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Read the most hilarious Minion quotes, and Minion Pictures which are funny, relatable, and super fun to read! 

Hello Everyone! We are back with cute, adorable, and funny minion quotes for you to tickle your funny bone really hard. We all love minions, they are so adorable yet they do some really stupid random funny things all the time. 

Minions are lovable, yellow creatures from the popular animated movie franchise, Despicable Me.

They have become a cultural phenomenon, known for their silly antics, gibberish language, and adorable personalities.

While the Minions may be fictional characters, their humorous and endearing nature has made them a source of inspiration for many.

Whether it’s through their funny expressions, playful antics, or nonsensical language, the Minions have a way of bringing joy and laughter to people of all ages.

Top 10 Minion Quotes

  1. “Doesn’t it feel so good to be bad?” – Scarlet Overkill
  2. “C’est banana! Hahaha! Miam Miam! Huh?” – Minions
  3. “Gentlemen do not steal ladies’ crowns!” – Queen Elizabeth II
  4. “This kid just stole something from the worst villains in the world!” – Gru
  5. “Work for me, and all this will be yours: respect, power …” – Scarlet Overkill
  6. “Mind the gap! Mind the gap! Mind the gap!” — Minions, Bob, Stuart and Kevin
  7. “Steal me the crown, and all your dreams come true. Respect power!” – Scarlet Overkill
  8. “Villains, this is no longer a coronation! It is an execution! Get them!” – Scarlet Overkill
  9. “So … you came for the queen’s crown, did ya? Well, you’re gonna have to get through me! The keeper of her crown!” – Keeper of the Crown
  10. “I’m going to get all my favorite villains to sign my magazine! Scarlet Overkill! If I was a minion, that’s who I would want to work for.” – Tina

Funny Minion Quotes From The Movie

  1. “No, no, no! Hey, a piñata!” – Minions
  2. “By the time she was 13, she built a criminal empire!” – Tina
  3. “You think it’s funny to mock the elderly, do ya?” – Keeper of the Crown
  4. “Oh, it’s so beautiful. So fashion forward. So Valentino.” – Scarlet Overkill
  5. “This is torture! Guys, cut it out! This is really unprofessional!” – Herb Overkill
  6. “I missed you. H. It’s me, I’m the H. Also there was no bird. Also me.” — Herb Overkill
  7. “Hello, Fred. FYI, your dog has been leaving little bombs all over my yard, and I don’t appreciate it.” – Gru
  8. “I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but I hate you. I thought I could get over what you did, but I feel so betrayed.” – Scarlet Overkill
  9. “Oh. It’s you. Everyone, this is one of the little fellows who stole the monarchy from me. And how’s that working out for you?” – The Queen
  10. “So get comfortable, Minions. Get real, real comfortable. Because this is where you’re going to spend the rest of you worthless, little lives.” – Scarlet Overkill

Funniest Minion Quotes

  1. “King Bob!” – Bob
  2. “Banana!” – Stuart
  3. “Si si! Buena!” – Minions
  4. “Freeze ray!” – Young Gru
  5. “Uh, la cucaracha?” – Kevin
  6. “Oh, hey! Looka! C’est un banono!” – Minions
  7. “Biboli maaaa! Bohayinaaa – ah no nooo!” – Minions
  8. “All right, all right, I’m not mini. Please stop calling me that.” – Gru
  9. “We were born with flippers! … No? Just me? Okay.” – Frankie Fishlips
  10. “Minions! Minions have been on this planet far longer than we have. They go by many names, Dave, Carl, oh, that one is Norbit.” – Narrator

Best Minion Quotes

  1. “England! England! England!” — Minions
  2. “Buddies, buddies, come here! Looka!” — Kevin
  3. “They found sanctuary. The Minions… were safe.” – Narrator
  4. “No no no no, Kevin, let me do it, let me do it, spita.” – Stuart
  5. “But all was not lost, for one minion had a plan. His name was Kevin.” – Narrator
“Don’t Judge me I was born to be awesome.”
“A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands.”
“When you are in pain is just an example of how strong you are as a person.”
“I’m out of order until further notice. My stupid people  filter needs cleaning
and my “give a damn” batteries have run out”
“Sometimes, my greatest accomplishments is just keeping quiet.”
“When, I find it,
I don’t need it
When I need it – I can’t find it.”
“I’m a proud supporter of messy hair, no make-ups and Pj’s all day.”
“Does anyone else have a plastic bag full of plastic bags in their house?
“The Only exercise I have done this month is running out of money.”
despicable-minions-quotes diet-minion-quotes-images
“I have been on a diet for two weeks,
and all I have lost is 14 days.”
“Every time I lose some weight I find it again in the refrigerator.”
“This is what my last nerve looks like”
“I hate the part of the morning where I have to
get out of bed and participate in real life.”
-Minions Morning Quotes
God promised men that good and obedient wives would
be found in all corners of the world,
then he made the world round.”
funny-minion-quotes with pictures
“I am on step away from being rich, all I need now is money.”
-Hilarious Minions Quotes
“Just because I’m awake doesn’t mean I am functioning at full capacity.”
“Does anyone else put things in a safe place and forget then where that place it”
-So true relatable quotes.
“If you have an opinion about my life, please raise your hand,
Now put it over your mouth.”
life-quotes-by-minions with images
“My doctor asked me if I had a stress test?
Yes – I replied
It’s called Life”
“If only losing weight was as easy as losing my keys, temper or even my mind.
I would be so skinny!”
“Stay an extra hour in office and no one cares,
Arrive at 9.05 and every one loses their minds.”
“Exercise? I thought you said “Extra Fries.”
“It’s been a rough week but on a positive note..
I didn’t need any  bail money and didn’t have to hide any bodies.”
“I’m not cold hearted, I’m just tired of getting screwed over.”
“Does Anybody else have a voice in their heads that repeats, “SLap the IDiot.”
“People say everything happens for a reason, so when I
punch you in the face, remember I have a reason.”
“Have you ever just looked and automatically felt annoyed?”
“Why is it called beauty sleep, when you wake up looking like a troll.”
“I’ve use up all my sick days so I’m calling in dead.”
“I’m a  member of the CSI Team.”
“It’s Monday!
Time to take over the world,”
“I’m Tired”
“Walks into room and forget? Happens with you all?
“I’m sorry I didn’t realise that you’re an expert on my life and how I should live it.”
sarcasm-minion-pictures quotes-
Sarcastic Minions Quotes
sarcastic-minion-quotes with images
“I sleep less, I’m tired
I sleep more,
I’m Tired
Life is Impossible Guys!
sleep-quotes-of-minions with pictures
“At night I can’t sleep
In the morning I can’t wake up?
“I don’t think people understand how stressful
it is to explain what’s going in your head when you don’t
even understand it yourself.”
“Some people call me crazy, I prefer the term happy with a twist.”
 “I’m an odd combination of really sweet and don’t mess with me.”
“Of course women don’t work as hard as men..
They get it right the first time.”
“Live, Laugh, Love
If that doesn’t work
Load, Aim and Fire.”
-Best Minions Quote
 “Strange Facts – The Minions Quote”
Top Hilarious Minions Picture Quotes
“Hilarious Minions Quotes”
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