75 Reconciliation Quotes To Help You Forgive And Heal

Looking for quotes about reconciliation? We have rounded up the best collection of reconciliation quotes, sayings, phrases, captions, (with images and pictures) to inspire you to forgive and move on in life.

Reconciliation means when two people or groups become friendly again after an argument or disagreement.

It is the noun form of the verb reconcile, which comes from the Latin reconciliāre, meaning “to make good again” or “to repair.”

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Reconciliation is meant to rebuild and repair relationships that are broken. It can happen between two people, such as former friends, or family members who had a falling out and now have found a common ground.

When you leave the past behind and decide to move forward without the bitterness you reconcile and chose peace over fights.

Reconciling with loved ones, helps you to heal past wounds, close the gap and understand each other. It’s a positive and mature perspective toward growth and forgiveness.

We have divided these famous quotes into these sections;

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Best Reconciliation Quotes

  1. “Reconciliation is the fastest way to change your life.” – Mark Hart

  2. “Reconciliation is more beautiful than victory.” – Violeta Chamorro

  3. “Humor is the foundation of reconciliation.” – Saint Francis de Sales

  4. “Forgiveness is mandatory; reconciliation is optional.” – Lysa Terkeurst                                       
    quotes about reconciliation in relationships
    quotes about reconciliation in relationships

  5. “Reconciliation always brings a springtime to the soul.” – Brother Roger

  6. “There is hope for every man to return to his Maker.” – Lailah Gifty Akita

  7. “History writes the word ‘Reconciliation’ over all her quarrels.” – Jan Smuts

  8. “If there is to be reconciliation, first there must be truth.” – Timothy B. Tyson

  9. “Reconciliation is the most significant level of life’s maturity!” – Paul Gitwaza

  10. “If the world would apologize, I might consider a reconciliation.” – Mason Cooley

  11. “Envy is more incapable of reconciliation than hatred is.” – François de La Rochefoucauld

  12. “The process of reclaiming the self is one of reconciliation with meaning.” – Tariq Ramadan

  13. “Art is both a vengeance against reality and a reconciliation with it.” – Francine du Plessix Gray

  14. “Reconciliation means working together to correct the legacy of past injustice.” – Nelson Mandela
    Reconciliation Quotes
    Reconciliation Quotes

  15. “Yet war doesn’t end with armistice, it only ends with forgiveness and reconciliation.” – Chris Cleave                                                                                                                                                             
    Quotes About Reconciliation
    Quotes About Reconciliation

  16. “To celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation means to be wrapped in a warm embrace.” – Pope Francis

  17. “You can gain reconciliation from your enemies, but you can only gain peace from yourself.” – Rubin Carter

  18. “Remember, confrontation is about reconciliation and awareness, not judgement or anger.” – Dale Partridge

  19. “In life, we make the best decisions we can with the information we have on hand.” – Agnes Kamara-umunna

  20. “In history, the moments during which reason and reconciliation prevail are short and fleeting.” – Stefan Zweig

  21. “Reconciliation and forgiveness are matters of the heart. They cannot be forced on the people.” – Graeme Leung

  22. “Reconciliation and forgiveness can actually help all of us move on in a healthier, happier way.” – Chesa Boudin

  23. “Proclaim forgiveness and reconciliation, which are the only way to achieve stable harmony.” – Joseph Ratzinger

  24. “In the aftermath of any war or genocide, healing and reconciliation are ultimate aspirations.” – Janine di Giovanni

  25. “The goal of pursuit of justice must not simply be that justice happens but that reconciliation also happens.” – Miroslav Volf

  26. “I think it’s a good time to focus on peace, instead of fighting. Reconciliation and forgiveness, instead of division.” – Lorrie Sweet

  27. “Reconciliation is a part of the healing process, but how can there be healing when the wounds are still being inflicted?” – N. K. Jemisin

  28. “It is much safer to reconcile an enemy than to conquer him; victory may deprive him of his poison, but reconciliation of his will.” – Feltham

  29. “Then you must reconcile yourself to the fact that something is always hurt by any change. If you do this, you will not be hurt yourself.” – Roger Zelazny

  30. “If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother.” – Matthew 18:15

  31. “Contradictions are the impossible chasms that create forever separations. God is the forever bridge that creates impossible reunions.” – Craig D. Lounsbrough

  32. “Reconciliation requires changes of heart and spirit, as well as social and economic change. It requires symbolic as well as practical action.” – Malcolm Fraser

  33. “Reconciliation with our enemies is simply a desire to better our condition, a weariness of war, or the fear of some unlucky thing from occurring.” – Francois de la Rochefoucauld

  34. “All religions remind us that actions have consequences for which guilt can and must be acknowledged, forgiveness humbly begged, reconciliation sought.” – Kenneth L. Woodward

  35. “There is no reconciliation until you recognize the dignity of the other, until you see their view- you have to enter into the pain of the people. You’ve got to feel their need.” – John M. Perkins

  36. “We must work to resolve conflicts in a spirit of reconciliation and always keep in mind the interests of others. We cannot destroy our neighbors! We cannot ignore their interests!” – Dalai Lama

  37. “Reconciliation should be accompanied by justice, otherwise it will not last. While we all hope for peace it shouldn’t be peace at any cost but peace based on principle, on justice.” – Corazon Aquino

  38. “Reconciliation cannot be used to pass comprehensive health care reform. It won’t work because it was never designed for that kind of significant legislation; it was designed for deficit reduction.” – Kent Conrad

  39. “Reconciliation is to understand both sides; to go to one side and describe the suffering being endured by the other side, and then go to the other side and describe the suffering being endured by the first side.” – Nhat Hanh

