (French origin) meaning “a ruler”.

  5. Belanor ( meaning optimism, idealism and altruism.

  6. Balin (English origin) meaning “a knight at the round table”.

  7. Callon (Irish origin) meaning “a hero”.

  8. Deana (Latin origin) meaning valley; church leader; divine

  9. Dore ah (Greek Origin) meaning “Of the sea.”

  10. Elanor (Sindarin language origin) meaning “the sun”.

  11. Estel (Latin origin) meaning “hope”.

  12. Flystone (Italian origin) meaning “elven names”.

  13. Garrett (Sindarin origin) meaning “support”.

  14. Haleth (Sindarin origin) meaning “exalted one”.

  15. Helena (Greek Origin) meaning “shining light”.

  16. Idril (Sindarin Origin) meaning “sparkling brilliance”.

  17. Keisha (American Origin) meaning extremes in fortune, health, and spirituality.

  18. Ronda (Hebrew origin) meaning “stable”.

  19. Samuel (Hebrew origin) meaning “male God name”.

  20. Tara (Sanskrit origin) meaning “wise one”.

Top Male Wood Elf Names 

The below lost of male names for a wood elf is unique and powerful for your character. If you don’t find a suitable name of your choice in the list below you can also try wood elf name generators will ample of choices.

  1. Kalgan Camomire

  2. Dikkoc Ivyvale

  3. Dadi Pineblossom

  4. Talasrit Riverstone

  5. Orulgo Nightrun

  6. Ciadrosran Pinebranch

  7. Scaelloslaen Willowrun

  8. Strascalu Ferngrove

  9. Killulvo Greenwind

  10. Dhuthi Elmstone

  11. Cioran Dornlake

  12. Kacaath Bluebranch

  13. Thadoc Balfthorn

  14. Aslidat Springmire

  15. Urgin Ivyrock

  16. Cico Pinegrove

  17. Zarnan Elmbranch

  18. Glarald Acornstump

  19. Lathai Applesmall

Female Wood Elf Names 

Wood Elves prefer a simple existence, living in harmony with the land and wild animals. Wood elf is a generic term for an elf that live in wooded areas such as forests.

These female wood elf names with last names are cool and will definitely draw attention of players on your name. Based on true characteristics of wood elves, these names are creative and yet interesting.

  1. Ellaeddyf Springbrook

  2. Astra Camoscrub

  3. Esha Duskrock

  4. Aethin Elmwood

  5. Phela Sagewing

  6. Qenreth Seedgrove

  7. Yvelteh Applethorn

  8. Qastra Bluethorn

  9. Ashe Littlebow

  10. Enva Riverwing

  11. Eha Fernpool

  12. Almy Greenrock

  13. Darle Greenstone

  14. Nande Acornrock

  15. Tharla Watercup

  16. Dhervillal Oakdale

  17. Arletrin Greenbark

  18. Darlevel Timberwing

  19. Phenaendith Willowvale

Popular Wood Elf Surnames For Your Character

There are many fantasy and mystical surnames for your wood elf characters in the media today. Here we have listed some popular names for a female or male wood elf inspired by the latest trend.

  1. Acornvale

  2. Acornrock

  3. Applethorn

  4. Barkblossom

  5. Birdsong

  6. Blackhope

  7. Bluepond

  8. Boldfroge

  9. Camomire

  10. Dawmourn

  11. Deeplake

  12. Dornlake

  13. Dualvein

  14. Elmbranch

  15. Elmpool

  16. Elmstone

  17. Fernpool

  18. Forestrock

  19. Foxtail

  20. Freeflame

  21. Glowrest

  22. Heartsong

  23. Ivyshade

  24. Longarm

  25. Mirthmind

  26. Nightbranch

  27. Nimblefeet

  28. Oakwood

  29. Pineblossom

  30. Phoenixgleam

  31. Roserun

  32. Sagewing

  33. Silentleaf

  34. Tinderburst

  35. Twinbrook


Wood elves are calm and level-headed, often hide their emotion from others. For more fantasy elf names ideas, take a look at Void Elf Names and Blood Elf Names. Be sure to share your favorite names for wood elf with us in the comments!

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