40 Uncle Ruckus Quotes From The Boondocks

Uncle Ruckus is a fictional character and the central antagonist of the animated TV series The Boondocks. He is known for his extreme racist views and self-hatred, making him a controversial figure. Here are the best Uncle Ruckus quotes that are funny and humorous but also serve as a reflection on the deeper issues of internalized racism and the impact of societal prejudices.

Created by cartoonist Aaron McGruder and voiced by Gary Anthony Williams, Uncle Ruckus first appeared in “The Boondocks” comic strip in the late 1990s and later in the animated TV series of the same name that premiered in 2005.

Uncle Ruckus is a black male who had a difficult childhood being raised by his abusive father, Mr. Ruckus, who beat him about every day.  The slaps he got from his father were the reason for his mismatched glass eye.

His mother, Bunny Ruckus has a high opinion of white people and often criticizes her fellow African-American people.

Uncle Ruckus was kicked out of his house as a teenager and moved to Woodcrest, a white neighborhood, where he worked 47 odd jobs.

He is a character that portrays various classic working-class stereotypes in America. He is often seen as rough, short-tempered, obese, a bit clumsy, and not one to follow all the rules.

Despite these traits, he’s portrayed as someone with a diverse set of skills, making him a bit of a jack of all trades.

One of his most notable traits is his internalized racism, he holds extremely racist views towards all black people, and everyone else who isn’t white.

Despite this, Ruckus maintains a close relationship with Robert Freeman and yearns for social acceptance.

Here are  the best Uncle Ruckus quotes from the famous comic strip The Boondocks

Top 10 Uncle Ruckus Quotes

  1. “This looks like a damn astronaut shoe.” — Uncle Ruckus
  2. “My name is Uncle Ruckus, no relation.” — Uncle Ruckus                                    

    Uncle Ruckus Quotes
    Uncle Ruckus Quotes
  3. “Okay, first of all, ain’t nobody talking while I’m talking.” — Uncle Ruckus     

    Boondocks Uncle Ruckus Quotes
    Boondocks Uncle Ruckus Quotes
  4. “If he gets really desperate, he may start to rap or dance.” — Uncle Ruckus                  

    Best Uncle Ruckus Quotes
    Best Uncle Ruckus Quotes
  5. “I’m not walkin’ to the Moon, I’m walkin’ to the liquor store.” — Uncle Ruckus              

    Funny Uncle Ruckus Quotes
    Funny Uncle Ruckus Quotes
  6. “I’m sorry, Mr. Rebel, but I can’t make music with you no mo.” — Uncle Ruckus
  7. “I dunno how I’m supposed to pay the bills… probably have to start selling crack.” — Uncle Ruckus
  8. “Due to the conditions of my parole, I am unable to leave the country at this time.” — Uncle Ruckus
  9. “She won’t be too much hassle. The doctor said she gonna be dead any minute now.” — Uncle Ruckus
  10. “They don’t possess the strength of character or the mental quickness to be a great fighter.” — Uncle Ruckus

Famous Quotes By Uncle Ruckus

  1. “Come on, Robert, pick up the phone!” — Uncle Ruckus
  2. “Shut yo’ preachin’ a.. up, you son of a b…h!” — Uncle Ruckus
  3. “You need a special permit for wheels like that.” — Uncle Ruckus
  4. “I work about 32 jobs over the course of a week.” — Uncle Ruckus
  5. “I couldn’t hear you over the sound of me sh….n’ myself.” — Uncle Ruckus
  6. “I’m gonna get me a dog; name him Levee. I’m gonna kick him every time it rains.” — Uncle Ruckus
  7. “Only stealin’ and shootin’ I wanna see is on this here b-ball, you little future ex-con.” — Uncle Ruckus
  8. “I’m probably going to have to start selling crack, or rapping, or rapping about selling crack.” — Uncle Ruckus
  9. “Jean-Claude Van Damme’s the best martial artist in the world. He killed a man with his butt cheek power.” — Uncle Ruckus
  10. “It was a Fourth of July, and I was told it was an especially good night to be born, but that was some bulls..t.” — Uncle Ruckus

Best Uncle Ruckus Quotes

  1. “Shut yo’ preachin’ ass up, you son of a bitch!” — Uncle Ruckus
  2. “What website is that? MadeUpMonkeyShit.com?” — Uncle Ruckus
  3. “Hang that n*gger now! I even got my own rope right here.” — Uncle Ruckus
  4. “I’d a shot you myself, but I realized the white man got better aim.” — Uncle Ruckus
  5. “You mean we gon’ let this African hooligan n***a go unpunished?” — Uncle Ruckus
  6. “The law say when the bicycle stop, the wheels supposed to stop. You need a special permit for wheels like that.” — Uncle Ruckus
  7. “You can’t compare a chocolate monkey like R. Kelly to Jerry Lee Lewis! He was the king of rock n’ roll. Great balls of fire!” — Uncle Ruckus
  8. “Lookin’ at the white girl, that’s a foul. Speakin’ to the white girl, that’s a technical foul. Touchin’ the white girl… oh-ho-ho-ho-ho… that’s a lynchin’!” — Uncle Ruckus
  9. “Well I’m black now, the very foist thing I did was quit all my jobs, I’m probably going to have to start selling crack, or rapping, or rapping about selling crack.” — Uncle Ruckus
  10. “This is just more proof that the white man made a tragic misjudgment when he made it legal to teach n*ggers to read and write. Paint faster! Oh what? What? You call that art? Huh? Ain’t no n*gger ever been good at drawing! If Michelangelo had been black, Jesus would look like George Jefferson! Keep painting!” — Uncle Ruckus

Quotes By Uncle Ruckus

  1. “Oh no. Th-this-this can’t be. It says I’m 102% African with a 2% margin of error.” — Uncle Ruckus
  2. “A white doctor is 99.9% reliable. Black doctor is an oxymoron, unless it’s a witch doctor.” — Uncle Ruckus
  3. “I’m sorry, Mr. Rebel, but I can’t make music with you no mo. Because… because you are not the racist I thought you was.” — Uncle Ruckus
  4. “Now if anybody out there has any reason that this n***a should not marry his telephone, which should be everybody, speak now or forever hold your peace.” — Uncle Ruckus
  5. “Honored guests and you ni–as as well, we are gathered here today to witness an unprecedented union between Robert Freeman and the n***a’s telephone.” — Uncle Ruckus
  6. “Oh, there was three of them. Two black n***a men and one black n***a woman. Oh, they each had big black lips, big black nostrils and a big black attitude problem.” — Uncle Ruckus
  7. “Every time a black baby is born, I give them a plasma TV and one channel, B.E.T. Slap it right on the ceiling over the crib. By the time that n***a is 12, he’ll be watching it in jail. Ha ha ha.” — Uncle Ruckus
  8. “N***a, my name is Reverend Father Uncle Ruckus… no relation. In the name of white Jesus and all great white men who have come thereafter, I command thy black n***a soul back to the depths of hell!” — Uncle Ruckus


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