  40. “Holiness does not consist in never having erred or sinned. Holiness increases the capacity for conversion, for repentance, for willingness to start again and, especially, for reconciliation and forgiveness.” – Pope Benedict XVI

  41. “Forgiveness and reconciliation are not just ethereal, spiritual, other-wordly activities. They have to do with the real world. They are realpolitik, because in a very real sense, without forgiveness, there is no future.” – Desmond Tutu

  42. “The overall purpose of human communication is – or should be – reconciliation. It should ultimately serve to lower or remove the walls of misunderstanding which unduly separate us human beings, one from another.” – M. Scott Peck

  43. “We learn to dwell with God by learning the practices of hospitality, listening, forgiveness, and reconciliation – the daily tasks of life with other people. Stability in Christ is always stability in community.” – Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

  44. “When we seek reconciliation with our enemies, it is commonly out of a desire to better our own condition, a being harassed and tired out with a state of war, and a fear of some ill accident which we are willing to prevent.” – Francois De La Rochefoucauld

  45. “Reconciliation is a deep practice that we can do with our listening and our mindful speech. To reconcile means to bring peace and happiness to nations, people, and members of our family… In order to reconcile, you have to possess the art of deep listening.” – Nhat Hanh

  46. “True reconciliation is never cheap, for it is based on forgiveness which is costly. Forgiveness in turn depends on repentance, which has to be based on an acknowledgment of what was done wrong, and therefore on disclosure of the truth. You cannot forgive what you do not know.” – Desmond Tutu

  47. “A simple word of greeting, an offer of a cup of coffee on me, a smile and a hug will all go a long way toward reconciliation. A listening ear can open a wandering heart to the thought that God still loves them, and there just might be a place still set for them at their Father’s table.” – Katherine J. Walden

  48. “Reconciliation is the physical demonstration that God is at work in the world. Any fool can put people at odds. Only God, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all can bring those opposed to one another together as sisters and brother. When we lose reconciliation, we lose the purposes of Jesus.” – Sean Palmer

  49. “During the last 2,500 years in Buddhist monasteries, a system of seven practices of reconciliation has evolved. Although these techniques were formulated to settle disputes within the circle of monks, I think they might also be of use in our households and in our society. The first practice is face to face sitting.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

  50. “To be a finite being is no crime, and to be the Infinite is not to be a creditor. As man was not consulted he does not find himself a party in a bargain, but a child in the household of love. Reconciliation, therefore, is not the consequence of paying a debt, or procuring atonement for an injury, but an organic process of the human life.” – John Weiss

Famous Relationship Reconciliation Quotes 

  1. “Forget, forgive; conclude, and be agreed.” – Shakespeare

  2. “Reconciliation is a decision that you take in your heart.” – Ingrid Betancourt

  3. “The worst reconciliation is better than the best divorce.” – Miguel de Cervantes                                                                                                                                                           
    love reconciliation quotes
    love reconciliation quotes

  4. “True reconciliation does not consist in merely forgetting the past.” – Nelson Mandela

  5. “There is always a way forward if the responsible parties are willing to act.” – Auliq-Ice

  6. “A word of truth can mobilize two peoples looking for the road to reconciliation.” – Donald Tusk

  7. “One minute of reconciliation is worth more than a whole life of friendship!” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

  8. “The practice of peace and reconciliation is one of the most vital and artistic of human actions.” – Thich Nhat Hanh                                                                                         
    Reconciliation Quotes Images
    Reconciliation Quotes Images

  9. “No matter what the hatred is, preserve the possibility of peace and always have room for forgiveness.” – Auliq-Ice

  10. “We must not only speak about forgiveness and reconciliation, we must act on these principles.” – Desmond Tutu

  11. “There should be an honest attempt at the reconciliation of differences before resorting to combat.” – Jimmy Carter

  12. “Hatred is so lasting and stubborn, that reconciliation on a sickbed certainly forebodes death.” – Jean de la Bruyère

  13. “Moments of kindness and reconciliation are worth having, even if the parting has to come sooner or later.” – Alice Munro

  14. “Moving beyond past wounds and hurts and building a culture of respect, dignity, and flowering love.” – William Keepin

  15. “Reconciliation is not possible when one party asks the other to obliterate all signs of their relationship.” – Mallory Ortberg

  16. “Humor in its highest reach mingles with pathos: it voices sorrow for our human lot and reconciliation with it.” – Stephen Leacock

  17. “Reconciliation heals the soul. The joy of rebuilding broken relationships and hearts. If it’s healthy for your growth, forgive and love.” – Mama Zara

  18. “The astonishment of life is the absence of any appearances of reconciliation between the theory and the practice of life.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

  19. “Truth can be told in an instant, forgiveness can be offered spontaneously, but reconciliation is the work of lifetimes and generations.” – Krista Tippett

  20. “I remain convinced that most human conflicts can be solved through genuine dialogue conducted with a spirit of openness and reconciliation.” – Dalai Lama

  21. “The passion of hatred is so long lived and so obstinate a malady that the surest sign of death in a sick person is their desire for reconciliation.” – Jean de la Bruyère

  22. “In the end, reconciliation is a spiritual process, which requires more than just a legal framework. It has to happen in the hearts and minds of people.” – Nelson Mandela

  23. “With all the differences and misunderstandings, meeting halfway is the only way to show that both of you are willing to sacrifice a portion of yourself for the benefit of both.” – NerD_Seyer

  24. “It is not “forgive and forget” as if nothing wrong had ever happened, but “forgive and go forward,” building on the mistakes of the past and the energy generated by reconciliation to create a new future.” – Alan Paton

  25. “Emphasize reconciliation, not resolution. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to agree about everything. Reconciliation focuses on the relationship, while resolution focuses on the problem. When we focus on reconciliation, the problem loses significance and often becomes irrelevant.” – Rick Warren


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